Justice League: Replicant (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The city of Metropolis. A big North American city. One of the biggest in the
nation. It was a great center for business, education and tourism. But it was
also like no other place on Earth. This was the place an alien named Superman
called home.

Superman flew into the scene years ago. A man with amazing powers. He could
fly. He had seemingly unlimited physical strength. He was invulnerable. The
whole world marveled as he fought crime and vowed to protect the innocent.
He became the most famous person in history. Superman was a sensation.
Everyone wanted to know about him. He disclosed much about himself. His true
name was Kal El. He came from the long dead planet Krypton. He was the last
of the Kryptonians, a humanoid species that once ruled one of the most
technologically advanced worlds in known space. He told the people of Earth
he cared for them and felt a kinship with them and wanted to help them. The
whole world grew to trust Superman. He was a hero. He did not lie.

Since Superman came, a lot began to happen. Humanity became aware of
genetically altered human beings with super powers. The Metahumans. They
also became aware of alien races in distant space. A lot of mysteries were
resolved. The Lost World of Atlantis was real. The sea-dwelling human-like
beings of tale were real. They lived in Atlantis and were ruled by the wise
and wonderful Aquaman. The world came to know of the Amazons, a race of
supernaturally gifted warrior women from myth. They lived in the island of
Thermyscira. They were ruled by the beautiful and powerful Queen Hyppolita
and her daughter Diana Prince also known as Wonder Woman.

Superman inspired a lot of heroes to come and join forces to help the world.
A young man named Wally had the ability to move at amazing speeds. He became
the Flash. Jonn Jonzz of Mars, the last survivor of the planet Mars became
the Martian Manhunter. Hawkgirl of the Hawk People also joined forces with
other heroes. The Green Lantern, an ordinary man who received a
cosmically-powered Ring which could bring forth anything he could imagine
joined the team. The team, combined with Wonder Woman and Gotham city's very
own Batman became known as the Justice League. They fought crime all over the
world, taking on terrorists and even threats from other worlds and outer
space. Superman led them on a quest for justice. But Superman was beginning
to tire...

He fought an ancient monster named Doomsday and was killed. The scientists
at Cadmus Labs took Superman's DNA and were able to create a clone. The
clone hatched from the machine before it could achieve full growth. It was
a sixteen year-old version of Superman. But it did not have Superman's
memories, personality or powers. Because the clone, albeit Kryptonian was
born on Earth and not Krypton it could never have true Kryptonian powers.
Its earth environment affected it. This clone of Superman was named Kon-El.
It was a five-foot-eleven, black-haired, blue-eyed caucasian male no older
than seventeen, in outward appearance. It differed from Superman, who was
a six-foot-three, black-haired, blue-eyed caucasian male ranging from his
mid twenties to early thirties in appearance. Kon El was the property of
Project Cadmus.

But Kon El had a streak of rebellion in him. He escaped from Cadmus Labs.
He discovered his powers. He could fly. He did not have super strength. He
possessed a tactile Transphasing Power. He could just touch any object and
render it almost weightless and easily carry it. He could render himself
almost weightless and easily fly through the air and soar through the
heavens at seemingly unlimited speed. He did not have true Kryptonian powers
like Super strength, Super speed, X-ray Vision, Heat Vision and Flight.
Still, Kon El thought himself to be some kind of god. He wore a black leather
jacket, red leather pants and sunglasses. He went around the world exploring.
The people of Earth had just buried Superman, the greatest hero that ever
lived at Arlington Memorial. Imagine their surprise when a guy who looked
like a younger version of Superman started flying around.

The Justice League was alerted.

Justice League Watch Tower...

The Justice League's Watch Tower hovered in space above the planet Earth.
It was a top secret place. It had been built by Bruce Wayne aka Batman and
combined advanced earthly technology with Martian engineering (courtesy of
Jonn Jonzz the Martian Manhunter) and Kryptonian tech.

Wally West sat at one of the control rooms of the Watch Tower. He was
watching the news when he saw something odd. A guy clad in black and red
was in New York. He looked young, and easily lifted a school bus off a
scared but unharmed puppy. Wally gawked. The last guy he knew who could do
stuff like that was dead. Superman was dead. No other Metahuman they knew
of had this kind of power. He wondered who this new player was. He had to
alert the others.

Just as he got up, he ran into Diana. The woman was tall and athletic, with
a body models would envy. She stood six foot one, with long black hair and
blue eyes. She wore something other than her usual battle dress. A red and
gold chest plate and short red skirt with yellow boots. Although she managed
to look imperious, she still looked good enough to eat. "Hi, Wally." she

"Hey, Diana." he said. He was momentarily distracted. "I've got something
you'll want to see."

He sped back to the room and showed her the screen. A young man who looked
like a younger version of the Clark Kent/Superman they all knew was flying
around doing all kinds of things. The reporters finally got a moment with

"Who are you?" asked a blonde newswoman.

The young man looked her up and down, smirked and said, "Well, since you
asked so nicely. I am Kon-El. You may call me....Superboy." he said with a

"What is this?" said Diana. "This youth who pretends to be the one we miss
so much."

Wally shook his head. "Looks like a new superhero. Kind of reminds me of
Kal El, though." he said, speaking of Superman in his Kryptonian name.

Just then, Jonn Jonzz the Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl came in. They glared
at the scene. "Who is this?"

"Calls himself Superboy." came a voice.

The Justice League members turned as a man suddenly materialized besides
them. A man clad in a black costume and cape. The Batman. The one and only
Dark Knight. The legendary vigilante crime fighter from Gotham City. "I've
been doing research on him. I have reason to believe he's a clone."

Wonder Woman looked at Batman. "A clone of who?" she asked.

Batman scowled at her. "A clone of Superman."

Suddenly enraged, Wonder Woman slammed her fist into the table and the
stainless steel shattered under her super strong blow. "We must find who
did this." she said. "And make them pay."

Batman nodded. "I have some suspects. It could be Lex Labs or Cadmus Labs."

Wonder Woman grunted, and flew away. They watched her go.

"Diana, come back!" said Wally West.

"She is angry and needs to work it out." said Batman.

"Repressed emotions can be toxic. She'll be fine."

Hawkgirl started after Diana but the Manhunter stopped her.

"Batman is right, Hawkgirl."

Hawkgirl hesitated, then nodded. Diana Prince needed to work this out on her

Wonder Woman flew back to Earth. She was so pissed. She couldn't believe that
they had cloned Superman. They just made a Xerox copy of him. A kid with
powers! And he wore the same face as the man she...the man she...oh, how she
regretted never revealing her feelings for him. How she had grown to trust
him as a friend and a teammate. She sat on the roof of a tall building in
Metropolis and thought about the deceased Man of Steel. He was different
from every other man she had ever met. She had met gods and heroes, kings
and princes. Superman was one of a kind. He was a good guy. Honest and
caring. Also, very powerful yet modest. His human parents had done a fine
job raising him. She had fallen in love with him a long time ago. He didn't
know how she felt. She always seemed like this unattainable goddess in the
eyes of men. But here she was. All alone and the love of her life was dead.

She sat down, remembering their one and only night of love. Superman had
just fought with Darkseid, the fearsome and powerful ruler of the planet

The battle left the Man of Steel weakened. His powers were diminished.
Right after the fight, he had been inundated with Kryptonite by a
treacherous former ally of the Justice League. Superman had nearly died.
He was completely without powers for a while. He had been resting inside
the Watch Tower. She, Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman of Thermyscira had
come to see him. He was just lying there, looking so vulnerable. He was
asleep. She just came to him and told herself she wanted so see him as
a friend. Just a friend caring for another. Then she started to touch
him and kiss him. He awoke and was startled. She surprised herself and
him with her boldness by kissing him.

She undressed him and allowed him to see her in all her naked glory. She
came to bed with him and they kissed. It was the first time she had seen
Kal El of Krypton, the Clark Kent of Metropolis and Superman of Earth weep.
The pain his body had felt still lingered and was too great to bear. Tears
of pain had become tears of joy as two friends embraced each other. He
caressed her breasts and her body. His touch was tentative, just like hers
had been. They caressed and kissed and just held each other. They tended
to each other's needs unhurriedly, with him eating her out, provoking
tremendous sensations in her most sensitive spot while she sucked his cock.
She recalled his scream as he came and the shock of his cum splattering in
her mouth. She drank deep of him. Just then, his tongue snaked in her cunt
and forked around, and he triggered a massive orgasm deep inside of her.

As pleasure rocked both their bodies, they held each other, moaning and
screaming in pleasure while looking into each other's eyes. She wanted to
be one with him, to have him inside her. She had taken his cock in her
hands and guided it into her pussy. He entered her gently and held her
close, kissing her and caressing her as his tool went into her. In and
out. Diana had never before had a man inside her, just like he had never
been with anyone before. They had never taken previous lovers. It was a
first for the both of them.

Diana smiled, recalling her scream of passion as Kal's hot cum filled her
pussy and the orgasm that followed from just having him inside of her. They
just held each other, their bodies united. He caressed her and murmured soft
words into her ears. He just held her. She kept telling him she loved him
over and over and he squeezed her hand before kissing it. Looking into his
eyes, Diana knew she loved him too.

Later, he underwent a complicated technological procedure which returned his
powers but forever altered a fraction of his mindset. The result? Superman
was restored to his glory. His powers returned. He was a Man of Steel once
more. But he did not remember his and Diana's one night of love. How they
embraced each other in the Tower. For a moment, they had been a man and a
woman, nothing more. He was not just a larger than life hero with god-like
powers and the last heir of an entire civilization. She was not just the
princess of a mythical realm sworn to fight injustice and uphold the rights
of men and women everywhere. They were human beings with needs, feelings and
desires just like everybody else. And for once, they gave into those desires.

She suddenly felt mad at herself for not telling Kal El that after he lost
his powers as Superman they had a night of passion. Would this have changed
things between them? Maybe he would not have died at the hands of Doomsday.
Maybe he would still be alive. How she missed him...

She flew to the city of New York. She looked for the clone of Superman.
Superboy was nowhere to be found. He had returned to Cadmus Labs, which had
fallen under the control of the United States government. In the following
months, Superboy donned the suit of Superman. He changed the costume a little
and wore a black leather jacket over it and no cape. Oh, and he kept his
sunglasses. He began to work as a hero to help people and show himself worthy
of being the next best thing to Superman.

The world came to trust Superboy. He even had meetings with the Justice
League of America. In spite of some misgivings, Superboy became a member of
the JLA three years after he first flew into the scene. Wonder Woman got to
know him. He was like Superman down to almost every cell. The same Kryptonian
DNA. He was also developing new abilities. His powers were solar-based like
Superman's. His tactile Transphasing Powers were a mystery. He had mutated
during his genetic engineering. He was an imperfect clone of Superman. Diana
was mildly disappointed yet oddly reassured. Superboy or Kon El as he called
himself was NOT like Superman. He was a decent guy, once you got past the
fact that he was an arrogant, bitter, woman-chasing jerk with a testosterone
level higher than mount Olympus and a real short temper. Still, he was still
a teenager (his body had stopped aging, his physical form was frozen at a
cellular level at the age of seventeen in appearance) and would be for a
long time.

Wonder Woman continued to fight crime. She spent her time between the Watch
Tower, the Amazon Embassy and Metropolis. She grew to cherish the town her
first, last and only lover once called home. She also developed a liking to
Kon El, the Superboy. He liked hanging out with her too, and hit on her every
chance he got. He used to joke about how it was only a matter of time before
he got into those star-spangled panties of hers. She got pissed and sometimes
wanted to smack the hell out of the arrogant bastard but he looked so much
like Kal El that she couldn't bring herself to hurt him. Besides, sometimes
she enjoyed his endless flirtation...though she would never admit it to
anyone. Not even herself.

The End


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