*This story is based off an old Just Shoot Me episode where Finch convinces a
lesbian model that Maya is also lesbian in hopes of getting to watch. Thanks
to Dr. B for the idea.*

Just Shoot Me: Two Girls for Every Boy (FF,MFF,oral)
by trmin8r

Finch slinked up to the knockout brunette model that Elliot was shooting for
an article on new lingerie trends. He had already looked at the proofs, and
many of them wouldn't see print due to "clothing errors" the type that would
go into his private collection. "Hello, there. Hi, I was wondering if it hurt
when you fell from heaven." Finch was certain that would work.

"Not interested," the towering Venus said rather icily. She continued,
"You're not my type."

Finch was taken slightly aback, "You mean the single, suave millionaire
type?" lying through his teeth.

"No," the busty model said, "the male type."

Finch jumped, he definitely knew that he wouldn't have a chance in hell of
getting her in bed. He saw Maya strolling to her office; his devious mind
quickly came up with a plan.

"Hey, sorry about that, I'm totally comfortable with your choice, and I
support it entirely." His weasel like mind already turning, "In fact, I was
wondering if you could do me a favor." The model still stared at him rather
coldly. Finch continued, too wrapped up in his plans, "You see that girl over
there?" He said, pointing to Maya.

Jill-the model melted, "Oh yeah, I see her." Jill had been noticing that girl
during the entire shoot, something about that small, slightly upturned nose,
and the quiet, exterior turned her on; not to mention that fact that Maya had
an ass and tits that you could place drinks on. Jill had been thinking about
those attributes all day, wondering if her arousal would show up on the
photos. She wanted to slowly undo the hair clip sitting on top of Maya's bun,
lay her down gently and fuck her raw - wearing sexy clothes always got her
hot and she hadn't been laid since the last model orgy she'd been to.

Finch saw Jill space out as she looked at Maya. He smiled devilishly, 'This
is going to go better than I thought.' He grabbed a magazine and put it over
his crotch, hiding his growing hard-on, "Yeah, that's my friend Maya, she
plays for your team too, but she's a little shy. She's been mentioning you
all day, but she doesn't really think you're in her league."

"Oh she could definitely play in my field," Jill was going stupid over the
possibilities of what she could do to and with Maya. She turned to Finch,
"She's really interested in me?"

Finch, knew he had a big one on the hook. "Oh yeah, Maya's a little shy
about approaching, so you should take it a little slow with her. How about
you invite her for drinks later on, I'll come along so Maya won't feel
threatened. Go, go on invite her." Finch urged the leggy model; she turned
quickly, a new bounce in her step, oblivious to the devilish glint in Dennis
Finch's eyes.

* * *

Maya was in a rush to meet deadlines she was overwhelming with work this
issue, not that she minded, since she was the only serious journalist on
staff, but it did put a lot of burden on her. She let out a groan as she
saw a model at her door, "Probably going to ask me to look over some
articles she wrote," she said to no one in particular.

The dark haired model looked her up and down before speaking. "Hi, I'm Jill."
She offered her hand; Maya just ignored it.

"What can I do for you?" the journalist asked in a cold tone.

This is going to be a tough one, Jill thought. She decided to play it cool.
"I'm going to be in the city for a few days, and I was wondering if you
wanted to spend some time together. Finch said that you'd be up for it."

Maya raged inwardly at her father's assistant, he had been throwing vapid
models at her since she started here, knowing well that she hated to
entertain these models. She had nothing in common with them, they were all
so vacuous and shallow and it was such a drag on her to be around them.
"I'm sorry," Maya dodged, "I just would rather not go out, especially the
way that Dennis can be."

Jill giggled, "Yeah, I know, he tried hitting on me earlier, I set him
straight." The model can see that Maya was lightening up, "I'm not asking
for anything big, just a couple of drinks, if only to keep that little
weasel at bay. He's already ingratiated himself into having drinks with

Maya laughed again, "Well, I suppose we have a common enemy, count me in.
Maybe we can do something else besides fending off the advances of the

Jill put her hand on Maya's shoulder, "Thanks, I'm sure you won't be

* * *

Elliot DiMauro saw the malevolent look in Finch's eyes from across the
office. "Finch what are you up to now?" He was unresponsive, "Finch, Finch."
Elliot tried in vain to snap Dennis out of his trance. The photographer
sighed and followed the office monkey's line of sight. Maya was chatting it
up with Jill, the model from his lingerie shoot earlier today; it was a shame
that she was on the other team. Jill was a stunner, Elliot - who had his fair
share of models was impressed with this one, she had that long, lean look
but her firm, breasts and half-domed ass showed Jill wasn't into starving
herself - a prime target for one of Finch's slimy pick-up lines. Elliot's
mind snapped quickly, he hit Dennis to get him out of his stupor. "Dennis,
you're not thinking, what I think you're thinking am I?" Dennis just cocked
his eyebrow and let a sly smile spread across his face-the "Finch face" as
Elliot thought of it.

"Oh yeah, and it seems that both of the bees are in my honey trap." Finch
broke into a laugh, raising his hand for a high five.

Elliot just stared him down, "Finch that's never going to work, Maya hasn't
shown any...tendencies and Jill is too smart to fall for one of your
half-baked schemes."

Finch laughed again, "Oh contraire, my domed scalped friend, I'll have you
know that Jill thinks Maya is quite the hottie and after Maya's been
sufficiently greased with booze, she'll be willing to do anything."

Elliot just shook his head in disbelief, "Finch what are you trying to do?"

Dennis turned his head to Elliot sharply, "Just trying to fulfill every man's
fantasy, you know what I'm talking about." Finch raised his hand again.

The photographer left him hanging, "Finch, life is not Penthouse, two women
are as rare as a triple play, and it's not as much fun as you think."

Dennis looked at him in shock, "Elliot you've done it and never told me?!"

"I've said too much," Elliot instantly regretted saying anything about having
a threesome.

Dennis followed after him, "Come on, tell me about it."


The office boy continued pleading, "Please?!"


* * *

Finch was sitting with Jill and Maya at the downstairs bar, looking at both
of them cemented his decision to get them together. Jill had a smoldering
quality about her, the smoky brown eyes and well proportioned figure
contrasted with Maya's brighter complexion and almost cartoonish curves.

Maya had been enjoying the conversation with Jill, the young model was more
than just tits, legs and ass, Finch even seemed to be on his best behavior,
hanging in the background and refilling their drinks. "I better watch
myself," Maya thought, "I'm going to get drunk if I don't slow down."

Jill could see that Maya was loosening up a little as the night wore on.
She was really going to enjoy taking her. She needed a little more privacy
though, "Maya, I need to powder my nose, why don't you come with me?"

Finch was a little worried, he couldn't follow them into the ladies room
and he would have no control. 'Oh well, Maya is already buzzed so whatever
happens in there shouldn't be too much of a problem.' His eyebrows cocked as
he watched the two women leave, enjoying the sway of their asses as the went
to the bathroom.

Jill was walking behind Maya, admiring the view when she said her joke about
the two gay guys in the rectory. Maya was laughing a little too hard; Jill's
joke wasn't that funny, but oh God was she drunk. She stumbled a little and
Jill caught her...and wouldn't let go. The reporter laughed uncomfortably,
and then Jill looking into Maya's eyes thought, 'what the hell,' and gave
Maya a soft kiss.

Maya, was uncomfortable at first, she was always a straight arrow, but
feeling another woman's soft lips on hers, and looking into Jill's smoky eyes
made her melt. Maya cautiously opened her mouth, allowing Jill's tongue to
brush softly against hers. Jill came up for air and smiled devilishly, "I
really have to thank Dennis for this." She went in for another kiss, when
Maya stopped her.

Maya was definitely confused, first another woman makes a pass at her, and
not only did she not mind, she let her run her tongue into her mouth, and now
Jill says something about Finch? "Finch? What did Finch do?"

Jill tilted her head playfully, "Oh, you know, he said that you were afraid
to approach me, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have asked you out tonight."

Maya opened her eyes in surprise, "Oh, Finch said that," the little weasel,
no wonder he was acting so obsequious today. "Look Jill, not that I'm not
flattered but I'm not like that, I'm afraid you've been misled."

Jill was unphased, "Well Maya, you may say you're not a lesbian, but I didn't
force your mouth open. She took a step closer, and kissed Maya again, cupping
Maya's hefty left breast.

Maya, melted into Jill's embrace opening her mouth once again and circling
her tongue around the models. She shifted her torso higher, getting a little
more of her chest into Jill's soft hand. She loved it, she loved the way Jill
was so gentle with her, so tender. She forced herself to stop, "Wait, I think
we should still get Finch for his little stunt today."

Jill gave Maya a gentle peck, "What do you think we should do?"

* * *

Jill, Finch, and Maya were at the door of Maya's place. Maya was having
trouble fitting the key into the lock with six martinis in her as well as an
Irish coffee. Finch impulsively took the keys from Maya's hand and swiftly
unlocked the door, "There, all open."

Jill helped Maya walk in, as Maya collapsed onto the couch, pulling Jill with
her. Maya giggled, as the two women slowly got off one another. Maya turned
to look at Finch, "You know Finch; I have to thank you."

Finch shifted uncomfortably in his chair, "Oh yeah? Why, why is that?"

Maya and Jill turned to look at each other before Maya turned her eyes back
to Finch, "Well Finch, if you hadn't gotten me and Jill together, I would
never have known how great she is," and with that Maya leaned in to kiss
Jill; driving Finch wild.

Jill got up from the couch and went behind Finch, licking his earlobe. "Maya
and I decided, that we should thank you properly."

Finch, started wheezing, "Oh yeah?" he stammered, "How are you going to do

Maya got up from the couch and went to her bedroom, returning with a pair of
handcuffs that were part of a Halloween costume. Maya tossed them to Jill;
she quickly cuffed Dennis' wrists behind the chair. Maya pushed the table out
of the center of the room and stood there in front of Finch, slowly moving up
her blouse, undoing her buttons. Maya came close to Dennis' lips as he pulled
forward to kiss her. She pulled back abruptly, wagging her finger at him.
Maya went back to stripping, opening her shirt a little bit, revealing the
pale pink bra she was wearing, Finch was hyperventilating. Maya's hands
wandered down to her ass, undoing the zipper of her skirt, making her already
impressive bust stick out even further. Maya bent over as she pulled her
skirt down, the matching briefs coming into view, on any other woman the
conservative underwear would be nothing special, but on Maya's proportions it
was electrifying, her tits and ass straining the fabric of the lingerie.

Maya walked over to Finch running her hands over his jaw before going behind
him. Jill stepped forward to the center of the floor, running her hands over
her body, dancing to music that only she heard. She unzipped her skirt and
moved her hands up to her hair, wiggling her hips, causing the skirt to
cascade down her long legs.

Finch took in the sight before him, Jill wore a white thong that contrasted
with her olive complexion, and dark hose. Her brown sweater was halfway off,
pushing her white lace bra up and out; she swung it over her head before the
model threw it at the office boy. Jill swayed over to Finch finally resting
in Finch's lap, bringing him in closer before drawing his head into her

Finch was ecstatic; his plan was finally paying off! He would finally have
two girls at one time. His joy was cut short when Maya jerked his head back
and put something over his eyes.

Jill looked up at Maya with an impish twinkle in her eye. The plan worked,
Finch was now bound and blind, the two women rushed each other, tumbling
together on the floor. Jill ended up on top, looking down at her latest
conquest, effectively pinning Maya by straddling her hips, feeling playful,
the model ran her fingers up and down the sides of the reporter.

"Jill, stop it, stop it!" she gurgled, unsuccessfully trying to fight back.
Maya had never laughed so hard. The model was leaving her gasping for air,
her stomach tightening.

"Who do you want? Who do you love?" Jill asked, the mischievous twinkle still
in her eye.

Finch, was twisting his head, trying to get the blindfold off. He could hear
Jill and Maya on the floor, laughing. Finch started struggling to get out of
his bonds as he heard Maya laugh harder than before.

Maya struggled to keep her breath, "I want you! Okay! I give up! I give up!"
Maya regained her composure enough to rise up, gripping the sultry model in a
bear hug and crushing her lips into Jill. Jill let out a soft grunt, unaware
of the reporter's strength, the model let out another soft grunt, this time
from the reporter's kiss. Jill's hand ambled over to Maya's back, tugging at
the strap trying to find the catch. "Racer back?" Jill asked, Maya nodded,
she was too big for anything else. Jill reached behind her back undoing her
bra, while Maya reached under to pull the bra over her head.

Jill gasped, she had seen big breasts, but Maya's were something else, they
looked almost uncomfortably big, but had no sag, if she didn't feel them
earlier she could have sworn they weren't natural. She had to taste them,
Jill leaned over trying to take as much of Maya's breast into her mouth,
almost dislocating from her jaw in the process. The olive skinned model ran
her teeth around Maya's nipple, then flattened her tongue and licked the
puffy nub. Maya let out a sharp hiss, Jill's tongue work was a pleasant
surprise, Maya scissorred her legs around Jill's rounded hips, pushing
their groin's together. Maya could feel her own wetness drip through her
panties and mingling with the juices on Jill's thong.

Jill grounded her hips back at Maya while dragging her tongue along the
underside of Maya's left tit, moving over the Maya's right tit, chewing
lightly on the rubbery nipple. She felt Maya's hands on her shoulders push
her back from a nipple with a wet pop.

Finch heard a wet sound, he didn't know if the two were kissing, or...or
damn it! His imagination wasn't that vivid. He leaned his head back and
tired desperately to look under the mask.

Maya wasn't as experienced as Jill, and was unaware of what to do. The
reporter just stared in awe at Jill's perfectly shaped breasts. She reached
out her hands to cup them, a little more than a handful, perfect. Maya went
in to nuzzle Jill's right breast, savoring the feel. Maya lightly kissed the
model's dark nipple, enthralled with it, the auburn reporter went in for
another kiss...and another...and another until she had her mouth over the
brunette's areola, sucking on it gently. Maya got creative with her mouth
play, and reared her head back, lightly blowing on Jill's wet nipple.

"Ah, God Maya, that's, that's uuggh!" the model leaned her head back, the
warm rasping of the two women's groins and the cool tingle of Maya's breath
on her nipple made her cum in waves.

Finch, heard Jill scream out, from what he didn't know. He cut into his
wrists trying to get his hands out of the handcuffs.

Jill lay down, overcome with what just happened, she caught her breath as
Maya finally let go. The reporter quickly stood over the prostrate model,
stripping Jill of her thong. Maya opened Jill's outer lips and blew into her
hole, causing Jill to shudder again for the second time. Jill twitched and
jerked, but Maya held her hips down, exploring the brunette's bare groin.
She had never seen a woman who got a bikini wax before, 'I'm sure it's more
convenient for her,' Maya thought. The reporter licked at the outer lips,
before running her tongue into her lover's inner pink.

Jill shifted uncomfortably; Maya's tongue was squirming around, not knowing
what to do. Jill gently pulled Maya up from her pussy, she gave Maya a kiss,
"Why don't you lay back sweetie and let me show you the ropes."

Maya, was a little disappointed that she hadn't done a good job, but she
shivered in anticipation as Jill trailed her tongue down the valley of Maya's
breasts, down her abs, and slowly pulled down Maya's panties.

Jill looked down onto Maya's trimmed bush. Jill ran her tongue along Maya's
right thigh, running it up along the reporter's ginger thatch and down her
left thigh to the back of her knee, lightly tickling the reporter. Maya
shook, as the model licked the back of her knee. Jill leisurely licked her
way back up Maya's thigh to her strawberry patch. Jill licked softly at
Maya's box, eliciting moans from the pixyish reporter. Jill swirled her
tongue around Maya's aroused clit. She sucked on Maya's clit pulling it up
towards her and biting down lightly on it giving the reporter a delicious
pressure that made Maya see stars.

Finch heard a lot of thumping and an occasional wet smack or a kiss, but it
drove him crazy that he couldn't see anything. Dennis consigned himself to
sit there and listen to the sounds of the two women having sex, slowly
getting hard from the sounds coming from the floor.

Jill was twisting her tongue around Maya's warm hole, tasting the tangy musk
of Maya's juices slowly flooding her channel. The model curled her tongue up,
pulling slightly on Maya and pinched her clit with her left hand.

Maya let out a high-pitched moan, putting her hands down onto Jill's dark
mane. She arced her back, trying to get more of Jill into her; Jill dove
deeper, flooding the models mouth with her juices again. Maya, could not
contain herself any longer gave off a series of deep grunts ending in a
sharp wail before collapsing in a sweating, writhing heap of nerves.

Maya gradually let go off Jill's head. The model finally coming up for air,
her face shiny with Maya's juices. Jill crawled up to Maya, giving the
reporter another long, languid kiss, sharing the sweet fruits of their labor.

Jill broke the kiss, "That is how it's done, wouldn't you agree?"

Maya gave Jill a satisfied look, giving her another kiss. Maya wordlessly
switched positions with Jill, kissing the model's neck, trailing down to her
collar bone, stopping to circle both nipples, licking the model's sculpted
abs, putting her tongue into the model's navel. Maya paused, taking in the
sight of Jill's bare groin. Maya went in carefully, giving a few cautious
licks, gauging Jill's reactions. Jill purred, Maya continued, taking that as
a good sign. Maya spread out her tongue, running it along the length of
Jill's slit, flicking her tongue on the model's clit. Jill buzzed in rapture,
holding back the coming wave. Maya could hear Jill percolating beneath her,
the reporter spread Jill's bare lips with her finger, blew lightly and then
dove in, jabbing deep into Jill's canal and copied Jill's technique of
arching her tongue upward and curling her tongue in, giving long, sloppy
licks to Jill's slit. Maya slurped at Jill's crotch, unsure of what to do,
but enthusiastic about returning the favor.

Jill hummed, Maya definitely improved, still a little green, but her energy
more than made up for it. Maya licked and slurped Jill's juices, trying to
catch all of the model's fluids. Jill let out a low groan, Maya seemed to be
everywhere at once, licking at her slit, sucking on her lips, and running her
tongue everywhere to catch her falling juices. The model couldn't hold it in
any longer, she had been riding higher and higher, Maya sucked hard on her
clit and the bottom fell out. Jill fell further, riding the crest, whimpering
in bliss all the way. Maya rose up, watching Jill shudder and moan because of

Finch heard Jill cum, and grew harder, a thin layer of pre-cum coating the
head. Finch unconsciously panted in synch to the models orgasm. His hard-on
had become almost painfully erect, yearning for attention.

Maya sidled up to Jill for another kiss, holding her in a hot embrace. They
both looked up to Finch. Jill looked down at Maya, "You know, Maya we should
thank Dennis, after all he is the one that brought us together." Maya looked
at Jill quizzically, Jill got up, crawling towards the shackled office boy.
Maya got up, following Jill's bare ass wriggling towards Finch.

"Dennis," Jill said smokily, "did you hear what we said?"

Finch half laughed, half panted, "uh huh," he said in anticipation.

Jill looked at Dennis' hard-on tenting in his pants. She deftly unzipped him
and pulled his dick out. She waved Maya over lightly kissing the head of
Finch's dick as Maya sat next to Jill. The model pointed Finch's dick towards
Maya; the reporter shirked at Finch's cock, but acquiesced when Jill gave her
a disappointed look, Maya gave the head of Finch a quick kiss. Jill slowly
swallowed up Finch's dick, creating a tight seal against her lips and his
dick. She pulled back, waiting for Maya; the reporter quickly took Dennis as
deep as she could go, and then pulled out just as quickly. Jill took over
again sucking on Dennis' balls, motioning for Maya to continue. Maya took
Finch's cock head into her mouth, tickling the underside with her tongue.

Finch let out a weak sigh, releasing his load. Maya pulled out abruptly not
wanting to swallow his load. Jill, held Maya's head close to the stream,
spraying her with Finch's seed.

Maya was disgusted, "Damn it Jill!" The reporter was quickly silenced as Jill
licked the cum from Maya's face and then kissed her again, sharing Dennis'
cum with Maya. Maya tried to give back as much cum to Jill, running her
tongue into the models mouth. The two women went over to the sink to spit out
Finch's cum.

Jill got another mischievous look in her eye, "Follow my lead."

Maya walked behind the model, as she stood Finch up and undid his belt,
dropping his pants. Jill gave him a kiss, "Well Finch, thanks for all your
help, I think we'll take it from here. Maya?"

Maya went over to the door and undid the locks, as the model pushed the
office assistant out the door and into the hallway of Maya's tough Brooklyn
tenement. Jill gave a sigh of satisfaction, "Ready to go again?"

Maya had her own twinkle in her eye. "Let's go to my room," the busty
reporter said. "I've got another pair of handcuffs left over from


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