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Characters involved: Maxima/Candace/Harley Quinn

Content of the Story: F/F/F, no sex

Justice League Unlimited: Maxima's Harem Part 5 - Unforseen Horniness
Author: Victor2K ([email protected]) and Operandi ([email protected])

Harley Quinn laid back in the haunted house ride as it went round again. It bored her. Didn't scare her in the slightest. "Soooo tame!" She snarked.

A plastic ghoul came at her and she promptly laughed in its face before smashing it with her hammer.

Where was Joker? She was bored without him, she so wanted to team up with him again and have some fun, maybe she would be naughty so he would have to punish her. She lazily got off the ride and strolled past the ticket-master.

"Miss...Miss Q-Quinn", he stammered, you haven't paid for your ride.

Harley shot him an evil, menacing glare. "Free service, j-just for you, H-Harley."

"Good boy!" Smiling, Harley Quinn wondered across the theme park.

"No sign of Batman...or Batgirl....oh the things I'd do to Batgirl", a wicked grin formed on her lips as she licked them.

Harley wondered the empty amusement park, the Joker had instructed her to wait in the haunted ride, but she was bored. It was empty, it was night, and in her skin-tight, red and black costume, she was more than a mite cold.

That's when she spotted a woman, dressed, like her, in red and black, though in her case a coat. Her hair was jet-black, and her eyes were a dark brown.

Harley decided to be discreet and move away, but the woman spotted her, and shouted at her. "Hey, you! What are you doing on this private property! This belongs to Rupert Thorne, you're out of bounds, you freakish bitch!"

Harley made a finger at the woman, then made a dash for cover and climbed up the side of a rollercoaster strut. She could hand this bitch her ass and then some, but the Joker had warned her not to cause a scene.

Another woman strode out of the shadows, heading for the rollercoaster. "Harley Quinn, I wish to meet you", she announced.

"Oh great, another mystery woman, this is not my night!" Harley scrambled over the coaster tracks, clutching her hammer as she did so.

The latest intruder, a tall red-head dressed in gold armour and black and white tight clothing, strode past the woman in the red coat, not even looking at her.

She was now even more furious, who do these bitches think they are, she thought.

"Hey, you! Don't just ignore me, don't you know who I am?!"

"No, and I don't care." The reply was dismissive, and uninterested.

"I will have you know my name is Candace, and you'd better respect me! Look at me when I am talking to you!"

The red-head woman carried on walking.

Candace ran after her and grabbed her, much to the surprise of the redhead woman.
"I am assistant to Rupert Thorne, so don't you dare fucking cross me, you bitch!"

The redhead's eyes narrowed, "My name is Maxima, I could snap you in two with my fingers, that good enough for you?"

Candace, much to Maxima's surprise, was undeterred by the threat. "Get off this fucking park, you hear that, you stupid freak!"

Maxima was astonished by the audacity of this woman, did she not realise what Maxima was capable of? Any sensible person in this "Candace's" shoes would stay out of Maxima's way.

"Let me demonstrate to you what Maxima of Almerac is capable of!"

The Amazonian from Almerac sneered and grabbed a railing, and, pressing the metal against her little finger, began to bend it 90 degrees with little effort.

Candace was not even phased, indeed she rolled her eyes and stood her ground.

"Threaten me all you like, but Candace bends to no one, no matter how many fancy powers they have."

Harley Quinn was getting away in all this distraction, but Maxima was fascinated by the woman who stood before her. Even on Almerac, people cowered before her awesome power, for a mortal female to do so was surely either incredibly brave or foolhardy. Maxima liked this girl's stubbornness; it was starting to make her horny.

Maxima smiled back at Candace. "What you smiling about, I want you to get off my turf!" Candace was now the one feeling more than a little baffled.

"I like your style,'ve got more balls than most men..." Maxima reached out and stroked Candace's cheek with her finger. "I like a woman with spirit, and you have a lot of spirit! You deserve to be rewarded for such....courage." Maxima's eyes now looked straight into Candace's. Candace refused to be "stared out" and held Maxima's gaze.

"Impressive...very impressive." Maxima was in awe; she imposed all her will and intimidation upon this fragile young woman, and she did not break.

Maxima, even as the two women stared at each other, moved in closer...and closer.

"This Thorne guy, he's your boss?"

"I work for him, yeah."

"He treat you well?" Maxima asked, now probing deeper.

"He pays me well, and I get certain privileges..." Candace responded, still holding Maxima's gaze.

"Whatever he offers you, I can offer you much, much more."

"I'm loyal to him, thank you very much."

"But I can offer" Maxima leaned in and kissed Candace, pushing her mouth against the woman, then deploying her tongue.

Maxima, if she wished, could grab Candace and hold her tight while forcing her tongue down the woman's throat, but that would not be any fun.

Candace began to resist, but Maxima continued to French kiss her, stroking the woman's long, jet-black hair. "I can please you", Maxima whispered between kisses.

Candace had little time to think, suddenly a routine trip to oversee maintenance of Rupert Thorne's recently purchased amusements had turned into a strange encounter with a woman who was no mere mortal.

"W-Why do you want me?" Candace asked, as Maxima caressed her young body.

"You are an exceptional being, I invite you to join my harem, live a life of pleasurable service to me."

Candace pulled away from Maxima, her stubborn pride resurfacing, "I serve no one! I'm not some toy you can use!"

Maxima smiled back, "Mr. Thorne, you serve him, do you not? You obey him with little reward...I offer you paradise, Candace."

"Why me?" Candace asked, baffled at the proposition.

"You were not on my list of candidates...but its rare that one encounters someone of such strength." Maxima began caressing Candace again, groping her beautiful ass, fondling her firm breasts. Candace had never been treated like this by Mr. Thorne, who she suspected never really valued her. This attention, it felt good...she had never "been with a woman" before. It felt good.

They kissed again, their bodies now interlocking, as they rubbed each other up the right way. Frenching each other eagerly, the two very different women felt an electric charge in each other's presence, and Candace soon asserted herself, reaching round and squeezing Maxima's firm ass.

"Don't fuck with me", Candace said as she slapped Maxima's bum.

"I wouldn't dream of it", Maxima replied, stroking Candace's beautiful mane.


Candace looked Maxima in the eyes, and after a brief second of thought, gave a clear "Yes".

From a distance, Harley Quinn squatted, looking down upon the two women, licking her lips and trying to resist the urge to play with herself. The sight of the "couple" kissing made her horny, and sharpened her feelings of neglect by the Joker, who had been more interested in his feud with Batman than with entertaining her. "Why so serious?" she once asked him. He did not like that.

She was envious of these two women...she wanted some action.

With that, the portal opened and the two women stepped into it, taking them to Almerac, and Maxima's harem.

Harley Quinn saw the portal and an idea entered her twisted mind...

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