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Authors note: This story takes place after Episode 15 of Series 3, a.k.a. after the time jump.

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Jane The Virgin: Petra The Lesbian Virgin Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Jane Gloriana Villanueva and Petra Solano were super nervous. They had both agreed not to do this until they were both ready, and in a way they had done the responsible thing by putting it off for so long. But the truth was that they had both known right from the start that this new relationship between them was something real, and despite their insecurities they just worked as a couple. Things weren't easy, per se. They were both opinionated individuals who were more than willing to fight for what they wanted, meaning that they often butted heads. So far it had been squabbling more than straight up arguing, but now when they made up it led to amazing sex, motivating them to resolve any issues quickly, and at least Jane was confident that when they inevitably had a real argument the result would be the same.

The point was they had been together for just over a month now, and it was time to come out. Not to the employees of the Marbella itself. No, Petra wasn't about to announce it with a microphone, as humorous a picture as that was, and at least for Petra almost an appealing one. But after today they wouldn't hide the fact that they were together, and if anyone asked why they were holding hands, flirting or even kissing they would be honest. Not that they had done much of that in public, or plan too, but they didn't want to be afraid to do it. No, they wanted to be 'out' in every sense of the word, even if that was a little scary considering who they would have to tell.

Fortunately most people had worked out the fact that Petra had a giant crush on Jane for years before they got together, meaning a lot of people already knew, including both Jane's parents and their baby Daddy Rafael. Just as importantly they were more or less supportive. Jane's parents were still wary of Petra, but they had both agreed to give her a chance, and Rafael was surprisingly happy for them. But their children seem blissfully unaware of what was going on between the two women, and they wanted them to hear it from them, not because someone, like Rogelio, accidentally let something slip. So at their regular brunch session together Jane and Petra took each other's hands under the table, and made their announcement.

"Children, sit down and be quiet. We have an announcement to make." Petra announced sternly, immediately getting the children's attention.

With that out of the way Jane took a deep calming breath and then smiled softly before telling them, "Kids, you... you know how Daddy used to date me and Petra? Not together, just separately."

Petra avoided the urge to roll her eyes at that clarification, then when the children nodded she added, just like they practiced, "Well, we're now dating each other."

There was a brief pause, then the children cautiously answered each other before going back to eating, prompting Jane to frown and ask, "Mateo? Do you have any questions?"

"Not really." He shrugged, but he thought about it and then looked up at Petra, "Do I call Auntie Petra Mommy now too?"

"No! We're..." Jane quickly said, thinking about it for a second before finishing her sentence, "We're not there yet. But for now, try and remember not call her Auntie Petra? I don't want people to get the wrong idea."

"Oh." Mateo frowned, "Then what should I call her?"

"Just Petra is fine. Or your Mom's girlfriend, if anyone asks." Jane explained to him.

"Okay." He nodded, going back to his food.

There was another pause as Jane just looked at her son, and then she asked, "Do you have any other questions?"

"No." Mateo shook his head.

"Does, does it bother you?" Jane asked after taking a deep breath.

"Why would it?" Mateo frowned, "My best friend has two Moms, and he says it's totally normal."

"Oh Mr Sweet-Face!" Jane exclaimed happily, grabbing his face and kissing it, and despite his protests cooed, "It is, it is."

This entire time Petra had been watching her daughters apprehensively, and now she finally had the chance she asked them in a much sterner voice than she intended, "How about you girls? Any questions or concerns?"

Looking up from their food the two little girls stared at their mother for a few long seconds and then Ellie asked, "How long have you been dating?"

"Four beautiful weeks." Jane beamed, taking Petra's hand again, this time in view of their kids.

This caused the twins to frown and Anna asked, "Only four weeks?"

"Excuse me?" Petra questioned in disbelief.

"You've like, always been in love with Jane, and you only got together four weeks ago?" Ellie questioned in disbelief.

"What took you so long?" Anna asked in equal disbelief.

There was a deafening silence, then Jane burst out laughing, and she only laughed harder when Petra gave her a look and grumbled, "Jane!"

"I'm sorry, but..." Jane just couldn't stop, "But your three year old daughters knew you were gay for me, and I didn't?"

"What's gay?" Mateo asked innocently, causing Jane to laugh even more.

* * *

While that part of coming out couldn't have gone better Jane certainly wasn't laughing a few hours later when they handed their children over to Rafael and returned to Jane's childhood home to reveal the truth to her super religious Abuela. Neither was Petra, as this was no laughing matter. Given everyone else had suspected there was something between them they were both hoping Alba would have too, but even if that was the case it didn't necessarily mean she would be more accepting of their relationship, especially because she had never seemed too keen on Petra. But regardless of the outcome they owed her the truth, so after sitting her down to a nice cup of tea and talking for a little while they finally told her the truth.

"Abuela..." Jane began, taking the older woman's hand, "I have something important to tell you."

"What is it Jane?" Alba asked in Spanish.

Jane took a deep breath, looked her Abuela in the eye and told her, "I'm bisexual."

There was a long pause as a difficult to read expression crossed Alba's face, then she glanced disapprovingly at Petra before turning her focus back to Jane and asking knowingly, "And?"

"And I'm dating Petra." Jane admitted with a squeak.

Alba took a deep sigh and lowered her head, before forcing it back up so she could tell her granddaughter, again in Spanish, "Jane... I love you. You are my family, I will always love you, but... I don't know if I can support you in this."

"Oh." Jane murmured in disappointment, lowering her head.

With another deep sigh Alba quickly pointed out, "But I will try."

Lifting her head Jane asked hopefully, "You will."

"Yes." Alba said hesitantly, before sighing, "I will try, that is all I can promise."

"It's something." Jane smiled teary-eyed, squeezing her grandmother's hand.

Petra, who had remained silent until now, cautiously asked after several seconds of studying Alba's face, "Did, did you already know?"

Alba turned and glared at Petra and told her in English, "Do you think me a fool? Do you think I do not know how you feel about Jane from the way you look at her?"

Petra was a little taken aback by this, but not so much she couldn't reply, "Is that because you don't like me? Or is it just the years of lying and manipulating? Or because my mother pushed you down some stairs? Because again, I'm sorry about that. And, and if there's anything I can do to make that right, please tell me.

Alba was taken aback by the woman who normally seemed so... overly confident around her, being so open and apologetic, before admitting, "It is a combination of those things. I confess I took comfort in the fact that Jane was oblivious to your feelings, but lately she has been clearly keeping something from me. I'm still surprised to see it's this, but I will keep my word to her. As long as you promised me not to hurt her."

"I promise." Petra said softly, "I love her."

"If I didn't know that, I would not be trying." Alba said, before switching back to Spanish to somewhat jokingly tell Jane, "But if it is only a pretty blonde girl you desire, I have a friend of mine's granddaughter who just came out."

"Abuela!" Jane exclaimed, before laughing at the expression on Alba's face, and particularly the one on Petra's.

* * *

"Well, that went as well as could possibly hope." Petra sighed as they entered the blonde personal suite at the Marbella.

"Yeah." Jane sighed, closing the door behind them, then laughing after a few long seconds, "I can't believe I'm the only one who didn't realise how you felt about me."

"Well, you and a child." Petra teased, taking the other girl in her arms.

"No, Mateo told me afterwards he thought you might be my girlfriend, he just didn't care because he didn't think it was a big deal." Jane grumbled.

The smiled slowly fading from her lips Petra cautiously asked, "That's what I am, right? Your girlfriend?"

Jane frowned and stared it Petra to see if she was joking, then her eyes went wide, "Oh my God, yes! Yes, course you are."

"Good." Petra beamed, quickly adding to try and save face, "I mean, I thought we were, given what that talk of this being real and telling children, and your Abuela, it's just..."

"Nice to have some confirmation." Jane said knowingly, and then when Petra nodded Jane laughed, "I can't believe we use the L-word before using the G-word."

"We also had children using the same man's spam, ensuring they would be siblings." Petra pointed out, "We've already been doing the whole lesbian thing out of order. What's one more thing?"

Jane laughed at this, then became very serious, "Well... I can think of one more lesbian thing I want to do with my new girlfriend."

Petra gulped, and asked with a nervous smile, "What's that?"

With a soft smile Jane leaned in as if she was about to kiss Petra, only to instead press her lips against her ear and whispered, "Go down on you."

Just those words combined with the husky tone Jane said them in had Petra quivering with anticipation, and even whimpering, "That, that sounds good."

Petra hated herself for that incredibly weak response, but before she could think of a better one Jane pressed her lips to her neck, causing Petra to let out a soft gasp and then a long moan. She then continued making these kinds of sounds as Jane's lips travelled all over her neck, eventually working up her chin and to her lips, Petra eagerly returning that kiss with just as much passion as her girlfriend was showing her. Her girlfriend. Jane was now officially her girlfriend. They were both out to everyone who mattered in their lives, and they were just... together, the very thought overwhelming Petra perhaps even more than the amazing kiss she was receiving.

While receiving the kiss Petra did her best to work with Jane to manoeuver them further into the suite's bedroom and remove each other's clothes, two things which were a bit of a struggle, at least without falling over, but they'd had plenty of practice lately. Enough so that a few minutes later they were falling completely naked onto Petra's bed, which was where they stayed for several long minutes while making out like teenagers. Then Jane moved her lips down to Petra's neck, the blonde throwing her head back so the brunette could have all the access she wanted. Petra then went back to the gasping, moaning and crying out as Jane had her wicked way with her.

That involved lingering on her neck for quite a while before kissing her way down her chest and up a boob to take a nipple into her mouth, Petra arching her back as she cried out again. Then after a few long seconds of sucking that nipple Jane kissed her way down that breast and up the other so she could repeat the process with the other nipple. Jane then went back and forth with a surprising amount of confidence which made Petra feel overwhelmed, but not as much as when Jane finally started moving lower. Which was a frustratingly long time, but just as Petra was about to complain about it Jane gave her what she so desperately wanted, or needed as it felt like right now.

Like before Jane insisted on going slowly, pressing kisses to Petra's soft flesh every step of the way, but each kiss pushed the brunette closer to where the blonde wanted her, meaning that every moment was both heaven and hell. Petra had been waiting for this for so long that it was hard for her not to just grab Jane's head and shove it in between her legs. But equally, she had been waiting so long, and she didn't want to ruin it by pushing Jane too much, too soon. No, Petra would never do that to Jane. Besides, after waiting so long for this Petra didn't want to rush this. No, she wanted to savour every precious moment of it.

Jane felt the exact same way, which was why she spent as long as she could on the foreplay. That, and Petra deserve to have her amazing body worshipped. But after waiting so long to do this it was hard for her to keep her nerves in check, which was why she didn't perhaps spend as long as she should have paying attention to the rest of her body, especially the other girl's tits. Although ironically it was probably just as much as Petra could take after Jane had promised to go down on her, given the sounds her lover was making, and the reactions of her body. Either way in what felt like no time at all Jane found herself resting in between Petra's legs and ready to take another big step in their relationship.

She knew it would make her look nervous and unsure, but she couldn't help take a few seconds to savour the moment. After all, this was a really, really big deal. And okay, Jane really was nervous! Really, really nervous. But it was mostly about being afraid she wouldn't be able to give Petra half the pleasure that she gave her on a regular basis every time the other woman went down on her. Which Jane tried to put out of her mind as she took a deep calming breath, closed her eyes, slowly leaned her head forwards and then stuck out her tongue to taste her very first pussy. Petra's pussy! Oh God, Jane was about to taste Petra's pussy!

Technically she had tasted Petra's pussy before, but this would be straight from the source, because she had tasted it on her fingers a few times, and everybody knew that this was a much bigger deal, and... wow! Just wow! It wasn't that Jane was worried that she would hate it, because she knew that was absurd given the forementioned taste test, but wow! Petra's really did taste good, and tasting it from the source was a hell of a kick, as was being able to slide her tongue over the full length of the other girl's pussy, and of course that loud cry that Petra let out. Oh yes, Jane could definitely get used to this, and for the next few minutes she did as she repeated the process of that first lick.

At first that meant long slow licks, Jane barely aware of what she was doing as she was just lost in the taste of pussy, being able to please Petra in this intimate way, and just the act itself. Then as she slowly got used to it Jane started to think of the tricks that Petra had been gleefully using on her, and realised she was making a mistake. Petra probably wouldn't call it that, but considering Jane wasn't ready for this to end anytime soon then she would definitely call this a mistake. Or perhaps a slight oversight would be more accurate. Either way she wanted to give Petra a long drawn-out pussy licking, and she couldn't do that if she gave too much attention to her clit right away. Even though it was hard to stop given the reaction she got out of Petra along the way.

Petra had noticed Jane's 'mistake' and had considered mentioning that maybe she should lay off her clit, but it just felt way too good for the blonde to tell the brunette to stop. Besides, Jane was smart, so she'd figure it out. Eventually. And it wasn't like Petra had never made a mistake the first time she had licked pussy, so she felt she could give Jane some slack. Which turned out to be correct, because sure enough Jane went from hitting her clit with every stroke of her tongue into completely ignoring it, just before it might have forced Petra to do something irrational and a little embarrassing, like beg Jane to make her cum way too soon.

Not that Petra would have done that. No, she was too strong for it. It was just, it had felt really, really good, and ironically when Jane stopped Petra missed it so much that she actually considered begging Jane do go back to licking her clit, and then to tongue fuck her and make her cum. Which was extremely tempting, but again she was too strong for that, and more importantly Petra wanted time to savour every precious moment of this, which meant just laying back and letting go. Like she used to do when having sex, and like she hadn't really done since she started having sex with Jane. And it was wonderful to do that again. Although a little scary.

From the very first time she had a sex dream about her, which felt like several lifetimes ago now, Petra had always imagined Jane being submissive in bed. After all she was a romance novelist who dreams of being swept off her feet by some stereotypical romance hunk. Okay, that would imply that she wouldn't give Petra a second look in the first place, and this proved otherwise, but it didn't mean she was wrong about Jane being a bottom. For years Petra thought that the only way she'd ever have a shot with Jane was if she broke the habit of a lifetime and became the dominant one in bed, and she had to admit it had been incredibly satisfying, Jane seemingly proving her right as she just made it too easy for Petra to dominate her.

While that was true it had also been exhausting always being the one on top, and it was so relaxing just to let go again. However it also put Petra on edge as she had been terrified that Jane would realise she identified more as a bottom and would break up with her, and the way Petra had totally surrendered the second that Jane had tried to take control was perhaps too much of a hint of that. But thankfully Jane seemed more preoccupied with licking Petra's pussy, maybe in the process proving two bottoms could make a relationship work. Or better yet maybe even Jane could actually be a top. Maybe that was wishful thinking, but she seemed surprisingly confident every step of the way, or at least was good at faking it.

Of course there was nothing fake about what Jane was making Petra feel, especially as she slowly pushed her towards orgasm without even needing to be asked exactly when Petra wanted it, and exactly how. Namely after what felt like hours of gentle pussy licking finally returning to giving her clit some attention, even if it was just brushing against it at first. Then Jane started hitting it with every other stroke of her tongue, then nearly every stroke and then finally every stroke. Then she went even further by lingering on Petra's clit and then her entrance, at which point Petra just couldn't take it any more. No, it felt like she physically needed more, and all she could do now was not sound too pathetic while asking for it.

Although Petra was pretty sure she failed abysmally, "Yeeeeeesssssss, more! More, oooooooh Gooooodddddd, more! Oh Jane, fuck me! Fuck me and make me cum! Please? Ohhhhhhh fuck, Jane please fuck me! Oh yes, just like that, yeahhhhhhhh just like that, oh fuck yeah! Oh Jane! Yes, lick my clit! Lick my fucking clit! Yes, lingering on my clit is good, soooooooo goooooodddddddd, mmmmm, but I need more! I need to cum. Please Jane, make me cum! Ooooooohhhhhhhh yessssssss, make me cum, make me cum, make me cum, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, mmmmmmm yessssssss, more! More! MORE! Oh Jane! Oh fuck!"

Surprisingly sweet and loving Jane Gloriana Villanueva didn't give Petra what she wanted right away. In fact Petra could feel her grinning against her cunt as Petra's words became increasingly desperate and pathetic. Under other circumstances Petra would be impressed by the cruelty. Hell, she was impressed. Especially as it hinted that Jane might be more of a top than she initially gave her credit for. But she needed to cum now, and not even Jane distracting her by wrapping her lips around her clit and sucking on it could distract Petra from what she really wanted. Well, not for long anyway. Not when she was so close to her orgasm she could taste it, only for Jane to decrease the force of her licking and sucking and deny her again.

Which had Petra freaking out, "Oh my God Jane, just make me cum already! Ohhhhhh fuck, I mean please make me cum. I'm so close, please Jane, fuck me! Tongue fuck me, mmmmmm yessssssss, fuck me with your tongue and make me cum in your mouth and all over your beautiful face! Oooooooh yessssssss, fuck me, fuck me Jane! Yesssssss fuck me! I need you to OH JANE! OH GOD! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS! FUCK ME! OH JANE! OH GOD! FUCK ME JANE, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!"

Thankfully Petra barely got going before Jane's tongue began teasing the entrance to her pussy. As Jane had done that quite a few times before Petra barely paused, but then Jane shoved her tongue inside her as deep as it would go. She did this hard and fast, almost turning Petra completely incoherent on the spot, and while she tried to pull herself together she just couldn't. What Jane was making her feel was just too wonderful. Likewise Petra just couldn't hold back her orgasm any more, so as much as she wanted to enjoy this precious moment all it took was a few thrusts of Jane's tongue to send her over the edge of a powerful climax.

That climax was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, each just as powerful as the last, if not more. Which made Petra regret not insisting on Jane doing this sooner. Only, then it wouldn't have been as good, because not only was this Jane's idea but she had totally taken control of her like never before, which was definitely a contributing factor on these being the strongest orgasms of Petra's life. Best of all, given the enthusiasm which Jane showed for making her cum, hopefully this would become a regular thing. Even though it might be just Jane paying her back, something she felt she had to do out of obligation, which was somewhat off-putting, but totally worth it if Petra could feel this way again.

Jane totally wasn't doing this out of obligation. Well, part of it had been wanting to return the favour, but that's only because for the past few weeks Petra had practically been living with her face buried in between Jane's legs, bringing her so many orgasms Jane had honestly lost count. But that was only half of the reason Jane spend what felt like an hour in between Petra's legs teasing her towards orgasm, and then maybe another hour making her cum over and over again. The other reason was that Jane loved the taste of Petra's pussy, especially her heavenly cum, which was a flavour she instantly became addicted too the second it touched her taste-buds.

As soon as that happened Jane's eyelids fluttered and she made the mistake of taking a few seconds to savour the flavour, meaning most of Petra's cum escaped her mouth and covered her face. Then she frantically licked up all she could and then went right back to the tongue fucking so she could make it up to Petra, and herself. Sure enough she instantly removed her tongue the second that Petra went over the edge of her second climax, meaning that she got to swallow at least the majority of the other girl's cum. But it still wasn't enough for Jane. And it never would be, as no matter how hard she tried she just couldn't seem to swallow it all.

Part of the reason for that was there was just so much of it, and Petra started trembling so much, but mostly Jane's mouth and tongue was just tired. Which just proved they needed to do this more often, as then she would have the practice to properly please her girlfriend. But for now Jane thought she wasn't doing a good enough job, and she remembered one particular trick Petra used to make her cum when the roles were reversed, so she did that. Namely to replace her tongue with first one and then two fingers, pumping them in and out of Petra's pussy while wrapping her lips around her clit and gently sucking on it. Which unsurprisingly had Petra cumming nice and hard, giving Jane the chance to switch again and swallow more girl cum.

For a while Jane switched back and forth between those things, then she heard Petra softly whimper, "Jane..."

Reluctantly Jane pulled her face out of Petra's cunt and asked, "What?"

There was a brief pause as Petra seemed to struggle to respond, then her arm weakly lifted up, her hand curling in what might have been a comehither motion. When Petra didn't follow-up Jane became a little worried, and while she didn't want to move away from the yummy treat in front of her she didn't want to go on unless that's what Petra wanted, and more importantly she was worried about the other girl, so Jane cautiously crawled up her lover's body until once again they were face to face. For a second she remained that way as Petra's eyes were closed, Jane desperately trying to think of something she could have done wrong. Then Petra opened her eyes and gave her a breath-takingly grateful and loving look.

"Petra, what's-" Jane barely got out before Petra flipped them over and kissed her roughly.

Petra wanted to reach down, grab hold of Jane's beautiful hair, and pull her upwards into a deep and passionate kiss. If she had really tried she could have probably done it, but she was just so lost in the heavenly feeling of being dominated that she just couldn't motivate herself to do it. Luckily it only took one word, and a faint gesture, and the kind-hearted Jane was crawling upwards to check she was okay. Jane's concern also helped rejuvenate Petra. The feeling of that beautiful naked body on top of her, and remembering just how good Jane had made her feel, gave Petra the strength she needed to flip them over and start returning the favour.

She was very tempted to literally return the favour and go down on Jane, but after all those climaxes Petra was terrified that she wouldn't be able to give half the performance that her lover had just given. Besides, Petra liked the idea of mirroring everything Jane had been doing to her lately, and kissing Jane while their bodies were pressed against each other was seriously helping giving Petra the adrenaline she needed to make Jane at least cum a few times. Which shouldn't be too hard, given the wetness she felt against her thighs and the needy moan Jane pushed into her mouth as Petra gently rubbed her centre with that thigh. And inadvertently, rubbing her centre against Jane's thigh, giving Petra the most wonderful after-shocks.

After being briefly distracted by that Petra began sliding her hands over Jane's body, quickly moving to her tits, and then very carefully moving one of those hands down to her crotch. Perhaps she should have waited a bit longer, but Jane sounded, and felt, like she was very much in need of release right now, much like Petra had been whenever the roles were reversed. Sure enough Jane didn't complain when Petra gently slid her hand to her pussy and began to softly rub it. In fact Jane moaned happily into her mouth, and thrust upwards into that hand, making it harder for Petra not to shove three fingers into Jane's cunt and fuck her with them as hard as she could straightaway. But no, Jane deserved better than that. So much better.

That was why Petra reluctantly continued the rubbing for a few long seconds, before pushing just one finger into Jane's cunt. She slowly moved her lips down to Jane's neck, although that was mostly for her own benefit, as it meant she got to hear Jane crying out with pure pleasure as she was gently entered. Once that finger was buried completely inside of the other girl's pussy Petra couldn't help but pause and take a few long seconds to savour the fact that she was inside of Jane Gloriana Villanueva. Which was now a regular occurrence, but this was the first time Petra was doing it with her cum covering Jane's face, a fact she couldn't help savouring for a few long seconds, before beginning to fuck her. Fuck Jane Gloriana Villanueva with her finger! Oh God, how did Petra get so lucky.

Jane was thinking the exact same thing, especially during those few long seconds that Petra kept her finger buried inside of her, but that was only because it was hard for her to think when the other woman began to finger fuck her. As soon as she came to her senses Jane thought it again, and again, and again, along with a lot of other happy thoughts and feelings which she was desperately trying to keep quiet about so as not to spoil the moment. Besides, Jane wasn't sure she could truly do justice to what she was thinking and feeling right now, and she was worried her words would be too incoherent to understand. Then just as she felt the words threatening to escape her lips Petra kissed her again, causing Jane to let out a sigh of relief.

Which was quickly followed by a gasp and a moan directly into Petra's mouth as Petra added a second finger inside her and began to use her thumb to rub Jane's clit. Petra obviously could tell just how needy Jane was for an orgasm after going down on another woman for the first time in her life, and Jane certainly wasn't going to complain about Petra making her cum hard and fast. Maybe later she would receive some slow and gentle treatment, but right now this was definitely what Jane needed. Although there was one more thing Jane wanted, and thankfully Petra wanted it too, which was proven by the other woman pulling back and giving her a special request.

"Jane, look at me." Petra softly pleaded, "Look in my eyes while you cum for me."

It was a request which was really easy for Jane to grant, at least at first as those words caused her to give Petra a deeply loving look. However when she was actually going over the edge of orgasm what seemed like only a few seconds later it was much harder, Jane having to concentrate on not closing her eyes or throwing her head back and just concentrate on staring into her lover's eyes. Well, that and not screaming too loudly, although Jane wasn't sure how successful she was at that. Or much of anything when she was covering Petra Solano's fingers in her cum, which was frequently the case for the next few glorious minutes.

Then Petra was decreasing the pace, bringing her fingers to a stop and pulling them slowly out of Jane's pussy. Jane barely had time to whimper in disappointment before Petra then push those fingers into her mouth. Those fingers which were covered in Jane's cum and pussy cream, and now Petra was shamelessly cleaning those flavours off of her fingers while her face was only a few inches from Jane's. Petra also closed her eyes and moaned while doing that, the blonde looking so damn sexy Jane could feel her adrenaline, and arousal, rushing back to her, and all of a sudden she was the one flipping the once scary woman over onto her back and pinning her down with a wicked grin.

There was then a brief pause, and then Jane grinned mischievously, "My girlfriend is so hot."

"Not as hot as mine." Petra grinned shyly, before admitting softly, "I love her so much."

Jane smiled softly, "She loves you too, you big gay mess."


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