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Joan Of Arcadia: Love Found, Love Lost
by Tricksterson

She stood on her front lawn, the glowing balls she was juggling seeming to
form a circle of light in their passage from hand to hand. It was her way of
commemorating the life and death of Judith, a friend whom she had known for
too short a time.

And yet she was also floating in front of and above herself, watching herself

"So this is a dream, right?"

"Yes, but not an ordinary dream. A dream of possibilities." The voice was
that of Hot Guy God but he was nowhere to be seen.

The balls *had* merged now into a circle of flowing, changing light, a circle
she found herself floating towards. The other Joan, her lawn, her house had
all faded into darkness leaving only the glowing, multicolored circle.

"I thought going towards the light was a bad thing?"

This time it was the voice she associated with Tough Guy God that answered.
"Don't believe everything you see in movies Joan."

She let herself float forward.

* * *

There was no sense of transition but suddenly she found herself looking at
Judith and Adam. And, filming them through a doorway, she saw herself. Only
that hadn't been how it had happened. She remembered filming them from a
distance, where she couldn't hear what they said, which had led to a terrible

Here, now, she did. Heard the wwords of love and fear of loss from both of
them. And so did this other Joan.

"You don't have to worry about losing me. Either of you," said this other
Joan as she stepped into the room. Then the three of them were in a group

And then something else happened. First she kissed Adam tenderly. Then, as
she turned away from him, her lips met Judith's. Not a kiss so much as a
brushing together of lips, but it was enough to spook them both and Judith
hurriedly left the room.

"Jane, what just happened?"

"I don't know."

* * *

Things blurred and then she saw herself ringing the bell to Judith's house.
It seemed to be early evening. She looked impatient, as if this wasn't the
first time she had rung the bell. Evidently, as was often the case, Judith's
parents had left her on her own while off on business.

* * *

"What was that?"

"Time compression through editing," answered Goth God.

* * *

She saw herself step back off the porch onto the lawn and pick up a couple
of pebbles and throw them at the lighted square of Judith's room. Still no

"If you don't let me in, I'm coming back with Friedman," she heard herself
yell. "to read poetry to you!"

When Judith finally came down and opened the door, it was obvious that she'd
been drinking.

"What's going on?" demanded Joan.

"Well, someone's threatening me with a fate worse than death," replied her
friend, a trifle blearily, "So I thought I'd better let her in."

"Well can I? Come in?"

Judith looked at her for what seemed to be a long time, then shrugged and
stepped aside.

As soon as the door closed behind her Joan turned to her friend and asked
"What was that about?"

"What that?" replied Judith with a measure of coyness.

"That..." Joan trailed off, seeming to realize that she couldn't quite call
what had happened a kiss. "...thing that happened." The expression on her
face showed that she realized just how lame that sounded.

"Oh," said Judith, with an expression that neither the Joan watching nor the
one being watched could quite decipher but that could best be defined as a
tragic smirk, "You mean this?" With that she draped her arms around her
fellow brunette's neck and pressed herself against her friend's body and
gently gave her a gentle but definite kiss.

* * *

Watching this Joan felt like she should be repelled but was instead
fascinated. She'd never really thought about kissing another girl. She
expected the other Joan to push Judith away and she did but gently and
only after having opened her mouth to the kiss.

* * *

"Is that what *I* would have done? Why are you showing me this anyway?"

No answer.



As the other Joan (Joan just couldn't bring herself to think of her as well,
*her*) pulled slowly away from the kiss she said softly, "Where's the bottle
you've been drinking from. I think I need some too."

"It's upstairs. In my room."

"Somehow I knew you were going to say that."

Judith colored angrily. "You think I'm trying to lure you upstairs to my
boudoir?" she said, almost spitting the last word out sarcastically.

"No! I...I...are you?" Joan's voice sounded more curious than upset.

"I don't know," Judith answered, sitting down on the stairs. Joan sat next to
her. "Maybe. I'm so confused. I don't know what I want. Or who."

"Who?" Joan suspected who she meant but evidently wanted it confirmed.

Judith looked away and mumbled something too low to hear.

"It's Adam isn't it? Are you in love with him?"

Suddenly Judith lost all her shyness, as if she'd come to a decision. "In
love with both of you, okay?" Having crossed this Rubicon she then kissed
Joan far more forcefully then she had before.

Up to this point the watching Joan hadn't really given any thought to her
body, or even if she had one. This was a dream after all, wasn't it? But now
she felt a tingling warmth that was most definitely physical. And it only
increased when she realized that the other Joan was returning Judith's kiss.
With interest. Thus encouraged Judith pressed her body against, then on top
of Joan's, rolling her underneath.

This caused Joan to break off the clinch.

"Umm, this isn't exactly the most comfortable position in the world." In
reply Judith looked up the stairs where her room was. Joan nodded. Judith
smiled, took her by the hand and led her upstairs. Following them, Joan saw
them stop in the doorway for another kiss, during whch Judith's hands slid
under Joan's sweater and lfted it over her head and off. then her head dipped
into the valley between them, then moved to suck at the nipples still hidden
by Joan's bra. Small gasps and moans indicated approval.

* * *

"So am I gay? Bi? What?"

"I gave humans the capacity for love. Dividing it into categories was your
idea." This in the voice of Little Girl God. Joan resisted, barely, the
impulse to tell "Her" that "She" was too young to be watching this. Again,
a wave of sensation passed through the body she couldn't see but apparently
possessed as she watched what happened next

* * *

She noticed that while her attention had strayed Judith had backed the other
Joan into the bedroom. She'd also gotten Joan's bra off and her mouth was
exploring her tits. Joan was doing some exploring of her own, having gotten
her friend's top off and was in the middle of unhooking her bra when they hit
the edge of the bed and Joan sat down with a thunk. Judith got to her knees
in front of her.

* * *

Watching this Joan began to explore her own "body". It didn't matter, she
decided, if she couldn't see it, she could certainly feel it, her hands
exploring the fullness of her breasts, rubbing and pinching at her hard,
pink nipples.


"Focus, Joan, focus." Old Lady God said.

* * *

Meanwhile Judith had unsnapped and unzipped the other Joan's pants.


"Don't you..."

"Yes, but wait. I want to make a couple of calls." She fished her cellphone
out of her pants, just before Judith dragged them off her legs and called

"Mom? Listen, I'm at Judith's. Her parents aren't here and she...needs me.
Can I stay over?" Some intense discussion and negotiation later she hung up.

"Nicely played," said Judith.

"Hey, I wasn't lying."

"No you weren't." Judith stood up and pressed her body against Joan's,
leaning her back onto the bed. "I most definitly need you," she said as she
covered Joan's face and neck with light but urgent kisses.

"Wait," Joan said yet again. At her friend's frustrated scowl she replied,
"Trust me, you'll like the results." This time she called Adam. Judith's
eyes lit up with both hope and desire as Joan persuaded him to come over.

"He'll be here," Joan said as she put away the cell. While she'd been talking
Judith had done an impromptu striptease down to her pink panty briefs. She
then gave an appraising look at Joan's own underwear, a yellow thong.

"Huh, I'd half expected grannie panties."

"Hey, I am *not* a prude. Just because I'm not..." She stopped abruptly
realizing what she'd almost said.

"A slut like me?" finished Judith with an edge in her voice.

There was no good answer to that, not in words at least so Joan pulled Judith
in for another long kiss, pulling off first Judith's then her own undies in
the process. She also pulled her onto the bed and rolled on top of her. She
took advantage of Judith's surprise at her assuming this unexpected dominant
position by sliding her hand between her new lover's thigh rubbing the palm
of her hand against her juice-oozing pussy then pushing first one, then two
and finally three fingers inside, provoking a long and loud moan.

"So, *are* you a slut, Judith?" Joan asked in a husky, provocative voice.

"Unnnhhh...yess, oh yesssss!"

"Whose? Whose slut are you?" As she asked this she found and started rubbing
Judith's clit. At the same time she bent down to her friend's light brown
nipple and took it between her teeth, pulling it out from the breast.

"Yourrrs! Oh yours, Joanie, your slut and your slaaave!"

* * *

Watching this, Joan could no longer control the heat building up inside her.
Her hands moved caressingly over every inch of her body, finally winding up
between her legs. She bit down on her lips, coming at the same time as Judith

* * *

Joan smiled with pride at having taken the initiative and also at having
brought her friend to orgasm. She then brought her hips and legs around to
surround Judith's face and lowered her sopping wet pussy down to her lover's
eagerly awaiting mouth and tongue. Judith spread her lover's lips with one
hand to provide easier entry. A bolt of pure pleasure stiffened her body
soon as both fingers and tongue had her rocking back and forth in ecstacy.
Her own head dipped down and the two girls were soon locked in a joyful
sixty-nine, bodies shaking with passion until they collapsed in a happy,
sweaty tangle.

* * *

Joan floated in darkness, confusion and exhaustion running through her.

"Would you like a little time dear?" Old Lady God's voice asked.

What she wanted was an answer to why God was doing this but she knew that if
God didn't want to answer, asking would be a waste of breath.

"There's more?"

* * *

Once again there was a colorless blur and then she was once more looking at
the front of Judith's house, only this time it was a confused and nervous
Adam standing in front of the door ringing the bell.

Which was answered by a stark naked and smiling Joan. Adam's jaw dropped at
the same time that a hard bulge formed in his pants. Both phenomena were
increased by an equally naked Judith jumping up and waving from behind Joan.
Before he could say a word or move a muscle both girls grabbed him and
dragged him inside.

As soon as he was inside he found himself in a longer and more sensual
version of their previous three-way embrace. He found first Joan's, then
Judith's tongue in his mouth and finally all three of them joined in an
improbable but highly arousing three-way soul kiss. Joan started pulling
him towards the bedroom while Judith had him naked from the waist up before
they even reached the stairs. They were up the stairs and at the door of
the bedroom before he managed to say anything.

"Uh, Jane, why...what?"

"Shhh," said Judith, kissing his mouth while Joan nibbled playfully at his
nipples, "Just enjoy." Well, what was a 17-year old boy, presented with two
beautiful, naked and willing, indeed enthusiastic, girls to do?

They pulled him down onto the bed between them. Judith finished stripping
him while Joan lavished kisses on his face, neck and chest. They shared a
deep kiss as Judith's mouth engulfed his dick then Joan moved down to join
her, licking at the balls and root even as Judith sucked her way up and
down the shaft. Soon they were both licking each side, tongues occasionally
flicking across and around his member.

While cuddling and waiting for Adam to show up the two girls had taken
advantage of the time to plan things out. Joan slid up Adam's body and put
the next stage into motion.

"Take me," she whispered into his ear, followed by a flick of her tongue.

"Jane?" Adam questioned.

"She means 'Fuck me into a coma'" said Judith, lifting her head up. "But
she's still a little shy."

Adam needed no more encouragement than that to roll himself on top of a
giggling Joan and gently spread her legs apart before getting between them.
As he loomed above her Joan put her hands flat against his chest to stop him
from proceeding.

"Jane...if you don't want to..."

"I do...just...give me a second."

Judith moved in next to them. She kissed Joan's neck, then her ear.

"It's okay" she whispered. "I can help. After all," she said looking archly
at Adam. "This is pretty new territory for *both* of you, isn't it?" Adam
colored at this but didn't say anything.

"First things first," Judith said with uncharacteristic seriousness. She
reached into her nightstand and pulled out a condom packet. She bent down
and slipped it onto Adam then gave his penis a quick kiss and a mock salute.
"You may proceed."

With his first thrust, Joans's face contorted with pain.

"Slow down loverboy," commanded Judith after his first couple of pushes
brought more winces. "Shhh, lovergirl," she said soothingly to Joan, her
hands and lips running over the other girl's face and breasts. After Adam
slowed his thrusts, the look of pain went away and was soon replaced by
one of urgency.

"You...unh...can...unh go faster now," Joan said after a bit. "Ohyeah,
that's better, that's gooood, ohyeah harder, harder, moremoreMORE! *Fuck*
me Adam! Fuck me HARD!!!"

* * *

As she watched this Joan found that she was no longer just watching but
*feeling* along with the other Joan. The pain of Adam's entry, Judith's
soothing kisses, the turning of pain to pleasure and finally the blinding,
stomach clenching ecstasy of orgasm. She felt it all. And more was to come.

* * *

"Hmmm, still ready for action?" asked Judith. Adam had yet to come even
though Joan had. He nodded between thrusts.

"Well, let's remember that Joan and you aren't the only ones in this bed,"
she purred as she snuggled up to his body from behind and slowly coaxed him
out of Joan. When she had him out she turned him around and pushed him down
on the bed then prepared to mount him.

Joan watched with a measure of frustration and jealousy. She'd known that
she'd have to share Adam but actually watching her lower herself onto him
while he played with her breasts was something else. Besides, she'd been
building towards a second orgasm and he'd pulled out before she'd reached
it. Something had to be done.

She got up and behind Judith, wrapping her legs around her friend's hips
and riding along with her, her hands stroking and caressing the other girls
breasts from behind. She (and the watching Joan) could feel Adam moving
inside of Judith, it was as if he was fucking them both.

"OHHHHHH!" screamed Judith. "That's it! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Behind
her Joan also moaned as she came simultaneously with both her lovers. Her
orgasm was softer and more diffuse than she'd gotten directly from either
Judith or Adam but it was still good. So very very good.

* * *

And then she woke up.

"What the *hell* was that about?" She didn't really expect an answer but she
still had to ask. Why had God rubbed salt in her still fresh wound. Was it to
make her see everything she could have had, to make the pain of her loss even

"It was to let you know just *how* much I loved you." This voice, though
still disembodied was not that of any of the God personas, but of Judith.
"I asked God as a favor. I'm sorry if I hurt you but...I just wanted you
to know."

Tears streamed down Joan's face. She wasn't sure if they were tears of
sadness or joy. Nonetheless there was only one thing she could say to this.

"Thank you."


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