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Summary: Jane Jetson persuades Cosmo Spacely to give George his job back.

Pairing: Jane Jetson/Cosmo Spacely

The Jetsons: Part 1 (MF, oral)
by Phil ([email protected])

George Jetson entered his apartment on the moving sidewalk feeling lower than a Jovian worm. He had just been fired by his boss, Cosmo Spacely and was home early. His job at Spacely Sprockets had been marked by ups and downs, but this time he had really screwed up. Instead of producing stainless steel automatic salt shakers, he had used gold in the production line and now they had a supply of gold salt shakers which cost a fortune with no one to buy them. On top of that, he had forgotten to set the number of holes so that there were no holes for the salt to come out from. So even if someone had been interested in gold salt shakers, they were useless.

He had messed up before, but never this badly. There was no way Mr. Spacely would forgive him this time. He slumped into his chair as the television automatically turned to his favorite channel. Jane, his beautiful red headed wife, walked in, wearing a sleeveless purple dress that stopped above the knees topped with a triangular white collar.

"Hi, honey," she called out. "You're home early."

"Yeah," he morosely replied.

"What's wrong?"

"I wasn't feeling too well, so I decided to come home early," he lied, unable to tell her the truth. Their finances were a mess, their credit cards charged to the max, living from paycheck to paycheck. George had held onto his job at Spacely Sprockets feeling that he was just on the verge of being promoted to vice-president. He had, in fact, been promoted to that coveted position several times, but there was always some screw up that cost him his promotion and he would end up back where he had started. And at 38, he wasn't getting any younger and if he now changed jobs, he couldn't afford to take the pay cut starting with another company.

"Poor baby," Jane cooed as she hovered over him, feeling his forehead. "You must be working too hard." She pushed a button and the chair reclined. "Why don't you take a nap while I go run some errands."

Jane grabbed her purse and left in the space car. She knew George was lying.

After all, she was a Libra and was very sensitive to the emotional needs of others, especially to her husband and could read him like a book. Jane had a pretty good idea that something major had happened at work and she was going to see what was really going on. Jane knew that George wasn't the most capable person in the galaxy. In fact, there were many times she was surprised that he had lasted at Spacely Sprockets for so long. Perhaps it was time to see if she could help George out.

Jane walked into Mr. Spacely's office. His receptionist looked from her desk.

"May I help you?"

"I'm Jane, George Jetson's wife. I'm here to talk to Mr. Spacely."

The receptionist pushed a button on her desk and spoke into her headset.

"Mr. Spacely? I have a Jane Jetson who wants to see you."

Jane waited as the receptionist listened to his reply.

"He'll see you now."

Cosmo Spacely, a short balding man with a mustache, looked up as Jane Jetson entered his office. He had always thought Jane was one of the most beautiful and charming women he had ever met, though he could never understand what she saw in her husband. George was one of the most incompetent employees he had ever had, but because of his fear of a lawsuit (the Galactic Stupidity Act forbade an employer for firing someone because of stupidity), he was reluctant to fire him. He just made George's life so miserable he figured he would quit. But no matter what he did, George never did. The only bright spot was that, once in a while, he got to see Jane about whom he harbored secret fantasies.

"Have a seat," Cosmo said as he gestured to the front of his desk. A chair popped up from the floor under Jane and she sat. "What can I do for you?"

Looking at George's squat boss with a definite Napoleon complex, Jane realized that she would have to take control of the situation if George was going to survive in this company. She had always been aware of Mr. Spacely's interest in her physical attributes. In fact, she could see his eyes lingering on her breasts and her bare legs crossed in front of her. Perhaps it was now time to play her trump card.

"It's about George. I know he's had a few set backs."

"Set backs? Do you know how much his set back today is going to set me back?"

"Perhaps I could do something to make things better."

Jane slowly uncrossed her legs and recrossed them, allowing her skirt to hike up her thigh watching Mr. Spacely as his eyes were glued to her legs, straining to see up higher. He swallowed heavily as he shifted in his chair.

"What could you possibly do to make things better?"

She stood up and walked behind the desk and stood in front of Mr. Spacely. The front of his pants already broadcast his state of arousal.

"I could help relieve some of your pressure," she replied as looked pointedly at the bulge in his pants.

Jane leaned forward so that her face was close to his and placed her small hand on his crotch and squeezed, eliciting a groan from Mr. Spacely. She knelt and unzipped his pants, freeing his surprisingly large penis with its mushroom shaped head. Grasping the base of the shaft, she took the bulbous head in her mouth and started to move up and down taking her husband's boss deeper and deeper into her mouth. She was surprised how easy it was for her to take another man so intimately in her mouth.

Cosmo grabbed the back of her head and pushed down, forcing himself deeper until he felt her lips around the base of his erection. Holding her head, he pumped his engorged organ deep into the mouth of George's wife, scarcely believing that his private fantasy was coming true. Her warm soft mouth aroused him further as he felt the blood pounding into his groin, making him harder than he could remember. He leaned back and enjoyed the sensual sensations as she sucked his manhood. She was good, very good. George may not have been very bright, but he sure was very lucky. He pushed a button on his desk.

"Ms. Scott? Please make sure I'm not disturbed. Mrs. Jetson is helping me with a very hard issue right now."

"Yes, Mr. Spacely," she replied through the speaker.

He pushed another button and a video camera popped out of a wall and quietly began to tape. As the slender redhead continued to bob up and down in his lap, he leaned over and pulled down the top of her dress to expose her pert breasts. He turned so that the camera would have a better angle of the Jane's body then lay back, enjoying the show now and knowing he would enjoy it again later. A gradual feeling of pleasurable pressure began to build in his groin.

Cosmo pulled out of her mouth and turned her so that she was bent over his desk. After jerking down her panties he moved his chair behind her and stood on it, placing his jutting erection at the same level as her bottom. He flipped up her skirt, lined himself up, then thrust abruptly into her tight wet tunnel, burying himself to the hilt. He relished at the fantastic feeling as he grasped her hips and slowly moved in and out of her hot passage, slick with her arousal.

Jane was surprised at how quickly she had become aroused. She had never thought of Mr. Spacely as an attractive man. In fact, she had considered him an ugly, short, bald, unpleasant man. So she was amazed that even so, that she was enjoying the experience and becoming more and more turned on. The illicit nature of the situation and the possibility of them doing it in a place where they could be easily discovered added to the thrill and made her even more aroused. Her nerves were hypersensitive and as George's boss plunged into her again and again she could feel the waves of pleasure build quickly.

Cosmo slid his hands forward to cup her hanging breasts, squeezing and pinching her nipples. He delighted in feeling the curved contour of the soft skin of her breasts in his hands as he pounded his rock hard shaft into the slender redhead. The pressure built quickly in his groin with the fantastic feeling of Jane's tight vaginal walls clamped around his erection. It had been too long since he had really enjoyed such a sensuous treat and all too quickly he felt the pressure come to a head. He grabbed her hips and slammed his throbbing member as deep as he could and felt himself erupt as jet after jet of burning semen shot deep into his target.

Jane felt Mr. Spacely tense and the final thrusts pushed her also over the edge and she too felt waves of pleasure course through her body as she was wracked with the spasms of her orgasm. She felt George's boss become flaccid and slide out of her as she recovered still sprawled out on his desk. When she opened her eyes, she noticed a gold object on Mr. Spacely's desk. She picked it up. It was heavy cylinder about nine inches long, obviously made out of real gold.

"What's this?" she asked.

"That's your husband's latest screw up. He had a batch of automatic salt shakers made out of gold instead of steel."

"Perhaps an exclusive dining store could sell them," she suggested.

"Not a bad idea except that he forgot to put holes on the top. How's the salt going to come out? This is going to cost us millions!"

Jane looked at the automatic gold salt shaker. He was right. There were no holes on the mushroom shaped top. She looked at the bottom and pushed the button. The shaker vibrated and moved up and down but nothing came out.

As Mr. Spacely watched the golden shaker thrust back and forth in Jane's small hand, he found himself getting aroused and it suddenly hit him. The shaker was the size and shape of a large penis. George had accidentally made a golden, vibrating dildo!

"Let me see that," Cosmo said as he took the moving object from Jane.

Could there be something to this? He had to test it on someone. He looked at Jane, an upper class suburban mom, the perfect candidate.

"Turn around and bend over," he ordered.

"Ready for more so soon?"

Jane leaned over his desk again as Cosmo pulled up her skirt and pushed the golden dildo into her vagina, still wet with their combined fluids and turned it on. It pushed in and out of her as it vibrated.

"Mmmmm, that feels so good."

Mr. Spacely turned the shaker on high and it began to pump and throb with a great intensity. Very quickly, Jane arched her back and began to thrash about as her orgasm hit. She writhed around as the powerful sensations coursed through her body, centered around the golden rod beating in her vagina.

Cosmo removed the golden shaker now slick with the juices of her latest orgasm and looked at it thoughtfully. Maybe, just maybe George may have stumbled onto something here. Obviously, it was very satisfying to at least one woman as Jane was still sprawled out on the desk, skirt up around her waist, panting as she recovered from her intense orgasm. She looked back at him.

"You're right. It's not much of a salt shaker. Like I said, I'll do whatever you want me to do to make it right."

"I'm not sure about this. Let me think about it," he said, toying with her.

"Please, Mr. Spacely. George really needs this job."

"Well, come back tomorrow and perhaps if you do better than you did today, we could work something out."

After the door closed behind Jane, Mr. Spacely got on the videophone.

The next morning, Cosmo Spacely sat back in his chair enjoying a cigar. He was feeling very good, very good indeed. He had called Venus Imports, broker for high end adult toys and entertainment and had sold his entire inventory of gold salt shakers for an astronomical sum. In one deal, he had made more money than he had in the previous ten years combined.

And the sensations of George's pretty wife's mouth on his penis was the icing on the cake. Jane was on her knees under his new desk, moving her head up and down his shaft. He had a new desk brought into his office with paneling covering the front and sides. No one could see this hot slender lady under his desk unless they were behind him. Cosmo now had the object of his fantasies making his wet dreams come true. In return for giving George back his job, Jane would be at this beck and call to service his every need. Yes, he was feeling very good indeed.

Just then, George walked dejectedly into his boss' office and stood in front of Mr. Spacely's desk. Jane froze, mid stroke as she heard the door open.

"You wanted to see me? I've almost cleared out my desk," he said morosely.

"George, I've been giving this matter a lot of thought."

"I know, sir, that I really sent things into the wrong orbit this time, but give me one more chance. You won't regret it."

"Well, your wife came in to talk to me."


"Yes," he said as he glanced down at George's wife, her lips around his erection. "And she convinced me to give you another chance."

"She did?"

"Your wife is very persuasive. In fact, she did such a good job of helping me out with this difficult issue, that I've decided to give her a part time job here."

"Here? Really?"

"Well, you won't see her much since she'll be mostly helping me when I have something hard that I want her to work on," he replied as he pushed Jane's head down burying his erection in her mouth.

"Wow, that's great."

"Yes it is. So, you can unpack your stuff and get back to work."

Jane had resumed slowly moving up and down his erection.

"Thank you, Mr. Spacely. Thank you so much."

George noticed that his boss seemed to be preoccupied.

"Sir, is something wrong?"

"I've just got a lot of pressure building inside of me."

"Anything I can do?"

"No, it's one of those hard issues I have to deal with."

"Well, maybe Jane can help you with that."

"You may have something there. Get started on this new contract. I'll give you the details in a little while."

"I'll get right on it. Thanks again, Mr. Spacely," George called out as he left.

Cosmo looked down at Jane and grabbed her head in both hands and started to pump in earnest.

"You liked that didn't you. Well here's your reward."

His penis throbbed as his semen shot out and filled Jane's mouth. She swallowed quickly, not missing a drop.

"I think this is the start of something great."


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