Journey Of Allen Strange: Experimentation (mf)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Allen Strange stood in the middle of his room inside the Stevenson home. He
was looking around. Anyone looking at him would have seen a tall, slender
young black man. He wore a blue shirt and black jeans. He looked average, but
there was nothing average about him. The look on his face was one that many
people all over the world could easily identify with. Allen Strange was
lonely and homesick. He missed his people and the world on which he grew up.
Unfortunately, his world was far away. He was the first member of his people
to come around here. Allen Strange wasn't your average guy. He wasn't even

This is the moment that defines Allen Strange. He was the only one of his
kind on the planet Earth. He had dealt with many threats ever since he came
to Earth. He dealt with the most dangerous men and women in the world.
Terrorists. Rogue soldiers. Serial killers. Psychopaths. He was also about
to face something that not even he could hope to survive, let alone defeat.
The call of nature. Even super-powered alien lifeforms with one hundred
thousand years of civilization were bound by the laws of nature and forced
to answer the call of the wild...not even the great Allen Strange was an
exception to that rule.

Allen Strange was a Xelan. The Xelan were a race of aliens from another
galaxy. They were energy-based sentient lifeforms. They were a very advanced
species, technology-wise. The race of Xelans were explorers by nature. Allen
Strange came to the planet Earth on an intergalactic transport vessel. He had
been stranded there ever since. Xelans had the ability to assume almost any
form they wanted so Allen Strange used his powers to assume human form.

Since coming to Earth, he had befriended a few humans. Namely, Robbie
Stevenson, a free-spirited tomboy and her brother, Josh Stevenson. The
Stevenson siblings knew of Allen Strange's secret. He was an alien. They had
become the best of friends and Allen Strange trusted them with her life. Ken
Stevenson, father of Robbie and Josh had become the legal guardian of Allen
Strange since Allen didn't have parents. Ken Stevenson had no idea that his
young ward was an alien from another galaxy. Allen Strange was very lonely
and missed his people. He had some fun on Earth with his friends and his
adventures but unfortunately, the loneliness persisted.

Robbie Stevenson came home from basketball practice. She went into the house.
Robbie Stevenson was a tall, slender young woman with dark hair and dark
eyes. Her long black hair was tucked under a baseball cap and she wore
overalls. Robbie Stevenson was not exactly your average gal. She was the damn
best basketball player that her school had ever seen. She was very athletic
and very competitive. That's what happened when a girl was raised by a single
dad. Robbie Stevenson was the classic tomboy. Of all the chicks on the Girl's
Basketball team, she was the best shot. Her coach, Luke Henderson praised her
for it. Recently, the team had gone to the state championships and won.
Robbie Stevenson wanted to play in the WNBA someday. Maybe. She walked around
the house. Her brother Josh and her father Ken weren't home yet. She could
still sense that she wasn't alone, though. She went upstairs, and checked in
on Allen. His room door was open. Robbie looked at him, fascinated. The
tomboy looked at Allen Strange. The young man, young alien-boy, she corrected
herself was busy sitting cross-legged on the floor. His eyes were closed. He
seemed to be in deep meditation.

Robbie looked at Allen, fascinated. She had never stopped being fascinated by
Allen Strange. He was a rather fascinating character. He was smart, he was
also a really nice person. He liked helping people, even when it put him at
risk. He had super powers. Well, duh, he was an alien, after all. He was
also...kind of sweet and...cute. Robbie smiled to herself. Allen looked so...
cute, sometimes. Especially right now, when he was deep in meditation. He
must have sensed something because his eyes opened and he looked at her.

"Hello, Robbie." he said. "How are you doing today?"

Robbie bit her lip and silently cursed herself. Looking at Allen Strange
was...okay. Getting caught looking at Allen Strange was...not cool. Not cool
at all. Damn it!!!

Allen Strange looked at her with those big, beautiful, seemingly innocent
eyes of his. "What's troubling you, my friend?" he asked.

"Oh, I'm cool." said Robbie. "I just got home and thought I'd say 'Hey!'."

Allen Strange stared at her. "Hey." he said.

"Yeah, just saying hey." Robbie said.

Allen Strange rose to his full height. He smiled. Robbie smiled back. The
next second, Allen seemed to glow from within. He collapsed on the floor.

"Allen!" Robbie cried. She knelt by his side. "Allen, are you okay ?"

Allen looked at her. "No." he said. "I am not alright." Robbie helped him
sit up. "It has begun." he said sadly.

"What has?" Robbie said. "What has begun?"

llen Strange looked at her. "On Xela, there comes a time when the juvelines
among my people experience certain changes in themselves." he said.

"What kind of changes?" Robbie asked.

Allen hesitated. "The young males and females of Xela undergo certain changes
known as the Xivarian Cycle, and it basically enables them to reproduce."
said Allen.

"Oh, you mean like puberty?" Robbie asked.

"Yes." said Allen.

Robbie smiled. "Cool." she said. "Did you already go through Xivarian?" she

Allen Strange shook his head. "I am twenty five cycles old. A cycle is
basically five of your human years. My time has come, or would have, had I
been among my people."

Robbie grimaced. "Oh." she said. She didn't know what to say. "What's gonna
happen to you since you are far away from your people?" she asked.

Allen Strange shrugged. "The Xivarian Cycle will come to pass. Ordinarily,
I'd find myself drawn to a receptive female and, um, mating would ensue.
Since I am far away from any member of my species, I will undergo the
Shmikavian Shkorm."

Robbie looked at him. "What is that?" she asked.

"Juvenile males and females of my species that cannot find receptive mates
when the Cycle comes must undergo a hybernation ritual, basically shut down
their bodies and minds to halt the Cycle. If they are successful, they are
safe until the next Cycle. If they are not, their physical forms will simply
wither and die. Energy levels will simply drop and fade to nothingness."

Robbie tried to take it all in. There was a lot that she didn't understand
but what she understood frightened her. Allen Strange was gonna die unless he
found a receptive mate? She couldn't believe it. Of course, since he was an
alien, she expected his physiology to be far different than a human's. He was
an energy-based lifeform. He could fly under his own power at amazing speeds.
He could also move objects with his mind. He could heal with a simple touch.
He could manipulate molecular structure. Unfortunately, unless he got laid
when his, um, alien-man-period-thingie came, he would die. Jeez! He'd die
when his, um, Cycle came, unless he found a suitable and receptive female.
And she was complaining about PMS! She looked at Allen Strange. "Oh, shit!"
she said. "Allen, could you die from this?" she asked, incredulous.

Allen Strange nodded. "My physical form is composed primarily of energy.
Without it, I will experience what humans call death." He smiled sadly. "Most
of my people can live for twenty five hundred cycles or more." He said. "I
will become the youngest of my people to die in millennia."

This is the moment that defines Robbie Stevenson. Four years ago, her life
changed when she met Allen Strange, the alien from another planet. He was
surprisingly decent. She and her brother Josh befriended him. They welcomed
him into their home and their family. He was a very nice guy. A guy she had
grown to trust and admire. Of course, he wasn't even a guy at all. He was
an alien masquerading as a human being. A human being she had come to trust,
respect and admire. Also, someone she had come to love. There was no way in
hell that she was gonna let him risk his life. She looked at him. "Allen."
she said. "I think I may have found a way to solve your problem."

"What do you have in mind?" Allen Strange asked.

"I think we should, you know, find a way to help you get through the Cycle...
alive." Robbie said.

"How?" Allen said quizzically.

"You shouldn't hibernate." Robbie said. "You should just, you know, go
through with it."

Allen Strange looked at her. He looked sad and angry. "I could die." he said.

Robbie looked at him. Maybe he wasn't gonna like her idea. She had a crush
on him since he first came to Earth but had never acted on it. Now, she was
gonna try her best to get the alien/boy of her dreams. She wanted him bad
enough to try anything. "I think we should go through the Cycle together."
Robbie said finally.

Allen Strange looked stunned. "You think I should...mate with you?" He asked.
Robbie slowly nodded. "But you are not Xelan." he gasped.

Robbie looked him straight in the eye. Just how far does a girl have to go to
get this boy in her bed? "Allen, I have a confession to make." Robbie said.

"What?" Allen asked carefully.

Robbie took a deep breath. "I love you, Allen." she said. "I've always loved

Allen looked at her. Gently, he took her hand in his. "I love you too,
Robbie." he said. "But you are not Xelan."

Robbie was beginning to get pissed. Why couldn't he get over the fact that
she was not one of his people? She had invested a lot in him. She had been
his best friend for years, kept his secret and protected him from the dangers
of the world. She had welcomed him into her home...and her heart. Why was he
refusing her? Couldn't he see how much she loved him? Maybe he saw and didn't

"I am a Xelan male." Allen said desperately. "I love you more than anything,
Robbie, but it could never be."

Robbie looked crestfallen. "Why not?" she asked.

Allen Strange hesitated. "I am not human." he said. "I'm not sure what could
happen if we attempt know." He stared at her with sad eyes. "I
couldn't live with myself if I caused your death."

Robbie clasped his other hand in hers. "That's a chance I'm willing to take."
she said.

"That's crazy!" Allen said.

Robbie smiled seductively, dangerously and sadly at the same time. "People
always do crazy things when they're in love." The alien boy known as Allen
Strange looked at Robbie Stevenson, the tomboyish Earth girl who had fallen
in love with him. Robbie smiled at him. "Come to bed." she said.

They embraced. Eagerly, the young lovers undressed and explored each other's
bodies. Allen felt Robbie 's hot and sexy body press against his. It was
clear what she wanted. He wanted the same thing. They faced each other. Once
more they kissed. Laughing, they undressed each other. Item after item of
clothing was removed until they stood naked facing each other. Allen looked
at her. She looked fantastic. Simply gorgeous. Robbie licked her lips when
she looked at his masculine form. Allen had it going on. She went to him.
They fell on the bed. He playfully chased her around and they wrestled on the
bed until he lay on top of her. Robbie kissed Allen, the man she loved. They
began to make love cautiously and passionately. Attending to each other's
needs. Hours went by as the insatiable lovers went at it.

When they were done, they lay on the bed. Completely exhausted. Quickly they
recovered. Robbie smiled at Allen and he returned her smile. She climbed on
top of him. They kissed. His hands caressed her breasts. She kissed his
hands and then kissed his hairy chest. She kissed every inch of his body,
pleasuring him as she went along. She came to his groin area. She breathed
in the masculine smell of him. The hot musk of the man she loved. She took
his manhood in hand and set out to give him the most pleasurable of
treatments. Her head was moving up and down and he was groaning in pleasure.
His hands gripped the sheets as he let out a moan of pleasure. He erupted.
She took all he had to give and nothing was lost. She loved the taste of
him. He returned the favor. She learned that his tongue and fingers could do
wonders as he soon brought her to a climax. She straddled him.

She was on top of him, riding him. He was underneath her, holding her hips
and thrusting. He thrust upward with all the masculine energy that he could
muster. She thrust downward. He was inside her. She was all around him and
all over him. Their bodies were joined. Looking into each other's eyes, they
made love like this until they reached climax at the same time. Never had
either of them felt like this. They knew each other's bodies so well. It
was not only a meeting of bodies but of souls. When they were done, a warm
feeling resided in them both. They fell asleep in each other's arms. Robbie
knew that she was no longer alone. She had found what she was looking for.
It had been right in front of her all along. Allen was glad to have found
her. Finally, they were together. Robbie felt safe in his strong arms as
they went to sleep. He was amazing. She was lucky to have him and vowed that
nothing would ever take him away from her.

"How was your first time, Allen?" Robbie asked.

"Great!!!" Allen laughed. He looked at her. "How about an encore?" he asked.

Robbie grinned. "I think we can manage that."

It is thus that Allen Strange, alien visitor from the distant world of Xela
was saved from the Cycle by Robbie Stevenson of planet Earth.

The End


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