Jericho: A Hard Day's Work (MF)
by Manufan84

Jake Green had just come home from hard day at the sherrif's office. This new
job was really killing him. He had stopped so many New Bern-Jericho fights
and he was exhausted. He walked into his bedroom and looked at his bed as and
gaped. It was Emily and she was completely naked. He saw her round and firm
breasts and her slit between her legs.

"Welcome home stud," she said in a seductive voice. Jake instantly went hard
and started ripping off his clothes. Emily brought him to the bed and made
him lie down.

"I know you've been working hard and now I want to give you a little reward."
she whispered.

She unzipped his jeans and pulled down his boxers and pulled out his already
semi-hard cock. She slowly stroked him and licked the head. Jake pulled his
head back in delight. She then started using her hand to fondle his balls.
With one hand she pleased his balls, with the other she gently stroked him
and at the same time she was sucking on his head. The feeling was one of pure
pleasure and Jake knew he would not last long.

Emily moved her other hand to his balls and started deepthroating him. She
used her tongue to pleasure his head while her lips created a suction which
gave Jake complete ecstasy. He knew he was close so he put one hand on the
back of her head and started pushing her down. Emily happily obliged and
when Jake finally came into her throat, she sucked every last drop of it.

"That was incredible," Jake exclaimed as his world returned to normal. Emily
by now was extremely wet and started playing with herself. This turned Jake
on so much that he started going hard again.

"Ready again," Emily said while smiling. She let him lie down and got on top
of him. She slowly guided Jake's cock into her inviting pussy and slowly
lowered herself. She loved a large cock inside her and this is just what she
needed. Her juices and contractions made Jake moan out loud. He reached
behind her and grabbed her round ass as she started riding him. Her huge
breasts bounced up and down and Jake started fondling them. They both started
nearing their climax and Emily started thrusting faster. Jake was having the
time of his life and Emily threw her head back in pleasure. Emily came and
the sensation of her having her orgasm around his cock sent Jake into
oblivion as well. He empties his balls inside her tight pussy and fell back
into bed. Yes Jake had to work hard but at least he had Emily to come back
home to every night!


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