Jack Of All Trades: All-American Man Power (MF,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The tall, dark-haired and ruggedly handsome American secret agent known as
Jack Stiles and his ally, the beautiful Englishwoman Emilia Rothschild lay
in bed, enjoying a moment of respite from their troubles. Both of them were
the very best that America had to offer against foreign powers such as the
pugnacious Napoleon Bonaparte and his fearsome French Army. Recently, they
had succeeded in foiling many of the French tyrant's schemes to conquer the
world. Tonight was theirs. A well-deserved rest, and much more.

Unfortunately, couples intensely in love don't know the meaning of rest when
passion has no limit. Currently, Jack and Emilia were romping away like sex
was going out of style. Jack lay in the plush bed, and Emilia straddled him.
The beautiful blonde British woman looked lovely in the dark, especially
naked. She was riding him for all she was worth. Jack held his lovely partner
by the hips and thrust into her, shoving his cock deep into her pussy. Emilia
welcomed his every thrust, and she thrust downward, craving more. Their
athletic, firm bodies were covered with sweat. They went at it like this for
some time, until they got more creative.

Emilia looked at Jack and smiled naughtily. There were so many things that
she longed to do with the man she loved. Passions that she kept hidden for
so long. Too bad it took constantly risking life and limb for God and country
to make them realize their feelings for each other. Tonight was theirs.
America and Great Britain could survive without their favorite superheroes.
Jack looked at Emilia. Damn, she was one hell of a woman. More passionate
than he had previously thought possible. For the past four hours, they had
been going at it nonstop. Just staying in bed, feeding each other grapes and
romping away like sex was about to become illegal. He didn't mind at all. He
hadn't known this side of her but so far, he liked it.

Emilia grinned, thinking of something wickedly fun to do. Something which
she had never tried but heard wonders about. Backdoor loving. She asked Jack
about it. His handsome face lit up. He couldn't believe his luck. Most men
would be grateful to have a passionate woman in their lives but a woman with
a sex drive which rivaled one's own was a rare find indeed. Jack grinned, and
decided to show her how it was done. First things first, though. One should
not venture into the netherworld unprepared. For a much better experience,
patience was required, along with lots of lubricant. Jack, a rather popular
fellow with the Greek ladies of the local brothel always carried lubricant on
his person. Tonight, it came in unexpectedly handy.

Emilia looked at Jack as he made love to her and prepared her for what was to
come. First, he massaged her sexy, voluptuous form. He spread her legs and
gently probed her womanhood with his fingers. Then, he went under for a good
licking. His agile tongue wandered into her tight crevice and wormed its way
deep inside. He probed her with his fingers and licked her. Her eyes widened.
He really knew what he was doing. Taking his sweet time, he probed and teased
her before probing and teasing her some more. Finally, he made her cum, and
rather spectacularly too. Emilia screamed loud enough to wake the dead. Jack
held her in his arms until the intense orgasm subsided.

Afterwards, they held each other. Emilia looked Jack in the eyes and kissed
him. Then she asked him to let her please him. Jack lay on the bed, flat on
his back. Emilia came up between his legs and took his erect cock in her
slim hand. She began to gently suck on his fairly large manhood. Jack was a
well-endowed man. His cock was around eight inches long, thick and ridged.
He was also uncircumcised. She didn't mind. He was natural. That's just how
he was and it suited her well. She engulfed him in her mouth, taking great
care to bring him maximum pleasure. Jack gently ran his hand through her
blonde hair as she sucked him off. Emilia worked hard at her craft, using
skills she had picked up as a tomboy while playing with the male cricket
players in the House of Lords. She was really popular back then. It didn't
take long for her to get Jack to cum like a fountain. And cum he did. She
drank him dry.

A short while later, they were ready for the main event. Jack and Emilia
playfully wrestled before making love again, and this time he took her from
behind. They went at it like this for some time, then tried something new.
Emilia spread her sexy butt cheeks wide open, and Jack applied some lubricant
on them. Then, he pressed his cock against her back door, and pushed. Emilia
gasped when she felt Jack's cock enter her anal canal. He held her by the
hips and thrust into her. Although Jack had taken many women in this manner,
this was a special moment. This was his first time doing it with Emilia. This
was an experience to be savored. Jack intended to enjoy every second of it.

Emilia gasped as Jack's big cock slid into her ass. It felt so big, even
with the lubricant. He was taking her slowly at first, thankfully. He took
his sweet time as he surely but surely fed her ass his eight inches of
all-American Man Power. That's when it happened. The pain slowly receded, to
be replaced by a curious feeling. A feeling of fullness. A wonderful feeling.
With his cock up her butt, she felt wonderfully filled. And she liked it so
much that she begged him for more. He hesitated only for a moment, before
thrusting into her with all the passion he could muster. Emilia pushed her
tushy back against him, actually craving more. It felt heaps good to take it
in the ass! Jack thrust into Emilia's tight but yielding back door. Things
were in full swing now. No longer meekly “taking it”, she was actually
demanding more cock up that cute butt of his. And he was perfectly willing
to give it to her. They went at it like this for some time, then he finally
came, sending his seed deep inside her. That's when she screamed, louder
than ever before. A primal scream that was the sound of a wild female
experiencing sexual satisfaction.

Afterwards, Jack Stiles and Emilia Rothschild lay in bed, entwined in each
others loving arms. At last, the world's most energetic lovers were sated.
Smiling, they finally went to sleep. They had just done their part to improve
diplomatic relations between the United States of America and the British
Empire. Above and beyond, actually. It was simple because they were in love,
and for lovebirds, anything seems possible. That's the beauty of comforting

The End


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