Characters involved: Black Canary/Maxima/Catwoman (feat. Batman)

Content of the Story: F/F/F, oral, toy, F-dom, spank, tit, BDSM, magic

Justice League Unlimited: Maxima's Harem Part 4: To Catch A Canary
by Operandi ([email protected]) and Victor2K ([email protected])

In the dark of night, where the only colour came from splashes of orange from street lights, a sleek, dark blue motorcycle sped along the highway, its wheels reflecting briefly in a puddle before it zoomed past, fading into the darkness.

It screeched to a halt, just inches away from a foreboding black vehicle which was not of any known car make.

Standing beside the vehicle was a dark figure, whose form was not discernible but for the large build and the two points emerging from its head.

The motorcycle's curves were surpassed by those of its rider, whose voluptuous, sensual form was a little better illuminated than the shadowy figure. Clad in dark blue, she took off her motorcycle helmet to reveal lustrous blonde hair, which was smooth and straight, and long. She sat, straddled upon her chariot, her arms folded around her buxom breasts, the light from a street lamp showing the speckle of her fishnet stockings.

"My horoscope said "Tall, dark, and handsome", and I get you instead", she said, with a sexy tone of sarcasm.

But Batman was never one for humour.
"I'm not here to pull birds, we need to talk. Something's going on, I need your help, Canary."

"Well, I'm flattered that the Dark Knight himself needs my help, do enlighten me." Black Canary leant forward, eager to hear what Batman needed her help with.

"Its Catwoman", Batman said, with a tone of exasperation. "I was alerted to a raid on a bank, and upon arriving found that no money had been stolen, not one note, not even a coin. Why raid a bank if you are not going to steal?"

"Maybe she did it for kicks?" Black Canary suggested, offering a sexy smirk along with it.

"That's the thing, Canary", Batman stroked his chin and began to look awkward. "I found traces of what I later identified to be female sexual fluid."

"Pussy juice." Canary said bluntly, amused by Batman's scientific terminology.

"But why? Why at a bank raid?" Batman asked, obviously perplexed by the discovery.

"Maybe she heard you coming and well, a girl can't help herself, I hear she has a thing for men who dress up as Bats", Canary smirked.
Batman folded his arms, "there were two females present". He turned away from Canary, looking at the city lights.

"Boy, you've really analysed that juice, Batfriend. That sounds...kinky. We're talking about a sexual predator here...a girl-on-girl predatory incident. I suspect the cat was distracted by another female, and one thing led to another. Add to that there's been rumours of a new super woman, we need to find out if she is friend or foe." Canary leaned back, looking up at the sky, "I must admit my interest is piqued, but surely you can deal with this mystery yourself?"

Batman was silent, then turned to face Canary, "I was planning to, but the Joker is also up to no good, he and Harley Quinn are sabotaging theme park rides in Amusement Mile. I figured that as this situation seems to involve two females, and well, you being...very much a female..." Batman was, for a brief moment, hypnotised by Black Canary's ample bust.

"You're saying this needs a woman's touch?" Black Canary smiled.

"In a word, yes. You've foiled Catwoman before, you are more than a match for her, you know how to deal with her. Look, here's the drill, I need you to follow Catwoman...don't catch her, just follow her, see if she leads us to this other woman. We need to find out what's going on before we make any moves against Catwoman."

"Okay, consider it done. You've got a soft spot for the cat, haven't you, Bruce?"

Batman turned and got into his Batmobile, "good luck with your mission", he replied, coldly. And with that, the Batmobile roared off, its black, hulking shape charging off into the night.

"Mission's not the only thing that needs a woman's touch", Canary muttered to herself as she put her helmet back on and started up her bike and sped off into the darkness, its headlights streaking behind it.

* * *

A day later, that same motorbike snuck into Miller Harbour, where a delivery of diamonds from Africa were to be delivered. It was locked in Warehouse No.12, one of the largest on the harbour. Black Canary knew that Catwoman would not be able to resist the diamonds and the wealth that came with them.

She had been staking out the harbour all night, curled up under a stack of pallets and behind a large heavy crate, very much hidden from view. Her dark blue jacket kept her warm as she huddled, her ass touching the ground just a little. Her eyes were obscured by the night-vision goggles Batman had given her long before he had appointed her this task.

The wait seemed eternal.

Black Canary could not help but imagine what had gone on in that bank vault, she licked her lips as she thought of Catwoman and a mystery super-heroine groping and caressing each other, their hands and fingers roaming their voluptuous bodies, gentle sighs and moans echoing throughout the enclosed vault.

It certainly passed the time, thinking such thoughts. Dinah had thought about quite a few varying scenarios, her favourite being Catwoman tied up, spanked for being a naughty girl, then forced to get down on all fours and lick the new super-heroine. By a strange coincidence, Black Canary's new imaginary super-heroine wore stockings, a dark blue/black leotard and long black coat. Not the same as Black Canary, but certainly very similar.

Catwoman snuck into the harbour. Crouching on a rooftop, she saw Warehouse No.12, and promptly took out her whip, using it to lasso nearby telegraph poles and swing across a series of buildings till she was just one warehouse away from No.12.

Canary saw the shadowy figure moving across the rooftops. Most would not see Catwoman, but she knew where to look, and she found her prey. Pausing for a second, Canary thought it perhaps uncharacteristically clumsy of Catwoman, for this was not quite as stealthy as she had been expecting. Ah well, thought Black Canary, not pondering the possibility that this was too easy, she felt this mission would be a cakewalk. Less hard-work, she figured.

Into the 12th warehouse crawled the Catwoman, sneaking past all the guards, and somersaulting past a laser perimeter.

In moments, she was standing before the diamond consignment. Smiling, and taking some into a set of small purses she had attached to her belt, she discreetly closed the crate as if no one had touched it.

Black Canary waited, and sure enough, the Cat re-emerged.

Discreetly, she followed Catwoman, being careful not to be seen.

But what Black Canary did not realise, was that she was herself being followed, by another Catwoman.

Was the hunter becoming the hunted?

Black Canary stealthily followed her prey out of the Miller Harbour. Catwoman climbed onto a bike, not unlike Black Canary's, and sped off. Canary did likewise., being careful to keep her distance.

Black Canary was not pondering the nuances of what she considered a simple mission, an errand for Batman, who she felt spent too much time fighting crime, and not nearly enough on pounding women with his nice cock. Canary had flirted with him many times, but Bruce Wayne just was not interested. Dinah knew that any sane male would do anything to get into her pants, after all, she was blonde, curvaceous, and liked dressing up in skimpy costumes, surely the perfect woman. "Bruce should go into Arkham Asylum just for that", Black Canary thought to herself, as she followed the long highway.

It was late at night, and the roads were relatively empty, but they were busy enough for Black Canary to find some cover sneaking behind the various cars and trucks. "Catwoman's certainly heading somewhere...seems we are heading for City Hall District".

As Black Canary followed the Cat, she was unaware of another bike, driven by another Catwoman, was following her. Two Catwoman's sandwiched the Canary.

The first Catwoman's bike swung round a corner, heading into City Hall District, to an old abandoned area, full of discarded rubbish and broken fences and concrete.

Catwoman entered an old, concrete building, boarded up. "Posh crib!" Black Canary joked to herself, as she snuck behind, moving closer. She was surprised Catwoman forgot to close the door.

Dinah followed, creeping down the dark steps, into what appeared to be a basement. She saw Catwoman moving into medium-sized room, passing through it.

Black Canary had become complacent as a result of this being so easy for her, for had she looked behind her as she descended the steps she might have heard the door slowly closing behind and locking, sealing her into Catwoman's lair.

Black Canary entered the medium-size room, it was dark, dank, and ominous. It was bare except for, indents in the roof, which Dinah felt odd, but nothing suspect. She moved on, despite the growing feeling in her belly that this was trouble. "You can handle this bitch, whatever happens!" She told herself, as she approached a narrow corridor. At the end of the corridor was a room, its door closed, but she could hear Catwoman talking.

"I got the stuff you wanted, Penguin, and I expect to be paid handsomely." Black Canary assumed that Catwoman was talking on the phone, which was only half true. She was pretending to talk on the phone.

"What do we have here? A stray little bird, it seems." A calm, yet powerful voice spoke from behind Canary. She felt a hand on her ass. She spun round and saw...Catwoman!

"H-How?!!" Black Canary was was Catwoman in two places at once?

"Bird brain!" Catwoman laughed, in avoice that was quite different to the Catwoman she knew, and grabbed the heroine, throwing her towards the door, which opened before she could hit it. She tumbled in into the room she had been spying on, in a heap.

"This is purrfect...Black nice of you to join us!" Black Canary looked up and saw Catwoman, looking down on her, and felt the villainess' high heeled boot digging into her side.

"Yes, this is most purrfect!" Announced the second Catwoman, who had followed and was now also standing over the Canary.

"Birds should be kept in cages, especially pretty little ones." Black Canary looked up and saw two Catwoman's looking down on her, initially confused, she quickly realised one of them was not Catwoman, but seemed allied to her.

Black Canary let out her scream, shattering glass and making the two Cats cover their ears, and then made a rapid dash for freedom. She could take on one Catwoman, but not two. She gathered herself up and ran towards the medium-sized room, but she was suddenly tripped and looked down to see two whips, one wrapped around each ankle, she as being dragged back to the cats. Thinking quickly, she unzipped her boots and pulled them off and got to her feet, she could see the two Catwomen now walking behind her, why weren't they running?

The bird did not have time to think and ran into the medium-sized room, but as she did so a loud clicking noise could be heard. She looked up and saw a cylindrical metal cage descend around her, slamming right in front of her and blocking her escape.

"No!" Canary scowled. How could she be so dumb as to fall for such a simple trap.

"Yes!" Came the reply of two women in unison, as they casually approached the cage, smiling with more than a bit of smugness.

Black Canary then made one last desperate gambit, opening her mouth she unleashed the full force of her sonic cry. She had shattered even the strongest barriers with it in the past, surely it would work here.

One of the Catwomen left the room as the screaming began, instructed by the other to "leave her to me for now". The sonic waves rapidly reached full intensity, shaking the concrete walls, but having no effect on the cage.

The Catwoman raised her hand and suddenly, the cage bars thickened, widening to form a wall, and sealing Black Canary in darkness. It now resembled a canister. Canary's sonic weapon now reverberated inside the canister, all sound trapped within.

While Black Canary exhausted herself trying to escape with her sonic blasts, Catwoman undressed from her costume, revealing herself to be a beautiful redhead, with a curvaceous body that exuded power and femininity in equal measure. She put on her true costume; white and black with gold armour. "I'm just getting started", she muttered to herself as she put her boots on.

Black Canary slumped inside her cage, exhausted by her futile efforts. The cage bars narrowed again and the canister was now a cage again. She was too tired to look at the victorious woman who stood outside the cage, the woman known as Maxima.

"This is an Almerian Bird Cage, we use it to capture and keep the Almerian Sonikima bird on our world, but it works just as well for capturing bird-brained crime-fighters, it seems. We have bird pets on our world, but none so pretty or dumb as you, my little Canary." Maxima grinned, delighting in goading her prisoner, and hoping it would make her fight harder; Maxima enjoyed a feisty opponent.

"I'm no one's pet, bitch!" Black Canary scowled, her eyes full of rage.

"I beg to differ, little tweety-bird. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Maxima, and you are my latest conquest."

"Well, Maxima, if you want to conquer me why not face me, instead of hiding behind your cage?"

Maxima sighed, "Foolish little bird, let me show you my power..."

Maxima put a ring on her finger, it was gold with an emerald jewel embedded in its core.

"What are you going to do? Marry me?!" Black Canary sneered, full of blunt sarcasm.

Maxima smiled, "After a fashion, little bird...but this is no mere trinket..."

The emerald glowed, and so did the cage bars, as an ambient white glow emitted from them. Then a mist shot from the emerald ring, and entered the cage. Black Canary tried to evade it, trying to avoid contact with it. She even tried to unleash a sonic blast upon it but did not have the strength; she now regretted expending so much energy on trying to shatter the cage.

Maxima smiled as the bird tried to run away from the green mist. "Run all you want, my little pet..." Canary was defiant, shooting an evil glare at the Almerian amazon.
The mist soon caught its prey, and the heroine felt a dizziness overwhelm her, felt the mist constrict around her, seemingly becoming solid.
"" She felt her mind entering a dream like state, felt the mist seemingly entering her mind, penetrating her, reading her. She clutched her head and shouted "No!"

Then, as quickly as the mist struck her, it departed, returning to the emerald ring.
"Excellent", Maxima gloated.

"Wha-what?" Black Canary was confused.

"You don't understand, my little bird brain?"

", you failed, your ring did nothing to me!" Dinah's blonde hair shook about as she shook her head.

Maxima narrowed her eyes at the blonde bombshell.

The ring glowed.

"I'm a dumb bird bimbo who likes being fucked", Black Canary suddenly said, her eyes making clear these words were not hers.
"I want Batman to pound me like a whore!" She shouted, again shocked by what was coming out of her mouth.

She looked back at Maxima and looked at the ring. Suddenly, it hit her that the mist had somehow captured her essence, her soul even, and its wearer now controlled her, mind and body.

With a wave of her fingers, Maxima commanded Black Canary to start playing with her ample tits.

"These tits are your, Queen Maxima..."

Maxima derived great enjoyment from releasing Black Canary from control just after each instruction. The Almerian roared with laughter at the look on Black Canary's face as she stood there, hands around her tits, a priceless look of embarrassment, her cheeks bright red. The great female crime-fighter was now looking very scared.

Suddenly, the cage lifted, and Black Canary was free. Maxima stood there, arms on her hips, waiting for the heroine to make her move.

"I've got to make a break for it!" Canary told herself and she raced down the corridor, running as fast as she could, fear driving her.
Then, she felt it.

"Gotta fight it, gotta fight it!" She told herself, summoning all her will power, every ounce of it. Fighting with everything she had.

She lasted about 10 seconds.

Black Canary fell to her knees, then leaning forward, got on all fours and crawled back along the corridor, returning to Maxima.

"It seems you want to be my pet, after all...good girl." Maxima patted her Canary on the head. Maintaining control over the girl's body, she let Black Canary speak with her own voice, purely for amusement.

"You bitch, you fucking cowardly bitch!" The heroine screamed, even as she did a little parade around Maxima, wriggling her ass.

"Coward? In order to control you, little bitch, the ring wearer must have stronger will power than the one possessed by the are quite strong willed when it comes to men. Not so with seem to have a weakness for alpha females...fascinating...raise your ass for your owner..."

"No!" Black Canary scowled, as she faced away from Maxima and lowered her head and pointed her shapely bottom at the sexy female warrior.

Maxima cupped Black Canary's ass, savouring its soft feel. "We're going to have a lot of fun with you, little bird!" Maxima grinned, clearly very pleased with her new pet.

"We?" Black Canary asked, confused.

"Oh, I think you know what I mean by "we", don't you, little bird brain?"

"No!" Black Canary screamed. Anyone but that woman, god no, please no.

"Yes, bird brain, Yes."

Maxima took control of speech again.

"Yes, ma'am." Black Canary spoke, her voice becoming like a good little schoolgirl.

Maxima patted the head of her pet.

Catwoman emerged out of the darkness, her footsteps barely audible, a big, smug grin on her face. She licked her lips as she locked eyes on the woman who had been such a nuisance to her, on her hands and knees with her ass raised.

"Karma's a bitch isn't it, little bimbo?"
Black Canary scowled at the Catwoman, she hated that bitch and there was no love lost between them. She attempted to speak, but the words which came out were not Black Canary's.

She wanted to say, "You cowardly, duplicitous, bitch", but it came out as "I am a stupid bimbo whore".

How humiliating. Black Canary felt utterly helpless but desperately tired to hide it.

"That ring is amazing, Maxima, perfect for ensnaring our bird-pet!"
Catwoman purred as she patted the Canary's ample bottom. Dinah could not do anything, frozen to the spot in the position Maxima chose for her.

Catwoman stroked her hand along Black Canary's back, then began to unzip the heroine's bodysuit. "Mmmm...the bird's tits are as impressive as look", Selina observed, as she cupped Black Canary's boobs in each of her hands, her long nails digging into the blonde's succulent flesh. Maxima circled around the bird, smacking her ass.

Black Canary grimaced at the forceful butt-sting, but Maxima then added to the humiliation.

"Please spank me again, Miss", the sexy blonde said, against her will. She was so powerless she could be made to ask for more humiliation.
Catwoman squeezed the heroine's nipples tight, twisting them. Dinah could do nothing except try and bare it till this was over. Part of her even hoped the two villainesses would just kill her, at least that way it would be over and done with.

But they had plenty of ideas for Black Canary, who was now undressing before them, as per instructions. The look of defiance was still in her eyes, but that just aroused Catwoman and Maxima even more, and made for an amusing contrast with her total obedience.

"Do you like this stupid bimbo bird's tits and ass, superior ladies?"

"Yes", said Catwoman, licking her lips and smiling with more than a hint of evil. Selina knew Batman had lusted after Black Canary somewhat, what red-blooded male wouldn't? What a delicious revenge on Batman, Selina thought, to fuck one of the girls who coveted his cock.

Catwoman sat down in a chair and raised her feet. "Clean my feet, little bimbo bird."

"Yes, Ma'am", Black Canary replied, and crawled over to the Cat lady.
While the heroine licked Catwoman's boots, Maxima slid her fingers between the pet's butt-cheeks, sensuously stroking Black Canary's mound, making her body squirm.

While this was happening, Catwoman used her will to bring forth a grovelling apology from the woman now licking her boots.

"Miss Catwoman, I am sorry for opposing you and being a bitch to you, I will make up for my stupidity by being your slave and pet. Please accept the humble apologies of this blonde slut."

Black Canary seethed inside her mental prison as the words came forth, while Catwoman gloated at this most deliciously dreamlike of situations. She had to pinch herself. It was real.

Unfortunately for Black Canary it indeed was.

Black Canary gulped and groaned as Maxima's fingers began to pump her soft tight pussy. Now she was being attacked on a new front. She tried to fight it but felt the fire building inside her sex.

She was losing control of her inner space now, too, the fire between her legs now combining with the ring's mental and physical control. She was being enslaved, and there was no safe place for her to hide. Truly she was a caged bird.

Catwoman kissed Maxima, "thank you for this wonderful pet", she said, full of gratitude. In truth, Maxima could not have done this to Black Canary without Catwoman, for it was the combined will of Maxima and Catwoman, and the ring's augmenting of Maxima's telepathic abilities, that now coalesced to dominate and control Black Canary; individually, they could not overwhelm the feisty bird, but combined, conquering her was child's play.

Maxima smiled, "she's now ours, part of our harem, and you, Selina, you will keep your part of the bargain and join my harem too?"

"Yes, a thousand times yes", Catwoman grinned wickedly. The two women kissed passionately, their tongues deeply entwining, as their hands explored each other.

In this moment, Dinah felt the power of the ring fading, as the two women's minds were not focused on her. As Catwoman and Maxima kissed, Black Canary attempted to crawl away, trying to execute her manoeuvre's as stealthily as possible.

Maxima and Catwoman kissed, lost in their own world of lust, but then Catwoman whispered in Maxima's ear. "Aren't we forgetting our new pet?"

Maxima smiled wickedly back at Catwoman. "Of course not...Black Canary, come here..."

The heroine was in the process of escaping, and had made her way quite some distance down the corridor, only to suddenly lose control of herself and stand up and walk back to her captors.

"I am sorry for trying to escape", the Canary said, her words obviously not her own.

"And?" Catwoman asked, a sly grin forming as she sent instructions uinto the bird's brain.

"I think I deserve to be spanked by you for being such an annoying bird and for not respecting the superiority of Catwoman...and Maxima."
No matter how often words were put into her mouth, the humiliation she felt did not diminish one itoa.

"Hmmph!" Catwoman pouted at Maxima, "Fiddling with my scripts!"

"Bend over", Maxima ordered the blonde girl, with the calmness of a woman who not only knew exactly what she had in mind, but also what Catwoman had in mind too. And boy was it perverted. Maxima was delighted to be working with such a like-minded and filthy minded individual as Catwoman, who took out her whip and began cracking it.

The beauty of this particular form of mind control was that although the victim spoke and moved as instructed; their eyes always conveyed their true feelings.

Black Canary's deep blue eyes were full of impotent rage, fear, and most deliciously of all, helplessness. This once mighty super heroine was now so powerless her words and actions were no longer hers.

Maxima stood in front of the blonde, Catwoman behind. She stroked the ample, beautifully shaped ass of the heroine, savouring its softness and shape. She always liked to enjoy her victims, drinking in their fear. Catwoman found that as she stroked the bottom of her enemy, the once proud woman squirmed in fear. But that only aroused Catwoman further, making her want to whip that ass even more.

"You need more than a spanking, bimbo", Selina declared, firmly.
And when she'd whipped it...well the whipping was just the start. Frankly, Black Canary's body made this cat cream, and she had always lusted after it, desired to play with it.

Maxima stood, arms on hips, looking at the pet bird.
"Look at my tits, little bird."

Black Canary, now bent over, her hands gripping her ankles, looked up at Maxima's tits. She did not want to look at them, she kept telling herself she was not that kind of woman. But as she was forced to look upon Maxima's juicy rack, she found her mind was heading into perverted thoughts, and this was not the work of the ring, it was Black Canary's own dirty mind, which to her dismay was betraying her and now joining forces with her two enemies.
She couldn't help thinking of sucking and licking those amazing tits.

"You want to suck on them, don't you, bimbo bird?"

Black Canary thought back the words, tried to fight the instincts of her body and the will of the ring and its wearer. To no avail.

"Yes, I need to suck your tits. Please."

"No", came the reply of Maxima as she moved her boobs closer to her prey, teasing the Canary cruelly.

Catwoman stroked Black Canary's bottom, "First, you've got to learn your place, learn to respect your superiors", Catwoman squeezed the heroine's soft ass-cheeks and smiled wickedly, then raised her whip.
"I've been waiting a long time for this moment!" Catwoman purred, then struck Dinah's juicy bum ruthlessly, with a sharp swish, cutting through the air, and cutting deep into her arch enemy's ass.

It felt good for Catwoman, striking that bimbo's vulnerable ass, getting the upper hand on the bitch who had thwarted her so many times before.

Black Canary felt quite different; humiliated and struggling not to squeal, not to give Catwoman the satisfaction of hearing her cry and scream even as she struggled not to stare at Maxima's breasts.

Maxima could not resist using the ring to put some deliciously humiliating words in her captive's mouth. "Please spank me again, Catwoman, I deserve to be punished for being a stupid bitch."

Catwoman swung her whip again and slammed Black Canary's ass, this time much harsher and with a louder swish and crack, making those butt-cheeks shudder and shake and turn bright red.

Again and again Catwoman struck the blonde, and licked her lips as she heard the delicious sound of the mighty Black Canary whimpering.

"That's enough punishment", Maxima said to Catwoman as she leaned forward and pressed her boobs in front of Black Canary's face, "time to put our new pet to good use, for our pleasure". Maxima unzipped her front, exposing her naked breasts before Black Canary, then gripping the blonde's head and shoving it between her powerful orbs.

"Suck on them, bitch!" Maxima ordered.

Black Canary froze for a moment, trying to resist with all her will, but sure enough she was overwhelmed and began to suck on Maxima's ample bosoms like a baby.

Catwoman, purring suggestively, pried the bird's ass cheeks open, "I said you would get more than a spanking, bimbo bird. Your ass..." , Catwoman grinned as she spoke, "your ass is totally mine", reaching down between Black Canary's cheeks, she found the heroine's crotch, and gripped it tightly, trapping Black Canary's pussy in her cat-grip.
"This cat is going to play with a little pussy", the villainess smirked, as she pulled the fabric of Black Canary's costume tight, so it pushed inside her slit.

While this was happening, Black Canary was sucking Maxima's tits like a hungry baby, the sensations of the tit sucking before her, and Catwoman's tormenting of her pussy from behind, made Dinah the filling of this particularly nasty sandwich. Filling was something which Black Canary would soon become very well acquainted with.

As Maxima pressed Black Canary's face onto her tits, ordering her captive to suck harder, Catwoman tore off the Canary's costume, ripping it to shreds. The loud ripping and sucking sounds echoed throughout the room, and for a moment the sting of the claws on Black Canary's soft skin made her wince and lose concentration on her tit sucking of Maxima.

Maxima grunted disapprovingly and pushed her Canary onto the floor, then turned to Catwoman and grinned, "I want to see you fuck her! Take her now!"

Dinah was hit by the horrifying realisation, and attempted to get back on her feet to run, but sure enough the two women reasserted their control over her and she was positioning herself, against her will, with her head down and her ass up in the air, offering herself to Catwoman.


Catwoman smirked as she, now wearing a huge strap-on dildo, gripped the bird's bottom and squeezed those soft cheeks, while Maxima sat on a nearby chair and watched her handiwork unfold.

Catwoman flicked her tongue on Black Canary's clit, making the heroine squirm. Another lick, then another, as the crime fighter bucked and whimpered uncontrollably.

"No one can resist Catwoman, don't you see?"

Maxima grew impatient, "Its time you stuffed this bird like a turkey", Maxima said, in a somewhat aggressive tone.

Catwoman smiled back, "Want to make sure this little bitch is put firmly in her place", the villainess declared, grabbing Dinah's blonde hair and pulling it, as she plunged her artificial phallus into her bird. It was a slow but inexorable insertion, as the large dildo forced its way into the wet, welcoming pussy of her arch nemesis.

Whoever said revenge was a dish best served cold was wrong, Catwoman thought to herself, as she stuffed Black Canary, filling her to the brim. Revenge is best served hot and kinky, the kitty mused, as she made her presence felt inside the woman who had given her so much grief over the years.

Dinah tried to resist the sensations building inside her, tried to keep at least her mind dignified, but she could feel Catwoman's power pushing into her, conquering her. Catwoman needed no magic rings to do this, because her sexual charisma and seductive prowess were absolutely formidable, indeed irresistible. Even Batman could not deny her sexy charms, and if he could not, there was now little hope for Black Canary, who was now getting filled out like an application form.
Dinah had always enjoyed fucking, the feeling of a big hard cock stuffing her, pounding her, but this was the first time a woman had penetrated her. She had lusted after Batman, craved his cock for so long, but it was Catwoman who now impressed herself, quite literally, upon the blonde bombshell.

Catwoman savoured the moment, as she groped the heroine's juicy ass, then turned to Maxima.

Maxima was already getting excited, sitting on her chair, she had now opened her legs and her hand was reaching down to her crotch. "Fuck her!" The Almerian shouted.

Catwoman was not one to disappoint an audience, and thus began pumping her little canary bitch, starting with slow, agonisingly slow pumps, then slowly increasing the tempo, pumping harder, deeper, faster, with each thrust.

Black Canary struggled to deny the pleasure that was overwhelming her, she tried to resist the Cat-cock that was now owning her, tried to keep her mind from moving down to her pussy, but she was slipping, slipping inexorably into sluthood. Those rumours about Catwoman, that she could seduce anyone, make anyone her sex toy, Dinah, in these moments, was realising that there was indeed fire behind that smoke.

She hated the humiliation...but...oh god she could not help it...she loved getting fucked.

And Maxima loved watching, loved the delicious sight laid out before her, Black Canary with her ass raised, getting drilled by her arch nemesis.

Who needs men? Maxima thought to herself as she fingered herself while watching Catwoman fuck the bird she had caught.

Black Canary was yelping now, as Catwoman drove her message home, the pumping was now pounding, and each thrust was more devastating, more overwhelming than the last.

In and out, in and out, Catwoman was now ramming the blonde, she directed all her anger at Black Canary, all the annoyance at the do-gooding bitch's interference in her schemes, she directed all of it into Black Canary's wet hole.

And Dinah could not deny it anymore...

"Ooooh fuck...oooh FUCK ME! FUCK ME!"

Maxima, as she fingered herself, groaning, smiled.

"Did ...unnh! Did you make her say that?" Catwoman asked.

Maxima sighed and groaned, then replied.
"No...mmm...seems our birdy likes being our slut, well, well, well!"

Catwoman laughed even as she slammed into Black Canary. "Sweet Revenge!"

"FUUUUUCKKK!!!" Black Canary squealed as the ramming hammered her dripping cunt.

"YESSSS!" Catwoman screamed triumphantly, as she came, dealing a devastating final thrust to Black Canary, who also came.

"Ooooh Fuuuuck....ooooh..." she whimpered, her juices dripping from her sex slot. She was now a most undignified super-heroine.

But before she could catch her breath, Black Canary was turned over onto her back and her legs were spread wide, her ankles now above her shoulders. Maxima looked down upon her.

"My Turn!"
Maxima was wearing an Almerian dildo, which was metallic in appearance yet very organic in its movement.

Maxima smiled wickedly, and climbed on top of Black Canary, pressing down on her and facing her. "No one escapes Maxima's lust", she said, breathing deeply, then thrust her hips forward, making Black Canary gasp as Maxima penetrated her rudely.

"To be fucked by Maxima is an honour", the Almerian woman declared, as she stuffed the blonde bird.

"Fuck you!" Screamed a defiant Dinah.

"No..." Maxima sighed calmly..."Fuck you., and duly rammed home her point, making Canary scream.

As she pounded her birdy, Maxima turned to Catwoman. "She's being rather noisy, could you be a darling and silence her, please?"

"With pleasure", came the purring reply.

Catwoman squatted over Black Canary, lowering her pussy over the blonde's face.

"Lick up, bitch!" Selina Kyle ordered aggressively, as she lowered her crotch over the super heroine's face.

"Unnnh...No...ooooh!" Dinah managed to reply in amongst the rough-fucking she was being given by Maxima.

They could have used the ring to command her, of course, but Maxima and Catwoman wanted a willing pet birdy, one who would sing for them.

Catwoman sat on Black Canary's face, "Start licking, or I will suffocate you with my pussy, bimbo birdy!" Black Canary tried to resist for as long as she could, but there was no escape, and the pounding from Maxima was, she had to admit, enjoyable. Licking Catwoman's pussy was a matter of survival and, well, so long as no one found out about her humiliation, her reputation could be preserved.

God, that fucking felt so good, Dinah thought, as the Almerian dildo pumped her like a piston, working her shaft, making her whole body tingle. She wished Batman would have given her this kind of fucking, she'd fantasised about it so many times, created the image in her mind of the Dark Knight bending her over and drilling her like an oil platform. She knew his cock was big, she'd eyed it inside his costume. Now, in a strange twist of irony, she had just been fucked by the woman who Batman had a hard-on for, a fact which had, beneath her "official" motives of "justice", been the true motive for her hostility to Catwoman. Black Canary pondered her defeat, fucked by not one, but two women, and now forced to lick pussy.

Might as well enjoy it, Black Canary thought, and so she did, opening her mouth and teasing Catwoman's clit with her tongue.

"Ooooohhhh...that's moooore like it, bimbo!" Catwoman sighed as her clit was set aflame by the tongue of her former nemesis. Initially hesitant, Canary's licking became more and more enthusiastic. "She's tight!" Maxima exclaimed, as she drove into the blonde furiously. Even Catwoman, who had pounded Black Canary hard, was in awe of the deep drilling Maxima was dishing out, her super-human Almerian powers were fucking Black Canary like no human had ever done.

The super-heroine's body writhed and squirmed with each devastating thrust. Her tongue licked and flicked Catwoman's love button. Catwoman's hips shook and she purred as she was serviced by her arch foe.

On and on it went, the fucking and the sucking, until finally, all three women climaxed simultaneously.

"Oooooooooohhhh god...Fuuuuck!!!"

"Yes....Yes! FUCK!"


In that moment Black Canary felt, to her surprise, at one with her captors, as her face was drenched in Catwoman's wetness and Maxima's dildo was coated in the blonde's juices.

Black Canary had always dreamed of Batman taking her like this, it was like a dream come true, two women with whom she would have assumed to have nothing in common, had taken her to realms of pleasure and debauchery which were far beyond anything Batman could do.

"Would you like more, little bird?" Maxima asked, leaning over the flustered and post-orgasmic Black Canary.
"Oh...oh yes, please!"

"Then you must come with me and Catwoman to Almerac, join my harem, and you will experience endless pleasure. My only condition is that you pledge to serve me."

Black Canary was so overwhelmed by her sexual instincts her usual pride had no influence on her decision. "Yes!" She replied eagerly.
Maxima and Catwoman smiled at each other; they had conquered one of the most strong-willed of all super-heroines.

Maxima opened the portal to Almerac, and ushered Catwoman and Black Canary through, following them into the portal.

Maxima had successfully conquered four super-women, but her next target would come as a surprise, even to her.
_ _ _

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