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Justice League: Love In Paradise (FF)
by Mugetsu G ([email protected])

With the last remains of Lex Luthor's gang having been rounded up and jailed,
and mankind safe from Aresia's plague, the Earth found itself safe and sound
once again for the time being. Diana (Wonder Woman), finds herself at
spending time at Shayera Hol's (Hawkgirl) quaint apartment during a rare time
of relative peace.

"Not too bad a dwelling," Diana commented looking around.

The apartment was rather plain looking, nothing on the walls, and basic
furniture and necessities to survive.

"My home on Thanagar was about the same," Shayera replied. "I suppose I could
have more, but once I figure out a way home I won't need this place anymore."

"So you'd leave the group just like that?"

"It's not that I would want to, but I'm more needed on my own planet than
here. Anyway at the rate it's going it'll be awhile before I do figure out
a way home... if ever."

"Hey, Shayera I have to return to Paradise Island to resolve some things with
my mother. I'll only be gone a day, but perhaps you would like a break from

"As relaxing as that sounds, I thought Hippolyte was very leery of

"She is more so since the attacks, but at least trusts everyone in the group.
I doubt she'll object, but even if she does I am her daughter and it is as
much my home as it is hers.

"Yes well, let's hope it doesn't reach that far."

* * *

Upon arriving on the island, Shayera felt a bit awkward being surrounded by
only the Amazon women, but at the same time she felt comfortable. While
Diana was in an audience with her mother, Shayera decided to bathe in a hot
spring. She removed her clothes, put on a robe, and headed out.

As she walked upon the spring, she noticed a number of the women stripping
off their robes and bathing nude together in the water. She was a bit
hesitant, but not being one to insult another's culture Shayera followed

Shayera leaned back against the springs side with her eyes closed as the hot
active water warmed her body and relaxed her muscles. As her mind started
to drift she was wakened by the voice of a native.

"You're that woman Diana brought home aren't you?"

"I came with her yes. Why do you ask?"

"Despite what the Justice League may have done to save the island, Hippolyte
is still very suspicious of outsiders, even you a member or not. Everyone
appreciates what you've done, but Hippolyte and Diana have always had
differing opinions on outsiders. Both of them can be very stubborn when need
be. You must be a very good friend for her to bring you here and fight with
her mother about it."

"It's seems to be more serious than she's let on. There really wasn't any
reason for me to come here. She was just going to settle somethings with her

"Oh dear... Diana hasn't told you much at all has she?"

"Apparently not. Why, what's wrong?"

"It's not for me to say. When she's ready Diana will explain everything. If
nothing else remember we have feelings like you do."

The native kissed Shayera on the cheek and got out of the spring and walked

"Hmm..." Shayera thought to herself. "Strange this trip has become now."

Now unsure of what Diana was up to Shayera got out of the spring, robed, and
returned to Diana's chambers. She was in the middle of dressing when Diana
returned with a look of disappointment on her face.

"Something wrong, Diana?"

"Not really. It went about as well as I expected it to."

"I talked with one of the island women. Why did you bring me here knowing
your mother's attitude? There really isn't any reason for me to be here."

"You ever talk to someone wanting them just to listen, but everything goes
wrong instead?"

"Diana what're you talking about?" Shayera asked stopping in mid-dress
wearing just her panties and bra.

"Nothing, forget what I said. It's not important."

"Oh, ok."

"I see you've already been to one of the hot springs, but I'm fixing to bathe
in my private spring. Care to keep me company?"

Having already bathed with the other natives of the island, and being close
friends with Diana, Shayera only briefly thought about it before agreeing.

"Yeah, I think I will. The springs here are great, very relaxing."

"Thanks Shayera, I could use some company right now."

"You're welcome."

As she undressed and robed herself, Diana took notice and snuck a peek at
Shayera as she did the same. She had a nice athletic build much like Diana
though her breasts were a bit smaller. For an unforeseen reason Shayera
looked up and caught a very brief glimpse of Diana's head looking away. She
opened her mouth to say something, but decided against it and put on her

After walking for several minutes, and walking on paths that weren't there,
the two women arrived at Diana's spring. It wasn't too hidden, but it
offered the luxury of not being very out in the open either.

Both women disrobed and climbed into the spring. They set themselves against
the spring's wall next to each other.

"Mmm... This spring is so much more soothing and relaxing than the one I was
in this morning," Shayera commented as she closed her eyes and let the water
rush over her body.

"Indeed it is, that's why I claim this one as my own," Diana replied smiling.

"So what did you talk to your mother about today? What's all this about
people not listening?"

"Shayera," Diana began as her hand reached over and grabbed Shayera's hand.

Startled by Diana's action Shayera opened her eyes and looked at her. She
opened her mouth to speak when Diana placed a finger on her lips. Diana then
leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Shayera pulled her head back a bit

"What's wrong?" Diana asked.

"Why did you do that?"

"Because I want you."

"But I-"

Diana gave Shayera no time to finish her sentence as she kissed her again.
She then ran her hand down Shayera's body through the water coming to a stop
between her legs. Diana circled her thumb around Shayera's pussy lips before
stopping to rub it on her clit.

"Oh Diana..." Shayera moaned as Diana slipped a finger into her box and
started to probe it.

"Up you go," Diana said as she helped Shayera out of the spring and onto the
ground's edge. Diana then squatted back down into the water and placed her
head between Shayera's legs. Diana stuck two fingers into Shayera's pussy
and started to penetrate it as she licked at it simultaneously.

"Oh god... Not here Diana..." Shayera moaned as she squeezed and massaged
her breasts, pinching her nipples periodically. Diana started to finger
herself as her tongue slithered here and there inside of Shayera.

"Mmmm.... ok we'll go back to my chambers then..." Diana whispered as she
raised her head and pressed her lips to Shayera's.

* * *

Back in Diana's chambers Shayera fell backwards onto the bed. Diana then
climbed on top of her into a sixty-nine position. Diana ran her hands over
Shayera's abdomen area feeling her smooth tight stomach. She than ran a
hand down between her legs and noticed Shayera was already getting wet.

"Tasty..." Diana whispered with delight as she wiped up some of Shayera's
juices with her finger and licked it clean. As Shayera's moistness continued
to replenish itself Diana lubed up her index and middle fingers and then
spread Shayera's cunt open and slid them in.

Shayera moaned and started to breathe heavy as Diana's fingers worked her
magic. Her first experience with a woman was turning out great and Shayera
desperately wanted to return the favor. She ran her hands up and down
Diana's legs and butt exploring them before stopping near her mound.

As Diana continued to finger fuck Shayera, she felt Shayera's fingers spread
her open and her tongue pierce her insides. Diana started to push down into
Shayera's face as her tongue was replaced with fingers, but Shayera continued
to lap around the edges of Diana's lips.

Diana moaned from the pleasure and with her free hand she moistened one of
her fingers with Shayera's juices before probing her own anus with it. Being
in such an awkward and tough position to finger her own ass Diana told
Shayera to do it. Shayera obliged and pulled her finger out of Diana's pussy
and slid it up between her ass cheeks before stopping at her anus.

"Stick it in Shayera, please," Diana begged as she removed her fingers from
Shayera and started to eat her out.

"Oh Diana! I fixing to cum!" Shayera panted as she felt her privates start to

"Stick your finger in and I'll make sure you do!" Diana replied as she
continued to lick and lap the lips between Shayera's legs. Shayera agreed
and Diana was soon reeling from the pleasure emanating from her rectum as
the finger slid in and out.

"Oh my!" Diana moaned as a second finger of Shayera's accidentally slipped
into her ass. With a quick flick of the tongue Diana touched off on
Shayera's sensitive area and she was sent into orgasm.

"OH God! Diana!" Shayera screamed as her body quaked with orgasm and her
fluids gushed out.

As Shayera shook with ecstasy her fingers inadvertently start to thrash
about inside Diana's anus as Diana ground herself down onto them. Then with
accidental precision Shayera's flicked the sensitive spot in Diana's ass as
it rammed down on the fingers.

"Oh my... Oh good god..." Diana grimaced with pleasure as she shook with her
own orgasm. Her pussy being free, Diana's fluids shot out and splashed down
on Shayera's face until she finished coming. When both women finished Diana
climbed off and laid down next to Shayera.

After a few minutes of silence Shayera spoke.

"That... was my first time with a woman."

"Mine too, though it's part of the reason my mother is no longer happy with

"What you talking about?"

"I'm a lesbian."

"You're what? But I'm not-"

Diana placed her finger to Shayera's lips cutting her off again.

"I know you're not, but I wanted it to be with someone I knew and cared
about. Sorry for being selfish and not considering your feelings."

"Look Diana, I may not be gay, but I still care for you. You took me by
surprise at first but... Look just don't worry about it. What are you going
to tell the others though?"

"Nothing for now as it doesn't affect the League's activities. Unless it
affects you for some reason?"

"It doesn't, I was just curious."

Shayera wiped her finger to her cheek and noticed the wetness that was still
on it.

"Now how about cleaning up your mess?"

"With pleasure."


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