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Fresh off the cusp of my last story, here is another craptacular story, this
one a request by my favorite pothead and yours, lightthajoint. Jetsons, a
show I haven't seen in ages, and because of which, some of this might be
fucked up. If it is sorry, but hey, a request is a request. Quick and simple,
let's go.

Jetsons: Astro-Orgy
Part 1 - Mumbo Jumbo, Words They Say, Are You Coming Out, To Play?
by Some Random Bastard

Judy Jetson got home extremely upset. Her boyfriend was supposed to meet her
for an astro-burger, and ditched her for another girl at school, leaving her
stranded for two hours! She looked at her digital watch and saw it was only
6:15, and she knew she had enough time. She went on the conveyer belt to her
room, and from her room she went under her bed.

Ever since Judy had become 15, she had become a raging nymphomaniac. She had
done over a dozen of the boys at school, and many more strangers. As she
looked under her bed, she found what she was looking for, a small nondescript

Inside the shoebox was her best friend, buzz. She took the vibrator out of
her box, and set it on. The old sex toy slowly began to hum, making her
emotions build up. She slowly began to work the toy in her pussy. Though she
was a regular slut, her pussy always returned to an extreme tightness.

Slowly she worked the phallic symbol in her pussy, getting wet as she fucked
herself. Slowly back and forth, moving slowly as the humming continued. Inch
by inch, she worked it, until it was finally inside of her. Then, she
switched it onto full power, making a much louder hum, driving her closer to
orgasm. She began to moan, gently at first but increasing her volume and
frequency with every thrust of the plastic penis into her.

Meanwhile, Elroy was playing with Astro, testing out a new dog toy he was
working on. Suddenly, Astro ran into Judy's room, he could hear what she was
doing in there. Astro had never fucked Judy before, but she had on many
occasions let the dog watch her. She liked the idea of someone else watching
her as she was fucked or as she masturbated.

Elroy followed the dog, unaware of his intentions. When the dog ran into the
room, there was a small crack on the bottom he could see out of. He got down
on his knees to see what was going on, and all he could see is one of his
sister's legs on the floor and the dog there with his tail wagging fast. He
also noticed that Astro's penis was at full attention. Suddenly he had an
idea, he went to his room and put on his videophone, to see what was going

While Elroy was dialing, Judy accidentally knocked the phone off the hook,
unknowingly giving her little brother a peepshow of her masturbating.

Elroy was in shock of what he was watching. First, this was the first naked
woman he had ever seen, and second it was his sister, who he was first
noticing as the beautiful woman she was. And finally, his cock was growing
at the site of his sister fucking herself.

Astro was getting harder and harder, he wanted to fuck his owner. Judy
finished her orgasm and was ready to put her toy away, so she took it out
of her now semi-limp body. When she did, she was surprised to see her dog
jump next to her, his 12 inch cock sticking straight out. For the first
time, she had a chance to take a look at the size of this dog's dick, and
as she did she found something fascinating about it. Then, she decided to
do something wicked.

Judy took her dog's cock, and placed the entrance straight at the opening of
her wet box. Astro took her advice, and quickly began pumping, missing the
first three times, but on the fourth he hit pay dirt. He inserted 8 of his
inches all at once, flooding Judy's body with pain and pleasure as his
massive size penetrated her. The Judy turned around, so the dog could fuck
her doggy style, and moaned loudly as the dog began furiously pumping. As he
did, she could feel a large bump at the end of his cock. Unaware of the dog's
knot, she ignored it, since another orgasm was about to hit her. Suddenly,
right as she was on the edge, the dog forced his baseball sized knot into
her, driving her over the edge with a surge of pleasure and pain, giving her
one of the strongest orgasms of her life, literally making her burning pussy
convulse and shake over his cock, making the dog blow his massive load all
the way in her tight pussy, making her feel even hornier, having a belly full
of dog sperm. She began panting, as suddenly she heard from the phone a moan
and some heavy breathing. She looked behind her to the phone, and had enough
time to see her brother's face for a tenth of a second before he left.

Part 2 - I Did It, Do You Think I've Gone Too Far?

Fifteen minutes later, when the dog could remove his knot, Judy put on
another dress, one clean of her juices, and walked towards her brother's
room, planning to blackmail him. When she did, she was amazed to see her
brother still naked, sporting a seven inch hard on, and holding a camera.

"Gee Judy, I sure was happy to see your little show" He said with a smug
smile. The kid was a tech genius, was ahead of his class, as well as many
college classes. He had taped and made copies of this tape for his friends
long before she was finished dressing.

"You little bastard, GIMME THE TAPE!" Judy screamed at him.

"Oh, you'll get it back, but not until you do me a favor." He said, never
flinching as his sister yelled at him.

"What do you want?" she said with a defeated sigh.

"I want what you and Astro were doing" He said.

"You, want to have sex" Judy tried to suppress a laugh, but she couldn't for
long. Her laughing only served to upset Elroy. She saw it, and didn't want
her brother to keep these tapes. "Fine bro, just stay there," She said, with
not just a note of defeat, but a whole symphony. She slowly took her dress
off again, exposing her large, young, nubile breasts to her horny little

Judy was getting turned on, but she didn't want her brother to know. She
walked over to him, put her mouth down to his dick, and quickly and suddenly
began slurping at his cock. Elroy hit world's he never thought of before as
his sister was masterfully sucking on his cock, taking half of it in at once,
then suddenly licking the shaft. It wasn't long until he was ready to blow
his load, and once his sister deep throated his cock, that was all he needed,
he deposited his salty payload directly into her stomach.

"There, happy?" Judy was pissed off, not only did her brother want to fuck
her but he blew his entire load down her throat, without even letting her
taste the flavor of his young sperm.

"Not yet, dear sister, there's still something I want to do." Elroy said.

"Oh, what's that?" Judy said sarcastically.

"I want to FUCK, F-U-C-K dear sister." He said, matter-of-factly.

"You gotta be kidding me." She couldn't believe the size of this kid's balls,
he must have trouble getting around. She looked down at his balls, and while
they weren't bowling balls they were a bit on the large side.

Judy took her glistening pussy, and placed it at the tip of his cock. She
slammed down on it, and as she did, she began thinking about what was
happening. It all happened so fast it was surreal, but in the last hour she
had fucked herself, been fucked by a dog, then by her brother. Then she
realized that this really was her brother, and his first time, and that
turned her on even more.

For his part, Elroy didn't make an ass of himself. He had seen enough porno
flicks to know what to do, as he began to pump away at his sister's cunt,
going as fast as he could to empty his balls inside of his sister's slutty
cunt. After a minute, he realized that Judy was liking it.

Judy was now on top of her little brother, and she began to drop herself on
every thrust, desperate to get as much cock into her as she could. As he
exploded his load into her, she slammed down, feeling the old cum of the dog
meet with the new cum of her brother. After a minute of shots, Judy came
herself, not as hard but still she was limp on his cock for a minute later.
When she had finished, she took Elroy's cock out of her pussy and began to
suck on it, tasting the flavor of the dog, her little brother's spunk, and
her own sweet pussy juices.

"Huff, Judy, that was, huff, great, can we do this again." Elroy asked,

"Actually, I, sorta, like it, too. How, about, tonight?" Judy said with as
much enthusiasm as she could muster.

Part 3 - I Hate You, You Hate Me, Know What? It's All In The Family

That night, George and Jane were fucking as usual. Ever since they had been
married, they had sex every night, but this night they were both incredibly
drunk. George finished and blew his load deep in his wife's pussy, and rolled
over in bed, leaving her unsatisfied.

Jane was so upset about this she wanted to take a warm shower, but her
bathroom was broken. When she went to her daughter's room to find out if she
could use her shower, she could hear the sound of fucking. Thinking that it
was simply a case of Judy bringing a young stud over, Jane thought she might
have a chance to get at him before he was out of energy.

When she opened the door, she was surprised to see her son on top of her
daughter thrusting wildly into her, both of them ignoring her existence. As
she watched, a combination of her slutty side, the fact she was working up
to an orgasm with her husband, and the fact she was drunk all played factors
into her not breaking this up. She watched as her son blew his load, and took
his hard young cock out of her pussy, blowing his load all over her tits and
face. When he finished, he turned his head over, and was surprised to see
his mom standing next to him, wearing half a pair of pajamas and furiously

"MOM! What the fuck are you doing!" Elroy said, growing harder with the idea
of his mom in the room.

"I was just, I was gonna shower and I saw you, you two fucking, and I thought
I could get some action. Want to fuck mommy kids?" Jane said, barely able to
make a coherent sentence with her furious masturbation and her alcohol level.

"Sure ma!" Was all Elroy said, as he grabbed his mom and placed his still
hard cock in the hole he once came out of. Judy was surprised at her
brother's speed to fuck, and also at her mom's quickness to ask, and her
furious masturbation right in the doorway.

"Judy, please come over here, I want to eat some pussy." Jane said, as her
son fucked her. Jane always liked to fuck while eating pussy, but she hadn't
had the chance for quite some time, not since her high school reunion almost
three years ago.

Judy walked over, and slowly lowered her burning pussy, still wet from
before, onto her mother's experienced lips. Jane quickly began to take full
advantage, and began to caress, lick, suck, and finger her daughter. Elroy
was busy pumping into his mom, the idea of screwing the hole he came from
was amazing, and within minutes he was ready to cum. He looked at his mother
eating his sister's cum, and when he took his dick out he finished his load
all over his mother's mouth and his sister's pussy, making Judy cum hard.

When Judy had finished her orgasm, she noticed that her mother's face was
covered in cum. Judy went over to her mother, and began to lick the cum, some
of it starting to dry, from her mothers face. Once she had all she could get,
she began to French kiss her mother, as both of them shared the same cum, the
cum from their son/brother.

"What, the FUCK, is going on, over here?" George asked, in a drunken stupor.

"I decided to fuck your son, because you couldn't satisfy me, you drunk
sonovabitch!" She said.

"Oh yea, well I propose a bet! To prove who really is the king shit of this
house!" George said, being both upset and trying to get into the action.

"What, pray tell, does the great Nostra-jackass have planned?" Judy said

"A fucking contest, to see who can satisfy more. I'll fuck Judy, you fuck
Elroy. Whoever comes first, you or Judy, will decide who the winner will be."
George said, and Jane took him seriously. Well, her judgment was probably
impaired due to the aforementioned factors.

"Fine, let's do it" Jane said, with the competition in her rising.

Jane got on all fours, and her mother did the same. Elroy and George lined
up, and George started the countdown. "Ready, on your slut, go!" He said, as
they both began fucking their woman.

George quickly grabbed his daughter's nipples, rubbing them and slowly
tweaking them, to increase her orgasm. Judy shivered with pleasure, as her
pussy was being fucked by her dad's 7 and a half in cock, and her nipples
being pleased every second from the constant attention.

Elroy, on the other hand, began to quickly fuck his mother, using his fingers
at the base of her pussy, rubbing and massaging her clit, just like he saw
online. Jane was going nuts, she wanted to cum hard, and with her daughter
standing next to her, she was near ecstasy as the thought of incest and the
taboo that came along with it washed over her.

Both of the girls were approaching orgasm, and their moans began to turn each
other on, as Jane's more throaty, more grown up moans, as opposed to her
daughter's higher pitched squeals of pleasure. Suddenly, George grabbed onto
his daughter's white ponytail, and pulled it, impaling her on his rod and
causing her pain but also the pleasure of being submissive. This drove her
over the edge as she felt the entire size bulged into her already battered

Jane finished a half minute later, cumming hard after Elroy began inserting
one of his fingers into her tight little rectum. After both the girls had cum
hard, they realized that the boys were still pumping, and both nearing their
own orgasms.

"Daddy, could you and Elroy blast your loads over mom and my faces?" Judy
said, in her famous kiss-ass voice that always got her what she wanted.

"Sure honey, whatever you want" George said, as both he and Elroy pulled out.
They began to jerk their own dicks, and within another minute they both were
blowing their massive loads all over the two women. The girls tried to catch
what they could in their mouths, but what they couldn't fell on their breasts
and stomachs. When the men had finished, the girls French kissed again,
leaking sperm out of their mouths as they exchanged loads and tasted each
others mouth.

Within another half hour, the entire family went back to their rooms, and the
next morning they all wanted to forget about it. Everyone, except of course

"Mom, Dad, Judy, you are going to owe me big time…." Elroy started, as he
lifted the camera in his hands.

Well, that wasn't so bad a pill to swallow, now was it? Well, I
gave it a shot, there's 2 hours worth of being fucked up and trying to
write, I'm not gonna do that again for a long time. I was surprised I
could crank this out faster than I though, I might write, or start writing,
another story as soon as I get enough coffee. Next up, I was thinking
of bumping a Parasite Eve story I was considering and waiting a little
for the Simpson's until I had figured out a storyline. I'll figure it out
eventually I guess.

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