Jerry Springer: Pre-Teen Prostitution Part 2 (Fg,BDSM,ws)
by Hamster

JERRY! JERRY! The crowd chanted.

"For those of you just joining us we are here with Amanda. Amanda is an
11-year old prostitute who has been selling herself to her friends at school.
Amanda didn't any adults find out about this." Asked Jerry.

"Sure they were my best costumers." Replied Amanda.


Amanda had made her way to Chris's house. She had told her parents that it
was to mow the woman's lawn but it was not actually the case.

She opened the gate to the back yard and stepped in. She was very surprised.
Chris was only wearing leather boots and a leather corsette. She had a whip
and backyard filled with wooden constructs that had leather straps all over

"Shut the gate and come in" Said Chris.

"Wow this place is really freaky." Said Amanda.

"SILENCE!" Chris ordered sharply as she cracked her whip. "You horrible,
awful little girl have vexed me quite enough thank you. Running amok and
speaking out of turn. Honestly, your parents have been very lax in your
discipline. Spare the cane and spoil the child I always say. Now strip."

"W-what?"the frightened Amanda stammered.

"I said STRIP you silly girl." Chris ordered again with a crack of her whip
for emphasis.

Quickly the girl stripped off their clothing and was soon standing naked.
Amanda stood stock still as Chris stepped around them looking her over

"Follow me," she ordered as she led her to the wooden constructs. The wooden
beams formed different shapes and had leather lashings and metal cuffs
hanging in different spots all over it. "You, come here."

Amanda reluctantly obeyed. Chris led her to a small pyramid made up of wooden
cubes. The three on the bottom made a platform for the fourth which was on
top and center of the other three. On the top of the two bottom cubes on
either end where restraints.

"On all fours with your belly resting on that middle cube. And do hurry."
Chris ordered.

Reluctantly Amanda obeyed. Chris locked up her wrists and ankles. Amanda now
stood on all fours her tender bare ass exposed to the world. Amanda waited
nervously for whatever the leather clad woman was planning. Chris attached
her whip to her belt and instead fetched a paddle from a nearby rack. Amanda
gulped at the sight of it.

"Now you'll be getting 12 whacks I want you to count out backwards from
twelve with each whack, do you understand?" Chris asked. She waited for
Amanda to respond with a quiet mumbled yes. "Excuse me dear, I didn't quite
hear that."

"I said yes." Amanda responded sulkily but clearly.

"Good." Chris said as she approached Amanda from behind.

Chris brushed the soft curve of one of Amanda's butt cheeks with a single
gloved finger. Amanda was twitching with nervous anticipation. Chris inserted
a single finger into Amanda's pussy. Amanda gave a soft whimper. Chris gave
Amanda's pussy a few quick strokes and was rewarded by a few more feathery
soft gasps.

"Hmm you like that don't you? Answer me."

"Y-yes yes I do." Amanda replied.

Chris removed her finger, much to Amanda's disappointment and licked the
glove clean.

"Well let's get on with it." Chris said.

WHACK! Chris pulled back and cracked the paddle over Amanda's bare bottom. It
immediately flushed red.

"ONE!" Amanda cried out in pain forgetting she had to go backwards.

"Oops you forgot we're going from twelve to one. We'll have to start over."
Chris announced.


"TWELVE." Amanda cried with tears building.


Chris stepped back to examine her work. Amanda's poor butt cheeks where
discolored and welted, tears flowed freely from her eyes.

"Well mission accomplished I'd say." Chris announced then turned her
attention to Amanda. "Except I think my whip is hungry for some nice young

Chris unfastened Amanda and then guided her to a frame that was shaped like
a giant square. She strapped the girls wrists and ankles to each corner. Now
her eyes where wide and frightened. Amanda watched through a blur of tears as
Chris removed her whip from its resting place and was now flicking it so that
the tip cracked against Amanda's nipples. Amanda cried out and her breasts
swayed from the contact of the whip and struggles of her body. The whip
cracked again and again, each time connecting with Amanda's nipples or pussy.
As Amanda cried out from her whipping, Amanda began to feel aroused. After
leaving some red streaks all over the poor girls chest and ass Chris
unfastened her and let her fall to the ground.

"Now lick my pussy slut." Chris demanded.

The exhausted girl did as she was told and licked at Chris's cunt until the
woman began to cum. After her orgasm Chris felt the massive urge to piss and
no desire whatsoever to go to the bathroom so she let her bladder erupt all
over poor Amanda's face.

To be continued
_ _ _

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