King Of the Hill(Loss of innocence)
by Freakazoid

It's about mid-day and Bobby decides to go visit he's next door neighbor/girlfriend
Connie.He goes around the back way because he knows Connie father sometimes
gives him a hard time.

But as he comes a around the back of the house near Connies open window he
hears some moaning and groaning.So he looks around and finds a crate strong
enough to hold him set it up near her window and decides to take a peek.

As he looks through the window get see Connie on her bed laying on her back spread
eagle half a tee-shirt and panties around her ankles,with her hand between her land
stroking herself,Bobby then get a automatic hard on then reaches down his shorts
and starts to rub his penis,

Then Connie turns over on her stomach with her hand still between her legs and
starts and to rock herself back and forth faster and faster,trying not to moan to
loud so her mother and father couldn't hear,but Bobby could hear her just and now
he's stroking his penis thats now completely out even faster.

Then all of a sudden the crate breaks,Connie jumps up half nake runs to the window
and to see Bobby laying on the ground with his penis out.

Connie says Bobby what were you doing??

Bobby looked embarrassed and didn't know what to say

Then Connie looked at Bobbys penis and said get the other crate and climb in my
room,Bobby was surprised at how calm she was so he got the crate and climb in
through her window.

When he got in he said sorry Connie I didn't mean to peek but I couldn't stop

Connie said thats o.k. Bobby I didn't mind,but if you wanted to look that all you has
to say and then with that.

Connie pulled her little cotton panties off and started walking towards Bobby notice
his rock hard penis.

Connie pointing towards Bobby penis said can I touch it Bobby said sure but be
gentle.Connie then takes Bobbys penis in her hand and start to slow pull it up and

As Bobby's penis starts to swell up to its peak,Bobby said Connie now can i touch
yours yes just nods her head yes.

Bobby then takes his finger an sticks it inside of Connie and she slighty
whimpers.Then Bobby said my legs are getting tired lets set on your bed so they
take a slight break in the action to move to the bed.

Connie said can I put it in my mouth,Bobby said be my guest and Connie puts it in
her mouth,just licking it suddenly Bobby pushes her head down on it more starting an
up and down bobbing motion and Connie is handling it like a pro.

And as Connie sucking her head bobbing up and down faster and faster,Bobby start
having a feeling he has never had before and starts to shake and moan he wants to
tell Connie to stop put it feels too good.

And with his hand on her head as she is still sucking and bobbing,he forces her head
down making Connie gag and then cums down her throat.

Bobby then let out a loud but not to load grunt

Connie pulls back breathing hard and said what you trying to do kill me

Bobby said sorry I just got caught up in the momment

Connie notices a sticky white clear substance on her hand and face.She first smells
it then taste some of it that was on finger tips.

Connie said not bad then grabs Bobbys penis which has since gone down some and
starts licking the remain cum off of his penis

Bobby start to moan thinking to himself here we go again

Then Connie stops and Bobby jumps as the here a voice yelling and calling for Kahn
JR I'm coming.

Connie said it's my father

Bobby pulls up his shorts Connie starts to get dressed as well then Bobby tells
Connie see you later and then jumps out of the window,Connie follows Bobby to the
window an says next time you do me.

Bobby smiles at Connie and Connie smiles.

The End..For Now


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