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(Author's Note:This story was inspired by the Justice League Unlimited
Episode: This Little Piggy)

Codes: mf, mast, voy, fant, mc(?)

Justice League Unlimited: Shimmer Part 2
by SassyGal84

So I guess you know what I did now, right? I went home, started a harem with my hot Mom and even hotter sisters, threw in a few of the neighborhood hotties for variety, and eventually made Katherine the chief wench of my harem. Then I kicked some major league supervillian ass, let Wonder Woman and a few other of the hotter babes in the Justice League join my harem, and lived the rest of my life in one huge continuing orgy.

Yeah, right, that's exactly what happened. Not.

The first thing I did when I got home was to go upstairs to my bedroom and 'take care of business'. I won't go into detail, other than to say that a handful of liquid soap and visions of Katherine Phillips masturbating as she called out my name were enough to allow me to 'take care of business.'

Once I was relaxed (and subsequently cleaned up after taking a very cold shower), I went down and decided to experiment a little with my mind control powers on my Mom.

Before you get your hopes up, I should tell you that, although I think my Mom is very attractive, I've never had any feeling for her other than those of a loving son. So no incestuous liaisons are about to be described on the following pages.

But my Mom was an awesome cook, especially when it came to Italian cuisine. She had a spaghetti and meat sauce recipe that I could have eaten non-stop every meal for a month.

I found Mom in the kitchen, rummaging through the cabinets for the ingredients for tonight's supper.

Perfect. I decided to try my mind control powers on her now.

"Hey, Mom, have you decided what to make for supper tonight?"

Mom turned and gave me a quick smile. "I was thinking of potatoes au gratin."

That was also a favorite dish of mine, but my mouth was already set for spaghetti, and my mind was ready to try out its new powers. "That's great, but if you haven't started making dinner yet, I sure would like some spaghetti."

Mom laughed. "If it was up to you and your father, we'd be having spaghetti morning, noon and night. Anyway, we had spaghetti just the other night. A little variety won't hurt you."

I was a little startled that Mom was ignoring my mental command, but maybe it was because I actually hadn't put my mental command in the form of an order. Deciding I'd have better luck rephrasing my request, I repeated, "C'mon, Mom, make some spaghetti. You know me and Dad'll love you for it."

Mom just patted my face and replied, "Your father and you will love my potatoes au gratin as well." Mom then went about the business of making tonight's dinner.

Deciding that maybe I couldn't vocalize my orders, but that I had to mentally project them, I thought at my Mom as hard as I could: "Make spaghetti. Make spaghetti. Make spaghetti."

My Mom turned around and gave me a concerned look. "Are you feeling alright, sweetheart?"

"Uh, yeah, sure Mom. Why do you ask?"

"You just looked like you were in pain by the look on your face. Why don't you go lie down until supper." With that, my mother dismissed me from the kitchen before returning to her preparation of the family dinner.

When Dad and I sat down at the table, you can probably guess what was waiting for us there. Potatoes au gratin.

Now, don't get me wrong. Like I said earlier, my Mom is a wonderful cook. And anything she makes is going to be fantastic. But I was in the mood for spaghetti. And I was more than a little disappointed that I couldn't mentally command her to make spaghetti.

Dinner was great from a culinary point of view, but a disaster from an emerging superpower point of view. Anytime my Mom or Dad did something at the table, I tried to give them a little mental nudge to do it differently. When Dad asked Mom to pass the pepper, I tried to mentally order her to pass the salt. When Mom started talking about a news article she had read about our city's deputy mayor, I tried to mentally get Dad to change the conversation to our state's lieutenant governor. Nothing. The only result I got was my Mom asking me if I was feeling well, as I kept on getting the strangest look on my face.

Finally, I decided to give up and just enjoy supper. Afterwards, I excused myself to go up to my room, where I contemplated on what I had thought I had learned today.

I started to review what I knew. I knew I had seen Katherine Phillips pleasure herself while calling out my name. My growing erection at the memory of her doing so was proof enough that this had happened. And though I can't prove it, I know that I had somehow orchestrated all the events that had taken place in Katherine's shower, from her keeping the shower curtain open so that I would have an unencumbered view of her body to her running her hands over her most private (and spectacular!) parts.

But I also knew that I couldn't get my Mom and Dad to do even the most mundane of things. So what did this mean? Did I have the power to control minds, but only one mind in the world would respond to that power? Don't get me wrong; as a perpetually horny teenage boy, if there was only one mind I could control, I couldn't think of a better one to control than Katherine Phillips, especially since her body came with that mind. But that seemed a little weird for a superpower, especially one gifted to me by a supernatural source. Maybe my parents were immune to my mental control powers, since they were related to me. Or maybe I had the power to mentally command hot teenage girls! I immediately discarded that theory. I just wasn't that lucky.

I went to sleep, wondering what tomorrow would reveal. Little did I know that tomorrow was the start of a weekend of life changing events.

* * *

The next morning was Friday, and I was really looking forward to the weekend. I was seriously thinking about heading up to my superpowers camp in the Tom Sawyer National Park and walking around the park invisible, to see if the few park rangers on duty would respond to my mental commands. Okay, maybe that wasn't the most ethical way to try out my new powers, but I did have a new power, and I wanted to find out if extended to something besides Katherine Phillips and autoeroticism.

Speaking of which, as I walked down the corridor to my locker, standing there was Katherine Phillips. As I look at her, an image of her running a hand between her legs superimposed itself on her, and I could tell by the coloring appearing on her cheeks that the same image had appeared in her mind unbeckoned.

Pushing the image out of her mind, Katherine ran up to me, a wide smile on her face.

"Sam, did you hear the good news?"

"Good news?" I was still a little woozy from the image of Katherine in my mind, and her close proximity wasn't helping the matter.

"Sarah and Jim. And Jim's Mom. They all came out of their comas. All last night. And all within an hour of each other too. That's a little weird, I know, but a good weird."

I felt as if all the blood had rushed out of my head. I leaned against the locker, thinking of all the ramifications. There was always an ache for my lost friends in my heart, but after almost three months, I guess a small part of me, a part that my conscious mind knew about but never admitted to, assumed that they were never going to return. And now they were back.

I heard Katherine's voice calling to me, but it was as if she was calling to me from the opposite end of a long tunnel. Finally, I came back to reality, and realized that I had slid to the floor in a sitting position, my back against the lockers. Katherine was kneeling beside me, and a small crowd had gathered around us, murmuring at the sight of me on the floor.

"What's going on here?" It was Ms. Taylor, our school's counselor. She had made her way insistently to the front of the crowd.

"Sam just found out about Jim and Sarah, Ms. Taylor," Katherine told her, as she helped me stand up.

Ms. Taylor walked up, looked me in the eyes for a moment, and then patted my cheek. "Well, you don't seem the worst for wear, Mr. Reed. You're body and mind has had a shock, but it's a good shock. Ms. Phillips, escort Mr. Reed to his first class, then make sure you pick him up after his last class. And if you have the time, young lady, I would appreciate it if you drive him over to the hospital to see his friends after school. Mr. Reed doesn't need to drive himself for that meeting."

I started to object, but Ms. Taylor pointed a finger in my face. "No arguments from you, Mr. Reed. I have no doubt that you have an iron constitution, but I will brook no disagreement on this matter." Again, Ms. Taylor patted my cheek. "It's for the best, young man. Your emotions will be running the gambit as it is. No need to burden your intellect with driving an automobile when young Ms. Phillips is at hand. That won't be a problem, will it, Ms. Phillips?"

Katherine blushed, but shook her head rapidly. "No problem at all, Ms. Taylor."

"Good girl," Ms. Taylor replied, giving Katherine a pat on the head. Turning to the gathered students, Ms. Taylor added, "All right, off to your first class with the lot of you. I'll not be signing any excused absences if any of you are marked tardy."

The crowd dispersed, with a few coming over to pat me on the back, congratulating me on the fact that my friends would be returning to me soon. And at that moment, I did feel like the luckiest man alive. Especially when Katherine leaned up, gave me a peck on the cheek, and told me she'd see me after school.

Now I know what you're thinking at this point. How was it that everyone at school had learned about my best friends (and my best friend's mother) coming out of their respective comas before I did? Actually, that was a combination of the late hour, the chess club and my family's cell phone policy.

Did I mention I was in the chess club? Actually, that was Ms. Taylor's idea. Despite the impression I may have given of her earlier on, she really is a great lady, and she was the one who was helping me get into a prestigious university. Although I was hoping for an athletic scholarship, Ms. Taylor got me involved in other extracurricular activities to beef up my records, as well as helping me practice writing essays and taking prep classes for my SATs. So on the first and third Friday mornings of every month (and the rare fifth Friday), I would show up at school an hour early for Chess Club. It would be fair enough to say I was the only athlete in the club, and I think there was some apprehension among the other members the first time I showed up for a meeting, but all in all they weren't a bad crowd, and we all get along okay.

Now, what does this have to do with not getting a call from the hospital about my best friends coming out of their comas? Well, Jim came out of his coma at 1:32 a.m. Upon calling (and waking) his father with the good news, the hospital discovered Sarah had come out of her coma just minutes later. The nurse on duty called Sarah's parents and, since she knew Sarah's parents had been looking after Jim's Dad, the nurse let them know of the news of Jim's wakening as well. Sarah's parents caught Jim's Dad before he left the house and, knowing what his emotional state would be like, insisted that they let him pick him up as they went to the hospital themselves. Agitated, but seeing the logic behind their statement, Jim's Dad agreed to wait. Within forty-five minutes, the van carrying Sarah's parents, Jim's Dad, and Sarah's half-awake siblings arrived at the hospital, only to learn more good news. Jim's Mother had also woken up.

It was a joyful reunion among all those present, and between tests and examinations, mother and son as well as two best friends were allowed to see each other, all under the joyful and watchful eyes of their respective families. It wasn't until about seven o'clock that morning when calls began being made to friends and family members.

Which is where my family's cell phone policy comes in. On Sunday through Thursday nights, my Mom and Dad insist that I turn off my cell phone completely. And completely means completely. No vibrating ring, no text messaging, nothing. I'm not allowed to turn on my cell phone until the following morning. And since the following morning is a school morning, I'm usually too busy to even think about turning on my cell phone (which I always stick in my daypack the night before) until I get to school. And since my high school has a strict policy about no cell phone use during school hours, I usually don't turn my cell phone on until I get out of school. So if you want to get hold of me at home after dinner, you have to call me through the family land line, which means going through a parental gatekeepers.

Which is what Sarah's mother did. She called my house almost right after I left for school. She and my mom cried for awhile (or at least, that's how I imagine it went), before my Mom attempted to call me on my cell phone, leaving several voice mails.

Between first and second period, I snuck into a storage closet to turn on my phone. There were four voice mails there, and I could tell by the missed calls log that they were all from my Mom. When I called my Mom, she told me the good news, and said that Sarah's Mom wanted me to know it was okay to come by the hospital after school.

I went through most of the day in a daze, vaguely aware of friends and teachers coming up to me to make sure I was okay, and congratulating me (as if I had had anything to do with this wonderful news). Katherine came to collect me after school, leading my by the hand to her car, and getting me seated. She even buckled me in before closing the door and getting in on her own side of the car.

As we drove to the hospital, Katherine would reach over and pat me on the knee at every stop light and stop sign. Normally, I would relish even these small moments of physical contacts with Katherine. This afternoon, though...

This afternoon, my world had gone through another major transition, and even though I knew it was for the better, I really didn't know what to expect.


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