Justice League: Mary Marvel And Fire Move In Together (Ff,f-mast)
by Hamster

Mary was very excited. She brown-haired teen was going to be living on her
own for the very first time and she had such a beautiful and sophisticated
roommate. She happily and cheerfully began to move box after box of her
stuff up into the apartment that she was going to share with what she was
hoping was going to be her new best friend.

Fire was at the end of her rope. Mary was a freak of nature. She didn't own
a single movie that wasn't G-rated. She had music CD's that were too sweet
for Care Bears. The girl even had a collection of ceramic kittens. She was a
nice girl but she was such a goddy-two-shoes that she made Mr. Rogers look
like Hannibal Lechter. The girl was so sweet that she gave Fire a friggin
tooth ache. Fire sighed as she helped the girl move her things in.

Mary began to whistle the theme to the 'Andy Griffith' show a she unpacked
the last of her boxes. Inside was a giant teddy bear which she placed on her

"His name is Mr. Funny Tummy." Mary said with only a very slight hint of

Fire put a hand on her head. 'You have got to by fucking kidding,' she

Mary gave the teddy bear a kiss on the head and then began to put away the
rest of her things.

Later Fire was hoping that some alien would invade the Earth or that some
kind of crisis would arise and the Justice League would require her services
because cute little Mary was driving her up the friggin wall. She had
insisted on playing candy land, twice. After that they listened to the
soundtrack for the Care Bears Movie. At one point Fire had stubbed her toe
and began cursing. Mary blanched at the language and chastised her friend.
It was getting to be the equivelant of torture.

Mary was having so much fun with her new roommate that she couldn't believe
it. She had original been shocked by some of the colorful pirate-speak Fire
had used, (were those words even legal?) but she had gotten over it. After
playing some of her favorite games with Fire Mary had decided to show her
her very favorite way to spend her time. She leaned forward and kissed Fire
on the lips and then shocked the green-haired woman by pushing her tongue
in her mouth.

The stunned Fire pushed away the younger heroine in surprise. "What the

"What's wrong we were having fun?" Mary asked innocently.

"But you kissed me and...well...I didn't think..." Fire stammered, suddenly
on the defensive.

"What, I love to kiss and masturbate and stuff like that, you didn't think
I was a prude or a goody-goody did you?" Mary asked.

"Well umm actually..." Fire stammered.

"I feel like masturbating now." Mary said suddenly.

She reached under her white pleated skirt and began to rub her pussy through
her her panties. It felt very good. She was hoping that Fire would be turned
on and then be inspired to join her.

Fire watched in amazement as the teen superheroine's fingers played with her
sweet pussy through the white cotton panties. It was quite possibly the
hottest thing that the flame-producing heroine had ever seen in her life. She
watched intently as Mary shifted her panties to the side and let her fingers
delve into the silky depths of her cunt. Fuck this hot! Fire thought. Fire's
own pussy was getting wet and hungry at the sight of this display.

Mary leaned back and began to play with one of her breasts as she fingered
herself to an orgasm. She sighed deeply as she felt the release. With her
eyes closed she lifted her cum-soaked fingers to her lips and her tongue
wiped them clean. So yummy, she thought.

Her eyes snapped open and Mary turned to the dumbfounded Fire. "Want me to do
you now?"

At a loss for words and numb with confusion Fire simply nodded vacantly.

"Great!" Mary exclaimed.

The girl stood up the now entranced Fire. Mary got down on her hands and
knees and licked the shiny leather boots form toes to ankle. She unzipped
the boots and pulled them off Fire's feet. She started with the left and
then repeated the process for the right. She then rested on her knees and
reached around to squeeze Fire's butt through the leather pants she was

"Gee you have a really nice butt." Mary commented.

Fire looked down at the pretty girl. This was the sexiest fucking thing she
had ever witnessed. "Thanks, glad you like it."

Bringing her hands to the front Mary began to unzip the tight pants. With
great difficulty she pulled them down to Fire's ankles. Fire kicked the
pants away. Mary then stood and kissed her roommate.

Having escaped her initial shock Fire was now enthusiastically getting
involved in the process. She was feeling up the teenager as she tongue
wrestled with her passionately.

As they kissed Mary began to unbutton Fire's shirt. Once the shirt was
completely unbuttoned and cast aside, Mary got a good look at the white silk
bra that contained Fire's large melons. The teen grasped them firmly and
began to massage them between her fingers. Mary's fingers made their way down
to fire's panties and dove beneath the waistband to her hot, wet sex.

Fire's head rolled back and she sighed softly as the girl's deft fingers
pleasured her. Fire reached under Mary's skirt and then beneath her cotton
panties to start fingering the girl.

Both girl's fucked each other as they kissed deeply and rubbed against one
another the sexual energy mounted within them until it exploded in the form
of their sweet sexual juices. When their orgasm subsided Mary licked her
fingers and looked over at Fire.

"There is something that Mr. Funny Tummy does that I have to show you." Mary

Mary ran into her rom to retrieve her teddy bear.

'This girl is totally wonked!' Fire thought. 'What the heck does she want
to show me her teddy bear for?' Mary returned in just a minute or so with
Funny Tummy. Fire could only stare in shock at the most surprising thing
she'd seen in an already really surprising night. The stuffed animal was
wearing a strap-on dildo!!!

"Mr. Funnytummy is great he can really help you relax and work out your
stress." Mary said. She turned the bear to face her. "Yes you can you really
can can't you. You want me to umm you know use him with you?"

The girl actually had a hopeful expression on her face. Fire nodded. She
wanted to laugh but she was way too turned on. The green haired heroine got
in the doggy-style position and licked her lips. Mary approached with the
stuffed animal. She put the head of the strap-on in the entrance of the other
woman's pussy and began to push it in nice and slow. She slid it in and out
slowly and then began to pick up the pace as Fire began to moan and grown in
time with the strokes of the fake cock attached to the fuzzy bear. As she
fucked Fire Mary began to finger herself again. The pair moaned and groaned
in tandem until they couldn't hold back anymore.

This is going to be fun after all. Though Fire as she came.

'I knew this would be fun.' Thought Mary as she came.


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