Note: I've taken a couple of liberties for story purposes. I've assumed that
while Diana doesn't wear a sign on her back saying "Hey, I'm Wonder Woman!"
that she doesn't take the pains to conceal her identity that say Superman and
Batman do. I've also put in Bat Poles and given an explanation for them to be
there. Likewise, not entirely sure if her lasso works exactly like that so
nitpickers beware!

Codes: MF, FF, cons, rape, exhib, oral, anal, B&D, ws, torture, M-Dom

Justice League: Joker In The Deck
by Tricksterson ([email protected])

"Diana, are you sure?"

"Bruce, we tried it the 'normal' way and it almost crippled you. Besides, I
think part of you *likes* the idea."

The man Diana, known to most of the world as Wonder Woman, was speaking to
across the dinner table at Gotham City's elegant Lightning Club didn't look
the type to undergo anything more strenuous than a tennis match. Yes, Bruce
Wayne was tall and broadshouldered but he looked soft, an effect all his
suits were specially tailored to cultivate. Diana was one of the few who
knew that the body underneath the expensive tailoring was capable of almost
superhuman exertions.

Almost. That of course was where the problem lay. Even trying to be careful
Diana's strength was such that in the throes of passion she had proved nearly
lethal to her partner. But of course there was a solution, the magical golden
lariat that Diana bore could take her powers away, rendering her merely
mortal. Love, or lust at any rate, will always find a way.

As soon as they were in the limo, or as Bruce's butler/chauffer/aide de camp
wittily called it, "the Alfredmobile" they were in each others arms, mouths
and tongues meeting. They alternated kisses and talk all the way to Wayne
Manor, so involved in each other that their normally alert senses didn't
pick up that they were being distantly and skillfuly followed. The usually
vigilant Alfred also missed the tail preoccupied, as he occasionally became
with the thought that perhaps this time Master Bruce had found The One. He
wasn't sure if it was good or bad that she was a "co-worker". A small part
of him had always hoped that the man he thought of as a son would leave the
endless quest for justice that he knew would get him killed in the end. The
rest of him knew that he never would.

* * *

They stood facing each other near the bed in Bruce's room. It was neither
the plush, Olympic-sized love nest one would expect from a billionaire
playboy nor the monk's cell one would associate with the Batman. Rather,
Diana reflected, it reminded her of an expensive hotel room. Moderately
large, very comfortable and, except for a picture of Bruce's parent on the
nightstand, thoroughly impersonal.

"You don't really live here do you?"

"What do you mean?"

"There's nothing here thats really *you*. You might sleep here but everything
about you that matters is...down there."

She pressed her more than ample bosom against him and put her long slender
arms around his neck before leaning in for a long and passionate kiss.

"Take me down there Bruce. Down to where your heart beats."

* * *

"Where *are* they going?" And here I thought we'd be treated to a show before
swooping in for the kill.

The voice that said this sounded like broken glass would feel if you walked
across it barefoot. It came from a mouth set into a permanant and hideous
grin framed by blood red lips and set in a face white as parchment.

* * *

As they left the bedroom Diana brought with her a voluminous purse. From it
she took a length of golden rope which she offered to her paramour.

"Are you really sure?"

"Methinks you protest too much Bruce. Admit it, part of you is turned on by
the power this will give you over me."

"It's just that there *are* positions we could use..."

The Amazon princess blushed and admitted what he had suspected all along.

"Sometimes...sometimes I *want* to be the weak one. Being strong all the time

"I know."

"And what about you, Bruce?"

"I can't *ever* afford to be weak."

She smiled. "I'll be weak for you then"

By then they had reached the grandfather clock that concealed the stairway
to the Batcave. As it opened Diana slipped ahead of Bruce, dancing down the
stone steps. He followed more slowly.

Halfway down he found her dress draped on the steps where she'd discarded it.
A little further was her bustierre. By the time he reached the bottom, he too
had stripped to the waist.

"You mean there really *are* Bat Poles!?!" exclaimed Diana who immediatly ran
to one and swung herself around it, her huge breasts swaying enticingly as
she did so.

"They're only there for emergency purposes. I almost never use them."

"Mind if I do?" the Amazon asked teasingly as she pressedherself against the
stainless steel rod, pushing it between her breasts and sliding her cleavage
up and down it as her light brown nipples grew erect and hard.

"As she spun around the pole and waver her ass sensuously ar him Bruce
studied her as his groin grew rock hard. She was indeed an Amazon in every
sense of the word, only an inch shorter than his own six-foot-two. In no way
fat she was in every sense large from her cloud of midnight black hair to her
Double D breasts down to an ass that made J Lo's look flat. His eyes paused
at the soft contours of a stomach that concealed a six-pack equal to his own
and rested finally on the thick dark triangle of hair she was currently
rubbling against the Bat Pole.

Her exibition over she strode majestically toward him and, placing her hands
against his chest, backed him up slowly until his back came to rest against
the hood of the Batmobile. She knelt before him and soon had his cock out of
his pants and in her mouth. Her lips closed around his cockhead with her
tongue tracing a circle just behind it while she sucked rythmically and, at
first, gently. A rhythm that grew stronger as her hand pumped up and down his
eight inch length. Her tongue circled higher and higher around his bulb until
it tickled his pisshole.

"If your not not careful," he gasped, "I'm going to..."

"Cum?" she asked. "Good. I want your cum in both my holes Bruce. Cum in my
mouth!" At this he flooded her with gobs of sperm. Even she couldn't swallow
it all fast enough and some leaked out onto her chin which she slowly wiped
off with a finger. She then sucked the white goo off slowly while he watched,

Diana stood and offered her crossed wrists to him. Batman, because he was
*always* Batman down here, never Bruce, wrapped her lasso around them,
knotting them as only he could.

"Tighter." she pleaded. He spun her around and pushed her down against the
Batmobile's hood.

"What do you want from me," he growled.

"Make me your bitch!" was the reply.

In response he pushed his mouth down on hers and as the kiss ended, bit down
on her lower lip, marking her.

"Yesss! That's right, that's what I waaant!"

He then turned turned to the rounded full contours of her tits alternating
gentle carresses and vicious pinches producing ecstatic moans and whimpers.
He took one cocoa colored nipple between his teeth and pulled at it as his
fingers explored her sopping wet cunt.

"Ohhhh, fuck yes! Fuck me hard Bruce, fuck me raw!" she yelled and, wrists
still bound looped them over his head to pull him to her.

He pushed brutally into her and then stopped, shocked. "You're a..."

"What did you expect? I come from an island of women. Now shut up and finish
the job!" This he proceeded to do. Soon her arms and legs were wrapped tight
around him, though not with the bone-crushing pressure they would normally

"Oh..FUCK!...YESSS!!! Rip me Bruce! That's it! Make me your bitch, your slut,
your whore! Cum in me, CUMMMMM!"

* * *

The Joker had grown impatient waiting for Wayne and his Amazonian slut to
return and was about to order his lackeys into a frontal assault when they

"Now *that's* interesting," he drawled. Both had returned to the bedroom
stark naked and Diana was being led to the bed and on all fours with the
lasso around her neck as a leash. "Who would have thought. I guess the rich
really *are* different. They're kinkier. Okay boys, wheel it out. Time for
me to saddle up!"

* * *

"Now what?" Diana asked as she crawled onto the King-sized bed.

"Depends on how tired you are," her lover said with a slight smile.

"Oh, I could go all night," she purred in reply and, switching roles for a
moment, used her rope to pull him towards the bed for a long passionate
kiss to prove it. He took off the lasso, directed her to kneel facing the
headboard and tied her to the posts.

"You know, when you told me to fill both your holes, you forgot the third
one." he whispered in her ear as he pressed himself against her back. His
hands reached from behind to stroke her breasts even as his cock pressed
against her butthole.

He reached down into her slit and soaked his fingers in the mixture of cum
and juice still there. He then took a well lubricated finger and pushed it
into Diana's bunghole.

"No, noooooyessss!" she moaned.

A second finger followed, widening her enough to take his massive cock into
her asshole which was as virgin as her pussy had been and was even tighter.

As he rocked back and forth, in and out of her ass his hands stroked and
clutched at her tits, stomach and thighs, pain and pleasure bleanding in her
until one was undistinguishable from the other.

* * *

"Okay boys, light me up!"

* * *

Just as Bruce was about to come yet again the bedroom window shattered
inward. Through it come the Joker riding a one-man rocket deliberately
configured like a penis with a caricature of his face on the bulb. Before
either of the lovers could react, gas grenades flew.

The last thing Diana saw was Bruce making a futile lunge towards the grinning

* * *

When he came to it was as the Batman. Alfred was standing over him looking
concerned. The rocket remained lodged in what was left of the window. On the
wall over the bed was scrawled:


"He has her. And he knows who she is.

* * *

When she recovered conciousness, Diana realized she was still tied up, but
diferently. She was stretched over a massive barrel, her arms and legs
spreadeagled. A loop of her lariat was twisted around her throat almost, but
not quite cutting off her breath. In front of her was the Joker. A sideglance
showed that she was in one of the warehouses that Gotham criminals seemed
alost obssessively to use as their hideouts. She also saw a table of surgical

"You know Diana, mind if I call you Diana, you really, and I'm only saying
this because I care, should take more concern with your identity." As he
said this he circled her and picked up a scalpel from the table. She tested
her bonds. He, or whoever had tied her was good but not as good as Bruce,
she knew that given time she could get out and when she did there would be
Tartarus to pay.

"I mean, who *knows* what unsavory sorts might take advantage?" And with that
he stabbed out with the scalpel, spearing the center of her nipple. Blinding
pain shot through her. As blood flowed from the wound his tongue, almost
lizard-like in it's length flicked out and licked it away.

"Mmmm, my favorite flavor."

'I will not scream, I *will* not scream' Diana thought to herself even as the
white faced maniac bit down viciously on her nipple and traced the scalpel
blade down her body in arabesque patterns.

She had to repress both another scream and a laugh when the Joker dropped his
pants. His member was as grotesque in appearance as he was. It was, of course
chalk white but it was also as elongated as he was, nearly a foot long but no
bigger around than her thumb.

"Now *that's* a needle dick." she sneered, the defiant words coming out in a
rasp due to the rope around her neck. The Joker lunged at her snarling. In
reply she snapped her teeth at him. The rope strangled her but she also
noticed a slight give, something she filed away for later.

"Watch your mouth Missy! You're going to be with me a loong time." With that
he pushed his bizaare cock into her. She ignored the pain, trying to retreat
into a place where the pale monster couldn't touch her. Meanwhile she worked
one of her wrists around in it's bond, trying to loosen it.

While he was thrusting into her he sneered, "Well, this isn't much fun for
either of us is it? Barbara Gordon was *much* more satisfying."

That got to her. "You mean you..."

"Uh huh"

"Before you..."

"Crippled her? Oh, no hon, what fun would that be? *After*! The way she
twisted and spasmed...ahhh, good times."

It was at that point that Diana realized why Batman considered the Joker
so dangerous. True he lacked super powers, his devices while clever were
decidely inferior to say Luthor's or Grodd's and he didn't have the backing
of a multi-billion corporation or nation. But the Joker lacked restraints
that even the most dangerous foes she had faced had. He *just* *did* *not*
*GIVE* *A* *FUCK*!!

Finally he withdrew, having come in her. Exhausted both mentally and
physically she sank into unconciousness.

Only to be awakened by a pair of small hands roaming over her body. She came
to with a start only to realize that it wasn't the Joker but his henchwoman,
Harley Quinn. Normally she wouldn't have minded this at all, especially as
the diminutive blonde henchwoman was cleaning her up with a sponge and warm
water. After all, on Paradise Island lesbian sex was a matter of course and
Harley was anything but unattractive. But, she reminded herself, she was also
The Enemy. She reviewed in her mind what little Bruce had told her about
Harley. She was as crazy as her boss but not as vicious, when she wasn't in
his immediate presence. That was a plus. The minus though was that she was
slavishly devoted to him so no chance of getting her help escaping. Still it
wouldn't hurt to try. Maybe she'd let her guard down.

"Your boss send you?"

That he hadn't was evident in the frightened look that crossed painted face.
"Shhhhh! If Mr. J finds out I'm here..."

"Then why are you here."

"Just thought I'd take a look that's all." A note of jealousy crept into her
voice, "see what Mr. J sees in you."

"Why *did* he kidnap me?" She winced as she said this because Harley had
started cleaning her nipple wound. She clamped down on both the pain and
the pleasure that came as the small blond put down the bucket of water
she'd brought and cleansed the wound with her tongue.

"Well, you see, the way he explained it...was that since your immortal...he
could play with you...for as long as he wanted," she switched from one nipple
to the other. "Kind of an 'S&M Everlasting Gobstopper'...he said."

"Won't work. Just because I don't age doesn't mean I can't be killed."

"Oh, oh well" By now Harley was on her knees and her tonguework was causing
conflicting waves of pleasure, anger at her helplessness and guilt for
enjoying this particular part of her exploitation. A small groan escaped her
despite herself. Harley smiled up at her.

"See, it's not so bad. Maybe we can do this more often."

With that Diana realized that though she might not be as evil as the Joker
she was still nuts and that no hope could be found from that quarter.
However she had managed to work one of the bonds holding her legs loose.
These were normal rope, not her magical lasso and didn't grip as tight. She
also realized that she did have a way of showing defiance and used it.

She let loose of her bladder and the shower of urine she'd been holding back
poured onto the blond henchwench's face. Harley reared up, stinking and

"You bitch! I was only trying to help and *this* is the thanks I get?" She
dashed over to the surgical table and picked up the scalpel the Joker had
used on his captive earlier. She didn't notice that her boss had come in
the room behind her. As she slashed at Diana's throat her wrist was grabbed
and twisted from behind.

"*What* have I told you about playing with MY TOYS!!!" he screamed as he
threw her against the wall. He then turned leeringly to his captive who,
during the distraction had almost managed to work her ankle free.

Now where were we before I so rudely interrupted? Ah yes..." He picked up the
dreaded scalpel and pressed himself against her. He then inserted it into her
vagina slowly twisting it from side to side to produce shallow but agonizing
cuts in the vaginal wall.

"What's the matter hun?" he asked with mock concern. He slid the blade upward
with the intent of performing a clitorectomy.

Just then three things happened in rapid succesion. The door burst open and
Batman rushed through, his face a mask of rage. Joker shifted position to
face him. Diana got her foot free and used it to kick her persecutor in the
ass. He whirled instinctively to face this unexpected attack which was why
she had just wanted his attention. She might not have her powers but she
still had the musculature built up by a lifetime of combat. Her foot lashed
out connecting solidly with his balls and then, as he sank down, his solar
plexus. A final heel to his chin knocked him down and out. Batman rapidly
moved to untie her.

Her returning power blazed through her like fire, purging the pain and
fatigue away. Blood still leaking from her vagina she strode over to the
semiconcious Joker and picked him up with one hand while her fist cocked
back for a blow that would literally knock his head off. She stopped.
Batman, instead of trying to stop her from killing her tormentor was
simply watching her, arms crossed.

"You're not trying to stop me?"

"You *are* a lot stronger than me. Besides, if you can't stop your self, he's
all ready won, so why bother?"


"The Joker doesn't really care all that much about his own life. His real
objective is to bring us into his world. To get us to stop caring about right
and wrong. For human life, even one as horrible as his, to stop mattering. It
took Jim Gordon to teach me that."

Reluctantly she let the Joker drop then took her rope and bound him.

* * *

On the way back to Wayne Manor, wrapped in Batman's cape, Diana reached a

"You were right."


"I can't allow myself to be weak either. Ever again. *Ever*"

"So, you mean?"

"I'm sorry."

"I understand."

"I knew you would." 'And that's what truly hurts,' was her thought. 'That you
can let me go so easily.'


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