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Summary: Judy Jetson finds what she's looking for in her father.

Pairing: Judy Jetson/George Jetson

The Jetsons: Part 2 (MF,inc)
by Phil ([email protected])

Family Love in the 23rd Century

George Jetson entered his apartment on the moving sidewalk feeling lower than a Jovian worm. He had just been fired by his boss, Cosmo Spacely and was home early. His job at Spacely Sprockets had been marked by ups and downs, but this time he had really screwed up. Instead of producing stainless steel automatic salt shakers, he had used gold in the production line and now they had a supply of gold salt shakers which cost a fortune with no one to buy them. On top of that, he had forgotten to set the number of holes so that there were no holes for the salt to come out from. So even if someone had been interested in gold salt shakers, they were useless.

He had messed up before, but never this badly. There was no way Mr. Spacely would forgive him this time. He slumped into his chair as the television automatically turned to his favorite channel. Jane, his beautiful red headed wife, walked in, wearing a sleeveless purple dress that stopped above the knees topped with a triangular white collar.

"Hi, honey," she called out. "You're home early."

"Yeah," he morosely replied.

"What's wrong?"

"I wasn't feeling too well, so I decided to come home early," he lied, unable to tell her the truth. Their finances were a mess, their credit cards charged to the max, living from paycheck to paycheck. George had held onto his job at Spacely Sprockets feeling that he was just on the verge of being promoted to vice-president. He had, in fact, been promoted to that coveted position several times, but there was always some screw up that cost him his promotion and he would end up back where he had started. And at 42, he wasn't getting any younger and if he now changed jobs, he couldn't afford to take the pay cut starting with another company.

"Poor baby," Jane cooed as she hovered over him, feeling his forehead. "You must be working too hard." She pushed a button and the chair reclined. "Why don't you take a nap while I go run some errands."

George watched as Jane grabbed her purse and left. He listlessly walked over to the bar and ordered up a SuperNova. He normally didn't drink, but today he felt like he needed something to help him forget his woes. Besides, he would be alone for several hours as Elroy and Astro were gone to Space Scouts camp for the week and Judy was out on a date with Rocky Retro and wouldn't be home until late. And when Jane went out shopping, it was an all day affair for her.

The SuperNova slid up through a panel at the bar in a tall glass, the drink itself radiating a bright white light. George drank the whole glass in one huge gulp. He felt as the drink burned down to his stomach, then spread until it felt like his whole body was on fire. His head buzzed as the euphoria hit, making him feel like he was floating. George looked around the room and everything seemed brighter, the colors more vibrant. He picked up a picture of his family and his eyes focused on his daughter Judy. She was so beautiful and at eighteen had her mom's knock out body.

It seemed to George that his daughter wasn't shy about her body especially recently. She had been wearing short nighties that barely covered her bottom and he could see her nipples poking through the thin material. One night when he was sitting at the table flipping through a space car catalog, she came in and leaned against his back as she looked over his shoulder. George could feel her breasts pressing into his back. She then got something to drink and stood on the other side of the table and leaned over to point out some models she liked. As she chatted, the front of her nightie hung open, giving him a clear view of her breasts. There were other times when he would catch a view of her breasts or panties and she seemed to be more careless about completely shutting her door when changing.

Then just the previous week, he had walked past her bathroom and the door was slightly open. He peeked in and saw Judy standing in the ultrasonic shower. The shower was designed so that the water droplets were so tiny and sprayed so hard that they were invisible until they hit her body, covering her with a sheen of liquid. Because the water didn't splash, no glass or curtain was needed, giving him a clear view of his daughter's naked body as she washed herself. He was mesmerized by her firm pert breasts topped with perfect pink nipples and the way the water ran down the curves of her body to the neat triangle of blond pubic hair at the junction of her slender legs.

His breathing became labored and he felt pressure build in his loins creating a huge bulge in his pants. George knew he should leave but he remained riveted to that spot watching her as she soaped her breasts and ran her hands down to soap between her legs. She seemed to be unusually intent on getting her groin clean when George noticed her breathing quickening and her body tensing. She was masturbating! He continued to observe her as her body stiffened and she moaned what sounded like "Daddy." Later that night as he was pumping in and out of Jane, he kept thinking about Judy and it was her body he was imagining when he ejaculated inside of his wife.

George quickly ordered another drink, still thinking about his daughter. She had been out on a number of dates. He wondered if any of her boyfriends had taken her to bed and felt instantly jealous. He downed the drink and everything looked and sounded like it was a million light years away. His body felt soft and light except for... he looked down and saw that he was sprouting a huge erection. Wow, he thought to himself, wish Jane were here. If two drinks did that, how about three? He managed to get through about half his third drink when he passed out.

Judy Jetson had been looking forward to a hot and heavy bump and grind session with Rocky Retro and had decided to surprise him. Wearing her platinum blond hair tied up in a pony tail with her sleeveless red top which showed a bit of her tiny waist, a matching skirt and stockings, she could feel herself getting wet in anticipation as she keyed in his secret password to enter his pad. When she stepped inside, she heard sounds coming from his bedroom.

Peeking through the crack in the almost closed door, she could see her Rocky Retro pumping in and out of one of her classmates. She stood there transfixed, unable to move. As she stood there, watching them moan as their bodies writhed together, she realized that she was becoming even more aroused. Then her jealousy kicked in and she slammed open the door.

"You asshole!" she yelled as she threw a plastic vase at him.

Judy cried as she drove home in her space car. Her dad had been right. He had never really liked Rocky. Thinking back to all her other failed relationships, she wondered why she couldn't find someone like her dad. He may not be the smartest or richest or wittiest father, but she knew she could always depend on him to make her feel good about herself. Too bad he wouldn't be home until later from work. She felt so lonely and frustrated, full of pent up sexual energy.

She thought back to the previous week and how she had "accidentally" given her dad a show. She had been teasing him with views of her body but wanted to do something more. Knowing her dad to be a creature of habit, she waited naked in her bathroom until she saw her father walking down the hallway. Leaving the door ajar, she quickly stepped into the ultrasonic shower and began washing herself.

She had set up a tiny bath mirror on the wall and could see her dad watching her from the hallway. As she soaped herself, she let her hands rub her breasts and nipples until they became erect. Reaching between her legs, she began to rub her clitoris. She hadn't planned on masturbating, but she was so aroused by having her dad watch her that she couldn't stop once she started rubbing herself and quickly had an orgasm. Later that night, she put her ear against her bedroom wall and could hear her parents humping eachother. She listened to them as she used her atomic vibrator to bring herself to another orgasm. Now driving home, she thought of other ways she could further tease her dad.

As she walked into the apartment, Judy was surprised to see her dad slumped over on the bar, a glowing white drink in his hand. She shook him and called out his name. No response. She took the drink, sniffed it, then took a sip. The super potent drink quickly relaxed her and she finished it off, making her feel better.

"Wow, I'll have to ask Dad what that was," she told herself.

Judy looked down at her sleeping dad. She reached out and put her hand on his cheek, thinking how lucky she was to have such a great and handsome father. He didn't look very comfortable so Judy managed to get one arm draped around her shoulder and aroused him enough so that he could stand with her supporting him. She had one arm around his waist and the other holding his arm that was on her shoulder.

As she guided him stumbling down the hall, his hand flopped around, accidentally rubbing her breast. Judy knew it was an accident but enjoyed the touch.

"Had a bit too much, Jane," he slurred without opening his eyes.

Judy felt her father grab her breast and squeeze it through her shirt. He thought she was mom! Judy enjoyed his hand on her even more now and her drink impaired mind rationalized that it was okay because it was her father doing it to what he thought was his wife. The sensations from her breast reawakened the pent up sexual energy that was still smoldering inside of her teenage body. She led him to her parent's bed and almost reluctantly set him down, arranging him so that he was laying flat on his back.

Judy pulled off his shoes and socks to make him more comfortable. She looked down at her snoring father and gasped as she saw a huge bulge tenting up his pants. Like a moth to a flame, Judy was drawn to it. Rationalizing that she needed to make him more comfortable, she pushed the button on his belt, popping it open and pulling his pants off. Her father's smiley face boxers tented up even further.

Her mouth was dry, her heart pounded in her ears. No harm in just taking a quick peek she thought to herself. After all, she had seen her dad naked before. Of course that was many years ago and he didn't have an erection at that time. She tugged his boxers down and her father's erection sprang free. Judy gaped at the sight before her. Her father was huge! His penis was at least ten inches long and as thick as her forearm.

She had to touch it. Slowly, she reached down and put her hand on the shaft, her fingers barely able to get around its girth. The flesh was heavy and dense and warm. She squeezed and it jumped in her hand. Looking up, she saw that her dad was still in a drug induced stupor even though his body was still responsive to her touch.

Looking down at her dad, she realized how much she loved him, how perfect he was, how he made her feel good in every way except one. Then she suddenly realized that he was equipped to make her feel good in every way. In fact, what she had been looking for in all her boyfriends was the one thing her dad hadn't given her yet. And as good as the sex had been with her boyfriends, there was always something not completely satisfying and she saw now that it was because they couldn't measure up to her dad, emotionally or physically as she looked at his enormous shaft of flesh.

Her raging teen hormones had built up her sexual energy to critical levels and the drink had pushed her libido into overdrive while suppressing her inhibitions. Without further thought to the consequences, Judy gave in to her desires and leaned over and took the thick mushroom shaped head into her mouth and started to suck on her father's erection. She bobbed her head up and down, taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth. Her father groaned from the stimulation but stayed asleep.

Judy slid her other hand under her skirt and soaking panties, and started to rub her clitoris slippery with her juices. But that wasn't enough. She quickly pulled off her shirt revealing her firm pert breasts, her pink nipples erect with anticipation. Next she stripped off her skirt and tights and stood naked by the bed.

Then the teenager straddled her father and with one hand around his shaft, guided him into her glistening wet opening as she slowly lowered herself. She felt the thick head stretch her as it slowly entered her body, but she was so aroused that she was able to accommodate it as she pushed down until her father's huge tool was buried completely inside of her. Judy paused, reveling in the feeling of being so completely filled in a way she had never been. Even her Atomic Vibrating Dildo didn't make her feel this way. Something about having real flesh and blood throbbing inside made a big difference.

Leaning forward, she pushed her father's shirt up so she could put her hands on her father's bare chest, supporting herself. She began to move her hips up and down, reveling in the feeling of her father's stiff rod moving in and out of her. Up and down his pole she moved, her breaths coming in short gasps as the electrical shocks of pleasure radiated from her pelvis as she plunged down, feeling his hard flesh fill her aching void again and again.

She was already so aroused that the stimulation of her father inside of her made the pleasurable pressure build quickly until it peaked. Judy threw her head back as she bottomed out and her orgasm ripped through her body. She writhed around, impaled on her father's erection and bit back her scream so she wouldn't wake him. A muffled drawn out moan escaped her throat as the tension left her body and she came down from her orgasm.

Judy leaned over, her father still inside of her and lay on his chest and kissed him. She wanted more than just his penis inside of her. She wanted him to touch her, to caress her, to love her completely as a woman. His heart was beating beneath her naked breast. She began to slide her body up and down his, letting her nipples rub against his chest, stimulating them as she resumed riding his rigid pole. As she continued to work his penis in and out of her, her father started to stir as her activities were finally beginning to bring him out of his stupor. He reached down and grasped her bottom and squeezed the soft flesh, pulling her to him as he began to thrust up into her.

"Feels so good, Jane dear," he murmured.

Judy sat up again and guided her dad's hands to her breasts. He massaged them, rubbing her nipples between his fingers. This sent electrical jolts of delight through her body down to her pelvis. The pressure built up again as her father started to really push up into her, and the additional stimulation from her breasts and nipples was making her wild with pleasure. Her father's thrusting began to take on a more urgent tone as his body began to tense as he too began to approach his orgasm. Seeing that her dad was about to cum pushed her over the edge.

"Oh Daddy, that feels so good!" she screamed as she came.

George's eyes flew open. Still in his groggy state, it took him a moment to orient himself. He had thought it was Jane on top of him. The first thing he noticed was the blond ponytail bobbing around and the look of ecstasy on his daughter's face. He had never seen her so radiant. Then he realized that his hands were on her firm young breasts and his throbbing erection was buried deep inside of her.

Part of him thought he should stop, but he was too far gone and the drink still dulled his mind. He felt the pressure building to a peak in his groin as he continued to pump in and out of her. Seeing his beautiful daughter writhing with pleasure on top of him pushed him over the edge. His semen exploded out of him as he rammed deep into his daughter's tight wet tunnel. Jet after jet of sperm pulsed out of him until he was completely drained.

Judy collapsed on top of her dad. She had never been so satisfied in her life. She lay on top of him, head on his chest, his penis, though somewhat deflated, still erect and inside of her coated with their combined fluids.

"What's going on?" George groggily asked.

"I was feeling bad and you made me feel much better," Judy answered as she began to slide up and down his semi-hard shaft. "Sometimes a dad has to be hard on his daughter," she continued as his penis pulsed and stiffened inside of her, "really hard."

"I don't want to be too hard on you," George replied as he grasped her hips and began to thrust.

"Daddy, you can never be too hard for me," she replied as she leaned forward to kiss her father.


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