The Misadventures of Jane Jetson
by Thoth

George had been away for two days at a Sprockets convention on Mars.
He was busy representing Spacely Sprockets and trying to pitch sales at
interested markets. There really should have been a whole team of
specialists there, but Mr. Spacely, being the penny-pinching tight wad
that he is refused to spring the money for the travel expenses so George
had to go alone.
Of course, he was going to be tired and exhausted when he came back,
so Jane prepared a special surprise for him to help him relax. First she
made sure Judy and Elroy were tucked away in bed. Then, in the privacy of
her bedroom, she opened up a special package she bought from Venusian's
Secrets. It was a one piece black teddy. The top culminated into two
points as they covered her pert tits. The crotch had special
micro-circuitry sewn in to stimulate her musky female scent. The back had
a special Venusian bow. Just pull the string and the whole outfit slips
right off! The perfect thing to get George's gears moving after a long,
exhausting trip.
Jane dimmed the lights in the bedroom and lay seductively on the bed.
She heard George return home and enter the bedroom. "Hello, George," she
said in a husky, sultry voice.
George, mumbled and grunted, his eyes half open. "Hello Jane, boy am I
tired!" He stumbled into bed without even changing his clothes. Jane,
snuggled up next to him, running her fingers up and down his chest. She
was about to give him a welcome-home kiss when she was stopped by George's
"He's fallen asleep!" Jane thought to herself in aghast! "Well! I
never!" She sat up with her hands on her hips, thoroughly disgusted with
George's behavior.
Well, George might not be in the mood for sex, but Jane certainly was!
She had been looking forward to this evening and her anticipation had made
her hornier than she had been since their honeymoon!
"I guess I'll just have to entertain myself!" she thought. She marched
out of the bedroom and into the den. She turned on the TV and programmed
it for one of the adult channels. She had a special recording of her
favorite porno star, Peter Northstar going at it with some nameless
Jane watched the muscular hunk thrust his rock-hard cock into his
lovers mouth. He pumped his hips back and forth mercilessly fucking her
face. Jane pictured her lips wrapping around that cock, teasing it with
her tongue. She thought of herself licking it's tender underside and
letting his balls slap against her chin as he fucked her face.
Jane was moaning as she fingered herself. She pushed a button on her
easy chair and a panel slid open on the opposite wall. A mechanical device
hovered over from the open panel. It was Jane's Vibratron 3000. The most
advanced masturbatory servo-droids this side of Alpha Centauri!
A little hatch opened up and a vibrating dildo slid into her cunt. It
was designed to send out pulsating, sonic vibrations, gyrating her cunny
into ecstacy. Jane began moaning as the mechanical arm thrust back and
forth, forcing it's way deeper into her cunt.
Two more mechanical arms reached out and began fondling her breasts.
Tiny micropodia extended on the surface of the mechanical "hands" to
titlate her nipples. Jane began moaning louder, when she suddenly caught
"I'd better watch myself or I'll wake Elroy!" She glanced over in the
direction of his room and was shocked to see the door was cracked open
with light shining through it. With the push of a button, the Vibratron
3000 stopped its vaginal excursion and hovered back into its cubby hole.
Jane was frightened! Had he been watching her??? She tidied her self
up a bit. She turned off the porno and snuck over to his room. She peered
through the crack in the doorway and was completely unprepared for what
she saw next!
Elroy was kneeling on his bed with his cock hanging out of the opening
of his one piece pajamas. He was staring at a nudie magazine, madly
stroking his cock.
Strangely, Jane became incredibly turned on by the sight of her son
masturbating. Instead of barging in she continued to spy on him. In fact,
she unconsciously began to masturbate herself, sticking two fingers under
her lingerie and into her cunt.
As she watched, she noticed that there was a second picture on top of
the centerfold he was jerking off to. She strained to see what it was. She
was again shocked to learn that it was her! Elroy was fantasizing about
his own mother. These new incestuous thoughts turned Jane on to no end!
She began rapidly stroking her fingers in and out of her cunt. She began
fondling and fingering her clitoris.
Jane got an idea. If the boy's so horny, and if he wants to fuck his
mother so badly, why not let him have it? The idea was so ghastly, so
taboo, that it sent her mind reeling! A mother fuck her own son??? It was
so wrong, yet it sent surges of electricity throughout her body. She was
so turned on she couldn't resist!
She stood up, took a few steps back and began to walk back toward his
room, this time calling his name a few steps before the door to give him
fair warning.
"Oh, Elroy!" she called, "shouldn't you be in bed young man?" She
entered the room, the door automatically swished open to grant her
passage. Elroy quickly dove under the covers, hiding the magazine under
the pillow.
"Uh... mom! What're you doing up?" he asked nervously, seemingly
oblivious to her sexy sleepware.
"Never mind that, what are *you* doing up?" she countered, "it looks
like you haven't been properly tucked in."
With that, she crawled seductively on to his bed and pulled the covers
up to his chin, making sure he got an eyefull of her plump, round tits.
Elroy blushed at the sight of his mom's cleavage as his cock began to
swell. Jane purposely brushed her cunt against his groin.
"What's this?" she asked trying to sound surprised. She reached her
hand down and felt his hardness. Elroy gasped as she touched his cock
through the blankets.
She threw off his covers. "What kind of naughty thoughts are you
having about your mother?" She asked as she exposed his cock still
sticking out of the opening in his pajamas. "There's only one thing to do
about this!" she exclaimed.
Jane scuttled down the bed and immediately slapped her lips on his
cock. Elroy's head almost exploded as his mother began to suck him off. He
couldn't believe this was happening! His own mother was blowing him! His
every dream was coming true right then and there!
Jane sucked around the mushroom crown of his young cock. She teased
the base of his head with her tongue as she sucked on the purple top
applying pressure with her lips. She began to massage his inner thighs
with her hands as she sucked on his dick.
Jane then engulfed his entire cock in her mouth lapping its tender
underside with her tongue. Even fully erect, Elroy's cock was still rather
small because of his young age. Jane went on a sucking frenzy, bobbing her
head up and down rapidly as she took in his entire length. She sucked the
whole thing in her mouth pursing her lips against the base of his dick and
then sucked hard as she pulled her mouth all the way off! She immediately
clamped down on the head again and swallowed his pulsating shaft. Up and
down, up and down -- her head was a blur as she voraciously sucked on her
son's young love tool.
Jane was possessed. The fact that it was her own son's young cock she
was sucking on drover her wild with lust. The fact that she was committing
incest caused her body to quiver and pulse with excitement. She had to
have her son's tool in her. All of it.
She whipped her head up and stopped for a moment, panting. She looked
at Elroy. His eyes were closed and his head tilted back. He had a huge,
ear to ear grin on his face. He was clutching the bed sheets. He looked up
puzzled. "Huh? Why'd you stop Mom?" he asked.
"Mommy has something special in mind for her little boy," Jane said
seductively. She and Elroy changed places. She laid in his bed and pulled
him in between her legs. She pulled him in close with one hand and pulled
her pussy open with the other.
"Now, show your mother what you can do, Elroy," she said huskily,
"Fuck your mother. It's what you've always wanted isn't it?" Jane's mind
was spinning! She didn't know what came over her. All at once she felt
nasty, poweful and sexy. More than ever, she wanted her little boy to
pound his cock into her.
Elroy didn't need any more coaxing. He swung his hips back and then
forward, penetrating his mother's birth canal. He shoved the head of his
cock in and let Jane's wet, hot pussy squeeze in on it. He rotated his
hips reveling in the pleasurable feel of his mother's tight, juicy vagina.
He pulled back and then began to pump his mother rigorously. He
watched eagerly as her full, round titties bounced in rythm with his
thrusts. In and out, in and out, the feel of his own mother's warm, tight
pussy was more exciting, more pleasurable than he ever dared dream, but he
was just getting warmed up.
Elroy pulled his cock all the way out. He had only been shoving in
about a third of his length up to now. With one fell swoop he lunged into
his mother and forced his entire length up her belly. Jane yelped in
pleasure at her son's sudden, violent intrusion.
"Oh, Elroy...," she moaned in ecstasy. "Oh, my boy...." She reached
around and carressed his buttocks. Elroy was pumping in full earnest now.
He was thrusting into his mother like a man possessed. He was a blur
pumping faster, faster, FASTER...! "Oh, yeesssss!" his mother cried out,
thrusting her hips into him. That was it. Elroy exploded into her. Thick
gooey strings of the boy's first cum entered into his mother as his hips
buckled and thrust orgasmicly. It was Elroy's first orgasm and the first
time he had ever truly cum.
Jane could feel her son's gooey love juice filling her as his cock
involuntarily pumped and pumped. She pulled back as Elroy collapsed
backwards onto the bed, his cock, still fully erect continued spurting
gobs of cum into the air.
Jane bent forward and took his cock into her mouth. She sucked off the
last of his load savoring the rich, sweet, salty taste in her mouth before
she swallowed it. She sucked up and down his shaft licking up the remnants
of her own juices on it as he softened in her mouth.
Jane picked her head up and let his limp dick fall. "Oh, Elroy..." she
whispered. She bent forward to kiss him gingerly when... "Zzzzz...." Her
eyes opened wide in shock.
He was asleep! He blew his load and fell asleep! Men! They're all the
same! He's just like his father! It must run in the family. Jane put her
hands on her hips. "Harrumph!" she exclaimed in disgust.
She walked angrily out of his bedroom. Her own womanly desires had
still gone unfulfilled. Fucking her own son was exciting, it was more
erotic than anything she had ever fantasized, but his small, young dick
wasn't long enough or thick enough to make her orgasm.
She was still angry as she approached her armchair in front of the TV.
"I guess it's just me and the Vibratron 3000... again," she muttered to
her self. She went to push the button when she noticed the Vibratron's
cubby hole was already open. This was odd. Had it malfunctioned? Or... had
somebody found it? George? Judy???
Jane stopped silent, trying to listen for any sounds that might
indicate that someone was near. If the Vibratron were on, she would
certainly hear it. In the darkness, she could hear something faint. She
strained to make it out. It sound like... sniffing?
She slowly crept toward the sound. It got louder. It was sniffing! As
she rounded the corner she saw it. Astro was eagerly sniffing the vibrator
at the end of the Vibratron's arm. Jane watched filled with curiosity as
he continued to examine the machine.
After a few minutes of sniffing he began to lick. Slowly at first,
taking small nips, then eagerly, lapping it with alacrity. Jane found
herself become mysteriously aroused again. She began to tease her pussy
with one of her hands.
Jane suddenly became aware that as Astro inhaled and tasted her pussy
juices left on the machine, he began to develop a hardon. Even in the
darkness, Jane could make out the mastiff's massive cock. She gasped in
excitement at its size. It was bigger than any she had ever seen!
Jane forced herself back to reality. "Get real Jane! Astro may be our
friend, but he's a *dog*. You can't have sex with a dog! You can't get
turned on by one! It's not natural." Even still, she couldn't tear herself
away from the sight of Astro's huge, swollen penis. George certainly
wasn't able to fully satisfy her. That goes double for Elroy. As exciting
and erotic as incest was, he's too much like his father -- small dick and
not enough staying power to make a decent fuck last.
Jane's mind drifted toward the forbidden... Astro's massive cock and
animal lust is exactly what she's been craving and he seems to have a
genuine appreciation for her assetts judging by his interest in her cum
soaked dildo.
Astro's whimpering snapped Jane out of her train of thought. He was
getting agitated, running in circles, sometimes trying to mount the
Vibratron or the couch. "Poor dear," she thought, "he's excited and horny
with no one to release his pent up lust with. He *wants* to have sex."
Then she thought about the fact that it was *her* masturbating that got
him excited in the first place. "He wants to have sex with *me*."
Jane crept up on Astro on all fours. She was stalking him like a
predator. She reached around her back and tugged on that magic string of
her Venusian bow. Instantly, her lingerie fell to the floor and she was
completely naked. Her unrestricted breasts swung in rythm with her
She came close to Astro and put her arm up gingerly on his haunches.
Astro turned around quickly. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when
he saw Jane's sexy, naked body. "Hello, dear," Jane said huskily. "She
furrowed her brow and closed her eyes halfway giving Astro a sexy, raunchy
"fuck me" look. Jane licked her lips and with her other hand, reached
underneath Astro and began to stroke his cock.
Astro's eyes rolled back into his head as he succumbed to his
mistress' masterful strokes. Jane pumped Astro's cock with her right hand
as she reached around with her left. She felt a soft foreskin and pulled
it all the way back revealing a huge, tender bulb at the base of his cock.
Jane had never seen a dog's cock before. It was huge -- long and
thick. It started as a large, swollen ball at the base from which a thick
shaft jutted out. It had no purple head like a man's. Just a rounded tip
with a single eye for peeing or cumming. Astro's cock bulged with purple
veins as her stroking excited him.
He had a strange musky scent. It was very... primal. The smell of it
caused Jane's body to quiver with excitement. It seemed to release some
primal, animal lust within her. She just *had* to taste it.
Jane ducked her head underneath Astro's body. Her mouth opened, ready
to recieve his cock. She couldn't believe what she was doing. She was so
excited and genuinely aroused! She felt like a woman possessed.
Charged with lust, Jane thrust her head forward and engulfed the
canine's swollen cock. The taste was so strange, so foreign! She let it
fill her mouth as she began jerking her head back and forth. She teased it
wildly with her tongue. Her mouth never felt so full, yet she forced her
self to take more and more in.
Astro's hips bucked uncontrollably as he fucked Jane's mouth. His cock
stroked rythmically in and out of Jane's mouth. The head of his massive
cock hit the back of her throat. Jane began to gag, but she struggled to
regain control. Suddennly, he began to cum. A river of semen began to fill
Jane's mouth.
Jane gagged as as Astro shot his dog cum down her throat. Her mouth
began to fill and overflow with white, sticky goo. She tried to swallow to
stop the overflow, but found it impossible to keep up. Jane continued to
bob her head up and down the canine's cock, stimulating him to continue
his onslaught. Churned out of her mouth and dribbled down her chin. Gooey
white drops covered her lush, round tits and flat, bare stomach.
Jane reached around and grabbed Astro's haunches as he continued to
fuck her face. Jane felt helpless as she lay under Astro's body. She was
completely unprepared for the suddenness and quantity of Astro's love
Finally, Jane tore her face away from Astro's cock. He continued to
spurt streams of cum on her body. Jane rolled over on her stomach,
remaining underneath Astro's body. She got on her arms and knees and
raised her ass to meet Astro's groin.
Astro knew what came next. He bucked and jerked his hips, trying to
find an opening. Jane reached around and guided his cock in to her hot,
wet love tunnel.
Astro attacked Jane's pussy with animal ferocity. The head of his cock
quickly pierced Jane's tightness. He pulled his cock in and out, in and
out easing it further into her body. He continued pumping into her untill
she had accomodated his entire length. Jane moaned and screamed with
pleasure and pain. She had no idea to expect such a ferocious fucking.
Astro pounded into her pussy deeper and deeper stretching her to satisfy
is lust with no regard for her pain or pleasure.
Astro pumped and pumped and with each succession Jane let out a
viscious moan. "Eouch! OOhh! OOhh! Uuhh! Oooohh!" Jane moaned in rythm
with Astro's thrusts.
Soon, the cumming began again. Like a fire hose, Astro unleashed his
seeming endless supply of hot, thick dog cum. He buried his cock deep
inside her as he filled her depths with his cum. Jane's body tingled and
fired with electricity. She had never felt anything like it before. Just
the thought of being filled with a *dog's* semen was enough to drive her
wild. Her pussy was being violated by an animal and she loved it.
Jane's body began to buck and quiver as she orgasmed. Her pussy
tightened and squeezed Astro's cock, sucking the semen out of him. Astro
pulled his hips back and then thrust into her again. He began to push and
push. Then she felt it. The huge knot at the base of his cock began to
force its way into her.
Jane's eyes widened with fear as she realized what was happening. She
looked back, but it was beyond her control. Her pussy stretched and
stretched beyond its limits Astro forced his way in. Jane's legs spread
wider and her knees began to quiver and shake with weakness.
Mercilessly, Astro continued to force his fist size knot into her.
Jane gritted her teeth and clenched her fist as the massive dog cock
penetrated her. As the knot began to force its way into her, it began to
fill with blood and swell, getting bigger and bigger.
Jane's breathing quickened. She was still clenching her fists,
gasping trying to comprehend what was happening to her. The pain subsided
a little as she got used to her partner's size. The swollen bulb had
locked Astro into her. She couldn't move untill he released her and his
cock had no intention of doing that until it had finished emptying its
load into her.
Jane felt Astro's cock inside her pumping his cum into her, feeding
the inner walls of her vagina. She lay there for what seemed like an
eternity untill finally, Astro's cock softened.
He pulled his dick out of her and backed off. A stream of semen
poured out of her pussy and dribbled down her legs.
Jane rolled over onto her back and spread her legs. Her pussy ached,
but she had never orgasmed like that in her life. Astro still stood over.
She was exhausted but she reached up and pulled his head down. Without
saying a word she brought his lips to hers and gave him a passionate kiss.
Her tongue found his and she took in his hot, tasty saliva as she lay on
the floor, drenched in his love juices.


There's plenty more to cum! If the response is positive, I plan to keep on
going until we run out of cast members and sexual taboos to explore. So
what's next? George and Judy -- definitely! Judy and Elroy! Judy and Astro
(a must)! Jane and Judy! Of course, we have to ghole family together for a
gangbang. I doubt if I'll be including other characters like Henry, Mr.
Spacely or Rosie. (I never did understand robot sex.) If you have any
comments or ideas, you'll have to forward them to Cernovog for now. He'll
forward them to me.



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