Justice League: Caly and Kisses (MF,FF,mc,ncon)
by Hamster

Gotham City...

The Huntress and the Black Canary stood atop a building with the wind blowing
through their hair. The women looked across the street at the building that
had drawn their attention. The First Bank of Gotham was being robbed;
apparently it was being robbed by Metahumans at that.

"Who do you think is in there?" Asked Huntress.

"Two women...Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy probably." Black Canary said.

"Not the most original team up." Said Huntress.

"Gotta love the classics." Replied Canary. "If it's not them then you owe me
a latte."

"Deal." Replied the Huntress.

The two women swung down from the roof top and crashed into the bank through
its window. They were both immediately confronted by the sight of Poison Ivy
and Harley Quinn. A massive vine was growing through the floor in the center
of the room; several smaller vines branched off from it and were wrapped
around bank guards, employees and customers.

"Look at the birdie!" Cried Harley in her Buggs Bunny-ish accent as she swung
a giant Mallet at Canary. Canary dodged and kicked Harley in the head.

Meanwhile, Huntress was having her own problems. A large vine stretched out
and reached for her. Then another. And as she was deftly avoiding the vines
Huntress and Ivy fired crossbow bolts at each other.

"If it isn't a poor man's Batgirl." Ivy said mockingly as a vine deflected a
bolt for her.

Harley wasn't doing as well as Ivy. She was actually getting her ass kicked
pretty badly. Canary had tossed Harley into the wall and was about to use her
Canary cry on the massive vine in the center of the bank when suddenly one of
the cowering costumers stood and then punched her. Canary was thrown across
the room and landed in a tangle of vines that quickly restrained her. A vine
wrapped around her mouth to gaga her. The Huntress turned and saw the
customer swell and grow; he turned gray and his face melted. It was

His arm stretched out and his clay-fist wrapped around the Huntress who
struggled vainly against him.

"Surprise." Said Ivy.

"Took your time." Complained Harley.

"I like a good catfight, didn't want to interrupt." Clayface said.

"Pig." Said Harley.

Ivy slinked her way up to the Huntress.

"Let go of ME!" Huntress cried.

"No problem, but first how about a little kiss." Ivy grabbed the side of
Huntress's face and kissed her heard.

Later at the Iceberg...

The Iceberg was a front for the Penguin's criminal empire. He was the head of
an extensive money laundering, prostitution and drug syndicate. The Penguin
also provided special services. For example he had learned that the Batman
was away on league business, he had then passed this information on to Ivy
and Harley as well as matching them up with Clayface. Now he had the right to
launder the stolen money and to fence the jewels and other values that were
in the safe deposit boxes. Now however the idiots had brought him some
serious trouble in addition to the cash and jewels.

"Are you three brain-dead?" The Penguin demanded.

"Better watch it Penguin..." Clayface started.

"No you better watch it Clayface, you know I got a special canister, a
gift from Freeze, I spray you with it and you turn into the world's ugliest
Jell-O-pudding pop. As for you two filthy skanks, get those two hero-bitches
out of here and make damn sure that you don't let them get away." Penguin

Ivy put her hand on the Penguin's shoulder.

"Oswald relax, they're both completely under my control. You know I was
thinking, maybe we could work out an alternative payment than your usual
33%." Ivy said.

"What? What are you talking about woman?" Penguin demanded.

"Canary dear why don't you give the bird a hummer." Ivy said.

To Penguin's surprise Canary knelt in front of the penguin and then unzipped
his pants, she reached into his trousers and pulled his cock out. Canary
licked around the head then kissed it.

"OK Canary you can stop." Ivy said.

"What???" Demanded the Penguin.

"I want to re-finance. How about instead of 33% you only take 10% and I let
you play with the yellow birdie." Offered Ivy.

Penguin snarled. "OK fine, it's a deal."

"Do whatever he wants Canary." Said Ivy.

"Yes Poison Ivy." Black Canary said trance-like.

"Hey Ivy, mind if I have a go at this chick?" Clayface asked as he pointed at
the Huntress.

"No go ahead and screw her brains out. I'll amuse myself with Harley." Ivy

"Kinda presumptuous red." Harley said with her hands on her hips.

Ivy laughed. "Quit acting like you don't want it."

Penguin chuckled as he grabbed the zipper on the front of Canary's costume
and pulled down. Black Canary facilitated by pulling the costume open and
revealing her rather large tits. Penguin grabbed them between his
chubby-three-fingered hands and kneaded them. Canary lifted her foot and
placed it on the chair next to Penguin's leg. While he enjoyed her tits,
she unzipped her boots so that she could remove them.

The Penguin looked around and could see that the other women were also
getting into various stages of undress. Ivy, who the least to remove, was
already naked. Harley was nude except for her bra and her hood. She was on
her knees eating out the red-haired Ivy while fingering herself frantically.

The Huntress was just now removing the last of her own cloths. Clayface had
her get in the doggy-style position and went around behind her. He positioned
his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He pushed his way in and once inside
he made his cock long and thick using his powers. He rammed it in and out of
Huntress who howled with pleasure; with each stroke he varied the size and
texture of his penis.

Canary had then fully undressed and she straddled the Penguins lap so that
she could ride him cowgirl style.

Meanwhile, in Metropolis...

On top of the roof on one of the city's taller buildings, in a city that had
ridiculously tall buildings, two powerful teenaged girls were sitting on a
ledge. Despite the fact that they were at a height were the pedestrians below
looked like ants, neither girl was worried.

"...So you are telling me that you used to be with Batgirl?" Stargirl asked.

"Yep. But that's over." Said Supergirl as she looked out over the city.

"Wow I didn't even know you were into girls." Stargirl said.

"I'm into both, but girls...are nicer." Supergirl said.

"Yeah I know what you mean." Said Stargirl.

Supergirl turned and looked at her in surprise. "You do?"

"Well yeah." Said Stargirl.

"Who do you like on the watch tower?" Supergirl asked.

" be honest. You." Stargirl said shyly.

Supergirl blinked.

"Really?" She asked.

"Of course. You are like the hottest girl in the watchtower." Stargirl said.

Supergirl blushed. "Whoa, I always thought that you were pretty hot."



Stargirl leaned forward and kissed Supergirl. The two parted lips and
let there tongues tango. Stargirl put her hands on Supergirl's thigh and
rubbed the smooth Kryptonian skin. As they kissed Stargirl's hand slid up
Supergirl's thigh and began to rub the blonde's pussy through her red
panties. Supergirl moaned. She grabbed Stargirl's boobs she squeezed then
gently. Stargirl's hand was under Supergirl's panties. She pushed her
fingers in and out of the other blonde's pussy. Supergirl Then reached
into Stargirl's shorts and began to piston her finger in and out of her at
Super speed. This went on, with both girls in the grip of intense pleasure,
Until suddenly they were interrupted by the voice of Mr. Terrific.

"Stargirl, Supergirl. Black Canary and the Huntress haven't checked in.
Can you get to Gotham and see if they are OK?" asked Mr. Terrific over the
League's com.

"You have perfect timing, Mr. Terrific." Stargirl said sarcastically.

"We're on it." Said Supergirl. She turned to Stargirl. "We'll pick this up

The two girls streaked off into the sky and began to make their flight to
Gotham City.


Clayface had a fistful of Huntress's hair and was yanking back on it hard
with every thrust of his cock. Canary was thrusting up and down on the
Penguin's penis and her tits were bouncing in front of his greedy face.
Meanwhile Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy were in the ‘69' position, they
were massaging each other's asses as their tongue's explored their love
channels. All of this was interrupted when the was burst apart and Supergirl
flew in followed by Stargirl.

Clayface was the first priority and Supergirl didn't even slow down as she
slammed into Clayface and smashed him through the opposite wall. She kept
flying with him and then dove into the river slamming him into the riverbed.
It was Poison Ivy who was the next biggest threat and Stargirl took care of
her with a blast from her staff. With Poison Ivy unconscious Huntress and
Canary awoke from their hypnotized state.

"Unnn what happened. HEY!" Canary jumped away from the Penguin then kicked
him in the head.

Harley Quinn looked around and raised her hands.

"I was under Ivy's control I swear." Harley said.

The Huntress pulled her fist back and punched her in the mouth.
_ _ _

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