Jerry Springer: PTP Land (An Amusement Park For Pervs)
by Hamster ([email protected])

"JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!" The crowd chanted.

"Hello everyone. Welcome to the show. Today we have Mr. Erickson with us.
Mr. Erickson is the owner of a large private island in the carribean, an
Island that he has turned into a resort with two brothels full of underaged
sex-slaves." Jerry explained.

"That's right Jerry, the Island is host to what I prefer to call amusement
parks. PTP Land and TWW. Members can visit the parks and indulge in any
number any of a near infinate number of perverted fantasies." Explained Mr.
Erickson who was seated at the stage.

"We had are camera's follow as Erickson introduced perspective new member to
his club." Said Jerry.

The floor show...

Tom had arrived at the island by yacht, and he was then picked up by limo and
taken to the the Castle. The castle was huge. It had to be since it served as
both hotel and playground for the wealthy men that were part of the 'Gold
Standard Club'. These men were the ones who patronzied PTP Land. Tom was
being recruited into said club. A man in a black buisiness suit waited in the
vast castle driveway as the limo pulled up. The man introduced himself as Mr.
Erickson, the island's owner.

"You are in time for the floor show Tom, follow me." Erickson said. "Follow

Tom was led though the main hall of the castle. The hall was filled with
a surprizing number of young girls. It could have been the hall of an
all-girls' school. They enetered an auditorium filled with a couple dozen
tables. At the tables were several men and even a couple of women. Front
and center was a stage was a huge stage.

"I think that you will enjoy the show, we have a special presentation at 11,
1, 3 and 5. We find that it really helps get the juices flowing. Although
it's not like most of the guests need it." Erikson said.

The curtain rose and revealed on the stage was a giant crib. The side facing
the crowd was open. In the cib was a girl of 10 in a pink night-shirt that
just past her crotch. She also wore a some some diapers. In her mouth was an
over-sized pacifier. Her blonde hair was tied into some pig-tails with some
pink ribbon. Across from her was a giant teddy bear. Tom realized rather
quickly that it was actually a person, another girl likely, in a bear
costume. The teddy bear had a dildo sprouting from it's mid-section. This
dildo was also furr-covered like the rest of the teddie's costume. The girl
crawled over to the Teddybear and hugged it. She kissed it on the nose.

"Oh, teddy, I love you so much." Said the girl. "Hmmm my pussy is all

The girl took her shirt off and then laid down on her back. She reached into
her diaper with one hand. Tom watched as she arched her back and began to
moan with pleasure as she fingered herself onstage. She was in the middle of
fingering herself when the teddie bear took action. It got up and approached
the girl. When she saw it coming she pulled hand out of her diaper and then
removed the diaper itself to reveal her bald young beaver.

"Come on, Teddy, help me feel all good inside." The girl said.

She got on all fours and the bear came up behind her. It pushed the tip of
it's didlo into her and then began to pump it in and out. She started to cry
out in pleasure.

"OH yes, teddy, harder, harder. Fuck me, Teddy, fuck me." She cried.

Tom could hardly believe his ears and eyes. As he watched with his eyes glued
to the scene before him, Mr. Erickson began to get hard.

"As you can see Tom, this place is full of interesting suprises. And if you
have the money then you can make any perveted fantasy you want come true. Our
girls are professionals who love their job. They range from 9-12 and once
they turn 13 they are promoted to TWW (teen whore world) on the other side of
the island where they work from ages 17-19. They are making money the entire
that they are here, it's being put away for them so that by the time that
they turn 18 and we no longer have any need for them they have ammassed a
small fortune." Erickson explained. "For a reasonable annual fee you can
come here as often as often as you like, take advantage of our five star
fascilities and have all of the pre-teen pussy that you can ever handle. Once
the show is over I'll show you some of the Castle's fascilities."

Tom watched the girl get fucked by the Teddy-bear and wondered what else
could possibly be in store for him.

The Castle and the little woman...

After the floor show Mr. Erickson escorted Tom through the castle and showed
him several very large rooms that were set aside for enetrtainment. The first
room resembled a strip club with the young girls performing pole-dances while
only wearing g-strings and pair of booths were set aside for lap dances. The
next room had girls in school girl uniforms with their heads and wrists in
stocks. Guests had the privelaige to spank them. Or if they wanted to shell
out extra cash then they could paddle or belt the girls. They came to a third
room which was filled with these young girls in a massive orgy! They were all
fingering each other, licking each others twats or making out and all the
while seemingly oblivious to the men watching them or even masturbating and
then slinging their yogurt on them.

The fourth room was one of the more interesting. In the center of the room
were several pens with dirt floors. Erickson and Tom appraoched the nearest
on and joined the crowd that was watching the show. There was a padded stool
in the middle and an 12-year old draped over said stool. A man led a goat
into the pen and over to the girl who had her little but raised and her legs
spread a bit. The goat, with very little prompting mounted her. Tom and
Erickson watched as the goat began to pump his meat ino her while she cried
out in pleasure and begged it to keep going.

"YES! GO MR. GOAT FUCK ME!" She cried in a cute southern accent.

"GOAT! GOAT! GOAT!" The crowd chanted.

The crowd cheered her on as she thrust back to meet the goat's wild
incusrions into her sweet pussy. Soon she began to cum like crazy while the
goat emptied his seed into her pussy. When the goat finally backed off the
goat's greyish seed could be seen dripping from her hot cunt.

"Ahh Savanah, she's a real team player. She'll do just about anything to
amuse the guests. And just look at that ass!!! She's one of my favorites."
Erickson said appreciatively.

They next passed a room that was much smaller, where they saw another cute
12-year-old. This one was taller than average, she had long brown hair and
she wore tight blue jeans, and a black Steelers football Jersey. She wore
glasses and was sitting down reading a book.

"What's this room?" Asked Tom

"Mallory's bedroom." Erickson replied. "She's on her break."


They made their way down the main hall and a girl of 9 approached Erickson.
She haid shoulder length blonde hair and was wearing khaki pants and a green
shirt. She had freckles and thin frame. She was beautiful to Tom's eyes.
Shockingly, this young girl wore a wedding ring.

"Hi dad," she said the girl.

"Hello Brianna." Replied Erickson.

"Tom this is my daughter and my wife." Explained Erikson.

Tom was shocked by this little announcement. "Uhh it's nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too." She said. offering her little hand to be shaken.

Tom shook her hand politely.

"Why don't we all head out to dinner, PTP land has a great restaraunt."
Announced Erickson.

The dinner...

Tom was once again very surprized. The restaraunt in the PTP Land Castle
had nice atmosphere and wonderful food. But it was the waitresses that were
so amazing to him. The lot of them were among the older of the girls, the
12-yaer-olds. But they all had large breasts. Many had the type that
strippers would only dream of. Erickson noticed the man's reaction to the
waitresses as did Brianna.

"It's not nice to stare." Brianna said with a giggle.

"Don't tease the man Bri-Bri." Erickson chastized.

"I'm sorry it's just that, they all seem so developed. And you said that you
didn't employ any girl's over 12." Tom said as he ontinued to look around in

"We generally prefer to keep the girls all natural but by necessity all the
waitresses must have breast jobs and be 12." Erickson said.

"Why?" Asked a confused Tom.

"Ask for a dessert special and you will see." Said Erickson.

Their server arrived. She was small and blonde, and had a very impressive set
of tits. She, like all the servers, wore red shorts and a white T-shirt with
the restaraunts logo on it.

"My name is Raechel, may I take your order?" She said.

"I'll just have the Dessert special." Said Tom.

"Daddy can I please have one too?" Asked Brianna.

"Sure sweetie." Said Erickson.

Raechel smiled. "OK coming up."

Raechel and another server soon returned. When they did Raechel was bare
chested and the other server had a tray full of goodies. Raechel lay on a
special dessert cart. The other girl took an ice-cream scoop and placed a
scoop between Raechel's big tits. She then overed it in whip cream and
topped it with a cherry. She also added whip cream to Raechel's boobs.
Young Brianna grabbed each of the older girls tits then stuck her head
between them and began to eat the icecream from between them. Tom was
hypnotized as he watched this erotic scene. Raechel gave a light moan as
Brianned licked the cream from her nipple. Once Brianna fifnished her
dessert, it was Tom's turn. The process was repeated and another scoop of
ice cream was placed between the lovely Raechel's most impressive breasts.
The ice cream and her boobs were then covered with the whip cream. First
Tom licked the whip cream from her firm young boobis and then spent some
time sucking on the hard nipples. He placed his hand on her thigh and felt
up her smooth sexy leg as he ate the ice cream up.

"What do you think of our famouse dessert?" Asked Erickson.

"Fabulous." Tom said as he wiped his face clean.

"Daddy, can i make a pussy-pop?" Asked Brianna.

"Of course sweetie." Said Erickson. "I think Tom may very well enjoy watching

The other server cleaned Raechel up with a towel, and while Raechel waited,
went in the back and returned with a popcicle. She handed it to Brianna and
then used a pair of scarves to tie Raechel's wrists to the sides of the
dessert cart. Tom watched in mixture fascination and lust as young Brianna
licked the sides of the popcicle and then inserted it into Raechel's pussy.
Raechel cried out and began to moan and cry as little Brianna pumped the
popcicle in and out of her. As she pop-fucked the older girl Brianna grabbed
one of her big boobs and squeezed it.

"Oh yes, oh god oh yes, I'm CUUUUMING YES!" Raechel cried as she came all
over the popcicle.

Brianna pulled the sloppy wet cum coated treat from her pussy and began to
suck and slurp on it. Poor Tom was now sporting a rather massive hard-on and
was at a complete and total loss for words.

The Terminal...

"So would you like a playmate or two for the night Mr. Andrews?" Mr. Erikson

It was a simple question but loaded with possibilities.

"Very much so." Tom replied while trying his best not to sound over-eager.

"Excellant. Follow me and I will show you how to use the terminal." Erikson

Hand in hand with his wife he led Tom to a computer terminal. Tom had seen
several of them through out the castle. Erikson motioned Tom over to show
him the use of the thing. On the terminal was several pages of thumbnails.
Clicking on one opened up a page about a girl that was available for the
night's 'enetertainment'. The pages all had a head shot, a full-body shot,
the girls name, hieght, weight and her age. Erikson showed him how to enter
his personal username and password.

"When you see a girl that you like just click on the 'add to cart' button.
She will be waiting for you in whatever room you select at 9 pm sharp, she
is all yours until 9 the next morning, this is so that the girls can get to
work in the morning. The system won't let you choose more than four at a
time, you should probably only choose one or two to start." Erikson said.
"They will do anything you like."

"Anything?" Asked Tom. "Can I...can I even get a little rough with them?"

"As long as you don't seriously hurt or leave a mark on them, you can do
whatever you want." Said Erikson.

After a little searching Tom found two girls that he liked. 10-year old
redish-blonde haired Danielle and 9-year old raven haired girl named Emily.

"Nice choices, would you like a regular room or a theme room?" Asked

Date Night...

The room he ended up with was nice and resembled a little girl's room. It had
an oversized bed with pink sheets and covers. Stuffed animals filled the room
and there was several decorations and art choices that leant themselves to
the atmosphere. Danielle and Emily were both waiting. Danielle in a stripped
green and white shirt with green skirt and Emily in a white shirt and kahki
shorts. Both were totally adorable.

"Umm hello girls." Tom siad nervously as he enetered the room.

"Hello Tom." they said in unison. Apparently they'd been told his name before
they were sent to his room.

Tom wasn't sure how to proceed. he had fantasized about this exactly 397
times, including 150 times when he should have been working. But now that
he was in a situation to live out his perverted fanbtasies, he was nervous
and felt awkward. What if the refused to do what he wanted.

"Ummm what's wrong?" Asked Emily whi was used to much more directness.

"Nothing, nothing. You guys will do anything I want right?" Tom asked.

"Yep." Said Emily.

"Yeah." Said Danielle.

"Good I want to play a little game then." Said Tom.

"Anything you want." Said Danielle.

"Cool let's have fun!" Added Emily.

"Excellant. I want both of you to fight. I want you to wrestle each other
as hard as you can, just like on TV, and once one of you pins or forcer the
other to submit then I'm going to punish the loser and celebrate with the
winner, ok?"

He hardly needed to tell these girls what he had in mind for 'celebration'.

Emily turned to Danielle. "I'm going to kick your butt."

"Yeah right, I'm bigger than you." Danielle said.

Emily was on the petite side.

"No closed fists, scratching or biting." Said Tom. "But please feel free to
slap each other as much as you want. Start when I say go. GO."

Emily slapped Danielle across the face as hard as she could. Danielle
screamed and then grabbed Emily's wrists and pushed her around. Emily kicked
her in the stomach. Danielle quickly let go and doubled over. Emily slapped
her hard again and Danielle toppled over. Emily jumped atopp Danielle and
tried to grab her shoulders in order to pin her but the older girl had too
much of a size advantage. Dnielle pushe the other girl off of her then rolled
over and grabbed Emily's two long braids. She pulled back on the hard and
made her fall on her back. Danielle sat on Emily's chest but emily grabbed
the other girl's nipple through her shirt and twisted hard, Danielle
screamed. Danielle released Emily's braids and started slapping her over and
over as hard as she could but Emily kept twisting.

"Stop stop I quit I quit.' Screamed poor Daielle with tears streaming down
her face.

Emily let her go.

"I win! I win!" She cried.

"You sure did sweety." Tom said. He turned to Danielle. "I'll get to you in
a minute. I want you to sit in a corner facing the wall and think about how
you failed."

Danielle slunk off to a corner of the room and sobbed quietly.

Tom turned his attention to Emily who was smiling triumphantly. "Hop up on
the bed sweety. Lay down on your back."

Emily did as she was told.Tom put his hands on her claves and slid his hands
up her smooth, slender legs and up to her shorts. Tom unbottoned them and
removed them and then did the same to her yellow 'tweety-bird' panties. He
rolled her onto her back then grabbed her ankled and slider her back to the
edge of the bed. He grabbed her ankled and lifted her legs up and apart. With
hard thrust he drove his cock deep and hard into the girl's sweet smooth
pussy. Her legs rested against his chest, he reached forward and grabbed one
of her braids in each of his hands. He drove his cock into her again and
again as she squeealed. He began to pull back on her hair with each thrust
as she screamed for more.

"YES! YES!" She cried as the amazed Tom just continued to plug away at her.

Tom felt renewed burning lust well up inside of him and he started to fuck
her harder and faster than ever. He was pounding into her so fast and hard
that he was sweating bullets. Finally the pressure within him built up to
such a degree that he no longer could hope to contain it. He shot his load
into the girl as cmae and she howled like a wolf. Tom panted and slid his
cock out of her. He pushed her legs to either side and then pulled her by
pig-tails into the sitting position. He looked down at her.

"Lick my cock clean." He ordered.

Emily's cute little tongue began it's duty of slurping away the cum on his
cock. He turned his attention to Danielle who had been in her corner the
entire time.

"Danielle come here." Ordered Tom. Danielle got up from her spot and
approached. Tom Gently pushed away Emily and sat down on the edge of the
bed. "Take off your cloths and lay across my lap."

Danielle did as she was instructed. Once the girl was across her lap, Tom
paced his hand on her smooth butt and felt the delieghtful young flesh.

"I want you to count as a spank your bottom." Tom instructed. "For losing
your catfight you will get ten spankings."

Emily got confortable so that she could watch the show.


"OUCH! One." Danielle sniffled and bet her lip after Tom's hand slapped down
across her butt.

SMACK!! cry. Two. SMACK!!! Cry. Three....When he finally got to ten tears
were streaming down her face and her ass was nice and red. Emily seemed very
amused by her friend's misfortune.

"OK young lady that's enough tears." She got up off his lap and he kissed her
in the mouth, their tongues rolled around together. The broke their kiss and
he looked over to Emily. "You two make nice with each other."

Emily and Danielle approached each other and kissed their hand rolled all
over each other as they made out. Emily's hand roamed down to Danielle's
pussy. She began to finger the other girl frantically. Danielle returned
the favor and soon both of them were finger-fucking each other while they
rubbed their bodies together in desperate lust. Tom was soon very, very
hard again.

"Emily, scoot up on the bed, Danielle you can eat her out but keep your
crotch at the end of the bed." Tom ordered.

They both did as they were instrcucted.

"Oh yes, oh that feels good." Moaned Emily as Danielle went to town on her

Tom approached Danielle from behind and spread her nicely rounded butt
cheeks. The girl tensed up. Tom smiled, she wasn't used to anal. Tom speared
her in the ass with his man-meat and she yelped like a dog. He began to pound
her ass as she ate out Emily. He drove his man-sausage into her tight little
ass with one punishing thrust after another until he couldn't hold it anymore
and he unloaded his seed into her.

This was his best vacation ever.



"So Mr. Erickson," Jerry said once the crowd settled down a little. "I assume
Tom enjoyed his stay at PTP Land?"

"He's a happy club member now." Said Erickson.


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