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King Of Queens: Roamin' Holiday Redux
by Quantum Pulse

Carrie Heffernan was a bitch.

Don't misunderstand, she was a loving wife, she was a beautiful woman, she
was also damned good at her job as a legal secretary, but she was a bitch.
Even her husband, Doug had thought this from time to time and he was one of
the kindest people in New York.

Right now however she was in top form, she ws livid at the thought of Doug's
loser friend Spence Ulchim keeping her friends from coming to visit, sadly
she couldn't come right out and expel the pest, he'd had a massive fight
with his mother (Whom he had still been living with despite being in his
mid-thirties) and had left home, being one of Dougs oldest friends he had
been given the spare room, also known as Carries office, to him until he
could find a place of his own.

Despite her anger at the situation she knew Spence was a good guy and would
never have even asked to come to their home, he was too shy to. So Carrie
had to grin and bear it.

Then it happened, one night while getting ready for bed she'd forgotten
Spence was in the house and walked into the bathroom without thinking and
caught him naked just getting out of the shower.

The scream had woken the neighbors and had almost roused Doug from his
hibernation like slumber.

"Jeez, Carrie I'm so sorry, I'm just not used to having to lock the doors at
home, mother didn't like locked doors inside the house." Spence stammered as
he quickly pulled his robe shut.

Not quickly enough to stop Carrie, despite her conscious thoughts NOT to,
from casting her ever judging eye over his form.

'Pale, flabby, little too much hair, huge dick....' Carries eyes bulged for a
split second as her thoughts, like an Amtrac train derailed and the image of
Spence's monster cock burned into her brain, hanging limply it was still
twice the size of Doug at his biggest.

Hell, even the football players she'd screwed back in High School had been
tiny by comparisson.

"I... Umm, Just..." Carrie paused a moment to blink the image of Spence's
monster out of her mind and cleared her throat.

"Just try to be more cockful... err carefull in the future." She replied and
blushed beet red hoping to god he didn't notice her slip.

Carrie rushed back to her and Dougs room and dove under the covers, her mind
flooded with thoughts of the huge log of flesh hanging between Dougs buddies

'God, it had to be a good ten inches and it wasn't even fully erect!' Carrie
thought to herself, growing keenly aware of the growing warmth between her
own legs. She'd always been a bit of a size queen. Her prefference for huge
dicks was almost legendary amongst her friends in highschool, even before
then in the seventh grade she'd experimented with the biggest dick she'd ever
seen until now, it was attatched to her neighbors' great dane, infact it's
one of the reasons she still got such a thrill from being taken doggy style.

Doug might not have been able to compare to that kind of girth, even when
his dick was raging he ws barely pushing nine and a half inches long, but he
could damn near split her in half as wide as he was. Spence though....

Carrie's hand drifted down to her now soaked panties and slipped beneathe the
waistband, just as he fingers grazed her clit she nearly exploded.

Glancing to her left she saw her husband sleeping soundly, his snores telling
her that he was as deep asleep as he'd ever been. Made sense even at a tiny
place like IPS the holidays were hectic and Doug had been working double
shifts for more than three weeks. He was finally out and odds are nothing
short of an explosion under his pillow could truly drag him from his sleep.

This left Carrie in a bind. She was dying for something between her legs and
her pocket rocket would in no way sate her pussy's hunger for somethign huge
and hard filling it.

As Carrie contemplated her options of either just burning out her little toys
batteries forcing it to turn away at her clit for a few hours, trying to wake
the mountain of exhausted flesh next to her or trying to go to sleep, knowing
full well it would be futile, her libido had taken over, her mind was flooded
in need.

She heard it.

A gently slapping noise and a very low moan. It was coming from her office.

Carrie slipped back out of bed and slowly walked out of the room, painfully
aware of the feeling of her panties rubbing against her exposed clit, driving
her lust even higher.

She snuck up to the door of her office and pushed it open slightly, her eyes
were greeted to the sight of Spence, naked and in her chair using her laptop
to watch some sort of video, judging by the state of his cock, now to her
estimation around fourteen inches in length, and the moaning coming from the
speakers a porno. Tearing her eyes from his cock Carrie looked at the screen
and was greated to the sight of a petite brunette with a great figure getting
plowed by a black man that looked to be hung almost as well as Spence.

"God, she looks like Carrie." Spence mumbled as his hands stroking sped up
and his head tipped back.

Carrie's eyes widedned and she watched the show, The veins on Spence's dick
clearly visible in the light provided by the computers monitor, she could
almost see his heartbeat in it.

Carrie's pussy screamed for attention, even after all this time with her
fingers strumming away she could feel the need for lump of cock flesh to be
rammed into her growing stronger.

Her lust addled mind was made up. Carrie rose from her kneeling position at
the cracked door and burst into the room.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" She spoke sternly trying her best
to hide the burning look in her eyes.

Spence almost flew out of his seat, his massive dick bouncing in the air as
he tried to find something to cover up with.

"You beat off to some girl you think looks like me!? You load some porno shit
on MY computer!? I'm going to teach you a lesson you little fuck!" Carrie
called out, advancing on the stammering Spence, his face a dark embarassed
red, forcing him back towards the futon bed.

As the back of his knees came into contact with the edge of the bed his
already weak legs foldedand he dropped to the red blanket covered surface.

His dick wobbling from side to side, a drop of clear precum had begun sliding
down the length of the monster.

Carrie's eyes locked on this and her mouth suddenly went dry.

'I've got to get this over with.' She thought in a fevered haze.

"You're going to pay me for taking away what was going to be a fun holiday
weekend with some of my old friends. Lay back, shut the fuck up and I swear
if you breathe a word of this to ANYONE I will not hessitate to rip this log
of yours off and cram it up your ass." Carrie threatened as she dropped to
her knees.

Spence just nodded, his eyes wide with fear.

Carrie's pink tongue slid out of her mouth and ran up the length of Spence's
dick, follwing the trail the drop of precum had left.

'Shit, he's so sweet it's almost like liquid sugar' she thought as her tongue
reached the slit in his cock's head. Carrie locked her lips around the angry
purple head and began to suck, creating so much force a hoover would have a
hard time keeping up.

As her head sank down, slowly taking the length of the pole of flesh into her
mouth, and easing it into her throat Carrie bottomed out, her eyes popped
open to see she still had a good eight inches left until she was at his base,
the burning in her lungs and her loins told her she couldn't keep this thing
in her throat for too long.

As she pulled back up the only thin going through Spence's mind was 'Dear
lord PLEASE don't let this be a dream and PLEASE don't let Doug find out.'
Carrie sucked harder as she slid back up his penis, hollowing her cheeks
out as she locked her lips behind the crown of his head, flicking her
tongue into his piss slit she slowly brought her teeth down, just enough
to gently scratch the head and send a shudder up and down Spence's spine.

Her reward was a shot of precum, almost a teaspoons worth, blasted intho her
moutgh splashing against her tongue. Carrie once again marveled at the sheer
sweetness of it.

'What the hell does he eat to get this flavor?' She thought to herself as
she swished it around in her mouth. 'And how the hell can he generate this
much?' Her mind added as she eased off of the head with a loud sucking pop.

Her crazed eyes shot down to Spence's gift once again, to her it looked even
bigger now, at least another inch had been coaxed out of it, and the veins
were almost tearing out of his skin.

'Poor guy looks like he's about to burst' Carrie thought and then noticed
that her inner thighs were freezing and sticky.

'God, I've never been this wet before, hell there's even a puddle ont he
floor, thank goodness for hardwood.' She thought and almost laughed as
Spence's tool jumped in her hands.

"Remember you freakish little deviant, one word and you're dead. Hell if
you're good, and with a cock like this you won't have to try too hard, I
might even give you another go." Carrie spoke as she crawled up the bed,
Her lips inches from his, she was so close that even though he seemed to
be holding his breath she could smell the mint from his toothe paste.

Normally she'd have the man she was about to fuck eat her for a while to
make sure she was properly lubed, but all of this buildup had gotten her so
wet and so frustratingly horny she didn't even consider parking her neatly
trimmed pussy on his lips.

Reaching down between their two bodies Carrie pushed her black lace panties
aside and guided Spence's throbbing cock into her almost steamingly hot,
drooling pussy and shoved back, popping the head of his huge prick into her

Carrie's eyes rolled back in her head, even as wide as Doug was he was
dwarfed by his geeky friends massive wang.

Carrie's hands slid up her body, tweaking her nipple throught he pink tank
top she wore, gripping them between her thumb and forefinger she twisted and
shoved back harder, sliding half way down the length of his engorged member,
feeling the viens throb inside of her as she stopped for a moment to get
accustomed to the sheer girth.

Carrie felt another pair of hands join hers at her C-Cup sized breasts,
opening her eyes she shot a look down at Spence, her eyes half closed, biting
her lower lip as she felt the nerves in her pussy firing off, the pleasure
and pain blending together, 'Ugh, it feels just like the dane... God I want
him to plow me.' She thought and she forced herself down all the way onto the
huge log wedged into her tight pussy.

"I want you to plow me." Carrie growled at Spence through clenched teeth as
she ground her pussy lips against the base of his penis, feeling the fullness
shifting inside of her.

"Whu... What?" Spence stammered, his mind was reeling, his best friends wife
was grinding herself on his cock, her sweet, scorching hot pussy squeezing
his dick like a vice.

"Flip me the fuck over and ram that hog as hard and deep into my mother
fucking pussy as you can! Is that clear enough you little fuck?!" Carrie
snarled, slammign herself up and down on the length of the giant python.

Spence did as he was ordered, without even removing his cock he sat up,
shoving his dick deeply into Carries pussy eliciting a long drawn out moan
from her, forcing her body into a deep shudder.

'My god, I just came harder than I've ever come before and all he did was
move.' Carrie looked down at Spence and without even thinking she latched
her mouth onto his and shoved her tongue as far into his mouth as possible,
sliding it over his teeth and pressing it against his tongue.

Spence stood up, supporting Carrie for the brief time it took to turn her
around and flip her over on the bed into a kneeling position.

Garbbing her tanned ass cheeks he pulled out and shoved back in, his sudden
thrust making the tanned Bronx Beauty whimper in pleasure.

"Harder." She moaned softly, supporting her upper body with one hand, pulling
on her nipple as hard as she could, coaxing another deep moan from her body.

"What? Carrie I didn't..." Spence tried to ask but was cut off as she whipped
her head around, sending her brown hair flying out in a fan behind her head.

BITCH!" She screamed, not even caring about waking up Doug or even her

Spence complied and began slamming the length of his cock into Carrie's
soaked overheated sex, pulling back the instant he felt his cock head come
into contact with her cervix and slamming it back into her, Forcing her head
to bob with force and her breasts to bounce around, the futon they were on
began to creak as the wood it was made form shifted and moved.

Spence began to speed up, slamming his dick into the domineering bitch
harder and faster, slipping a hand beneath her he began playing with her
clit, gripping the nub between his thumb and forefinger he began pinching
and pulling on it gently.

"Muh, muh, My ass! God play wioth my ass, please!" Carries tone had changed,
gone was the bitchiness, the anger. Now all Spence could hear was wanton lust
and desiore for pleasure, in any form she could find.

Spence complied, he pulled his copck free form the soppy wreck of Carrie's
pussy, causing her to groan as her pussy was now empty, and yanked her
panties down to her knees, letting the soaked garment rest on the bed.

Just as quickly as he had removed it Spence shoved his monster back into
Carrie's dripping twat.

"UGH! FUCK YES!" She exclaimed.

"You wanted me to play with your ass right?" He asked, strumming her clit
with his left hand and gripping her right ass cheek in his right.

"Yes, Please." She sounded desperate.

"I don't know, you're always so rude and mean. Why should I give you what you
want?" He replied, a slick smirk creeping onto his face.

"Ugh, Please, Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease, Do anything you want to
me, just make me cum again, ram that cock of yours, shove a finger in my ass,
cum on my face, FUCK!" Carrie began to blather.

"Cum in my mouth, I'll swallow I promise, I'll do whatever you want just
don't stop fucking me." She was moaning almost non stop now as Spence picked
up the pace again, plowing into the depths of his best friends wifes pussy.

Spence brought his right hand up to his mouth and wet two fingers.

Pulling his cock out so only the head rested in Carries soaked vagina he

Carrie began to whine and tried to shove back onto the huge piece of flesh
only to be stopped by Spence's left hand, having pulled it away from her clit
to keep her form cumming on his staff too soon.

"Okay, but I want a Blow job tomorrow. Long, wet and sloppy, and you'll
swallow then too." Spence decided to just give in to the moment and take as
much advantage of this situation as possible.

"Yes, please just make me cum, Make me cum and I'll be your private whore,
I'll do anything you want as long as you keep that cock available to me."
Carrie was on the verge of tears, she could feel the Orgasm just moments
away, all she needed was a little more stimulation.

Spence smiled and spoke again. "Okay, here it comes." And slammed his dick
back into the depths of Carries snatch and shoved three fingers into her ass
on his third outstroke.

Carrie's mind collapsed into itself. Her entire being was comprised of only
the orgasm that came on the end of Spence's huge dick. His fingers pumping
into her ass, her orgasm seemed to last for hours. but the clock on the
wall showed it was only a couple of minutes. When she was lucid enough to
understand this she also realised she was sucking voracioulsy on Spence's
dick again.

The sweat pouring down his forhead and the twitching in his balls told her
that he was about to cum, he was about to fill her mouth.

'If he can generate as much precum as he did how much REAL cum can he
produce. Who cares, if it's as sweet as the precum I'll swallow, God I'd
swallow anyhting just to keep this cock in my possesion.' She thought as
she redoubled her fellating efforts.

Spence felt the surge in his dick and grabbed the back of Carries head,
feeling her sweat matted hair beneath his fingers he let loose blast after
blast of cum, filling Carries mouth once, twice, three times.

Each time she swallowed and kept sucking harder.

Spence unleashed three more blasts of semen, twice the size of the last
three. Not even Carries pornstar like skills at fellating could keep up
with that much cum, it dribbled down her chin to cascade over her pert

Carrie licked up what she could and slowly, unsteadily climbed to her feet.
Spence had already fallen back onto the bed and was slowly slipping into

As Carrie gathered her discarded panties and shorts, pulled up her tank top
to cover her cum coated tits she slinked towards the door, only to be caught
by Spence's voice.

"I expect a wake up blow job after Doug leaves for work tomorrow. Maybe I'll
even fuck you again." he called out.

The sorness in her pussy told Carrie that he'd get whatever he wanted as she
moved silently towards the bathroom to clean up, she had a job to do tomorrow
morning... She had to be at work too.

To be continued?

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