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Content of the Story: FF, oral, toy, F-dom, voy

Characters involved: Maxima/Zatanna

Justice League Unlimited/Superman - The Animated Series: Maxima's Harem Part 1: Magical Lust (Zatanna)
by Operandi ([email protected]) and Victor2K ([email protected])

It was a clear blue, moonlit night.

In an upmarket club in New York, a popular magic act was underway.

Zatanna stood before her appreciative audience, dressed in her tight fitting magician's outfit, a black leotard tightly encased her curvy, sexy body, and her long legs, in fish net tights, were long and flexible. The white frills around chest, the cute little waist coat, and the sweet little black hat, gave her a classy, yet undeniably sexy look.

This pleased the males in the audience especially, and though Zatanna would never admit it to anyone, she enjoyed being a cocktease, or a pussytease for that matter. She knew that there were people in the audience who wanted to fuck her in a hundred different ways, men who wanted to fill her with their enlarging wands, and the thought of that was one of the biggest buzzes she got out of performing.

Tonight, in this audience, unknown to Zatanna, there was someone who would fuck her in ways she never thought possible.

"You are a pretty little thing", a mysterious woman, wearing reflective glasses, muttered to herself as she watched Zatanna appear on stage. She looked even more beautiful in real life than in the pictures.

"But I am here to see what you can is not enough to be simply delicious, my adorable little Zatanna, you must prove your power to me, prove your worthiness", thought the woman as she, hidden amongst the audience, watched Zatanna like a hawk, studying her every move, as well as licking her lips at the sight of the female magician's juicy bottom as Zatanna turned round briefly to pick up her wand.

The first part of Zatana's act begun, involving the producing of a rabbit out of a hat. The woman was unimpressed at first, but then Zatanna added her own inventive twist to this staple of magician's set-pieces. Zatanna let go of the rabbit she had just been holding, and it just stayed there, in mid-air, levitating. There was no preamble to this, the rabbit just hung there in the air, Zatanna's skill was such that she did not need to make gestures with her wand.

"Interesting", thought the woman.

Then, with a flash, the rabbit appeared in the woman's lap!

Zatanna then pretended to not know where the rabbit had gone, asking the audience to help her find it. The woman smiled and raised the rabbit so Zatanna could see. To the woman's delight, Zatanna approached.

The woman could not help but lick her lips as the delicious magician approached her, she could now see her lovely tits really well, and noted the smoothness of her crotch.

Zatanna gestured to the woman to hand over the rabbit, smiling sweetly. "What is your name?" Zatanna asked the woman.

"Maxi", the woman replied firmly.

"Thank you for looking after my bunny, Maxi", said Zatanna in thanks.

"Such a sweet bunny", Maxi thought to herself as she leered at Zatanna's pert, round bum.

Zatanna's next trick involved her stepping into a box, then emerging from another box high above the stage. "A master of teleportation!" Maxi thought to herself.

Even more impressive was a stunt in which Zatanna, locked into a translucent box, was seemingly pierced by knives, her torso and lower body separated and then put back together again, with Zatanna emerging unscathed, and even more sexy and enticing than ever.

"I must have her!" Maxi exclaimed, like a child seeing an amazing toy that they simply had to have.

With every passing moment Maxi's hunger for Zatanna intensified, as she watched the show draw ot a close, her eyes were fixed on the beautiful mistress of magic. "Backstage", Maxi thought, "I need to get a backstage pass..."

Maxi did not have a backstage pass, but she knew the young man sitting next to her did. There was only one backstage pass to meet Zatanna, a real exclusive, so Maxi had made sure As he left the auditorium, she followed him. To her delight, he moved straight towards the backstage area. Passing him in the long, dark corridor to the dressing room, Maxi then spun round, and kicked him gently. A gentle kick from Maxi was enough to send the mortal male flying, knocking him unconscious with ease. As he lay there, Maxi searched him, and, finding the pass, chucked him into a storage room.

Zatanna sat at her dressing table, unbuttoning her white top and slipping off her jacket. Placing her top hat on the table in front of her, she looked in the mirror and smiled. The show had been a success, a nice change from the lean part of her tour in Baltimore. The sexy magician touched herself as she examined herself, her gracious curves exemplified by her tight costume. Zatanna knew that magic was not her only advantage when it came to fighting male criminals, she smiled to herself as she recalled the many occasions when male felons had paused to stare at her gorgeous body. It could be said that she was as much a master of the sensual arts as the magical.

An attendant opened the door behind her, "Miss Zatanna...your backstage guest is here to see you..."

"Just a moment", the magician said, a little surprised.

Zatanna tidied herself and turned to face the door, as the attendant ushered in the guest.

The guest was a woman, dressed somewhat conservatively. Zatanna could see her own reflection in the woman's round glasses. The woman reached forward to shake her hand, "Pleased to meet you, Zatanna, I'm a huge fan of yours; it's so great to meet you..."

The attendant left, closing the door behind her.

Zatanna smiled politely, "the feeling is mutual...what's your name?"

"Maxi...Maxi Stone...I have been so looking forward to're such a strong woman, and gorgeous too..." The woman took off her glasses, revealing her intense eyes. Zatanna sensed hunger in them.

Zatanna was used to being complimented, but was not one to say no to flattery. The woman approached Zatanna , raising her hand and touching her hair, "I'm such a big fan", she said, all the while staring into Zatanna's eyes with an intense gaze that melted Zatanna's defences.

"Its nice to meet you, but I have things to..." Maxi began to unbutton Zatanna's blouse..."please, Zatann, let me repay you for entertaining me so much", Zatanna was intoxicated by this woman, her strength was overwhelming.

"I have some magic tricks of my own", said Maxi, as she suddenly spun Zatanna round, and , in just a second, unzipped the magicians leotard and unhooked her bra.

Zatanna gasped, "I...I...this isn't appropriate..."

"You and I are not conventional women, we are magical...lets make magic together."

"But..." Zatanna stammered.

"You have a nice Butt," Maxi said, laughing, as she lifted the magician and sat her on her lap. "Let me show you some tricks, sweet bunny", Maxi reached down between Zatanna's thighs and encircled her fingers around Zatanna's clit. Maxima had mastered this technique on the many girls she had conquered on Almerac, it was a kind of magic trick of her own.

"'re can't..."

Maxima continued to play with her magical bunny, "does it matter, sweety?"


"Being a magician, you can easily escape...I'm not stopping you..."

"Unnh...oooh...Maxima", Zatanna moaned.

"You don't escape because you want to be mine, that is the truth, magician", Maxima asserted, as she tweaked Zatanna's nipples, putting her top hat back on as she explored her with her fingers.

Zatanna gasped, then said the words Maxima had been eager to hear.

"Fuck me, Maxima, please fuck me...god you are soo strong...I've longed for this, to be taken like this, by someone of power, an equal...oooh god..."

Maxima fingered Zatanna, pumping her skilfully. Maxima was as skilled in these "arts" as the martial ones, as Zatanna was quickly discovering.

The two women kissed as Maxima unzipped her trousers and slid Zatanna's hand into them. Soon they were buried deep in each other, entwined in a lover's embrace, fingers buried inside each other, exploring each other.

That night, Maxima re-enacted one of Zatanna's magic tricks, in which Zatanna was handcuffed and blindfolded and escaped using her talents. The difference was that Zatanna did not escape this version, because she was happily at Maxima's mercy, and her talents were being used for sexual pleasure. She loved Maxima's tenderness, and her ruthlessness; Maxima fucked Zatanna mercilessly, ploughing her with a large metallic Almerian Harmonic dildo. Zatanna, who had proven to be so overpowering that no man or woman had the strength to equal her, had finally met her match. Ironically, Zatanna had longed, like Maxima, to screw Superman, but he, much to her annoyance, had always rejected her for his Lois.

Now the two women who Superman had spurned, were fucking each other all night long. The irony was not lost on either woman.

It was a night of intense magic of the sexual kind, yet even as the two women continued to get down and dirty with each other, Maxima's thoughts turned to her next targets. As she licked Zatanan's pussy and clit, she felt emboldened about her plans for the other females. Zatanna craved more, more, more, begging Maxima to take things to the next level.

Maxima obliged by putting on a strap-on, which she called her magic wand, and promptly stuffed the magician, pumping her full of her own brand of magic.

Maxima pounded Zatanna using her super strength, giving her a damn good seeing to. Maxima fucked Zatanna harder, and deeper, than any man had ever done, and that was saying a lot as Zatanna had fucked a good few men. Maxima redefined the meaning of the term "getting fucked", as Zatanna squealed and screamed on her hands and knees.

As Zatanna and Maxima came in unison, the two women collapsed upon each other. The two females held each other close.

"I want more", Zatanna admitted to Maxima.

Maxima took advantage of the situation, making Zatanna wait for her answer.

"Please, pretty please..." Zatanna pleaded.

"Well", Maxima said, pursing her plips, "I can't stay on must come with me, come with me to my Harem on Almerac."

Zatanna was stunned, and amazed by what was being offered to her, but was also apprehensive, especially about the "Harem".

Maxima noticed Zatanna's concern and elaborated further. "Well if you want more of what you have had tonight, come with me and join my Harem, I promise you pleasure and luxury beyond your imaginings, a place where you do not have to hide your kinky nature."

Zatanna pondered, deep in thought. Maxima looked at her sternly, "You must make a decision now, I will not compromise, you must come with me and join my harem, or I will not fuck you and pleasure you again."

Zatanna sighed, closed her eyes, then spoke.

"I agree to join you and become art of your Harem."

Maxima smiled and kissed Zatanna tenderly. At that moment, a portal opened and Maxima lead Zatanna through it to the world of Almerac. In a flash they travelled across time and space to this foreign world, which Zatanna had never before visited.

Zatanna was now in a luxurious bedroom, with four-poster beds and candles and curtains and laid out in an incredibly beautiful way.

Maxima called her maids to attention. Immediately they hastily came into the room, like eager schoolgirls. There were three of them, one was a busty blue-eyed blonde, the second a petite brunette with a tight little butt, and the third a curvy redhead with deep green eyes.

In honour of the woman they would be serving, they were dressed in sexy magicians costumes like Zatanna's, complete with top hat. Zatanna liked the look of them.

"These girls will attend to your every need, my sweet bunny....when I say every need, I mean every need. They will do whatever you wish, think of them as your dolls, your slaves. Use them as you see fit, for their desire to please me means they must please you." Maxima smiled as she kissed Zatanna, and whispered in her ear, "feel free to use them as you see fit, I insist on it", she said with a wicked grin.

The three girls stood upright and respectful, "How may we serve you, Miss Zatanna?" they asked in unison.

Zatanna licked her lips and smiled, any doubts she may have been having about her decision were now quickly evaporating.

Maxima then turned to Zatanna, patting her bottom, "I must go now, but I will return with something very special", she said with a wicked grin, before stepping through a portal.

Zatanna turned back to the three delightful maids, her deviant mind already devising uses for three such very pretty young things.

"Hands above your hats, I want to get a good look at you three, I do like to get a good look at my toys..."

"Yes, Mistress Zataanna!" They all replied, again in unison.

"Yes, I'm liking this very much", Zatanna muttered to herself.
_ _ _

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