King Of The Hill (Kissin Cousins)
by Freakazoid

Bobby is laying his his bed room thinking about what him and Connie did
together and as he re-act the event in his mind he starts to stroke his
penis but before he can get into it he hears a knock at his door.Bobby trys
quickly zips up his shorts but the zipper is stuck

Then he says who is it

The Voice says it's me Luanne

Bobby says come on in

Luanne walks into the rooms wearing a see-through black laced nighty and sets
on Bobby bed.Bobby is thinking wow I can see everything he then notice that
he has got a hard on looking at his older and very hot cousin so he grabs a
pillow to cover himself

So Whats the problem Luanne Bobby says

Luanne looks at Bobby and says I think i'm in love

Bobby is thinking So,then he says So

Luanne says Bobby you don't understand the man I love is married

Bobby turns to Luanne with the Pillow still in place and says "Who the guy"

Luanne in a eye full of tears say I can't tell you Bobby,but what should I do
and drops her head down between Bobby legs on the pillow but starts rubbing
her back saying thats O.k. while looking at her ass.

Luanne says what wrong with me My first boyfriend treated me like crap and
die know the man I think I love is married,No one wants meeee(Still crying)

Bobby says a guy would have to be fool not to want you married or not.

Luanne picks her head up from between Bobby legs to give him a kiss goodnight
but notice bulge where her head was under the pillow,She then reach her hand
under the pillow in curiosity

Bobby says no Luanne and trys to push her away but he simply knocks over the
pillow exposing he's errect penis to Luanne

Bobby is very embaraassed,Thinking twice in one day

Luanne says ohh Bobby with a smirk on her face did I do that

Bobby is still embarrassed and try to cover it with the sheets

Luanne say No then grabs Bobby @#%$ and says since you've been so sweet and I
was the one that gave you the hard-on let do some for you

Bobby says sure

Luanne than starts to jerk Bobby off thinking it's bigger than I expected
and All Bobby is think how lucky I'm I twice in one day.

Luanne then says I bet no one has do this to you before,And Takes all of
Bobbys @#%$ in her mouth deep throating it,Bobby thinks to himself Connie
couldn't even get it all in her mouth,Then Luanne Start to Bobby her head up
and down Bobby is guiding it with his hand on her head as she is bobbing up
and down faster and faster,Sucking harder and harder

Then Bobbys starts to have the feeling he did with Connie and trys to pull
Luanne head away

Luanne Pulls her up and says with Pre-cum already around her Mouth don't
worry Bobby I love the taste of cum and goes back to deep throating Bobbys

Bobby then starts to shake lets out a grunt and cums down Luanne throat and
all over her face,Luanne says Uhmmm yeah Bobby I love your warm jezz and
starts to lick the Cum from around her face and off of Bobbys penis

Then Luanne crawls up on Bobby and says I gonna ride you Bobby and takes his
@#%$ and but in her @#%$.Luanne then Starts a rocking motion back and forth
back and forth,Luanna and Bobby are both moaing not trying to be too loud
because of Hank and Peggy

Bobby then Moves his hands on both of Luanne Hips ,trying to guide the Motion
back and forth then Luanne Started a up and Down Motion even faster

Bobby and Luanne are both Moaning and grunting

Then Luanne Stops and get on all fours and Says Bobby I want you to be the
first to @#%$ my @#%$

Bobby say Which hole is that,Luanne says it's the littlest hole

Then Bobby forces his @#%$ into Luanne @#%$ she whimper "OHHH" as she
clinches a hand full of sheet

Bobby starts Slam his @#%$ into Luanne @#%$ Launne says Harder So Bobby
trys to @#%$ her harder, Breathing and panting harder

Luanna then says Faster,Bobby,Faster I'm almost there so Bobby start @#%$ing
Her ass Faster and faster,Both Luanne and Both and breathing Hard and Moaning
and groaning..Bobby...Ohhh,yeahhh,Ohhhh,Yeahhh,
While Luanne is doing everything in her Power not to
scream...Luanne...Ohhhh,Yeahhhh,@#%$ Me,@#%$ Me

Then Luanna Says I'm Cumming then Bobby Says I'm Cumming too,Luanne say
Breathing Hard say hold it Bobby Hold it..

Luanne....OHHHH!!!!!!YEAHHHHH!!!!!OHHH!!!OHHHIIII (She Cums)

Then She Quickly Turn around and grabs Bobby @#%$ as the cum shoots into her
face, Mouth and hair she then starts rubbing and lick the Cum from Bobbys

Then they both Fall back on the Bed

Bobby half knocked-out says like I said Luanne a Man would be crazy not to
want you and then falls asleep

Luanne gives Bobby a kiss on the cheek,an says in a whisper to herself "Well
I hope Uncle Hank feels the same way

Then She gets off the bed and leaves out of the Room

The End .......For Now


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