This is not only a work of fantasy it's about people who don't even exist so
if you are offended, please go get psychological help. Thank you.

Codes: MFF, anal, inter, oral

Justice League: The Contest
by Tricksterson ([email protected])

John Stewart, in his role as a member of the Green Lantern Corps had faced
space pirates, mad geniuses and renegade androids but what he saw now as he
entered his quarters in the Watchtower had him terrified. His current and
ex-girlfriend. Together. Naked.

One wouldn't think the sight of two beautiful, naked women in his bedroom
would be scary but so it was. Of course one could make the argument that
these were rather scary women. Both of them had faced and defeated foes
every bit as dangerous as any John had fought, often at the same time as

One stood to either side of his bed. Shayera, more publicly known, to her
mild annoyance, as Hawkgirl was to the right, standing with an unconcious
military rigidity, red hair cascading to her shoulders. Her medium sized
breasts were topped by nipples a little too bright a red to be considered
the human norm. Her shapely thighs and rounded hips converged at a trim
triangle of hair that was more red-gold than that on her head.

On the other side was Mari, known as Vixen and, other than being tall and
beautiful, looking nothing like her rival. Her skin was a dark mahogany in
contrast to Shayera's peaches-and-cream complexion, her build the lean and
graceful one of the professional model she was rather than the athletic
muscular one of a professional warrior although her tits, capped by aureola
that were almost black, were substantially larger than those of most of her
profession. Her hair was short and dark, her pubes shaved bare. Again in
contrast to Hawkgirl, her stance was as seductive as the other woman's was

"Shayera? Mari? What are you..." he stammered.

"We...talked," Mari answered as the two women approached him, Vixen with a
seductive, slightly exaggerated sway, while Shayera's approach bordered on
the predatory, something he found just as seductive as Mari's slink. Hawkgirl
circled behind him and pulled off his top even as the other woman pressed
herself against him and rubbed his groin.

"We decided we were tired of your indecision and decided to have a contest,"
Mari mumered as she nuzzled his throat.

"Best fuck wins," said Shayera into his ear, just before biting down on it
hard enough to draw blood.

"You mean you want me to...unh..." His train of thought ran off it's tracks
as Mari's long slender fingers reached down his pants and stroked his member.
"*Both* of you?"

"Like I said, best fuck wins," growled Shayera as they manuevered him to the
bed and pushed him down on it.

"Don't I get a say in this?"

"No!" was the dual response.

"You've had long enough to make up your mind, now we're doing it for you,"
said Shayera as they pulled off the rest of his uniform.

He sighed in resignation. "So who's first?"

* * *

"So who do you think will be first?" Flash asked Booster Gold. While the
League was scrupulous about keeping it's secrets from the outside world,
sometimes to the point of being accused of hiding nefarious plots, inside
it's ranks gossip moved faster than Flash himself. It hadn't taken long
for someone to over hear Vixen and Hawkgirl's planning and for whispers
to spread. It had taken and even shorter time for Booster, always in
search of an angle, to arrange a betting pool. While gambling for actual
money was strictly forbidden by the League code, there was a system of
League credits, which some unknown wag had nicknamed "quatloos" that
didn't have the same prohibitions since it was only spendable in League
facilities. It hadn't taken Booster long to find this loophole.

"That would qualify as a side bet and you'd have to ask them yourself
because I'm not going to."

"Well, I am the fastest man alive."

"But they all know where you sleep."

"Point taken."

* * *

As it turned out Shayera had won the coin toss, though neither woman told
John that there had been one. She straddled John's hips, a fierce smile on
her lips as her fingers explored the muscles of his chest, nails scratching
thin pale lines across his body. His own hands reciprocated, stroking and
pinching her tits, bringing coos and squeaks of pleasure from her.

And what was Vixen doing during this? Watching intently from a strategically
placed chair, legs spread, index and ring fingers speading her lips wide
while the middle one probed her oozing slit. Her other hand massaged the
silky flesh of her bronze tits. Indeed she was finding herself aroused not
just by John but by her rival as well.

Shayera meanwhile had John's cock between the palms of her hands and was
rubbing it between them as if she was trying to start a fire with it, only
in slow motion. Her wings spread out as her head ducked down to embrace the
tip of his dick, giving it a long slow suck. Then she placed it between the
lips of her pussy, rubbing them up and down it's length. Finally she rose
up and mounted him.

All this was too much for the watching Mari. Before anyone, including
herself, knew it she was astride John's face and eyeing Shayera hungrily.

"What? That wasn't..." The rest of the alien woman's protest was cut off as
Vixen's lips descended on hers. Surprise prevented her from resisting at
first then the feel of the sharply darting tongue inside her mouth convinced
her that resistance was futile and to reply in kind.

Below them John stared at the dark, shaved twat hovering over him. It wasn't
that he hadn't eaten women before, including both of the women on top of him
before, but he didn't really enjoy it. But he had learned that if he wanted
oral some was expected in return.

If his licking and sucking was hesitant and a bit clumsy his lower half was
performing just fine. Shayera clung tremblingly to Vixen as orgasm overcame
her. The two women's hands and lips roamed freely over each other's bodies
and then they broke off to rearrange the sexual geometry.

When they were done, John crouched over Vixen while Shayera lay next to
them, alternating which of her partners her hands stroked. More than just
the geometry had been rearranged, so had the dynamic of the entire encounter.

The sweat from John's body dripped down onto Vixen as he lowered his lips
onto the soft curves of her breasts. "Mmmm," she moaned as he sucked at her
nipples. John raised his head to kiss her on the mouth only to find Shayera
moving in the same direction. Soon all three tongues were moving from mouth
to mouth so fast no one could keep track of whose was in who while hands
pinched, stroked and carressed indiscriminantly. During this frantic groping
John's penis slipped into Mari almost by accident.

"Oh!" she gasped. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me with your big hard cock!"

As he continued to thrust into the dark-skinned beauty beneath him Shayera
went behind him and started kissing her way down the smooth muscles of his
back. Finally she reached his rock solid ass and, possesssed by a rare
mischevious impulse thrust a slender finger into his asshole.

"Wah!" he exclaimed as this unexpected stimulus caused him to thrust
unexpectedly hard and deep into Mari and to come, pouring what seemd like
a gallon of sperm into her. Although her nails dug into him as he came and
for the few after-orgasm thrusts he sent into her the Lantern could tell
from the glare she shot at both him and Shayera that she hadn't climaxed

Looking past him, Hawkgirl's smirk turned to a look of sympathy.

"I'm sorry. Here, let me help." With that she rolled John off the woman
she was starting to think of in terms of partnership rather than rivalry,
reversed her position on the bed and started kissing her way from the full,
red lips down the hollow of Mari's throat, between the roundness of her
tits, onto the firm belly and finally ending by plunging her tongue into
her smooth, shaved slit. Mari's own hands and lips had not been idle,
roaming happily over Hawkgirl's own shapely form and thrusting both tongue
and fingers into the red-furred valley of her vagina.

At first John just watched, feeling a bit excluded. Then, watching Shayera's
firm round ass wiggling as she recieved a sound tonguefucking from below he
was inspired to seek revenge for her little prank. Prematurely ejaculate
*him* would she?

The two women, wrapped literally and figuratively in each other barely
noticed when he got back on the bed. But when Shayera felt first one, then
two large, lubricated fingers enter her bunghole her head came up and around,
eyes flashing.

"Hey, turnabouts only fair," he said with a smile. Beneath her Vixen growled
and raked her fingers down her partner's pale flanks as once again she was
pulled back from the verge of orgasm. The Thanagarian warrior woman shrugged
and went back to work on Mari's pussy. It wasn't as if her ass was virgin,
that after all was why the lube was there in the first place although she
winced when John's cock replaced his fingers. Anal wasn't the turn on for her
it was for some women but she didn't mind it ether. On the other hand the
feel of John's member thrusting up her ass at the same time Mari's tongue was
fucking her pussy was incredible. She shook and came a second time, moaning
softly as her tongue lashed in a frenzy at Vixebn's clit. This in turn caused
the woman below her to finally, explosively, come.

"OH GODDD!!" she screamed, her fingers clawing convulsively at Hawkgirl's
flesh, her thighs almost suffocating her lover in their embrace.

As the two women writhed below him, the Lantern continued thrusting into
Shayera's butthole, it's tightness keeping him hard despite his own recent
orgasm. Finally it came and he slowly pulled out, still not knowing who he
wanted more.

Little did he know that the decision was no longer in his hands.

* * *

"They picked each *other*?" an astonished Flash asked Booster. In fact after
informing John of their decision, the two new lovers had, still naked, gone
to Vixen's room which they had yet to come out of. What they hadn't told him
was that he wasn't going to be the one who judged who the best fuck was and
unfortunately for him they'd picked each other.

His comrade nodded, as dismayed as he was. "All bets cancelled. Oh well."

"Not quite," came a firm but feminine voice both of them knew all too well.
They both looked up to see the statuesque form of Diana, Princess of the
Amazons, aka Wonder Woman.

"If you check with your machine, I think you'll find that I placed a wager
for exactly that outcome."

Booster did indeed check with Skeets that not only had she wagered but,
thanks to the odds offered won an impressive amount.

"Okay, Skeets is transferring the amount to your account as we speak."

"Remember boys," Diana remarked over her shoulder as she walked away,
"always bet on the female."


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