Disclaimer: If you are offended by or legally unable to read about sex, erotic hypnosis, bestiality and/or fan fiction involving fictional characters, please do not read this. I don't own any of the characters, and I am not trying to make any money. This story is intended as an epilogue to Disney's The Jungle Book. I have only seen the original and read the Wikipedia page about it (that constitutes research, right?). I have found out (from aforementioned research) that there is actually a sequel movie to The Jungle Book, which I obviously have not seen. If this story conflicts with that movie's continuity, I apologize and suggest you pretend not to have seen it. Further research might indicate I know even less about the biology of the involved fauna. I acknowledge inaccuracies but maintain they are for the sake of a simpler, and hopefully more enjoyable plot.

Jungle Book: Kaa's Revenge (F-zoo,MF-zoo,oral,snake,tiger,mc)
by MCaesar

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Kaa the python made his way among the lower canopy of his hot, tropical home. He was distracted, as he often was, by finding something to sate his growling stomach. So distracted that he almost didn't hear the sound of footsteps in the underbrush of the jungle floor, or the melodic humming of a feminine voice. He immediately noticed the human girl when she stepped out onto the riverbank, gathering water in her earthen jug.

Somehow, Kaa thought that this girl looked familiar. She was obviously from the local man-village, who often came to the river for its clear water and abundant fish. Kaa had not partaken in human for a long time. As delicious as human meat was, the jungle animal that ate one would usually be hunted down and killed by other angry humans. Even though he was famished, Kaa doubted he could get away from a mob of humans with the tell-tale bulge in his coils. He had just resolved to continue his hunt elsewhere when he finally recognized her.

She was the female that Mowgli, the man-cub, his nemesis, was spending all his time with. Ever since Mowgli met her, seeking refuge from Shere Khan's last rampage in these parts, it was jungle gossip that the two had been close. The thought of Mowgli thwarting Kaa's repeated attempts to eat him made Kaa reconsider his resolution to not eat her in his stead. But her closeness to the man-cub gave him a better idea, and he silently drew nearer to the river's edge.

Shanti pushed a stopper into the now full jug of water. She turned back toward the village and began her short hike back. She sighed wistfully, thinking about the wonderful wild boy who had joined their village. Since Mowgli had arrived, a few years ago, she had grown very fond of him indeed. The elders had assumed that he was seeking shelter, for there was evidence at the time of the man-eater Shere Khan prowling the jungle. At first communication had been difficult, consisting of grunts and pointing. But he quickly learned to speak, and had proven his desire to help his adopted home. He was strong, agile, clever and very charismatic. And though he desired to learn from and help everyone in the community, Shanti could tell he paid special attention to her. Some of the elders joked that Shanti had, in fact, "lured" Mowgli to the village for the first time, while retrieving water, like she was doing now. It was a charge she didn't deny.

Both of them had grown a lot since then. Mowgli was becoming a strapping young man, toned and handsome. He could run fastest, jump highest and was the best hunter in the village. While he was in the village he would wear modest, if loose, clothing, but could take off into the jungle in his signature red briefs at a moment's notice. And as all the young village women could see, those briefs had been putting in overtime lately. She herself had developed into a fine young woman, a prize all the village men were vying for. She was somewhat tall, more than five and a half feet, and slender. As a girl, she had once accompanied her parents into a nearby town, and had seen the traveling belly dancers there. Shanti knew she was as slender and curvy as any dancer she had seen, with long, smooth legs and round, full breasts that stood out proudly from her chest. Her silky black hair, done in a braid, hung to the middle of her back. Her complexion was smooth and a dark shade of brown, perfectly framing her deep almond eyes and red bindi on her forehead. Her colorful garments did little to hide her from the attention of the local boys, and older women often told her how blessed the village was to have such a beautifully blooming flower among them. Shanti never let it go to her head though, because just as Mowgli had taken an interest in her, she had taken one in him. Both remained very friendly, but grew shy around one another as a result of their infatuation; Shanti because her upbringing of submission to men, and Mowgli because of his lack of experience in dealing with girls, whom he had never even seen before he met Shanti. She sighed sadly at the thought, for she was already betrothed to a man in another village. A man she'd never met and knew little about, but that mattered little to anyone. It was tradition, and it meant that they both knew they could never be together.

These thoughts had distracted Shanti enough to give Kaa his opening. He slowly lowered his head down from the lowest branch, right into the path. The girl, still daydreaming, turned from admiring the surrounding jungle to see a vine hanging in her way. Just as she motioned to move it aside, it twisted around, and stared her in the eyes. Realizing that it was a snake, and a large one at that, Shanti's eyes grew wide and she was about to scream. The scream died in her lungs, however, because the snake's eyes began to swirl and change colors. She sighed and slumped her shoulders, but her eyes remained wide, swirling with colors all their own, mimicking her ambusher's. The colors grew and spiraled, and seemed to fill her entire vision. She felt so relaxed and warm staring into the swirling colors, as if she were slipping into two deep, comforting pools. Kaa had her right where he wanted her.

Chapter 2: Best Laid Plans...

Kaa led Shanti away from the path, deeper and deeper into both the jungle and his eyes. Never breaking contact, he made his way slowly and somewhat clumsily toward a remote and seldom-traveled section of the jungle. Here, resting in his lair, Kaa soaked in the stifling jungle humidity and took in the sight of his dreamy-eyed captive. She breathed slowly and evenly, causing her chest rise and fall in a way that was itself hypnotic. Kaa deepened her trance until he was sure she was ready for what he planned. In the heat, Shanti was beginning to sweat, but her nipples had become hard, and stuck out against the dampening fabric. This was a clear sign, both that Shanti was excited by the feeling of her own helplessness and that she was ready for the next phase of Kaa's plan.

"Now that we are alone, perhapsss we can get to know each other better, don't you think?" Seconds passed. Shanti didn't show any signs of response, only continuing to stare into the colors. "Hmm. You can't really underssstand me, can you?" Still, there was no obvious response. "This could be ssslightly more complicated than I had anticccipated."

On her end, all Shanti could hear was the noise of the jungle, but a soft hissing started to become louder and clearer. It slid across her mind like a fine silk, and she grew even more relaxed, even as the swirling colors and seductive hiss enflamed her senses. Goosebumps appeared on her skin, and her breathing became slightly quicker, less regular. Her desire, her need was growing; what she desired, needed, Shanti couldn't quite put her finger on, but she was very interested in finding out. Perhaps, thought Kaa, this might work after all.

"It would ssseem that all you need isss a bit of guidanccce. Then pleassse, allow me to guide you, my dear... out of your clothesss." Kaa slid his tail around her sari and gently slid it off of her shoulder. Shanti's only reaction was a slight widening of her dreamy smile and a flush of her cheeks, on some level aware of someone undressing her. "Even if you don't know what I'm sssaying, I'm sssure you are getting the idea. Jussst let yourssself go, let yourssself feel ssso good, ssso sssexy."

The hiss swelled in the young woman's mind, drowning out any thoughts besides her burning need. Shanti could almost tell what she wanted, what she needed. The colors and the hiss were just about to tell her. All she needed to do was watch and listen and they would tell her. Something smooth and scaly wrapped around her wrist and moved it to her chest. What did it want her to do? It had already taken off her sari. Suddenly, it dawned on her.

Kaa was pleased when Shanti began to slowly unbutton her blouse, letting it fall to the jungle floor. Her chest was already covered in a fine sheen of sweat by the time the garment hit the ground. The ankle-length skirt was soon also pooled at the feet of the enthralled young woman. Her breathing grew even faster, and her skin even more flushed (impressive for someone with such a dark skin tone).

Now Kaa began to feel the heat, and not just the literal body heat of his warm-blooded prey. It had been a long time indeed that a female python of sufficient size had passed though his part of the jungle. He slid several feet of his thick body against her, at first just enjoying the warmth, but then reveling in the sensation of his scales on her skin. He hissed involuntarily, his flickering tongue tasting the mammalian musk in the air. At the moment, Kaa was unable to tell exactly who was seducing whom, and he nearly broke his hypnotic gaze in his stupor. He was jolted from it, however, when Shanti gasped from similar stimuli.

Even with her senses in disarray, Shanti still recognized the feelings she now felt. The pretty colors had shut down the more logical parts of her mind, and the hiss had awakened more primal ones. Shameful urges she usually only felt around Mowgli were hitting her much harder now, and with instinctive clarity. It was as though when her subconscious had been unlocked, it had kindled and stoked an animalistic heat. She now knew what she badly needed. She needed to mate. No, she paused and thought; mating was for reproduction. Her body craved release. She needed to fuck.

By now, Kaa had admitted to himself that he would need to satiate both of their lusts in order for him to concentrate on his diabolical plot, and for her to be more manageable in it. He brought his head to her right breast, flicking the nipple with his forked tongue. When Shanti threw back her head and moaned her approval, Kaa opened his mouth and almost took in the whole globe. He was careful not to dig into her flesh with his rows of razor-sharp teeth, as he used a prey-swallowing technique to suck the tit. His coils reached down and cupped her other breast. Under the sensual teasing, Shanti's knees buckled, and she lost her balance, stumbling backward against a soft moss-covered log. Kaa was briefly alarmed that the jolt might break her free from his spell, but it became clear that, in her trance, she wanted this at least as much as he did.

Staring into her eyes for a few more seconds, just to make sure, Kaa began the erotic assault in earnest. He pushed apart her legs, and slid his body between her lightly-furred folds. Shanti could hardly stand the several yards of smooth, scaly reptile that she straddled, passing at an agonizingly slow speed across her wetness. She even began to buck against him, desperate for anything to fill her.

"Are you ready, little one?" Kaa asked, already knowing the answer.

Shanti heard the hiss again, and though she didn't understand it, she was hopeful her mesmerizing lover was finally ready.

"Uhh, uhh, yes. Ohh yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me now!"

"I'll take that asss a yesss," Kaa said smugly.

Reattaching his head firmly to her breast, he began to coil around her body, slowly at first, but with increasing urgency. Beginning with her arms, then wrapping down to her legs and back up, the snake brought more and more of his impressive length to bear on the enthralled Shanti. When he had wrapped his entire serpentine body around her, she appeared as though inside a reptilian cocoon. Only the woman's head was exposed, as Kaa had no intention of strangling this particular catch.

The sensation was more than the girl could describe, the cool, smooth scales rubbing across her sexually charged skin, or sliding, where the scales were covered in her juices. She came, and hard. Shanti might have been surprised if she weren't hypnotized, at the strength of the orgasm, and she definitely would have been surprised to find that it hadn't slaked her lust at all. Neither of these occurred to her though, because if anything, cumming had fanned her flames into a sexual inferno. And wrapped as she was, she had no way of quenching it without her scaly lover.

Luckily Kaa was on the same page. He may not have been lost in such frenzy, but he was becoming so horny it was hard to think; ironic, as this is what he had hoped for his captive. The snake's coils squirmed and shifted, driving Shanti wild, until he was in position. A slit on his midsection, positioned above her soaked snatch, spread wide as the python's seven inch cock expanded. It plunged deep into her damp depths, to their mutual pleasure. Shanti came immediately after entry. However, like before, she was still mostly unsatisfied.

There they lay on the jungle floor. There was no pumping involved, but there was a twisting motion. That, combined with a continuous rhythm of squeezing and relaxing, proved more than adequate. It continued for what seemed like hours, and Shanti reached many more orgasms, each more powerful than the last. Half of Kaa's immense body was slick with the woman's nectar and his mouth had never left her breast. At some point, the tip of Kaa's tail had found its way into Shanti's mouth, and when it had, she hungrily took it and began sucking on it, sometimes swallowing it between gasps of air. Kaa decided he liked the feeling.

That air had been growing more charged and now the tempo had changed. At this point, the ancient python was no longer concerned with anything but his own release. He gave one final mighty squeeze as he buried himself as deep as he would go. Fortunately, he was just aware enough to prevent himself from crushing the poor girl who was also cumming. His pulsating snake-shaft spasmed and he let flow a torrent of cum. To grow to his size a python needed many decades, and he had bred a scant few times in that span. His seed filled his partner until she overflowed, and still he came. Shanti's own orgasm, the largest in the series since the beginning of her constriction, caused her to scream in pleasure. The cry was muffled from the wider jungle by the tail in her mouth. Only when the snake jizz had seeped all the way out from between his tight coils did he slow.

It was too much for Kaa. He couldn't handle the sudden loss of fluids, combined with the mind-blowing stimulus, and he passed out. The love-grip on his thrall loosened enough for her to slip out, and his limp head released her tit, flopping on the ground.

When the woman came down from the ecstatic high, she was somewhat puzzled and a bit frustrated. She remained in the trance, and consequently, was still quite horny, but her hypnotized mind now had a feral, focused clarity. Despite the intensity of her bout with Kaa, she still needed to fuck. Perhaps not with the same urgency but she sensed that it was only a matter of time before her lust would consume her again. Looking at the substantial pile of limp coils that had been her lover, she determined that she needed to search elsewhere for someone to satiate her. Her mind made up, she made her way naked into the jungle.

Chapter 3: Old Enemies

Shere Kahn was on the prowl again. He was back after all these years, and he was finally ready for his revenge. The man-cub would pay for humiliating him, and as soon as Shere Kahn had finished gnawing on his bones, the rest of the man village would feel his wrath.

The massive Bengal tiger made his way stealthily through the undergrowth. Discretion was essential to his plan; the jungle denizens were notorious for the speed their rumors travelled at, and even the rumor of Kahn's return would forfeit the element of surprise. He stopped at the river leading away from the village to drink. The winds shifted and he stopped lapping at the water to sniff the breeze. There was something there, something familiar. Relegating his revenge to the back-burner for now, the big cat decided to investigate the scent and followed it deeper into the jungle.

Before long, he could hear something moving in the brush. By human standards, it would have been nearly undetectable, but to the ears of a true predator, it sounded somewhat clumsy. This was not the movement of a jungle creature, Kahn was sure, but it was more careful and quiet than any man. Even the man-cub was more capable than this traveler, thought Shere Kahn. However, it was widely known that he had been spending most of his time among his own bungling kind. Perhaps, thought Kahn the man-cub had lost his touch, and had now unwittingly stumbled across the path of his nemesis. This might almost be too good to be true.

Silently approaching his quarry, Kahn sniffed again. The scent was growing quite overpowering now. It was definitely a human, but there were other, unsettling smells. "That smells a bit like the snake, Kaa," Kahn mused. Another stirred a memory of an early kill in his man-eating career, of two humans mating in a hut before he leapt into the window and killed them both. "Whoever it is, it's not the man-cub," he concluded to himself, "Oh well." The scent was the musk of sex and for reasons he couldn't fathom and didn't care about, it was maddeningly thick in the wake of this traveler.

Shere Kahn was now in sight of his prey. It was a young female who moved with a predatory grace all her own. In a way, he admired the way she stalked and prowled, even if he didn't know what she prowled for. He was almost regretted having to kill her in his eternal vendetta against mankind. The tiger positioned himself to pounce, but something snapped a twig nearby. Shanti spun around and looked directly at Shere Kahn. The top hunter was unprepared for this, and he froze. Perhaps she had detected him, wondered Kahn, because she seemed to know exactly where he was. He decided it didn't matter, and with a deafening roar he pounced.

Kahn landed on the Shanti with a thud and they both rolled into the brush. He had her pinned and snarled his victory in her face, preparing to deliver the killing bite. For the second time, the consummate killer was caught off guard. This human simply stared, smiling, into his eyes. It showed no fear, not even discomfort, only an unnerving interest. Kahn stared deeper into those eyes and he realized what she was interested in. It was lust, and it burned and flickered in her eyes. Little did they both realize that the flickering was residue of Kaa's spell still swirling in Shanti's eyes, newly refueled by the prospect of more fucking. It calmed the beast, and the longer he hesitated, the further eating Shanti was from his mind, and the more he gorged his nostrils on her musk.

"Perhaps I can find a use for you something other than filling my belly." Finally Shere Kahn's own pent-up desires, the smell of Shanti's arousal and the faintly swirling colors got the better of his feud. Shanti just smiled up at him and stroked his furry chest.

"My you're a feisty little one aren't you, my dear?"

The subdued woman only writhed and snarled in desperation beneath his paws.

By now the tiger's cock was growing to match his arousal. Shanti gave him a mischievous smirk and slid down on her back to his rod. She sat up and took it in her mouth, inch by inch. It had now reached its full eight inch length, and was almost painfully hard. Shanti was able to suck a full half of that between her lips. Kahn dug his sharp claws into the ground, barely maintaining his grip on consciousness, because Shanti began slowly bobbing her head back and forth around his shaft. Revenge had left precious little time for other, less practical needs, and Shere Kahn had hardly even seen any other tigers on his rampages. Much like Kaa, he had taken very few mates, and none for a long time. Once awoken, his own lust needed to be released before he could even form another coherent thought.

Shanti only stopped her rhythmic sucking to occasionally lick the underside of the tiger's cock, usually so agonizingly slowly that he would groan loudly and his cock would twitch uncontrollably. This went on for several minutes, Shanti sucking Kahn to the brink, only to toy with him once there, and wait a moment to pull him away. On some level the woman was taking obvious pleasure at her power over such a beast, knowing that she could make him cum at any moment, just as easily as he could kill her. The eyes of the tiger had long since rolled back into his head.

Desperately wishing to fuck something, anything, but too over-stimulated to deliberately do anything about it, Shere Kahn spread his legs apart, lowered his body onto Shanti, and began grinding into her torso. Shanti took it in stride, shifting slightly so that he thrust right between her generous breasts. Crossing her hands over them, she squeezed her mounds of tit-flesh around the big cat's slippery rod. Every time the cock-head appeared between them, Shanti gave it a quick lick. The new sensation of her slick, soft mounds around him sealed his fate, and after only a few more quick thrusts, he gave one mighty lunge and roared.

The poor girl screamed in ecstasy as rope after rope of thick tiger-cum was thrown across her. With every convulsion, another would land somewhere on her, until it crisscrossed most of her face and tits, even in her hair.

Twenty seconds later, the striped feline took a few steps backward and stood, panting. He stared, awestruck at the human, who just smiled dreamily back at him from beneath a thick layer of his own jizz. Shanti proceeded to lick up his seed and rub it into her skin, paying special attention to her breasts and nipples. Her swirling gaze never left his, and the sight was enough to convince him of another round. She beckoned him back over, and he obliged, with a vague sense of his own helplessness. Once back over the female, he felt her hands and mouth on his cock again. She stroked and sucked, pumped and licked, using every trick she could think of to get him ready for her turn at satisfaction.

Once satisfied that he was hard enough again, Shanti rolled onto her front and knelt on all fours beneath the tiger. She glanced up over her shoulder and into his eyes, still with a smirk. Unable to disobey this temptress any more than his own instincts, Kahn brought his throbbing length to her dripping entrance. Probing the slit, he found that the ample lubrication helped make up for the tight squeeze. Inch by inch, the cock disappeared into Shanti. Around inch eight he could go no further, and even more slowly began pulling back out. He restrained from thrusting at first, acclimating himself to her mind-melting tightness as much as allowing her to do the same. Shanti had other ideas.

"Oh god! Fuck me you big tiger, FUCK ME! I need your cock. That big juicy tiger cock. Uhh, I NEED IT! GIVE IT TO ME TIGER!" The teasing speed that her tiger slid back and forth inside her was driving her to first an orgasm, and then into a frenzy. She pushed up into the cat, plunging him all the way in. Shanti gasped, Kahn grunted, and they both began their rut in earnest.

Completely by instinct, Shere Kahn began humping with abandon. For each thrust, Shanti met it, using her arms to push off against the ground. The first few seconds, Kahn was sure he would blow his load at any moment, but seconds stretched to minutes, and soon minutes seemed like hours. Shanti came again and again, each time stronger than the last, until it seemed each pump created a new peak in one ever-growing climax. For his part, Kahn acknowledged, if only subconsciously, that his previous orgasm had taken off a big edge and only when his mate was done would he find another release. He came closer and closer to cumming with each plunge, but every time that imaginary line would be moved further and further away into bliss. Before long, they were both robotically, mindlessly fucking, neither making more than the occasional grunt or gasp to belie the mind-numbing pleasure they felt. Their pace had fallen into a slower pattern, each movement maximizing the sensations felt by them both.

After what felt like hours, something changed. Shanti let out a long moan and their doggy-style bucking again picked up speed. The moan became louder and higher, the constant ramming reaching a fever pitch. Shere Kahn gave one mighty pelvic push, and let flow his seed into the female's womb.

"YESSS, YESSS, GIVE ME YOUR TIGER CUM!" Shanti shouted as more and more flowed into her. Given the size of the previous load, this one was still surprisingly large, enough to fill her entire pussy and still seep out from around the tightly squeezed member.

Like Kaa before him, the apex predator couldn't handle the stresses of such exertions, and he almost collapsed unceremoniously on Shanti, rolling to the side.

"Perhaps humans are good for something other than eating" he mumbled to himself. Whatever had come over him that kept him from killing this one, he was glad it did. It felt like much of his hate for humans had been released with his orgasms, and the burden of his blood feud felt lighter on his shoulders. He suddenly realized that he could hardly remember what humans had done to start his vendetta, only his now-diminished rage at the man-cub. If this little female could love his kind so freely, maybe he could forgive her kind for whatever it was they did. A stretch perhaps, but Kahn decided he needed a fresh start before drifting off to sleep. At the very least she had bought her own life.

This time Shanti also slipped into a deep sleep, cozily cradled in her furry lover's paws. The concepts in her mind were much simpler. The tiger was a good fuck, she concluded, having finally satiated her lust. Her last thought before sleep took her was of the pleasant colors and swirling rings that slowly faded into blackness.

Chapter 4: In Armor Shining

When Shanti awoke, Kahn was gone. Her head throbbed a little and when her vision cleared, she looked around. She was alone in the jungle, a part she didn't recognize. As the severity of her situation set in, she felt a rising panic. Suppressing the fear, she took stock of herself.

She was naked and sore, her skin was sweaty and crusty and there were odd tastes in her dry mouth. She'd been better. What was worse was her lack of memory of how she got this way. She remembered going to fetch water, turning around with it, and the vine that became a snake. At that point, her memory became a spinning haze of colors. There was a feeling of complete relaxation, interrupted by flashing images of olive and brown colored scales. Accompanying the flashes was a vague sense of perfect bliss, although why exactly she felt it still eluded Shanti. After that, there were other images, now of orange and black stripes, but the same euphoria. For a while, the woman simply knelt in the jungle, eyes closed, basking in the fuzzy memories. Memories that reminded her a little of her feelings for...

"Mowgli!" She snapped out of a light trance from the noise of her own voice. Mowgli must be looking for her, she was sure of it. She had left to fetch water mid-afternoon, and after only a few hours in the jungle, the village was usually worried. The worry was usually well founded; those lost in the jungle were usually found days later, partially digested in the belly of one of the jungle's denizens.

Mowgli was in fact searching for Shanti. Hours after Shanti failed to return home, a search party was hastily sent out towards the river. Mowgli was not among them, as he returned from a hunt near dusk. It was all the villagers could do to convince him to wait until morning to begin again.

By first light, a proper search party was organized. Mowgli became immediately concerned that the group wasn't going fast enough and would not be able to navigate the dense jungle. It was quickly agreed that the search party would take the easier river route, where Shanti was most likely to be found, and he would go deep into the jungle, where he could cover more ground by himself.

He set out with only his jungle attire, some travel rations, and a hunting knife. No stone was left unturned; no secluded corner of the jungle was left uninspected, calling her name all the way. Mid-morning Mowgli passed through a known hideout of Kaa, the python. There was no trace of the snake, but as he quickly scanned the undergrowth, he spotted some familiar colors. There were Shanti's clothes, lying in a pile on the jungle floor. The find filled Mowgli with equal parts hope and dread.

"Why would Shanti take off her clothes? Did Kaa have anything to do with this?" Mowgli wondered aloud. The thought of Shanti being swallowed naked by the giant reptile almost caused the young man to shake with rage. If Kaa was responsible, he would pay. But if Shanti had survived an encounter with the snake, she would probably try to head back to the river. And that is the direction he headed, with a renewed sense of urgency.

The sun was high in the sky and the jungle was growing steamy when Shanti reached the river. Having strayed from the village only a precious few times, the lost woman found that she was at a section she was not entirely familiar with. She did know, however, that she was on the right side and she needed to travel downstream. The water felt good on her bare skin as she rinsed the mysterious grime off herself and out of her hair. Once clean, Shanti began her trek back home. She had hardly gone twenty steps along the water's edge when she heard a yell.

"Shanti! Can you hear me? Where are you, Shanti?"

It had come from further downstream, behind her. It also sounded like Mowgli. She could hardly believe it.

"Mowgli? Over here, Mowgli, I'm over here!"

Moments later, the young man burst through the jungle growth and sprinted toward the young woman. Upon reaching her, the two embraced each other tightly, overcome with joy. After the initial elation had worn off, Mowgli slowly became aware of her skin on his, her warmth, and remembered that Shanti was still naked. He immediately let her go, and sheepishly held out the bundle of clothes he had earlier discovered.

"Uh, I umm... Here are your clothes."

It was then that Shanti also realized her state of undress. She snatched the garments from her rescuer, and both of them whirled around, with their backs to each other. After she had quickly redressed, they both turned back to face each other.

"How did you get out here, anyway?" asked Mowgli.

"Well, I went out to fetch water, and I did. I was on my way back home, and there was something in my way," said Shanti, who was visibly struggling to remember what happened. "I thought it was... a vine, at first. Only it wasn't. It became... a snake! And then... I can't remember anything at all. Nothing until this morning, when I woke up."

Mowgli silently fumed to himself as he listened to her account. Kaa, he raged, that bastard snake. His suspicions confirmed, Mowgli renewed his vow to make Kaa pay. But a few things still didn't sit well with Mowgli. Why would Kaa mesmerize Shanti, lure her into the jungle, and not eat her? And why did he take off her clothes? It would have been more trouble than it was worth for the python to do it himself, but he had to do it himself, since Shanti couldn't understand the language of beasts.

"How did you find me out here, Mowgli?" Shanti's question broke Mowgli from his train of thought.

"When you went missing, the village decided to send a search party out in the morning. I searched the jungle, until I found your clothes and turned toward the river. The others should be searching around here already..."

As if on cue, a small flotilla of canoes and fishing boats rounded the nearest bend downstream. The two managed to wave them down, and after much cheering, the relieved group began rowing home.

Chapter 5: Big Deal

That night the man-village celebrated Shanti's safe return with a modest feast. Her nerve-wracked parents were unable to stop thanking Mowgli or let their daughter out of their sight. The celebration lasted into the night, with food, dancing and no small amount of drink. Even the hero and the damsel let loose a little, partaking where their conservatism might not have earlier permitted.

At length, most of the revelers had gone off to bed, and the celebratory bonfire was slowly crackling away. Before they left, each one told Shanti how happy they were at her rescue and a few joked that she was the best looking excuse to party they could hope for. At the behest of her parents, Shanti turned to head back to her home.


She turned back to see a very welcome face.

"What is it, Mowgli?"

"Um, well, I just wanted to make sure you were all right," he said a bit sheepishly.

"I'm still as fine as when you found me. You worry about me almost as much as my parents sometimes, Mowgli." They both laughed at this and relaxed a little.

Mowgli thought back to the mysterious circumstances of the search. "Have you remembered anything from the time that you were missing yet?"

Shanti furrowed her brow and looked down. "No, nothing at all," she lied. In reality, she couldn't remember anything specific, but she did see flashes, the swirling colors and she felt the strange emotions. There was a profound feeling of contentment, of satisfaction and twinges of arousal. All of which in some way reminded her of Mowgli, and for this reason she withheld. She looked back up at him and smiled weakly. "As soon as I do, I'll tell you."

"Great. Eventually, I'll figure out how you got to where you were, the way you were." They both were thankful that neither could see the other blush in the darkness, both remembering their bare-skinned embrace. For a moment they both just stared into each other's eyes in the flickering firelight until a call drew their attention back to Shanti's home.

"Goodnight, Mowgli," Shanti said as the turned and started back home.

"Goodnight, Shanti." Mowgli stood there while she walked away, admiring her form and pondering her disappearance. Perhaps he should sleep on it, he thought. In the morning things might make more sense. He began walking back to his own home, enjoying the cool night air.

Shanti changed into her plain white nightgown, and pulled her blanket over herself. She stared at the darkness shrouding the ceiling of her room and pondered the events of the past two days. At length, she decided that there was little to be gleaned, and she should go to sleep. She yawned long and wide, but when she opened her eyes again, her consciousness was suddenly swallowed once again by deep, rippling pools of color.

"Sssleep, for now, my pretty. Sssoon we must go. I have big plansss for the both of usss, but for now, sssleep and lisssten..."

Mowgli awoke with a start to a great commotion outside. He ran to the center of the village and finally managed to stop one of the frantic men. "What is going on here? Why is everyone running around like crazed monkeys?"

"Shanti! *pant* She is *pant* gone! Her bed was found empty and she is nowhere in the village."

Mowgli was stunned. He simply didn't know what to do next, and stood there dumbfounded, the villagers organizing around him. When he finally came to his senses, most of the others had already left in another search party. He needed to act. The villagers had probably headed toward the place at the river where she had been found yesterday. Mowgli knew better; he knew where she had been before their reunion at the river. And he'd bet anything that he would find her there again, as well as the one responsible.

The undergrowth zipped by around him, but Mowgli didn't even notice. His mind was hazy with rage. As he approached the area, though, his anger slowly melted into concern for Shanti. He began to worry for her wellbeing, hoping she was alright and imagining all of the horrible things Kaa might have done to her. It turned out most of his conclusions revolved around eating her, but none of them would end up being quite as strange as the reality.

He neared Kaa's territory, climbing up to a low branch and listening for anything unusual. At first there was nothing but a light, hot breeze through the canopy. But as his breathing slowed, Mowgli's ears attuned to the sounds of the jungle, and he started to apply his tracking skills. He entered a state of focus he hadn't needed since leaving the jungle for village life. It was comforting, and even though Shanti was his overriding concern, he was far calmer now. Eventually, with much effort, Mowgli had found a trail. The clues themselves were very faint, denoting an uncanny field craft, but placed in such an obvious pattern that they almost seemed to be intended to lead him. The afternoon was rapidly disappearing, by the time he heard it.

Mowgli almost didn't hear the sound at first, so focused he was on the ground. As he paused to survey the undergrowth again, he thought he could make out a feminine sigh. Mowgli waited quietly for something more, barely breathing. Confirmation came in the form of an equally feminine giggle, sudden and loud enough to startle Mowgli out of his silent attention. He scrambled through the bushes toward the source and came to a small open patch in the jungle. The ground was covered in lush ferns and green mosses, and there was a single, thick tree trunk at the far end, which extended high into the canopy. At the base of its trunk lay a moss-covered log, a wide, old tree, softened by decay. A single beam of light shone brightly from between the branches, landing on the log. And there sat Shanti.

She was sitting, fully clothed this time, cross-legged in the sunlight, her eyes closed and her face turned upward toward the sun. Swaying almost imperceptibly and smiling faintly, she was oblivious to any visible presence, but responding as if to an unseen, whispering voice. For a moment Mowgli couldn't move, so transfixing was the beauty of the scene before him. It was something out of the art of men, so surreal that he briefly forgot his purpose. The moment passed, and Mowgli blinked a few times, his mission reasserting.

"Shanti! Are you alright?" Mowgli yelled as he rushed across the clearing. If she heard him, she didn't give any indication. He reached her and grabbed her hands out of her lap. "How did you get out here? Everyone was so worried." There was no reaction. Shanti was still gently swaying, as if to a tune in her head, with closed eyes and an upward tilted head. "Shanti! It's Mowgli! What's wrong with you?" He clutched Shanti's shoulders, and shook her, trying to wake her from her mysterious sleep.

"Mowgli?" At the mention of his name, Shanti tilted her head back down to face him and broadened her grin. But when her eyes opened, Mowgli's blood chilled. They contained nothing but the tell-tale colored rings of the snake's spell.

"Oh no. Please not that." As quickly as his dread had turned to relief, it had turned back twofold. His fears had been confirmed, but at least Shanti was still alive. He could help her, or at least try to, as long as he got her away from Kaa. "Come on, Shanti, we have to go home now. We have to get out of here," he urged as he tried to pull her to her feet.

"Leaving? Ssso sssoon?" If Mowgli's blood had been chilled before, it froze solid in his veins now. He slowly turned to face the source of the voice. There was Kaa, smiling like a cat, hanging from the branches above. "I think you'll find the girl would rather ssstay. Besssidesss, we have busssinesss to dissscusss."

"I have nothing to discuss with you, snake," Mowgli yelled, "I don't know what you were hoping to accomplish, but Shanti and I are leaving." As he pulled on her arms, however, she refused to budge, instead pulling back at him playfully and laughing. "Stop that, Shanti. Why is she acting so strange? What did you do to her, Kaa?"

"To be honessst, ssshe did look like a tasssty morsssel when I firssst sssaw her. But her beauty isss ssso exquisssite, ssshe could be of other ussse to me. Along thossse linesss, I have a proposssition for you."

"What do you mean?" asked Mowgli, who had never known Kaa to use his hypnotic skills for anything but luring in a meal.

"I have lived long in the jungle alone. Sssometimesss life can be difficult, and other timesss it isss boring. Meeting this lovely young woman hasss made me realizzze, I could ussse sssome companionssship. And ssshe ssseemsss to be quite taken with the idea herssself. At leassst I asssume. My grasssp of human language isss tenuousss."

Mowgli was stunned. "I still don't understand. What does this have to do with Shanti, or me?"

"I'm glad you asssked, man-cub. Or perhapsss I ssshoud drop the 'cub,' now that you've grown. On the sssubject, I'm sssure you yourssself have noticed that our mutual friend isss quite attractive, but asss neither you nor ssshe may know, ssshe isss a naturally sssexual creature."

Mowgli knew that Kaa was right, though he fumed at the way Kaa objectified his closest human friend. All he could do was scowl at the snake and nod slowly.

"Ah, excccellent! I wisssh to keep her. No doubt you want her to return to the man-village with you, or you wouldn't have run here ssso fassst."

Another curt nod.

"My proposssal is thusss: We engage in a contessst, and the winner claimsss the prizzze. Sssimple asss that."

"What sort of contest?" Mowgli felt in the pit of his stomach that he wouldn't like where this conversation was going.

"Well, sssince ssshe isss ssso clearly a being of bassser needsss, ssshe will need a partner who can... keep up, ssso to ssspeak. To put it sssimply, we fuck her, together, and whoever lastsss longer winsss."

By the time Mowgli picked his jaw off the floor, he managed to stammer, "f-fuck her?"

"Oh come now, Mowgli. You can't sssay you don't want to," Kaa said, knowing from Mowgli's shameful downward glance he was right, "and to tell the truth, I couldn't bring her out of her trance if I wanted. I sssussspect ssshe will only awaken after sssex. And if ssshe doesssn't, ssshe'll probably ssstick with whomever can... ssstick it to her bessst anyway."

Turning to Shanti, Mowgli tried desperately to think of an alternative, anything to spare her from this degradation. However, while he didn't trust Kaa, it didn't seem like the snake was lying about their options. Neither was Mowgli an expert on the properties of Kaa's spell. The entranced woman herself made it apparent, with her increasingly smoldering looks and sensuous body language, she would likely agree to the plan. With a resigned sigh, Mowgli faced Kaa.

"I... agree. How do we get started?"

Chapter 6: Friendly Competition

Kaa's expression breathed new life into the saying "smug snake." "Excccelent. I knew you'd sssee reassson. Firssst, we mussst get her undresssed. Would you do the honorsss? I would, but you'd get it done much fassster. Language barrier, again."

Mowgli clutched Shanti's shoulders. "Shanti? You can hear me, right?"

"Sure Mowgli," she giggled dreamily, "what do you... desssire." At her own little hiss, she giggled even harder, ending abruptly in a suggestive, throaty purr.

"I'm trying to help you, but to do it you're going to have to... uh... take your clothes off."

Shanti's face brightened, her smile widened, and the rings in her eyes swirled noticeably faster. "Really? Go ahead and 'help' me then. Help me... get them off." She reached up to her sari and draped it over Mowgli's wrist. Then Shanti stood up, and slowly turned in a circle. As she did so, she gyrated her hips like a slow-motion belly dance, and the sari unwound from her torso. It was forgotten before it had even touched the ground.

The entranced woman grabbed Mowgli's arms and threw him onto the log she had occupied. He had barely landed when she was already in his lap, her back to him, grinding against his rising manhood. Her hands reached back and found his, then brought them to her chest. She gasped and threw her head back. There they sat for a few moments, both fondling Shanti's supple breasts together. Every deep, hungry breath pressed her hard nipples into his palms through the smooth fabric of her blouse. With much difficulty, and some unconscious reluctance, Mowgli moved on to the buttons. It was no small feat to get the blouse open, considering the feminine fingers that sought to draw him back to her flesh, but she seemed to remember his intentions and backed off long enough to remove the garment.

At Mowgli's gentle urging, and eventually his impatient push, a now topless Shanti was back on her feet. She turned around and looked at Mowgli with a smirk and a cocked hip. Mowgli gulped and tentatively raised his hands to the waist of her skirt. With two breaths held, the cloth slowly slipped down to the ground. The captive air escaped, one sigh contented, the other ragged.

Shanti leaned down, took Mowgli's hand and kissed him deeply, hotly and with a skill that belied her inexperience. He returned it as best he could, having never kissed anyone before. It lasted, by his estimation, forever. It was, in his opinion, incredible. When it ended, he opened his eyes and found he had been pulled to his feet without even noticing. What he did notice now, and it appeared Shanti did too, was that his tan, animal-skin loincloth was prominently tented. She knelt down and placed her hands on his hips. As slowly as he had taken hers off, she slid his last garment down. Shanti could hardly contain herself when Mowgli's stiff, seven inch rod sprang free. With closed eyes and much relish, she nuzzled it and aggressively sniffed his musky male scent. It intoxicated her.

"If I may interject," said Kaa, the impatience showing in his voice, "we ssshould really begin." His tail looped around Shanti's midriff and lifted her to her feet. "Now, sssinccce I isssued the challenge, you may choossse the weapon, or in thisss cassse, the end." Seeing Mowgli's confusion, Kaa added "which end would you like to fuck? To determine who hasss the greater enduranccce, we mussst both begin at the sssame time. One will fuck the pusssy, and the other the faccce."

Mowgli couldn't stand the thought of the evil serpent violating Shanti's most private place. Swallowing with a dry mouth, he said "You can take her face. I'll... have her properly."

"Excccellent." Lifting her up again, Kaa brought her over to a stump. She put her hands on it and bent over, but still being supported by Kaa's coils hanging from the canopy. Soon the section of the immense python that contained his cock had unspooled from the treetops into view, directly in front of Shanti's face. Clearly aroused by the perverse show the two mammals had put on, the snake's own tool was already stiff and ready. Shanti stared in wonderment and lust, licking her lips, but not otherwise moving. "Pleassse, take your.... posssition."

With nothing left to delay it, Mowgli stepped up behind Shanti, the woman he loved most in the world, and placed his hands on her hips. His cock rested on her ass for a moment, enjoying her intense heat. She spread her legs a bit and glanced back at him with eyes like prismatic tornados. Then he brushed his cock-head against her soaked entrance and pressed in as gently as his instincts would allow. The hole accepted him eagerly, almost sucking him in, with no resistance.

Shanti gasped, despite the intrusion being both expected and welcome. It was just so good. Too good. With that gasp, Shanti's mouth opened in an O-shape and Kaa "seized the opening." He plunged his own member into the girl, and she accepted it almost as eagerly. Most of her weight was still suspended by Kaa, so her hands weren't needed to prop herself up. One was free to grip the base of Kaa's shaft and the other reached around to his back to give her some leverage. The game was on.

At first it was slow, with the two males alternating their thrusts. Mowgli was unable to handle the wetness, the tightness, the heat of his beloved. He pulled her to him, gradually, to savor the sensations. As it was, he was barely able to control himself from succumbing to the sheer pleasure. If he failed to keep his deliberate pace, Mowgli came to realize, he would lose control. And then he would lose Shanti, forever. This thought filled him with a grim determination to win, at any cost. If that meant double-teaming Shanti with one of his mortal enemies, then he would just need to make her decision easier.

Kaa, on the other hand, was having a ball. How could he not, considering the enthusiastic performance his hapless pawn was giving his cock. And because of the romp he'd had the previous day to take the edge off, he had his body well under control. Almost in admonishment, Shanti moaned loudly as she worked his dick. It twitched and Kaa shuddered with pleasure. Kaa's confidence was rattled by her unexpected showing, but he regrouped and reminded himself of the stakes.

For her part, Shanti was oblivious to the battle of wills raging, in more ways than one, around her. Her world was at peace, and everything was in its proper place. Mowgli, her forbidden lover was inside her and the mysterious, sensuous snake charmer was between her lips. And down her throat every once in a while. But she couldn't think of a thing she'd change, not that she was in a state to do much thinking about anything at all. What few corners of her mind not brimming with physical bliss were heaped high with glee and contentment. Soon even these distinctions were meaningless, as Shanti experienced her first, but by no means last, nor most powerful orgasm.

Both of the contestants were aware of it without even being told. Mowgli could feel the ravenous cunt contract on him with unprecedented strength, causing him to grunt and clench his teeth. Sudden pain told him he had bitten his cheek, and the distraction gave him a moment's respite. Kaa was also duly notified of Shanti's ecstasy by being sucked deeper than before down the human's throat. The reptile had prepared for it with a similar strategy; by tying his tail in a tight knot to divert his attention.

The pride Mowgli felt from his apparent success at pleasing Shanti encouraged him, perhaps unwisely, to pick up his pace. This was what the ancient python had been waiting for. He had counted on the na
It was then Kaa enacted his final gambit. Using the coil that was suspending Shanti, he slowly rolled her over until she was face up. Mowgli was puzzled at first, but simply regarded it as an opportunity for a new angle on Shanti's body. Then Kaa coiled more of his length around Shanti's head, concealing it from Mowgli's view. The horny man mistook this as a sign that Kaa was nearing release, and no longer in control of his idle slithering. In reality, the snake had cleverly slipped his cock out of Shanti's mouth and slipped in the tip of his tail. Shanti was completely unconcerned with the difference, and continued slurping and sucking to complete the illusion. Kaa's victory was assured.

Chapter 7: Endgame

"How are you feeling, man-cub? Almossst ready to pop?" crooned the snake, with infuriating arrogance. Mowgli would never admit it, but he didn't think he could last much longer. Kaa must be close too, he thought, and he's just trying to hide it. It had been too long to remember since they'd changed positions and Shanti had cum many times by then. In fact, she was cumming again right now, adding a fresh layer of juice to the mess that was currently dripping down past Mowgli's knees. His movements were robotic, and his expression was one of weariness and desperation.

"You know man-cub, but for you insssissstenccce, thisss little competition would be unnecccesssary. There should be no reassson we could not ssshare."

"Share her...ugghn... like some sort of toy? As the slave of a *gasp* bastard snake?"

"If you brought her back to the man-village, ssshe would sssoon become the ssslave of sssome other man. I've been around long enough to know that 'cccivilizzzed men' will treat her as a prizzze, a posssesssion that could never be awarded to one sssuch asss you. They barely consssider you more than a beassst yourssself."

Mowgli had no answer to that. Mowgli had taken news of Shanti's betrothal very hard, knowing that a pointless tradition had ended his chances to be with her before they had even met. Also, while most of the villagers had welcomed him, some elders had called the jungle-child a bad omen, and other, well-to-do villagers turned up their noses to the dirty, uncouth young man.

Seeing he had Mowgli's attention, Kaa continued. "In the jungle, all her daysss would be filled with blisss, and with you. I sssee no reassson to keep you apart. I might even need your help to provide for her."

In Mowgli's exhausted, sex-addled mind, this scenario was gaining traction. Deep down, he knew Shanti was unhappy with the betrothal, and he knew that even though they were meant for each other, the law would keep them apart. If Kaa was telling the truth, there could be a happy ending of sorts. As big as that 'if' was, it was starting to sound like it might be worth the risk. He shook off the thought and redoubled his thrusting. He would think of something, he was sure of it.

This went on for several more minutes, until suddenly something changed. It was a tiny, almost imperceptible shift, but no one could ignore it. Shanti's moans, muffled by scale and muscle, became louder and more insistent. Her body began gyrating with what little force she could muster, given her lack of leverage. At the same time, her legs closed tightly around Mowgli's waist. All three had the same thought at the same time: This is it. No longer concerned with keeping up pretenses, Kaa unwound from the hypnotized woman's head. He also lifted her up to Mowgli, and the two embraced passionately. With the last of his remaining strength, Mowgli held her in his arms, sliding her up and down on his cock. One of his arms clutched the back of her neck, the other holding her waist while she hooked her hers on his shoulders.

"Oh Mowgli! Don't stop, don't ever stop Mowgli. Harder! Oh, fuck me harder. Fill me up, uh, fill me lover!" Every stroke in made Shanti yelp in delight, and every stroke out made her softly sigh tantalizing obscenities into Mowgli's ear. It was almost too much to take. Even the slightest thing would push him over the edge now...

"I never want this to end," she whispered, "I love you, Mowgli."

He came. It was a more powerful feeling than Mowgli could have imagined, even if his imagination were infinite. His eyes clamped shut and he grunted in exertion. The cum shot into her in a massive eruption, over and over, with no end in sight. With a cry of relief, he squeezed Shanti with a grip that made Kaa jealous. She responded with an orgasm of equal intensity, and with a cry of equal volume. They came together, sharing a love they no longer had to deny, under circumstances neither could have foreseen.

"And now I've won."

The voice made Mowgli's eyes snap open. The instant they did, they were swallowed in swirling pools of color. Like lightning, scaly loops of Kaa's body were surrounding the intertwined couple. Mowgli's whole body relaxed, his legs gave out and he, with Shanti still attached to him and Kaa binding them both, toppled over onto the lush jungle floor. Over Shanti's shoulder, Kaa continued weaving his spell on the true prize. His plan came to fruition in spectacular fashion. The girl had merely been the bait to get the man-cub alone, distracted, tired and vulnerable.

"That'sss it, man-cub," Kaa said as he sent Mowgli deeper. "It felt ssso good to ssshow your female what you were willing to do to ssstay with her. Now you can both ssstay together forever. As my ssslaves."

"As your... slaves," repeated Mowgli. His orgasm was still just trailing off, with a few final spurts into his lover and new fellow slave. Now he could just let go, and Kaa would tell him what to do, what to think.

"That isss the only way you could ever repay me for giving her to you. Do asss I sssay, and you both ssshall be... 'free' to spend your daysss in serviccce to me, your massster."

"Ssserve... you," parroted the entranced man monotonously. The pernicious seed Kaa had planted was now flourishing in Mowgli's mind. The fantasy where he could steal Shanti away into the jungle was being twisted and perverted by the haze of hypnosis and sexual afterglow.

"There isss only one thing left to do before it all comesss true." He gave Mowgli some orders to relay to Shanti. This was the true test of Mowgli's submission. It was one thing to merely allow it when there was no choice, but if Mowgli would give these commands himself, willingly, there would be nothing he wouldn't give. The excitement of a good plan coming together had ensured that Kaa had stayed rock hard, ready for his ultimate revenge. He unspooled himself from the couple, who pulled away from each other slightly, and simply sat, staring dreamily at one another.

"Shanti," he said, now with the same goofy smile as her, "go finish sucking Master Kaa's cock, please."

"Master Kaa?" she replied. It only took her a moment, however, to realize her darling was referring to the mesmeric reptile.

"Yes, Shanti. He is our master now, and we must obey him. He wishes you to suck him off." The words that not minutes before would have horrified him, seemed now a deliciously wicked gospel.

"Our... Massster..." she said as the thought solidified in her impressionable mind. "Yes, suck him," were the final words she spoke before she did just that, and went to work on Kaa's member again.

Just for good measure, Kaa felt like adding one more thing, to punctuate the occasion. "Ssseeing her blow me is exccciting, isssn't it, man-cub? I bet jussst watching makesss you ssso horny."

Upon hearing this, Mowgli completely forgot about all of the fatigue and sexual exhaustion he had just experienced. It just melded away. If Master Kaa told Mowgli it was arousing to watch Shanti please him, he was. Not that the show wasn't erotic in its own right, now that he had no stressful contest to worry about. He was hard and throbbing again in no time.

"When I cum, you both may cum again, but not before. Tell her."

As soon as Mowgli did, Shanti's head started bobbing noticeably faster.

"Alssso, when you do cum, all your remaining resssissstanccce will leave you. You will both ssswear allegianccce to me for all time." Kaa was confident that this would not take long. If anything, Shanti was working even harder now that her own climax depended on her efforts. And Mowgli's hand was moving up and down his own shaft, kneeling on spread knees, eyes blank and jaw slack. Faster and faster the two worked, like steadily accelerating machines. And all the while, Kaa went back and forth, making his thralls stare into his eyes even more.

Sure enough, Kaa felt his inevitable climax approach. He slid a section of his body between Shanti's legs while she toiled with her infinite passion, rewarding and priming in a single, protracted stroke. "Allow me, man-cub," he said, and pulled Mowgli's stroking hand away with the tip of his tail. The tail then deftly looped around the pulsating member in a snug embrace. Just like when he first fucked Shanti, Kaa alternated between squeezing and twisting, and Mowgli's vacant expression became one of ecstasy. "Cum all over her with me. NOW!"

Mowgli and Kaa exploded simultaneously, the boy shooting on her back and ass, and the snake coating her hair, face and tits. At the same time Shanti also came, relishing the cream on her skin, rubbing it in wherever it fell.

"We will serve you forever, Master Kaa," chanted the two in unison, just as soon as they caught their breath.

"Sssplendid," grinned the snake, "I'm ssso glad to hear it. Now let'sss dissscusss the future, ssshall we?"

Epilogue: Happily Ever After

No one ever heard from Mowgli or Shanti again. Some said that he went searching after her second disappearance, but never found her, and was driven mad by the grief. Others said that the two had eloped deep into the jungle, where Mowgli taught his new bride the ways of the wild. It was difficult for everyone, but the villagers moved on eventually. Over the years, it became something of a spooky story, told in evenings, fuelled by rumors and hearsay.

People from other villages would report several other youths had mysteriously vanished in the following months, their clothes being the only trace ever found. Travelers who made their way through the deepest jungle would spin tales of some sort of crazy "sex cult" who worshipped some sort of "snake master." One crazed unfortunate who stumbled into town claimed to have met their prophet, a man who could speak directly to their god. He said he escaped before he could be initiated or sacrificed. As sensational as these accounts were, and there were scoffers at every retelling, the legends persisted.

But on hot nights when to breeze blew just right, one could hear eerie noises coming from somewhere in the deepest jungle. Cries of passion and revelry, from both sexes. Even, for some reason, the occasional roar like a tiger. But, so the tale goes, those doomed to disappear next would listen close, only to hear a hiss in their ear.

The End.


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