King Of Queens: Roamin' Holiday Redux Part 2
by Quantum Pulse ([email protected])

Doug Heffernan was a nice guy. Friendly, kind, strong sense of ethics and a
deep love and trust for his wife Carrie. As such he'd never suspect that she
had been cheating on him with one of his oldest friends for several months.

It had all started during Thanksgiving holiday when Spence had been forced,
partly through Doug's interference, to move into Doug and Carries home in
Queens, This led to Carrie catching a glimpse of the shy mans more than
impressive member as he was climbing out of the shower one evening.

Carrie, being a size queen had let her Libido take over and the two had a
couple of hours of naughty fun in the room across the hall from her and
Doug's bedroom. Since then Spence had managed to get a decent apartment of
his own but Carrie continued to allow him to bed her over and plow her for
hours at a time a couple of times a week.

Doug was none the wiser, every time she felt the need for Spence's log she'd
call home and claim her boss was making her file appeals or some other legal
mumbo Jumbo Doug would either not care about or not remember. What did Doug
care, Carrie was in a better mood than she had been in months and DOug was
benefiting from it in great meals and more Blow Jobs than he'd ever dared
ask for from his beautiful yet often times scary wife.

This night was one such night, Carrie had called home and claimed that a big
deposition was putting her in the office for an all nighter and that personal
calls on the land lines were going to be restricted so if he needed her,
which che knew that barring an incident with her father he wouldn't, he'd
have to call on her cell phone.

"Ungh, Fuck, God harder damnit!" Carrie's head was thrashing from side to
side, sweat pouring down her nude tanned form as Spence continued to feed his
dick into her soaked, scorching hot pussy.

Since their encounters began Spence had become more and more confident,
especially when dealing with a bucking, mewling Carrie Heffernan doing her
best to devour him whole with her pussy. Spence reached forward with his left
hand and took hold of Carries dark hair, pulled his dick almost all the way
out and then, pulling her hair hard enough to pull her head back and slamming
her ass back into his pelvis drawing a long lustful moan from his all to
willing cock puppet.

"Gawd! If Doug could make me cum like that you'd have to find yourself a new
fuck puppy." Carrie rasped, her throat hoarse from the moaning and orgasmic
screaming she'd undergone over the last three hours of fucking.

"Carrie, could you... not mention Doug. This feels bad enough..." Spence was
interrupted as Carrie shot him a "What the fuck does that mean!?" look.

"I mean the messing around on him part, You, you're amazing but if doug found
out not only would he never talk to me again but I'm pretty sure he'd break
me in half." He finished, sliding his softening cock from Carries stretched
and cum filled pussy, dragging another low moan from her at the sensation of
his cockhead popping out of the entrance of her soaked cunt.

"Mmmmm..." Carrie's eyes shot open as she felt presusre against her puckered

Looking down she saw Spence starting to press his now half hard cock into her

"All that talk..." Carrie spoke and Spence's dick jumped as it filled with
blood again, the head popping into her ass and making her eyes roll back in
her head.

"I said I felt bad about it. But after all these months what's one more
romp?" Spence answered her unfinished question and began to press ever
forward into her ass, stretching her once tiny hole into a wide oval.
They'd learned together that Carie wasn't just a size queen, she loved
getting plowed in her ass, after Spence had nearly succeded in getting
his entire hand into her ass in one of their prior rutting sessions and
causing her to cum like a freight train.

She was building upt to another mind shattering orgasm, just like last time.
The physical build up was obvious, her already rock hard nipples visibly
stiffened and stood out another, Spence would have guess, half inch. Her abs
started to trwitch and her teeth clenched. Her eyes were all white now ans
Spence began trusting into her harder, the juice from her flooded pussy
running down to their joined bodies providing him all the lube he needed to
work like an industial piston.

Carrie lost consciousness as her anal orgasm tore through her and her eyes
fluttered shut.


"Arthur, I don't care if you were the original Gerber Baby or not! Get the
hell out of my bedroom and take the weed whacker with you." Doug shouted at
the crazy old man.


Carrie's eyes flutterd open to a most unusual sight and a group of odd
sensations. In front of her was a Great Dane, a huge grey beast with a
visible musculature beneath it's taught hide. The sensations were begining
to build her arousal to renewed heights, and minor discomfort, she was
stapped down to a strang padded black platform.

Her ass and pussy were both plugged with vibrators, by the feel of them set
to their maximum. She could feel her nipples being tugged on, looking down
she saw two small suction devices cupped over her nipples, their small wires
running down to their power supply, their low power vaccuum motors whirring
away, simulating a mouth on both of her breasts.

"Ahem" Spence cleared his throat, drawing Carries attention.

The short stocky man was seated in a simple wooden four leg dinning chair,
completeley nude with his legs spread, a nude woman was between his legs, her
blonde head bobbing up and down on the piece of his anatomy Carrie had become
exceedingly familiar with over the last few months.

"Welcome back to the waking world Carrie." Spence spoke to her, a pleasure
filled expression on his face as the blonde between his legs seems to dip all
the way down deepthroating his monster cock.

"Oh god!" Spence called out and gripped the blondes head, holding her in

"Carrie you've got to learn to do this, she's trying to swallow me." Spence
called out, his head laying back.

The blonde pulled her head up and coughed a little, turning to face Carrie
she smiled and winked, "Don't worry Carrie, I practiced on Hector there. If
you can get his knot into your mouth you're an ace cock sucker." It was Holly
Shumpert Carries dog walker, rather the woman who walked dogs for a living
and Carries crazy father.

Spence finally came out of his ball draining stupor and shot a lecherous look
at Carrie, "Remember the story you told me from when you were younger? Well
I'd love to see that." He said and brought a remote up, clicking it carrie
jumped, her eyes went wide. She could feel a new vibration directly on her
clit, adding to the other sensations Carries mind dropped once again into
pure lust. Right now she'd fuck anything just to cum.

And Spence knew it....


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