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Justice League Unlimited: Alternate Realities Part 5 - Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Strange happenings were occurring around the world and the newly formed Justice League was at the very centre of the oddness. It all started with a mysterious attack on the Martian Manhunter J'onn J'onzz, and the subsequent sexual encounters that Batman, Batgirl, Superman and Supergirl were involved with over the next few days. Nearly comatose and unable to tell Superman or Batman anything about who attacked him and what was going on, J'onn's message of warning went largely unheard by the rest of the Justice League. The Flash, Wally West, was the least concerned about J'onn's garbled warning and simply continued on with business as usual. The only difference in his daily schedule of running fast and catching bad guys was that he was getting a little extra needed help from the Amazonian Princess, Wonder Woman. The duo had teamed up to take down a powerful sorceress and mortal enemy of Wonder Woman, Circe. Unlike some of the League members who liked to work alone, Flash had no problem with working with a partner, especially the dark-haired Amazonian Princess. Six feet tall with Supermodel features, long legs, fit body, big firm breasts, a beautiful face and a superhero costume that left little to the imagination, Wonder Woman was one of the most attractive women Wally had ever seen.

"Thanks a lot for helping me find and stop Circe," Wonder Woman told Flash as she flew beside the speeding superhero Flash in Central City. "Batman gave me intel that Circe was last seen in Central City and I knew you'd want to help if it was in your home city, Flash.'

"Oh yeah... It's a refreshing change to have a partner, especially when we're going after someone so dangerous." Flash replied, looking up at Wonder Woman's ass as he navigated the busy streets of Central City. God Damn! 'Are those shorts getting tighter?' Flash thought to himself, examining Wonder Woman's star spangled short shorts. Form fitting and emphasizing her juicy Amazonian ass, Flash couldn't keep his mind off of it as they approached their destination and got ready to take on one of the most dangerous enemies he or Wonder Woman would ever take on.

"We'll really need to work together Flash... Circe is very powerful and very deranged!" Wonder Woman shouted back as they both started to slow down and prepare themselves for a tough fight.

"Holy shit... There she is... And she's... HOT!" Flash said a little too loudly so that even Wonder Woman could hear him. Flash had a point though; Circe was dressed in what looked like a very tight-fitting two-piece gold bikini. With sexy purple hair and lipstick, Circe had a body that rivaled even Wonder Woman's banging body and it looked as though Circe had no problem showing it off. Flash was easily caught off guard by Circe's appearance and was quickly knocked aside by a powerful spell sent his way by the sorceress.

"You've got to pay attention Flash, or she'll take you down quicker than even you can blink!" Wonder Woman exclaimed, helping Flash up and turning to face Circe, just as another spell came hurtling her way. "I see you're wearing something a little more revealing... Whore!" she said to Circe with anger, remembering back at what Circe had done to her people and her mother.

'Are you kidding me...? How am I suppose to pay attention with your two fine asses scampering around in front of me,' Flash thought to himself as he stood back up and regained his composure just in time to get hit by another blast of Circe's magic. Wonder Woman was doing no better; although she could deflect some of the blasts coming at her with her Amazonian bracelets, a few made it through and knocked her backwards into a nearly unconscious Flash.

"Are you two lovebirds having trouble dealing with little old me?" Circe laughed as Flash and Wonder Woman tried to untangle from each other. Wonder Woman could have sworn she felt Flash's hands probing her supple ass and nice firm tits, but it was so fast that she couldn't say for certain.

"Don't you usually start turning people into animals at this point?" Wonder Woman chided back at Circe, getting ready for a second round with the powerful sorceress.

"Oh I don't know... Changing people into animals really doesn't do it for me anymore... I'm more into love spells now." Circe replied with a smirk, thinking back on the havoc she had already started causing for the League.

"Love spells... Doesn't seem your style baby... You don't look like you need any help to get any action," Flash said, turning on the charm for Circe. "Unless of course you've already put a spell on me."

"Flash... Don't encourage her!" Wonder Woman said, smacking Flash in the back head and causing him to regain his composure.

"Oh my naőve little child, I don't use these spells to get any action for myself, I only use them for my entertainment." Circe said with a smile before lifting her hand and pointing her fingers at both Flash and Wonder Woman.

"Entertainment?" Flash and Wonder Woman said together, just before Circe hit them with a pink flash of magic.

"What the hell was that?" Flash said out loud after realizing the spell hadn't done anything to him.

"I don't know Flash, but we should stop her as soon as possible, just in case!" Wonder Woman said before attacking head on and landing a serious blow to Circe's face.

"Bitch... Take that!" she shouted at Wonder Woman in anger as she hit her back with a powerful burst of energy, catching Wonder Woman's legs and lower body, and in the process, tearing off her star striped shorts.

"OH FUCK!" Wonder Woman said out loud, trying to cover herself up as Flash sprinted forward and was hit by a similar burst of energy, tearing off most of his clothes as well. Both Wonder Woman and Flash stared at each other with intrigue and interest as Circe simply smiled and laughed.

"I see my spell's finally taking effect... It always takes a few seconds to get going, but whenever there's a little nudity involved it seems to speed up the process!" Circe said as Wonder Woman and Flash continued to check each other out. Wonder Woman was amazed at how physically fit and toned Flash was and because most his outfit's material below his waist was gone; Wonder Woman could see that he had a lot to work with downstairs as well. If Wonder Woman was excited at what she saw, Flash was ecstatic at what he was looking at. Wonder Woman was amazingly fit, even for an Amazonian and even though her round firm tits were still covered, Flash had a perfect look at her trimmed Amazonian pussy. Highlighted by a thin strip of black pubic hair, Flash could only dream about how tight her still untouched pussy really was.

"Wow Flash... I've never seen a man naked before... It is forbidden on Themiscara!" Wonder Woman exclaimed as she closely examined Flash's hardening cock, even getting onto her knees for a closer inspection.

"Really... So I'm guessing you've never been lucky enough to taste one of these?" Flash said with a smirk before moving his hips forwards and making sure Wonder Woman got a perfect view of his now hard nine inch cock. By this point, Flash and Wonder Woman were totally under the sway of Circe's spells and were not paying attention to the evil sorceress in the slightest.

"Mmmm... Does it taste good Flash?" Wonder Woman asked, looking excited at the prospect of finally getting her chance at touching a man's penis.

"I don't know personally, but every woman who's had the pleasure of sucking on it always says they loved the taste!" Flash teased Wonder Woman as her fingers moved upwards and around his shaft to slowly begin massaging his nine inch shaft.

"Mother always said that Man could never be trusted but Mother's not here, is she?" Wonder Woman said sassily as she moved her mouth closer to his engorged cock. Without waiting another second, Wonder Woman's hot wet mouth enclosed around half of Flash's cock and she started moving her head back and forth, sucking as hard as she could.

"Mmmm... That's great Wonder Woman... You know... Unghh... For somebody who's never seen a cock before, you sure do know what you're doing!" Flash panted as Wonder Woman used her enhanced physical and Amazonian abilities to increase the pressure around his cock and pleasure him more in a few seconds than an average woman would have done in several hours. Whatever spell that Circe had cast over Wonder Woman, it had turned her into a real slut, the only thing on her mind was pleasuring both herself and Flash as best she could.

"You've seen nothing yet!" Wonder Woman mumbled as she pulled her mouth off his cock for a few moments. Wonder Woman wasn't kidding either, in seconds, her mouth was moving back and forth over his cock at a ridiculous speed, almost fast enough to even impress Flash.

"Unghhh... Ahh Fuck!" groaned Flash a few seconds later, after quickly succumbing to Wonder Woman's powerful lips and super-speed. Flash didn't even give Wonder Woman a warning before his cock began to spasm and erupt, spilling a huge load of sticky cum in her mouth and down her throat. Wonder Woman quickly coughed and nearly choked as Flash pulled his cock out of her mouth and fired off a couple smaller loads across her face.

"Mmmm... That's not half bad..." Wonder Woman said after regaining her composure and licking her lips, before tearing off her top and showing Flash for the first time, her perfect round and firm tits.

"I told you you'd like it baby... Now you get a turn!" Flash replied before forcing Wonder Woman onto her back and opening her legs to have access to her sweet untouched cunny. "Yum... I've been wanting to taste this ever since I met you." He said before getting onto his stomach and putting his head between her legs. Flash reached up with his hands and grabbed Wonder Woman's perfect tits, pinching her nipples before using his superhuman speed to move his tongue in and out of Wonder Woman's shaved pussy with incredible speed and precision, hitting just the right spots and quickly pushing the Amazonian princess over the edge and into orgasmic bliss.

"BY HERA'S WILL FLASHHHHHHHH!" Screamed Wonder Woman as her entire body began to vibrate and her pussy exploded all over Flash's tongue and face. Flash licked his lips and without stopping, continued to eat out Wonder Woman's delicious pussy.

"These two are really getting me going!" Groaned Circe as she watched the two now entwined lovers pleasure themselves in front of her. Circe had her fingers buried in her pussy as sat only a few feet away from them while she considered her good fortune. She had an urge to join the two superhero lovers in a ménage a trois that would simply be legendary, but she knew she couldn't afford any slipups or physical attachments if she hoped to succeed in her plan. She already knew that the Joker had been caught carrying out the first phase in her plan and if she were to be careless now, the whole thing could fall apart.

As Circe thought about her future plans, Wonder Woman and Flash continued on without even noticing the sorceress that had doomed them to such a pleasurable and passionate partnering. After getting Wonder Woman off for the fifth time in only a few minutes, Wonder Woman finally screamed for the superfast hero to fuck her Amazonian pussy.

"I want you to fuck me... NOW!" screamed Wonder Woman, trying to recover from her last orgasm as Flash moved in and guided his cock towards her untouched pussy. "I always thought Batman would fuck me first... I always had a crush on him, but you're just too cute." Wonder Woman purred in his ear as Flash leaned in to kiss her. Wonder Woman could feel his cock brush up against her tight slit and not wanting to stay a virgin another minute, she grabbed Flash's waist and pulled him down into her. Four of his nine inches slammed into her and right through her fleshy hymen. Wonder Woman screamed out in pain and pleasure as she felt her pussy being filled with her first ever cock. A tiny trickle of blood ran down Wonder Woman's thigh, as both superheroes winced in pain.

"Fuck... You're too tight!" Flash groaned as he slowly pulled a couple of inches out of her before driving his cock back down into her even deeper. For the next few minutes, Flash slowly eased in and out of Wonder Woman's tight snatch, until gradually, the pain and resistance started to wane and Flash's speed started to increase.

"I can't believe I've been missing out on this my entire life!" Shouted Wonder Woman as Flash started to really give it to her; slamming his shaft down into her with his superhuman speed. Flash just smiled to himself as both his lust for Wonder Woman and the magical spell placed on him by Circe continued to do its work and drive him to fuck the Amazonian princess without mercy. Wonder Woman's big firm tits were jiggling back and forth as Flash drove his cock into her faster and faster.

"God Dammit... This is so hot!" Circe moaned to herself as her fingers moved in and out of her pussy with an even greater urgency. As Circe continued to pleasure herself, Flash had decided on a new position to fuck Wonder Woman. Lifting her up by her waist, Flash starting bouncing her up and down on his cock as the two superheroes started kissing each other again.

"I don't... Unghhh... Think I can last... Ahhhh... Much longer!" Groaned Flash as he slammed his cock up into her with even more speed. Although Flash had the speed and endurance of a superhuman and the desire to fuck the Amazonian princess all night long, Wonder Woman's pussy was just too tight and his stamina was quickly ebbing away.

"Keep fucking me... Please don't stop!" moaned Wonder Woman, as another orgasm washed over her and her desire to keep Flash inside her overpowered her better judgement.

"But... Unghhhhh... TOO LATE!" Flashed grunted out loud a few moments later as he sank his entire nine inches deep inside Wonder Woman's tight twat and started filling the Amazon with his superhuman cum. Stream after stream filled her tight hole as Wonder Woman screamed out in happiness. She could feel his hot sticky ropes of seed plaster her womb and fill her right to the brim. Wonder Woman couldn't care in the least about the possible consequences of having her pussy filled with Flash's potent seed; all she cared about was how good it had felt being fucked by the fastest human being on the planet as Flash fell to the ground exhausted, with his cock still slowly moving in and out of Wonder Woman's snatch.

"Amazing! Simply Amazing... I knew you two had it in you!" Applauded an overjoyed Circe, who had just gotten off herself and was now licking her sticky fingers. "And you Flash... I almost wanted to jump in with the two of you. You're quite the stud, aren't you?" She laughed as she stood back up and continued to watch Flash slowly move his softening cock in and out of Wonder Woman's cum-filled pussy. Both superheroes were exhausted and as Wonder Woman eyes closed and she slipped into unconsciousness, Flash's thrusts slowed to a crawl and he too quickly succumbed to sleep with his cock still lodged in Wonder Woman's sticky slit.

"Mmmmmpffff... Mmmmmm... Mmmmpff..." Mumbled a bound figure lying behind a crate near Circe.

"Oh... I almost forgot about you honey... But don't you worry; I've got plans for you!" Circe said as she walked over to the mysterious figure and looked down to see an exact copy of herself struggling to break free from her bindings. "I know this is your reality, but I really must insist that I call the shots from now on sweetie... You'll see, everything is a lot more exciting when I'm in charge... Let's just hope Luthor has what I needed or he'll been in more trouble than the Joker!" Circe laughed before picking up her duplicate and vanishing into thin air, leaving both Flash and Wonder Woman to wake up in each other's arms and the awkwardness that would no doubt ensue when they woke the next morning.


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