Jerry Springer: PTP Land Part 4 - Eva And Bunny (Ff,inc,BDSM)
by Hamster ([email protected])


Back from commercial now on stage were a mother and daughter. Both blondes.
Both attractive and long legged.

"Hi and welcome back. We have been talking about the amusement Park for
perverts known as PTP Land. Our next guests were guest performers there.
Please me the magical team of Eva and Bunny Le Strange." Jerry said.

"Hi Jerry." Said Eva.

"Hello." Said Bunny.

"So you are a magician?" Asked Jerry.

"Yes." Said Eva.

"Isn't that a little out of place at a sex resort?" Asked Jerry.

"Not the way mom does it." Said Bunny.

* * *

The 3:00 floor show at the Castle.

"Well I have a special surprize. I hired a very special act to perform here
today a wonderful magician named Eva Le Strange. So please give a hand to Eva
and her daughter Bunny." Announced Kerri.

There was a puff of smoke and suddenly standing in the center of the stage
was a very sexy woman of around 29-10. She had long blond hair and was
wearing a silk strapless one-piece that showed off her big breasts quite
nicely. Black fishnet stockings and a white bow tie joined a magicians hat
and some extremely arched high-heel patenet leather pumps completed this
outfit that made her look a little like Zatanna from the Justice League.
The woman had large breasts and incredibly long sexy legs.

"Thanks Kerri for that very energetic introduction. I'm sure that you'd all
like to meet my daughter so how about I bring her out?" She said.

The crowd was rapt with attention as Eva began to assemble a very simple wire
cage. She threw a black cloth over the cage.

"ABRA KADABRA!!!" Cried Eva as she tapped the with a wand.

She pulled the black cloth away to reveal that the cage now contained a
12-year-old girl. There was applause, and with good reason. Bunny was a
blonde. Her costume consisted of a short and thin dildo that was crammed
in her but and was topped with a cotton tale to help her resemble her
name-sake. She was also wearing bunny-ears and a pink bow around her neck.
Finally she was wearing pink patent-leather pumps and that was it. Eva
opened the cage and the girl stepped out. She was tall for her age due to
her long legs and her breasts and butt were deffinately begginning to
blossom. Bunny stood straight and tall in front of her mom. Her balance
was not all that great do to the dildo in her ass and the extreme arch of
the heels.

"Great, say hi Bunny." Eva said.

"Hi Bunny." Said Bunny as she waved at the crowd.

"No, NO that's not what I meant at all. Jeez honey you are such a fucking
ditz. And you are totally embarassing me." Said Eva in mock anger. "OK let
me perform my first trick. Bunny please stand in front of me with your legs

Quickly the girl did as she was instructed. Eva stood directly behind the
girl and hled her wand between her daughter's legs.

"Does everyone know what Bunnies deliver every Easter?" Asked Eva.

"EASTER EGGS!" Replied the crowd.

"Yes that's right." Replied Eva. "So how about we have Bunny show you how
Easter Eggs are really made?"

There was a chorus of 'yeahs'.

"ABRA KADABRA!!!" Eva tapped the girl's cunt with her magic wand then stepped

At first their was nothing. Then Bunny suddenly got a perplexed expression on
her face. She began to moan and shift uncomfortably her moaning soon became
much more desperate. The girl was now massaging her own tits and leaning
forward a little. She clenched her tits and puursed her lip as she squeazed
and something pushed it's way out of her pussy. It was a large fully painted
Easter Egg. The girl was now very sweaty and panting. Applause resounded.

"Lady's and gentlemen my daughter has just produced an Easter Egg lets...."
Eva was interrupted when Bunny lost her balance and toppled to the floor.
Apparently it was difficult to stand in high-heels, with your legs spread,
and a dildo up your ass, while giving brith to an egg. "Why do you continue
to be such a clumsy girl? Get up now I think you have embarrassed me quite
enough, young lady. Would you all like to see Bunny recieve a suitable

The girl was frantically shaking her head but the crowd cheered fo the idea.
The woman retreaved a cape and held it in front for her daughter. The girl
was now completely obscured. Eva whipped it away to reveal a square wooded
frame that Bunny was no shackled to by her wrists and her ankles. More
applause. Eva gave her wand a good shake and it suddenly extended into a
whip. Without remorse or compassion Eva Began whipping her bound daughter's
tits. The girls yelped and cried as she writhed in her bonds. She then
started to flick the whip at the vulnarable girl's pussy. After giving her
tits and her pussy about 7 lashes a piece she stopped. Bunny slumped in her
bonds but her mom was not done with her yet! Eva stepped behind Bunny. Eva
unstrapped the dildo and slid it out of the girl's ass. She the pushed it
up into the girl's pussy. With her free hand she was fondling the girl's
boob. The girl's face was a mask of ecstatic joy as her mom fucked her with
her dildo.


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