Jerry Springer: PTP Land Part 6 - The Top 4
by Hamster ([email protected])

"JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!" Chanted the crowd.

If there was one thing Jerry loved it was the sound of the dozens and
DOOOOZENS of people chanting his name. He waited for the crowd to die down
before he introduced his guests, 4 young girls.

"Hello and welcome." Said Jerry. "Today our guests are the four most
requested of the entertainers from PTP LAND."

"First off is Savannah." He turned to a blonde "So Savannah, why don't you
share one of your experiences at the castle."

* * *

There was a good reason that Savannah was the most popular girl at the
castle. For her young age she had a slamming body. Nice tits, slim waist,
and an absolutely incredible ass combined with a willingness (or even
eagerness) to do practically anything a club member wanted. The big
exception being that she wasn't really into girl on girl action. Which
of course she was still willing to do despite her distaste for it. It was
her job and many club members found that reluctance of hers to be a massive
turn on.

Savannah was being fucked up the ass by the man on top of her. She also had
another man underneath her who was doing his very best to fuck her pussy.
She was sucking the cock of the man in front of her and giving a hand job to
the men on either side of her. She loved having a cock in her ass and cunt
at the same time. She loved the way the both worked in and out of her. All
around her were young girls and older men in various combinations fucking
like crazy. This room was commonly known as the Romp-Her-Room for a reason.
It was an ongoing non-stop orgy. Girls and club members would come and go
but there was always at least some fucking going on in the Romp-her-room.
She could feel the cock in her ass blow it's cum in her. She also felt the
red hot rod stabbing into her pussy over any over but surprisingly, to her
at least, he wasn't quite ready to cum. The man she was sucking off suddenly
pulled free and blew his goo all over her face. The two men she was giving
hand jobs to also spewed their cum all over her face and hair. Finally the
man fucking her cunt blew it in her pussy. Once they left her she was ready
to take on the next set of cocks but she was tapped in the shoulder by Ms.

"All right young lady you are done here." Ms. Stern said.

"What? Why, I can stay longer." Savannah whined.

"You are caked in cum, you need a shower." Ms Stern said. Ms Stern stared at
the pretty face covered in sperm. "My dear, you look like an obscene glazed
doughnut. And I love the obscene AND glazed doughnuts."

Ms Stern leaned forward and licked the side of Savannah's face.

"Delicious. After you finish cleaning up meet me in my room dear."

Savannah went to her room and showered. Once all the dried cum was washed
clean and her hair was dry , she dressed in some tiny white shorts, a pink
t-shirt and some cute pink boots. She made her way to Ms Stern's room. Ms
Stern was wearing knee-high, high-heeled boots and black leather gloves.
That was it.

"Come her you sweet little bitch." Said Ms Stern.

She grabbed Savannah's hips and pulled her close then began to kiss her hard.
Stern squeezed Savannah's butt, she loved the girl's ass. Stern pushed the
girl on her back, onto the bed. She unbuckled her belt then unzipped her
shorts and pulled them off. Stern spread Savannah's thighs and started to
lick the girl's velvety pussy. Savannah moaned softly as Ms Stern tongued
her. She stopped eating the girl out after a few strokes of her tongue. She
straddled her face and ground her pussy into her mouth.

"Eat me slut!" Stern ordered.

The hot young blonde obeyed expediently. Stern savored every sensuous lick
that touched her hot cunt.

"Yes, yes eat it. EAT IT!" Ordered the woman. She grabbed the back of
Savannah's head and pushed it harder into her cunt.

Ms Stern was nearly writhing with pleasure as the girl's tongue trashed
within her.

* * *

Shelby was cute. She had pouty lips and was blonde, with very long hair and
loved to wear tiny little white shorts. Not that she knew that they were
white. She was just told that they were white. The fact was Shelby was
completely blind. Shelby was being led by her dog, a golden retriever named
Shep, and was moving her cane from side to side as she walked the castle
halls. Most people politely got out of her way, a few of the club members
pinched her butt as she went by, delighting in her surprised reactions. She
had the castle halls memorized and made her way to the room where the club
members where waiting for her in surprisingly good time. She entered the
room and heard the voices of two club members.

"Cute one." One said.

"Yeah, this is going to be fun." Said the other.

Shelby felt one man snatch her up and kiss her in the mouth. Shelby felt a
second man spin her around and give her a kiss as well. She lifted her arms
as she felt somebody pull her shirt up and off.

"She's got a cute little butt don't you think?" Asked one of the men.

UHHH-OHHH, thought the little blind girl, she knew what was coming. SMACK!!!!
Her cane crashed down painfully across her smooth ass cheeks.

"EEK!!!" Her pain-filled squeal was simply greeted with several more whacks
across the ass. "EEEOW it hurts."

"Well in that case little lady, I can definitely think of something else to
do with that cute little butt of yours." Said one of the men.

Shelby was forcibly bent over the edge of the bed. One of the men held her
arms down as the other one came around behind her. He pushed his cock between
her cheeks and hard into her tight little ass. Shelby tensed up and felt the
pain of the man-meat driving into her. Each thrust was like a red-hot iron
being driven into her. He fucked her ass for a few minutes before he blew his
load into her.

"My turn." Said the other man. "I like pussy more than ass."

Shelby actually breathed a sigh of relief.

* * *

Emily was a sweet girl who was a favorite of MANY club members. She was
an especial favorite of a married couple, Annie and Brian. The pretty
Raven-haired girl was very familiar with the particulars of this couples
favorite kinks. That was why she wasn't wearing anything but a diaper and
her hair was in pigtails. There was duck wallpaper all over the walls.
Emily's bed (in this theme room) even resembled a giant crib. The sides
of this 'crib' collapsed do that the club-members could access their girl.
She slowly sucked on a baby bottle as she waited for her clients to arrive.
Annie and Brian walked in.

"Awww how cute does she look?" Annie said.

"Sweetheart you always say that." Said Brian.

"But it's so true." Said Annie.

Brian collapsed one side of the crib-bed so that they could have fun with the

"What's in the bottle sweetie?" Asked Brian.

Emily popped the bottle out of her mouth so she could respond.

"Cum." She said.

"Mmm that is so sweet." Said Annie.

Annie took off Emily's diaper. She placed her hand on the bare little pussy
and rubbed it affectionately.

"Mommy is going to make baby feel very good. But baby needs to make daddy
feel good too." Annie said.

Annie leaned over and gave Emily's pussy a long sexy lick. At the lame time
Brian pulled the bottle from the girl's mouth and replaced it with his dick.
Emily was moaning around the cock as Annie was now sticking two fingers in
her cunt and pushing them in and out. Brian stroked her hair affectionately
while she sucked his cock like a baby bottle.

"Let's switch baby." Brian said to his wife.

Emily got on the ground in the doggy-style position and Annie got on her back
so Emily could eat her out. Brian got behind her and rammed his hard meat
into her tight pussy. Brian slid his cock deeper into her and felt the sweet
pleasure of pounding the girl hard. While he was doing that Annie had to grab
her hair and hold it tight to keep her head from bobbing around too much.
Emily was doing her best to eat out Annie while being ridden like a horse.

* * *

Beautiful and perky castle activities director, Kerri, stood on the stage
with a big smile.

"Welcome everyone to the stage show. Today we have a big treat for you,
Mistress Heidi, her pet jaguar, and our own little Molly!" Kerri announced.

The curtain was pulled aside and behind it was a tall blonde woman. She was
wearing tight black leather suit and high-heeled boots. Her hair was pulled
back into a single long braid. She held in her hand a whip. Beside her were
two cages, one contained a live Jaguar and the other a pretty blonde 10-year

Heidi opened Molly's cage and then cracked her whip. Molly quickly crawled

Molly noticed the jaguar's large penis. Molly slowly knelt down to the
ground and positioned her ass to face the beast. Then things happened very
quickly. She felt a rough tongue slap against her ass cheek and the sound of
the jaguar moving close. This big jaguar that was sniffing her juicy young
cunt. Then she felt heavy beast atop her back and braced herself. Molly felt
her moving up over her back. Molly knew what to expect. The beast mounted
her and the next thing Molly felt was something slimy pushing against her
hole. Molly reached down and felt a long hard shaft and positioned it at her
opening. Molly continued to kneel on all fours as the jaguar began to thrust
in and out of her painfully. It's length was amazing; it was extremely long
and thick. The jaguar was slipping in and out of her faster and faster now,
and Molly felt herself getting ready to cum. The beast's rhythm was intense.

"More, more harder!!" Heidi ordered before cracking her whip at Molly and the
beast, urging it on to fuck her harder.

Molly thought it was going to drive her into the ground as it humped her
faster and faster. Molly could feel her cunt contracting again and again as
she came hard on the jaguar's thrusting cock. Molly was not sure if it could
tell that she was cumming, but it didn't last much longer either. Before
Molly was completely down from her own orgasm, her jaguar mate came. It was
shivering and shaking and jerking above her, making growling and whining
noises. Then it was over and the beast collapsed on top of her.


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