Justice League: Lesbian Nation (Ff,f-dom,anal,reluc)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Wonder Woman flew over the city of Metropolis. She was going there to see her
friend Clark Kent, also known as Superman. There was trouble in Themyscira,
the sacred Island of the Amazons. It seems that a powerful demon named Haguel
and his armies of monsters had come to Themyscira and gained a foothold
there. The Amazons were powerful warriors but they could not fight demons.
Wonder Woman wanted the help of the other Justice League members but they
were all off-world. The Justice League was fighting the Parademons who served
Darkseid, the tyrannical god who ruled the planet Apokalips. Darkseid and his
Parademons were battling the people of New Genesis. New Genesis was a planet
inhabited by the Genesians.

The Genesians were a race so advanced that they called themselves the New
Gods. They had amazing technology as well as natural abilities of their own.
The men and women of New Genesis could fly and they also had superhuman
strength. They were one of the most powerful races in the galaxy. Darkseid
and his Parademons wanted to destroy New Genesis. Darkseid wanted to find
the Anti-Life Equation so that he could destroy worlds by merely wishing it.

Wonder Woman flew down in the city of Metropolis. She assumed her disguise
as Diana Prince and went to the Daily Planet. Clark Kent was not there.
Apparently, he had gone to New Krypton, where a few hundred survivors from
his homeworld had been trying to survive. The Kryptonians had colonized a
small planet orbiting a blue sun. They had powers there but far less than
those they would enjoy under a yellow sun. Wonder Woman needed a powerful
ally against the demonic forces who came to invade her world.

She saw a tall, slender blonde girl walking around. Almost immediately she
recognized Kara Zor-El. Kara Zor-El was the cousin of Clark Kent. She was a
nice-looking girl from Krypton. On Earth, she was known as Supergirl.
Supergirl looked at Wonder Woman.

"What can I do for you, Diana?" she asked.

"I need to talk to Kal-El." said Diana.

Kal-El was Clark Kent's real name. Very few people knew that Clark Kent, aka
Kal-El of Krypton and the alien hero Superman were one and the same.

"He's not here." said Supergirl.

"Demons have invaded my world." said Diana. "I need a strong ally."

Supergirl looked at her. "I could help, you know."

Diana looked at her. "Could you?"

Supergirl nodded. "Absolutely...but the question is what do I get in return?"
she asked.

Wonder Woman looked at her, shocked. A superhero asking for payment? Kara
Zor-El looked at Wonder Woman up and down. The woman looked hot. Since she
came to Earth, Kara Zor-El had discovered a sexual preference for women. She
kept her lesbianism to herself. She slept with a lot of women on the down
low, as they said. Kara Zor-El had slept with black women, white women, Asian
women, Hindu women. She had never slept with a beautiful and alluring Amazon
Princess with god-like super powers, though.

"Let's go somewhere to discuss it." said Kara Zor-El.

Diana Prince flew after the blonde superheroine as Supergirl flew to a loft
in downtown Metropolis. She checked out the place. The loft looked nice.
Supergirl reappeared before her...naked. Wonder Woman' s eyes went wide when
she saw Supergirl's beautiful naked body.

"Like what you see?" Kara Zor-El asked.

Diana Prince gawked. The girl looked so...tasty. Kara strode forward
confidently. She came up to Wonder Woman and kissed her on the lips. Wonder
Woman kissed her back. Kara started touching her.

"No, I can't." said Wonder Woman.

Kara looked at Diana Prince. "Why not?" she asked.

"I'm not gay!" said Diana Prince.

Kara stared at her. The woman looked so damn hot. Hmm. "I've heard that one
before." said Kara. "Come on, Diana." she said coyly. "You know you want me."

Wonder Woman wanted to leave the room. She wanted to get out of the place and
leave this beautiful naked girl who aroused her so much. Yet she couldn't.
Kara Zor-El smiled and put her arms around Diana Prince. She kissed her
again. All of Wonder Woman's resolve to leave melted under Kara's kiss. She
didn't want to think about the island and the demons anymore. She just wanted
Kara, period.

Diana Prince held Kara Zor-El 's face in her hands. The Kryptonian female
closed her eyes. Diana Prince gently kissed her on the lips. Supergirl pulled
the Amazon into a tight embrace. Their kiss deepened. The two women rolled
around on the floor. Kara Zor-El started undressing Diana Prince immediately.
She admired the Amazon's gorgeous body. She caressed Wonder Woman's face and
her neck. She started to caress Diana Prince's tits. She licked a path from
Diana Prince's breasts to her belly. She came between Diana's legs and parted
them. She breathed in the smell of Diana's pussy. She stuck a finger in and
brought it back to her lips. She liked the taste of Diana's pussy. She
started to lick Diana's pussy. She licked the swollen clit and Diana gasped.
Kara started eating out Diana's pussy. She massaged her breasts and licked
her pussy. She slid her fingers inside Diana and twisted them around. She
enjoyed hearing Diana Prince moan in pleasure. She slid a finger inside
Diana's rectum and the Amazon Princess gasped at the intrusion. Kara kept
fucking Diana's ass with her finger. She finger-fucked Diana's pussy. She
made Diana Prince get on her hands and knees and told her to wait. She went
to another room and got some things.

She put a strap-on around her waist. Diana looked at her with scared eyes.
"I won't hurt you." said Diana. "You're gonna love it."

She took some cream and applied it on Diana Prince's asshole. She then took
the cock and slid it slowly inside Diana's ass. Diana Prince went stiff. She
couldn't say anything when Kara Zor-El shoved the plastic cock inside her
ass. Kara held her by the hips and thrust forward.

"Ah!" said Wonder Woman. "It's too big!"

Kara Zor-El smacked her ass. "Shut up, bitch!" she said. "Just take it like
a woman!"

Wonder Woman bit her lips and gritted her teeth as Supergirl shoved the
dildo deep in her ass. Kara Zor-El thrust the plastic cock deep inside Diana
Prince. She loved hearing the other woman's gasps of pain and pleasure. She
thrust the cock about as far as it could go. Sinking it deep inside Diana
Prince's ass. Diana screamed at the top of her lungs. Kara laughed and fucked
her harder. She kept plunging the strap on dildo deep inside Diana Prince.
She wanted to hear the bitch scream. The sight of Wonder Woman on her hands
and knees with a plastic cock deep in her ass was so arousing that Kara
Zor-El aka Supergirl started cumming. She pushed a button on her strap on
dildo and the plastic tool spat a hot liquid deep inside Wonder Woman's ass.
Wonder Woman's shrill scream could be heard across a mile.

Slowly, Kara Zor-El pulled out of Wonder Woman. The Amazon Princess just lay
there. Supergirl smacked her hot booty. "You got a nice ass, bitch !" she
said. "I'll be back."

She put her clothes on and stepped out of the room. Wonder Woman just lay
there, crying and moaning. She felt so much pain in her ass that she couldn't
sit up. She just lay there. She felt used like a cheap whore. Fucked up the
ass and then dismissed. The sad part was that...part of her liked it.

The End


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