James Bond: James Bond and Pussy Galore (MF,anal,BDSM,tort,ncon)
by Anonymous

Bond entered the room. It had been a hard day, and with a bit of luck it
would be a hard night. Pussy Galore had promised to be there by 11:00 pm. It
was now 10:00 and Bond decided it was time to prepare himself for Pussy.

He had been with Pussy several times in the past and tried to recall what had
been her pleasure. He recalled sucking her stiff nipples for a long time. Her
breasts were round and firm but it seemed to him that the nipples were much
larger than normal. He had to admit that he had a real mouthful of Pussy. He
ended by squeezing the nipples together and sucking both at one time. A real
mouthful of tit!!!

Another time Bond remembered his face pushed tightly against her parted legs.
Her juices mixed with his own saliva to form a nectar so sweet it was beyond
description. With Pussy, getting past the smell was never a problem. As a
matter of fact, his American flag and the paper bag was never required when
he made it with Pussy.

As he prepared his workbench for the anticipated encounter, he contemplated
on how she would react if he worked into her anal opening. In the past Bond
had only briefly explored that crinkly crevice but now he decided that it was
time to show her who the real boss was.

During the past sessions Pussy had responded by giving him several blow jobs
and had permitted him to fuck her, but he felt that he had done most of the
work. This time it would be different.

He formulated his fantasy. This time he didn't care if Pussy received any
pleasure. In fact, Bond decided that what he wanted to do was give her some
real pain. Pain in the ass!!! He knew that she would not stand still for his
plan, so he pulled out some strong rope from the closet for he knew that he
would have to secure her to the corners of the workbench. What game should he
play? He decided that the game of interrogation would suit his mood tonight.
To combine work with pleasure had always been Bond's motto. He knew that she
called her boss once a day for instructions and used a secret code to insure
her identity.

That would be the game for tonight. To make Pussy reveal who her boss is and
that secret code. Bond looked in his closet and found the implements he was
looking for. He looked them over and knew that one of the 3 would do the job.
He would secure her, belly down, on the work bench. Her ass, round and firm
would be slightly raised. Two openings in the workbench would provide access
to her breasts and nipples from below.

She would be totally naked and Bond would pose the question, "Pussy, don't
fuck with me, who do you work for?" Her first response would be, "Don't be
silly Bond, let's get on with it."

Bond would then pull out a bamboo whip he kept for such occasions and wave it
in front of Pussy's face. "One last time, Pussy , who do you work for?"

"Fuck you, Bond, I won't tell."

With that challenge, Bond would drop the whip, pull down his pants, straddle
Pussy and insert his now stiff 12 inch rod into her ass. Moving rapidly up
and down, in and out Bond once more asked, "Pussy, who do you work for?"
Pussy, not accustomed to anal insertions, is desperately trying to hold back
her screams. The pain sears her innards like fire but she refuses to talk.
Her ass jumps up and down with every stroke until finally, Bond, no longer
able to contain himself explodes with fury.

He gets up, retrieves the bamboo whip, and holds it high and even with the
round firm ass below him. Woo sh, it comes down and Pussy can't believe the
pain. Ten more times, the whip descends on that firm round mound. Pussy
bounces up and down with each stroke, but to no avail, the bonds hold tight.

Bond now gets tired and decides that there must be an easier way to extract
that information. He pulls out the second implement of torture: a pair of
steel pliers. He reaches below the table, securely grasps the left breast
and slowly places the nipple in the jaws of the steel pliers. As the pliers
firmly tighten, Pussy screams out, "Stop it Bond, I work for Goldfinger."

With that, Bond awakes from his daydream. It's only 10:30 and Pussy is not
due to arrive until 11:00. He feels wet. He looks down and sure enough, his
crotch is filled with goo. "Oh hell, I sure hope I have some left for Pussy,"
exclaimed Bond as he leaves to change clothes.


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