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Joan Of Arcadia: Because God Told Me To
by Tricksterson

Joan Gerardi was on her way to school when she saw God. Now for most people
this would be an awe inspiring event, but for Joan it was mostly annoying.
After all, it occured to her on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. And it
always meant cryptic and annoying orders which she got wrong half the time.

At least this time it was the form she thought of as Hot Guy God. She found
most of the Godforms a trial but every time she saw The Hot Guy her knees
got weak, her nipples grew hard and her crotch got wet. She wondered if God
making her horny meant she was going to Hell.

God answered her before she could say anything. "Love is never a sin Joan
and lust is just it's physical expression."

"But what about what all the churches say."

"I invented Love. Your the ones who invented fences. And guilt. Yes, I made
it, but humans use it for *everything*, whether it applies to the situation
or not."

"Whatever. I just wish you'd stay out of my head."

"I'm in everyone's head. From the least insect to the greatest philosophers
and scientists. That's what omniscience *means*." Changing subject, God said,
"I want you to get closer to your brother Joan."

"Aren't I close enough to Superdoofus already? I live with him, I go to
school with him..."

"I mean Kevin."

"Oh. Why?"

As usual He didn't answer, just walked away, giving that odd backwards wave
all the Godforms had adopted lately.

* * *

After APChem Joan approached Luke, her younger, super-genius brother. "Is
there something wrong with Kevin?"

"Um...not that I know of. Why?"

"I just thought that maybe he'd been acting odd lately." Now that she
thought of it, Kevin *had* been acting a little strange, especially towards
her. Oh, he acted normal when everyone else was around but he didn't the way
he usually did and whenever the two of them were alone in a room he found a
reason to leave immediately. Other times she felt as if he were trying to
stare holes into her.

As if he had read her mind, Luke said, "Now that you mention it...never



"Well, if it was 'nothing' you shouldn't have mentioned it in the first

"It's guy stuff."

Which of course, Joan knew, meant it was about sex. With Luke it could also
have been about quantum physics but in Kevin's case, it definitely meant sex.

"Can't. It's guy stuff."

"Fine. *Go* all Code of the Guy on me," she said and stomped away. If
Uberdork wouldn't help then she'd have to find out in the traditional female
manner when dealing with those nearest and dearest to her.


When she and Luke got home noone else was there. Her mother had a teacher's
meeting and her father and Kevin both had jobs that often required them to
work late. She waited until Luke was in his room with the door closed,
probably on the computer.

She really didn't know what she was looking for. Dirty magazines? Why would
that be a big deal? Every guy in Luke and Kevins age brackets had some.
Except maybe Adam, her boyfriend. For a teenage boy Adam was remarkably
mellow on the subject of sex. Sometimes she considered this a good thing,
other times she just wanted to scream at him, "Tear my clothes off, won't

She checked his desk drawers. Nothing. Maybe he was a secret cross dresser?
But his closet had nothing but guy clothes. Not even any interesting sex
toys. Not that she was sure she'd recognize one if she found it.

Finally she found something while getting up from checking under his bed.
She noticed a corner of a photograph sticking out from between matress and
frame. She pulled it out and looked. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped.
It was The Picture! She thought Luke and Friedman had destroyed all evidence
of it on the Internet. A few weeks ago a picture of her in her underwear had
accidentally taken in the girls locker room, then deliberately posted on the
Internet. Kevin must have found a survivor or downloaded it before it got
erased, because there she was, clad only in T-shirt and panties. Worse,
there were stains on the picture which meant....

"My God, Kevin's been jerking off on me!"

Her main reaction was shock and disgust. But even though she didn't want to
admit it part of her was flattered, even turned on. Her brother was a good
looking man. If he wasn't her brother she definitely woould have been
attracted to him.

"But he *is* my brother!" She thought about what God had said about
boundaries on love being man's idea, not His/Hers. She wondered, as she had
before if this was God, or the Devil leading her into temptation.

That night she had a study date with her boyfriend Adam. They were in her
room but the door was ajar a few inches because Helen, her mother, had
insisted. It could have been worse. If her father had been home, he would
have made them work in the kitchen. Which would have been awful because
thinking about Kevin and the picture had made her hornier than she ever had
been in her life.

Keeping one ear open for approaching footsteps and sitting on the floor next
to her bed, she and Adam had their hands and lips all over each other. What
they didn't hear were the silent wheels of Kevin's chair. He was on his way
to his room when he spotted them making out. He couldn't move. Ever since he
had found that picture on the Internet he had been obssessed. He couldn't get
the sight of his sister's bare beautiful legs, panty covered mound or the
breasts straining against her tee out of his mind. And here she was, kissing
someone else!

He watched Joan remove her shirt and Adam bury his face between her full
young breasts. His hands slipped her brastraps off her shoulders and then
went behind, unhooking it. Kevin's eyes widened as he saw her rich creamy
globes exposed, topped by her hard, rosy nipples. As Adam nuzzled and
sucked at her tits Joan closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip to keep
from moaning out loud. Her hand slipped up Adam's leg and reached his
zipper. She hesitated. They'd never gone this far and if they were caught
they were both dead. But her skin felt so electric, her crotch was on fire.
She the zipper down and Adam's dick out. He pulled back from her tits.

"Jane? Are you sure?"

"Aren't you?" she said as her hand stroked up and down his hardened cock.

"I mean how far do you want to go?" Part of her wanted to answer, "All
the way." but she realized that neither of them was ready for that. She
loved Adam, but he was as inexperienced as she was.

"Not that far," she admitted. "This far," and bent down to take his cockhead
in her mouth.

Kevin, watching this was driven wild by the sight of his sister giving a
blowjob. Insane though it was he had to pull out his own cock before it
ripped through the material of his pants and start beating off right there
in the hallway. He stroked his meat in time to his sister's bobbing head,
desperatly wishing it was *his* cock in her mouth, *his* fingers, not Adam's
that were unbuttoning her jeans and sliding underneath her panties.

Out of the corner of her eye Joan spotted the chair in the doorway and nearly
strangled on the penis in her mouth. But then a thrill went through her at
the the thought of her brother jerking off to her and she applied even more
enthusiam to going down on Adam while a corner of her mind wondered what
Kevin's cock would feel and taste like.

As Adam came and his seed flooded her moth Joan swallowed some but gagged up
the rest. Adam's fingers hadn't quite brought her to climax and she leaned
back against the bed while a fascinated Adam watched her working her
clitoris, unaware that he wasn't the only one she was giving a show to. She
stared straight into Kevin's eyes.

"Oh fuck, she knows!" Kevin thought. "Now what?" Astonished, he saw his
beloved sister give him a wink and a smile. Kevin had to literally bite his
tongue to keep silent as he came to this sight.

As she came she moaned "Oh, Adam!" but this was followed by a silent mouthing
of "Kevin" following which he watched as her tongue slowly and senuously
licked the remains of Adam's cum off her full, pink lips.

* * *

Later that night, Joan snuck up to Kevin's room. A faint light under the door
told her he was still awake but no answer came to her first or second knocks.
She took a deep breath, looked upward, said "I hope You know what I'm doing."
She was nervous but also half out of her mind with desire. The grope session
earlier and the constant masturbation after Adam left had only whetted her
appetite for more. Adam was sweet but still a boy. She needed a man and right
now there was only one candidate. She turned the knob and entered her
brother's room.

Kevin was still in his chair. "I hoped that was you."

"Then why didn't you answer?"

"Because I was also afraid it was you. Why are you here?"

So many emotions were running through Joan's head, love, fear, hope, lust,
shame, that she couldn't answer in words so she gave the only reply she could
by letting her robe fall to the floor, revealing her sweet young body, naked
except for a pair of panties, the very ones in the photograph that had
started all this.

"How did you know..."

Rather then give an answer that would only lead to more awkward questions,
Joan walked toward her brother and straddled his lap, rubbing her crotch
sensuously against his, letting her breasts brush his chest, her lips lightly
kissing his while her arms went around his neck. As she hoped, all thoughts
but one went out of his head and his hands cupped her globes, thumbs stroking
her nipples. A soft moan escaped her and she plunged her mouth down on his,
hands clutching his head as sheslid her mound back and forth against his
growing and hardening bulge. She slid to her knees on the floor and unzipped
him then pulled both pants and briefs down around his ankles.

Any doubts Kevin had about what they were doing vanished as his sister's soft
lips went around his manhood. First they just enclosed his cockhead as Joan's
tounge tickled and swirled around it, almost causing Kevin to come right
there, then, inch by inch she worked he way down to the root, finally she
started sliding up and down. When he was rock hard and ready to blow she
pulled back and smiled.

"Joan are you..."

"Sure? Yes, this time I am." She went to his desk, opened a drawer and pulled
out a condom.

"How did you? You little wench! You went through my room!"

"Oh, Mister Jerking-Off-In-The-Hallway! Like spying is something new to you!"

"Fine, then we're even. So are you going to use that thing or what? Help me
get on the bed." He wheeled over and used the hanging straps over it to
maneuver himself onto it. Joan lifted his legs on, stripped off her sopping
wet panties and straddled him. She pushed his shirt up and lowered her head
to sprinkle his chest with kisses, washing him with her long silky brown
hair, tickling and teasing him to the point of frenzy. She then slid the
condom on.

"You'll have to do most of the work, Joan."

"What else is new?," she joked. She used the straps above his bed to first
raise herself over his rigid cock, then let herself plunge onto it, breaking
through her hymen and causing a grunt and gasp of pain. There she rested for
a moment, thenstarted rythmicall moving up and down, her sweat, juices and
blood all mixing together. Kevin used his forearms to thrust his body into
her and soon both were moaning and grunting with desire.

"Oh, fuck..Joan...yes...that's it. So good."

For her part Joan was quieter, afraid of bringing attention to them but the
feelings of pleasure were just as strong. In fact they were blazing through
her. If this was a sin, she didn't care. She might wind up in Hell but this
was heaven right now. God or Devil, whoever had brought her to this had her
devotion forever!

As she came closer to her orgasm she planted her mouth on Kevin's to stifle
her cries. Kevin took advantage of this to massage her pale, beautiful tits.
Soon she stiffened as a white hot wave of pleasure ripped through her then
another. Her fingers dug into her handsome brothers shoulders as his strong
arms pushed him deeper into her, transfixed by his own climax.

"Love you...oh love you," she whispered.

"Fuck! you too!"

She collapsed on him, her hair covering them. Slowly, she pulled herself
off him. He put one arm around her bare shoulders and kissed her slowly,

"Thank you."

"No, thank *you*, big, beautiful brother."

"I..I didn't know what to do. Wanting you, feeling guilty...I was thinking
of. thinking of..."

"Of what?" She knew suddenly that this was why God had sent her.

"I was thinking of getting Dad's gun and..."

"Kevin! No! Don't ever!"

"So now what?"

Joan thought about what God had said about guilt. "Well, no guilt. Not now
not ever. But lots and lots of this," she said, massaging his balls to get
her point across."

She kissed him and got up to leave. But she'd be back. Their souls were
merged. Now and for a long time to come.


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