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Characters involved: Maxima

Content of the Story: no sex

Justice League Unlimited: Maxima's Harem - Prologue
by Operandi ([email protected]) and Victor2K ([email protected])

On the distant planet of Almerac, within the gleaming spires of its capital, Maxima sat upon her throne, deep in thought. Her elegant, sexy body lounged upon the seat of her power, her long legs, ample cleavage, vibrant red hair, and sensual come to bed eyes contrasting with her fearsome reputation as a ruthless warrior. This was a woman who could beat you to a pulp or just as likely bring you to a shattering orgasm.

With her awesome strength, she was well-versed in the Almerian combat arts, a one-woman army, she had bested many opponents, both male and female, from the brute warriors to the most cunning and agile fighters.

In the sexual field she was no less ruthless, having easily conquered almost every male she set her sights on. When Maxima wanted cock, she got it, she seduced men with ease, it was said that within moments of meeting Maxima a man would find himself pinned to her bed and milked by her pussy. She had, on one occasion, killed a man who had wronged her using her powerful thighs to squeeze him.

Women and girls she was no less ruthless in conquering, they often found themselves spread open with Maxima's tongue dancing between their open thighs. She had already screwed most of her maids, whom she took great pleasure in dressing them like sluts.

But they were such easy conquests, the males and the females, both in combat and fucking. None of them were a match for Maxima, who either pummelled them into submission in combat, or devoured their bodies with her tongue, fingers, and toys.

She longed for a challenge, the males and females of Almerac dropped their pants for her without so much as putting up a fight. Maxima wanted, and needed, much more. She wanted the chase, the conquest, to be fun and challenging, she imagined the hot, steamy fucking she could enjoy with a strong person, one who could stand up to her. She was tired of females calling her "Mistress", a novelty and protocol that came with her status and which she initially enjoyed, but which now bored her.

She had encountered one man who challenged and excited her, but he rejected her, as did Lobo.

Maxima, since her failure to obtain Superman as a mate, had sought, with renewed vigour, to pair with a male from her own world, but she had become increasingly disenchanted in her quest for a male.

She lounged on her bed, kicking her legs up in a fit of boredom.

Not one of them were a match for her, none of them matched up to Maxima's exacting standards. Maxima would not settle for any mate, which she felt some of her contemporaries did. She had been consistently disappointed in the men who she courted or who courted her. They were either weak, or so lacking in masculinity and sexiness as to bore her.

Maxima despaired of only being able to marry one man, after all, to fulfil her needs, many mates would be required. It was then that a moment of inspiration hit her, as she leapt off the bed and perused a book of the laws of Almerac.

She noticed an intriguing anomaly. A most wonderful anomaly.

Nowhere, not on any page, was there any mention of any limit on female partners. Maxima checked and re-checked. To her delight she had found a loophole in Almerac's marital laws. She smiled as she realised she could have as many female mates as she wished. Maxima's mind gained momentum as she considered the endless possibilities.

This was a loophole which she would enter, quite literally.

"My own Harem...for my gratification!" She said to herself excitedly. Even before these words exited her mouth, she was imagining the depravity and fornication that would ensue from her dark designs. She envisioned a harem where she would have all the pussy she wanted.

Her imagination was truly elaborate; four poster beds, steam rooms, "punishment" rooms, every sex toy imaginable, including those that only existed in Maxima's realm...every sensual whim of Maxima's was envisioned in this Harem.

But who would her female mates be? Maxima pondered her desires and found her feelings on women much the same as her requirements for men. They should be strong, feisty, a challenge, and have minds of such perviness and kinky nature as to be on a par with Maxima's filthy, vivid kinks.

The women around Maxima did not fulfil these requirements, they were strong, yes, but not kinky enough for Maxima's sexual eccentricities. The maids she fucked merely did as they were told and had no kinkiness of their own. She wanted to combine her perviness with that of other females. "Somewhere else?" Maxima said to herself as she pondered, her sharp finger nails stroking her chin, eyes narrowing in focus. She always thought ahead, planned every move, so she considered very carefully before reaching her decision.

What if there were females like Superman?

Maxima thought back to her battles with Superman and considered the nature of the females of Earth.

She had heard there were super-heroines on Earth, females who dressed up in slinky sexy costumes, what kind of woman dresses up as a Bat or a Cat? Maxima knew the answer to that question.

A perverted woman, that's the kind who dresses in such a way.

All the signs pointed to a ripe harvest of human pussy.

"Earth...that is where I shall find them!" She exclaimed, she was now a vivid contrast to the bored female who had sat on her throne just a few minutes ago.

Maxima was now determined, and when Maxima is determined, she always gets what she wants. Maxima hatched her plan there and then; she would seek out the female heroines and seduce them with the promise of a kinky harem of luxury. And she would repay Superman by seducing his Lois Lane. Maxima licked her lips not only at the kinky possibilities, but also the glorious irony of Lois being seduced by the woman Superman rejected.

It did not take her long to devise a list of suitable females from her research, those she considered suitable pets for her Harem. She based her initial list on the characteristics of kinky costumes, their ability to put up a fight, and their deliciousness.




Black Canary

Harley Quinn



Lois Lane

Max Gibson


Wonder Woman

She would cross off each girl from her list as she seduced each of them. Maxima had supreme confidence in her abilities; she would have them all, and any other woman who appealed to her tastes.

She opened her communicator, a small spherical device she kept in her pocket, and instructed the architect who made her home to begin construction of an "erotic palace" immediately. Maxima quickly drew the designs, laying them out ready for the architect to make a reality. "Begin immediately, for I shall soon bring home my prey!" She ordered impatiently.

With that in hand, the amazon warrior turned to her quest, "the hunt is on!" she said to herself, excited at the prospect of such a delicious challenge.

Earth was over 50 Deca-cycles away from Almerac, but that posed no problem for Maxima, who, uniquely among Almerians, possessed an inter-space portal for travelling immense distances.

Soon enough, Maxima opened the portal to Earth and stepped through it...what awaited her on the other side of the portal remained to be seen.
_ _ _

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