*Please Note* This story is a complete work of fiction and just a pure deviant fantasy that I came up with and thought it was worth writing down and sharing with you all.

All characters involved are over the age of 18 in the story that follows. There is a little build-up until the sexual encounter happens, but that is only to make the story seem just a tad bit more plausible, even though it is fiction. In addition, all of my stories do tend to have incest themes and incestuous acts in them, so if that bothers you, then stop reading now.

Some of the dialogue is taken directly, from the Pilot episode, but my dialogue takes over when the naughty things start to happen, which is the direction that I wish the show had gone forward with in the first place.

Characters Involved - Joey Tribbiani and his older sister Gina Tribbiani

Timeline - The story that follows takes place after Joey leaves his life in New York and moves across the country to California, to try to build up his budding acting career.

Joey: Joey And Gina Incest Fiction Story (MF,inc)
by TriableCactus1 ([email protected])

Leaving his life, friends, and a slightly successful turn on a daytime soap opera, behind to better his life, Joey Tribbiani de-boarded a flight from New York, as he just arrived in Los Angeles, California. Awaiting the arrival of Joey was his attractive older sister Gina, who was thrilled to see her younger brother.

"Oh, my God Joey," Gina yells as she runs and embraces Joey in her arms.

"Gina," Joey says in response as he returns the embrace and wraps his arms around her body.

"It's good to see you," Joey tells Gina.

"Oh, I know I've missed you so much," Gina, says to Joey.

"Wait a second, wait a second..., you look different," Joey says as he looks at his older sister.

"Oh, I forgot you haven't seen 'em," Gina says as she unzips her jacket and sticks her chest out. "What do you think? They are new; I went up three-cup sizes. The doctor was reluctant. Come on; touch 'em."

"Let's get my bag. I'll feel you up in the car, I promise," Joey says to Gina.

Joey sees his bag, and his sister uses her new assets to get another person, to grab the bag for them. They then make their way to Gina's car, which was parked in a parking garage, near the back corner of the fourth level. Gina had a brand new 2004 SUV, and Joey definitely took notice of that, but decided not to say anything about it. He puts his bag in the back, and then goes up to sit in the front passenger seat.

Gina is sitting there as Joey gets in, and then she says, "Well?"

Joey looks to Gina and in response says, "Well, what?"

"Are you going to touch 'em or what?" Gina asks Joey. "You promised that you'd feel me up in the car, and well we're in the car."

Reluctantly, Joey reaches over and grabs hold of Gina's new breasts. "Wow," Joey says, "they feel so real. I should know, because I've felt up a lot, and I mean a lot of these. Most of the ones that are fake, feel fake, but yours are fake and they feel very real."

Taking the compliment, Gina smiles and says, "Thanks. So, you like how they feel?"

"Oh, yeah, I truly love how they feel, Gina," Joey says. "I mean, you are my sister, and even though I know that, I still love the way they feel in my hands."

Gina smiles again. Joey removes his hands from his sister breasts, and the smile on Gina's face disappears. Silently, they sit for a bit. Joey is trying so hard to get his current thought out of his head, but every thought he tries to replace it with, keeps reminding him of his current thought.

"Gina," Joey softly says, and continues, "Do you think you might be willing to help me out with a problem that I'm having? It's rather personal, and I will completely understand if you don't want to help me with this problem."

Gina looks at Joey, and wonders what problem he is having. She says, "I will do my best to help you with your problem. After all, I'm your older sister, and that's what families do, they help each other when needed. What seems to be the problem?"

Joey takes a deep breath, and then says, "I've got a truly bad case of blue balls. It's been, well, actually, I've lost count of how long it's been since I've had the pleasure of being with a woman. I mean, yeah I masturbate regularly, but it's just not the same as being with a woman. And yes, I know that you are my sister, but I figured that you're probably having the female equivalent to blue balls right now, so I thought that we could just help one another. It would be our little secret."

Gina is completely stunned by Joey's words. She had no idea that is what he wanted help with, and he had the audacity to assume she was having a similar problem. She was having the same problem, but how did he know that, she thought. After a good beat, Gina takes a deep breath and looks to Joey, and says, "You are right; I have a bad case of blue balls as well. I would never have thought to ask my brother for help though. I did like the way your hands felt on my tits, and to be perfectly honest, when you were feeling me up, my pussy got wet. If you are serious and want me, then you can have me. We can kiss. I will gladly suck your cock, and in return, you can eat out my pussy. Then we can fuck each other for as long as we possibly can stand to do so. What do you say, little brother?"

Joey needed no further motivation, as he leans towards Gina. In response, Gina naturally leans in towards him as well. For the first time in their lives, their lips touched and from that moment, they both knew that their lives would never be the same. Gina had very soft lips, which Joey truly liked. Tentatively they each parted their lips a little, and began to dance in each other's mouths with their tongues. Passionately, softly, and with a little subtleness Joey and Gina kissed each other, French style. Hungrily, vigorously, and with a sense of eagerness, they explored each other's mouths with their tongues. After kissing each other for a good five minutes, Joey leaned away from Gina to catch his breath. He kept looking at his beautiful sister.

"I always thought that you'd be a great kisser," Joey tells his sister Gina, "and I was right."

Gina smiles and says, "Thank you, baby brother. I was just about to say the same thing to you."

"Let's move to the back," Joey says.

Gina smiles again and says, "Yes, let's do that."

They each get out of the car. Joey opens the rear passenger side door, as Gina opens the rear driver side door. With both doors open, Gina looks over to Joey and says, "These two bucket seats, can fold all the way down into the floor, which will give us more room. Here just pull this lever, and push that button right there, and voila." They each get the bucket seats folded down into the floor.

Joey gets up in the car and sits down on the third row bench seat. Gina gets in and kneels on her knees in front of Joey. Her tentative hands are trembling a bit, but Joey gently rubs his hands up and down the length of her arms and her hands stop trembling. Gina unbuckles the belt in front of her, and then unbuttons the jeans, and unzips the zipper on the jeans. Joey sits up off the seat to help Gina, as she slides the jeans down and off his legs. Gina removes the jeans completely, and removes his shoes and socks as well. She then makes eye contact with the bulge in his boxers. Gina grabs hold of the waistband and pulls the boxers down and off his body. She looks back up to the prize waiting inside the boxers, and gasps.

"Is something wrong?" Joey asks.

"Wrong, oh no, not at all. I am just a little surprised that's all. I did not know what to expect, and I am very happy about what you have to work with there. You have what I would call a 'Goldie Locks' cock. Not too small, not too big, just right. It's like perfection," Gina says and can't help but lick her lips after saying that.

Gina starts by stroking his cock a bit with one of her hands, while she uses her mouth to suck on his ball-sack. She takes each of his balls into her mouth one at a time and lightly sucks. She then licks his cock from the base all the way to the tip, and all around, almost teasing him. She opens her mouth and with no hesitation, engulfs Joey's cock as far in her mouth and down her throat as she can manage. That movement causes Gina to gag, because Joey's cock is the biggest that she has had in her mouth. When Gina gagged, Joey couldn't help but flash a little crooked smile, because he not only enjoyed hearing her gag, but also was overjoyed with happiness at the current situation.

Gina was going slowly at first, letting her mouth and throat get used to having a cock of that magnitude inside of her. She had her eyes closed and just enjoying herself. After a minute or so of giving her younger brother an eyes closed blowjob, Gina opens up her eyes and looks up at Joey, all while still sucking on his cock. Keeping her eyes open and holding eye contact with Joey, Gina continues to bob her head up and down, up and down, and all around her younger brother's cock. Joey's cock is getting harder with each movement performed by Gina. In a normal scenario, Joey was never a quick one to fire off a load of his special sauce, but given the incestuous act and the completely taboo aspect, Joey was feeling close to having to fire his load.

"I'm gonna cum, Gina. I'm just a few more sucks away from cumming," Joey says.

Gina stops her movements and says, "That's okay, baby brother. Go ahead and cum right in my mouth." She then proceeds to suck on his cock more. Taking every inch down her throat as far as she can possibly go, and then coming back up for air.

Like a bullet from a gun, Joey fired off his cum straight into his sister's eager mouth. Gina had her eyes open and watched as the cum went into her mouth. She let Joey finish firing this load of cum, before she swallowed it all down her throat. After swallowing his cum, Gina says, "Wow, you taste so good!"

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," Joey tells Gina as he smiles.

"Oh, I most definitely did," Gina, replies.

Smiling again, Joey says, "How about we get you a bit more comfortable? Let's get you undressed, so that I can see that smoking body that you're hiding underneath those clothes."

Not needing any further words of encouragement, Gina lifts her shirt up, over, and off her body. Next, Gina removes her skin-tight jeans. Then, she looks to Joey, and he reaches out with one hand and easily unhooks her bra and removes it from her body. Gina then pulls her thong down and off her long legs, while Joey removed his shirt. Once they both were completely naked, they each took turns looking at each other's bodies.

Gina and Joey then switch places. Joey is now down on bended knee, while Gina is sitting on the third-row bench seat, right in the middle. Joey does not hesitate one bit, and immediately begins his oral assault on his older sister's shaved pussy. He licks up and down, left to right, and lightly kisses her pussy too. He couldn't believe how wet she had gotten from sucking on his cock. He started to draw the letters of the alphabet with his tongue onto her shaved pussy.

By the time Joey licked, his way to letter "M", Gina had her first orgasm. Joey then made it to letter "W", and Gina had a second orgasm. Though he didn't need to, Joey did finish the alphabet letter drawings. When he was done, Gina noticed that Joey was rock hard and ready for more. Gina and Joey once again switched places, because Gina wanted to sit on his rock hard cock and give him the ride of his life.

Gina was just about to sit down on Joey's cock, when he asked her, "What about condoms?"

Gina was so overwhelmed with emotions that she just smiled and said, "No, need for condoms baby brother. I don't like how sex feels with condoms anyhow, and besides, I want you to shoot your next load of cum inside my tight pussy."

Joey was stunned speechless. Gina took the silence as his approval, and then lowered herself down onto his hard cock. This was one of the biggest cocks that Gina has ever had inside of herself, so when she settled down onto it, she did not move, because she wanted to let her pussy adjust to the size. Ever so slowly, she began grinding her pussy on his cock, gradually picking up speed and bouncing up and down on his hard cock. Joey just sat there in amazement watching as his older sister rode his cock, and liking how Gina's big tits bounced up and down in response to her movements.

"Wow, Gina your pussy is so damn tight! You feel so good," Joey says.

"I know, baby brother, and your cock feels so good inside me too," Gina says.

"Hearing you call me, baby brother, while you're riding my cock is such a turn on for me," Joey says with a smile to Gina.

"It is turning me on too, Joey," Gina happily states.

Joey starts to fondle his sister's tits while she bounces on his cock. Squeezing the nipples made her scream aloud. He also begins to lightly suck and gently bite each nipple. Gina stops bouncing, and just sits there, so that Joey can fuck her for a short while. After a few moments of fucking like that, Gina gets off Joey's cock and lies down on the floor of the SUV, so that she is on her back.

"I want you on top of me. Remember, I want you to cum inside my tight pussy, and fill me up with your hot load," Gina says. Gina bends her legs at her knees, and spreads them about shoulder length apart, giving her brother easy access to her pussy. Joey gets down and positions himself over top of his older sister. He teases her a bit first, before plunging his cock deep inside her tight pussy. He goes slowly at first, but then picks up momentum. Joey and Gina develop a good rhythm that they both are happy with, and just make love to each other.

Gina is digging her nails into Joey's back, but he doesn't care, because he knows he's doing a good job. After a few moments of making love in the missionary position, Joey says, "Gina, I'm sorry I couldn't last longer, but you're just so damn beautiful. I'm about to cum. Are you sure you want me to cum inside you?"

Gina says, "Yes, I want you cum inside me. And, it's okay if you can't last longer. This is our first time together, and often first times are never that long. I'm about to cum too, so let's cum together."

"On the count of three," Joey says to Gina. "Okay, here we go."

Gina and Joey count aloud together, "One, two, and three." Then they each explode into a massive orgasm. They lie there spent, and then Joey gets up and off Gina and lies down beside her on the floor. Gina gets up and uses her tongue to lick Joey's cock clean.

"That was the best sex I've ever had," Joey exclaims!

In response, Gina smiles and says, "You took the words right out of my mouth."

"Do you think we might be able to do this again sometime?" Joey asks his older sister Gina.

Gina grins as she says, "I know that I would love to have sex with you again. Is having sex with me something that you'd like to experience again?"

"Absolutely," Joey answers Gina.


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