King Of Queens: Holly Helps Carrie (MF,MMF,FF,F-mast,inter,inc,oral,voy)
by KHenne ([email protected])

Part 1

Doug Heffernan was a lucky man. He was married to a beautiful woman named
Carrie. They had a great relationship until the fire heppened. Carrie's
father's house burned down from an electrical short according to the Fire
Marshall. He shared the house with his other daughter Sara. They were seen
at the hospital, treated, and released. Carrie brought them to her house.
Carrie was a wreck. She needed to find a place for her father and sister.
She spoke with her boss the next day and got a few days off. They looked
for 2 days, but the prices were very high for him. Sara moved in with

Carrie was able to convince Doug to let her dad move into the basement. She
had promised to do "anything for him" to get Doug to say 'yes'. He agreed to
let her father move into the basement. It was tough moving his stuff out to
the garage. Carrie helped her father get settled in and gave him some rules
to follow. He could not cook downstairs. Carrie would make his breakfast and

Doug held Carrie to her promise. He brought her a cheerleader's outfit to
wear. She fulfilled his fantasy of sleeping with a cheerleader. It was the
best sex they ever had and reached orgasm together.

Doug had a few friends over to watch football. Carrie came out and told
Deacon he had a phone call from his wife Kelly. Deacon took the call and
told Doug, "I'm leaving my kid is sick."

Doug was upset and told him, "Let your wife deal with the kid."

Carrie gave Doug a look that if her eyes were lasers he would be dead. When
his friends left, Carrie let him have it. She told him, "You can't stick your
nose in other people's problems."

Doug didn't see Deacon all week at work. He called the house and kept getting
the answering machine. They drove over to Deason's apartment and caught them
coming in. Deacon told them his son had his appendix removied and it burst
while they were removing it. He was very sick and in the ICU. Doug didn't
know what to say. Carrie hugged Kelly and cried. Doug told them, "We're here
if you need anything."

A few weeks later Deacon's son came home from the hospital.

Part 2

Doug, Carrie and deacon went out to New Year's Eve party a guy from work was

Carrie told Doug, "Ill be the designated driver tonight for us."

Doug went out and enjoyed himself a little too much. They got Doug into the
house and she drove Deacon home. The ride to Deacon's house was quiet. When
they arrived there Carrie realized she had not kissed Deacon for the New
Year. The kiss broke off about 5 minutes later. They opened thier eyes and
said goodbye. Deacon had to walk around the block to get his hard on to go
away before going into the house.

Carrie was telling herself, "You're not that easy. You have never slept
around before during your marriage." She went home and masturbated to the
thought of Deacon. Carrie's orgasm was intense, like when she fulfilled her
husbands fantasy.

Almost 3 months later Deacon came home and found a note. It was a Dear Deacon
letter. She took the two children to an unknown location. Deacon was floored
by this note. He didn't go to work the rest of the week.

A few days later he called Carrie and left a message for her to call him.
That Friday night Doug Stopped by Deacon's apartment. Doug called Deacon
through the door and told him he would be out there all night if necessary.
After 30 minutes he let Doug in. He entered Deacon's apartment and found out
the problem. It was hard for Doug to come up with something to say that would

Carrie arrived the next evening. She saw a male who had his heart ripped out.
He showed her the paperwork that arrived at work that day. She would take the
paperwork to work with her Monday and have a lawyer look at it and get ideas
how to fight the divorce.

They ordered take out and she told him to go take a shower and she would
clean up a little. Deacon went onto the shower and Carrie took off her bra
ans left one more button open on he blouse.

Carrie paid for the take out and set up the table. They talked during the
dinner about what led to the paperwork. She saw the charges saying that he
was an adulter. Carrie asked him directly if it happened. He looked at her
and told her. "Yes, it started off as a thank you blow job and got to be a
two time a week thing."

Carrie could fell herself being stared at by Deacon. She saw that her nipples
were erect. She leaned over to get more fried rice and gave him an eyeful.

She was washing the when Deacon came in and put a glass into the sink. He
gently touched her breast on the way out. He was embrassed by it and started
to apligize.

She told him, "I'm not Carrie," while she rubber him looking at him deeply.

Carrie went over sat sat on the kitchen chair with Deacon following her. She
unzipped him and gave him the best blow job he ever got. Carrie could only get
8 inches in her mouth of his 10 inch cock. She could deep throat her husband.
When Deacon was cumming, he grabbed her head and held it down. She swallowed
most of it with some coming out the sides of her mouth. They cleaned up and
she told him, "Never hold a girls head down."

Part 3

A month later Carie was out at the stores. She noticed a blond woman dog
walker out on the street. The girl dropped off the 3 dogs within a 2 block
area around her house. Carrie approached the girl and asked what she charged.
Carrie's father was lonely and could use the company. The dog walker was
named Holly. She told Carrie, "I can pick him up when I pick up the dogs."

The first 2 weeks went by real well. They got along real well. She was real
happy about the arrangement. Holly stopped by for her payment and Carrie
answered the door. The payment was made and the ladies locked eyes for 90
seconds. Holly broke it off saying she had to walk the dogs.

Arthur was out was Doug.

Holly kept thinking about Carrie all day and night. She fely something when
they locked eyes. Holly masturbated that night thinking about Carrie.

A few days later after their walk, she came over to the house. She made a
snack for her and Arthur went downstairs. When Carrie got home she saw there
was food made. Carrie called downstairs and got no answer from the basement.
She walked downstairs and there was Holly riding her father's cock. Holly was
moaning, "Yes, I'm a slut! Fuck me gramdpa!"

Carrie slipped back up to the kitchen.

Holly came up about a hour later. Carrie was making dinner when Holly told
her, "Your Dad's sleeping."

Carrie told her. "I guess the walking wore him out."

While locking eyes with Holly Carrie asked her, "So when did the extra
walking start?"

Holly told, "Today qas the first day he wanted to see if he could do it."

Carrie checked on her father a hour later. He was still sleeping soundly.

* * *

Arthur awoke the next morning with lots of energy. He went out and looked
for a job. He returned late in the afternoon with a job in the mall. The
job lasted 2 weeks. He was fired after getting into an agrument with a
customer. He came home a little upset. Carrie openned her arms to hug him.
Arthur went to her and hugged her back.

Carrie whispered to him, "so how long have you been sleeping with Holly?"

He looked at her and told her, "This was the first time."

Carrie told him, "You could have had a heart attack."

Arthur told him, "Ok. I understand."

Part 4

Carrie told her father, "If you need comfort, I'm here for you."

He kissed her gently and Cariie opened her mouth and played tongue hockey for
a few minutes. She broke off the kiss and told him, "That was nice."

Carrie had lost her virginity to him when she was 15. It was a few weeks
after her mother's death. He had taken his wife's sudden death very hard. He
was crying in his room. Carrie went to him to help him and things happened.
He was vert gentle with her that night. He went to her and apologized the
next day. She told him it was very beautiful and he was very good. She went
to his room once a week usually Saturdays nights. She stopped it 6 months
later as quickly as it started.

Carrie decided to resume the relationship with her father again. She told
him, "On Doug's poker nights we can meet." She dressed up as a schoolgirl
for him. Carrie would ride him as to not work him to hard.

This one night they got off to a late start. She was giving Arthur a blow
job when Doug walked into the house cause the game got cancelled. He watched
Arthur blow his load into his got wife's mouth. She looked up and saw Doug
leaving the room.

Carrie got her dad back downstairs and he went to bed happy. She was a
nervous wreck. It was going to be hell facing her husband. Doug was asleep
when she got up to bed.

The next few days there was a noticeable chill in the house. Doug finally let
his anger loose on Carrie. He asked her to explain herself. She told him
about Holly and decided to handle the problem herself.

Part 5

Doug decided to try and secduce Holly. It took a few weeks to meet up with
her the night her 3was suppose to play poker. He skipped it and went to
Holly's apartment. Holly took him doggie style.

Doug moaned, "What a sweet thing."

They made love twice that night.

Holly told Doug, "This can't always happen every week. You are a nice gentle
man, but I need someone not married."

Doug got home, showered and crawled into bed. Carrie was horny and needed
loving. He fucked her with long hard strokes.

She was moaning, "Yes, daddy, fuck me good!"

She came hard and as he blew his load he moaned, "Take this little girl!"

When they recovered Carrie told doug, "That was incredible. I see you like
the fantasy of young girls. Then you will love my schoolgirl one. You are the
teacher and I'm a good student going bad."

They hooked up a week later on a Saturday night. She wore 5" heels, tight
control stockings, short skirt and a white blouse with no underwear.

Arther called her by her maiden name amd told her, "Show me why you deserve
a passing grade in this class."

Carrie unzipped him, lowered his pants and underwear and engulfed his cock
into her hot mouth.

Doug waited about 7 minutes before walking into the room. He asked, "What do
we have here?"

Carrie took the cock out of her mouth and said, "Mr. Heffernan, pleas, fuck

He reached under her skirt and found a shaved pussy. Doug fingered her slowly
and her pussy was getting moist quickly. He fingered her, she got wet and
then lubed her up. Doug's cock ran up and down her moist lip a few times and
then entered her. Carrie was deep thoating Arthur as he entered her. Arthur
never felt anything so good. He lasted about 5 more minutes and blew 3 loads
into her hot mouth, with she swallowed easily.

Arthur fixed herself up and went to the bathroom. Doug picked up speed
and was slamming her hard. They switched position as she rode him. Arthur
returned about 10 minutes later and slid behind Carrie. He lubed up her
asshole and himself. Doug pulled Carrie down and held her ass apart for
Arthur. Carrie never felt anything so good. She never had 2 cocks in her

She moaned, "Yes, I'm your student, teach me to be a slut!"

Carrie's ass muscles were gripping Arthur's cock tightly. Doug blew 4 loads
into her as Carrie orgasm struck her. Arthur picked up speed and blew a
small load into her butt. When he withdrew from her Carrie seemed relieved.

Part 6

They all were relaxing on the bed for about 10 minutes. Arthur told them,
"I'm going to take a shower."

Arthur was gone about 5 minute when they heard a thump. Carrie rushed to the
bathroom and got into the shower. Her father was unconscious. He came to as
they were getting him out of the shower. "He looks terrible," Carrie thought.
He told them he got dizzy.

Doug looked the wet look on his wfe. They got dressed and called an
ambulance. Doug followed the ambulance to the hospital.

The doctor met with them and told Carrie, "Your father's had a small heart

He was admitted to the CCU for a few days. When he was released the Doctor
told him to take it easy. Carrie had been a wreck during his hospital stay
cause she was the reason for him getting sick.

* * *

Arthur came into the kitchen and rubbed himself against Carrie a his hands
massaged her tits.

Carrie yelled at him, "I almost killed you doing that! It's over dad! It was
great while it lasted."

* * *

Holly came to take Arthur out. When they got back Holly left a note for
Carrie to call her. They made plans to meet Friday night, Doug's Poker night.

They met at the restaurant and talked. Carrie told her about her father. She
promised Carrie to follow orders. When they got to Carrie's car Holly told
her, "You're my best friend."

Carrie was deeply touched and hugged Holly. The hug broke off a few minutes
later and they were both teary eyed. They leaned in and kissed for a few

* * *

Doug walked upstairs and heard his wife moaning. He tip-toed down the hall
and looked into the bedroom. There was Holly making love to Carrie. He had
never seen Carrie so excited. Carrie was real close to coming. As her orgasm
stuck she grabbed Holly's head and pressed her deeper. Carrie was very vocal
and wet. Holly crawled up into Carrie's arms and they kissed a few times.

Doug walked into the bedroom and said, "Hello, ladies!"

Both girls separated with a look of shock on their faces.


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