JAG: Mile High Club (MMFF)
by Clive Cromwell II

15:42 Zulu (over the Pacific Ocean)

It had been an incredibly long, exhausting flight to reach this point over
the Pacific Ocean and the crew of JAG officers on board the C-130 transport
faced several more hours in the air; complete with a couple of mid-air

What put the JAG team into the air was the disappearance of a Petty Office
2nd Class on board the USS Monex. The Monex had been in the midst of an
anti-submarine drill when it was noticed the petty officer was not at his
assigned station. The man had been in a fight with a junior officer some
time before the drill, and an anonymous tip to the captain indicated foul

Navy Lt. Commander Harmon Rabb and Marine Lt. Colonel Sarah MacKenzie had
boarded the C-130 near Falls Church, VA. Under the orders of Admiral AJ
Chedwiggin, they were to defend the lieutenant charged with causing the
disappearance of the petty officer. FBI Special Agent Clayton Webb also
boarded the aircraft, en route to Hawaii.

Long hours of flying time later, during which they passed through several
sleep-restricting stormfronts, the aircraft touched down at a base in San
Diego, California. Navy Lieutenants Bud and Harriet Roberts also boarded the
aircraft. Bud was to prosecute the charged lieutenant, while his wife Harriet
was along as a research aid. Bud would meet another prosecutor on board.

After pleasantries were exchanged, the group, dressed in flight gear and
overalls, settled into the cargo bay of the C-130, surrounded with all manner
of military paraphernalia. Just eight jumpseats were available for passengers
behind the closed door of the cockpit. Made of webbing and canvas, they
provided the most basic of human comfort.

On the starboard side of the aircraft, holding hands and chatting animatedly
into each other's ears over the roar of the C-103's four turboprop engines,
were Bud and Harriet. On the port side, Harm and Sarah sat next to each other
as Webb stretched out over the two remaining seats on that side.

Still tired from their draining and jet lagging flight from Falls Church,
Harm and Sarah tried to relax into their uncomfortable seats. Eventually, the
two fell into a light sleep. Webb, on the other hand, was out like a light on
the other two seats.

A couple of hours out of San Diego, Sarah, in the midst of a hot wet dream
where she was giving head to an officer in a tank, was roused by bumpy
turbulence. A little unsettling, she forgot where she was for a moment in
the dim interior of the transport aircraft. But, as her wits gathered, she
remembered where she was and looked around. Next to her, Harm's head nodded
as he dozed. Next to Harm, Sarah could see that Webb was snoring and in REM
sleep, although she couldn't hear him over the noise of the aircraft. Looking
across the cabin at Bud and Harriet, though, Sarah was quickly shocked out of
her sleepiness.

Bud and Harriet were deeply exchanging tongue, and Bud, who had unbuckled
Harriet's web gear and unzipped her overalls, was massaging a large breast
which he had freed from her bra. Seeing the pair thusly engaged, Sarah
quickly closed her eyes so as not to embarrass them.

But, having just awoken from an erotic dream, and with the throbbing of the
turboprop engines seemingly concentrated in her bottom, Sarah couldn't resist
watching through squinted eyelashes. Not that Bud and Harriet were paying
attention to anything but each other. As she watched, the lovebirds across
from her continued kissing deeply, and Bud pushed Harriet's black bra up to
bare both of her large, full breasts. As Bud's fingers played over her
nipples, Sarah could see they hardened under his touch. As she secretively
watched, Sarah wondered how Harriet, a full-time JAG officer and mother,
found time to sunbathe in the nude. Harriet had no tanlines.

As Harriet reached to unbuckle Bud's gear, he turned to her and pulled the
zipper of her overalls down to her crotch. Then, almost in tandem, Harriet
unzipped Bud's overalls as he slid a hand down her body and into her panties.
Despite the engine noise, Sarah imagined a sigh of pleasure emanating from
Harriet. As Bud plunged his hand deeper into Harriet's panties, she leaned
to him and sucked his nipples. They then looked into each other's eyes;
Harriet stroking Bud's surprisingly large cock (Sarah now saw) and he
fingering her pussy.

As Sarah continued to surreptitiously watch the pair fondle each other,
she felt both a pang of jealousy and a definite dampness. Leaning forward
slightly, she looked over at Webb and noticed he was still deeply asleep.
She was moving her gaze to Harm's face when her eyes ran over his crotch.
He was hard beneath his overalls! As she looked at his face, she could see
that he too was watching the Bud and Harriet show before him. And obviously
with some effect. As she looked into his eyes, he managed the slightest wink
back at her.

Sarah sat back and tightly shut her eyes. Harm continued watching Bud and
Harriet enjoy themselves and was suddenly engulfed in a quick series of
images of he and Sarah from their on again, off again, near miss, sexually
charged but never fulfilled, wanting but not having, strained relationship.
As his mind settled on a particular scene from Australia, where Sarah was
with a now-ex on what Harm thought was a nude beach, he vividly remembered
achingly wishing to see stunning Sarah out of uniform and bare-breasted
under the hot sun. Over the years they had worked together, Harm had often
masturbated to thoughts of Sarah.

Without thinking, his hand wandered to Sarah's thigh, which he gripped a
little too tightly. Sarah, surprised by Harm, moved her leg closer to him,
spreading her legs somewhat as she did so, and placed a hand on his.

Her reaction now caught Harm a little by surprise. He turned to look at
Sarah just as she turned toward him. Suddenly, all the pent-up passion of
their time together took over. Harm took her face in his hands and they
kissed, deeply, open mouthed, exploring with their tongues. Sarah wrapped
her arms around Harm and pulled him fiercely close. As their tongues
explored, each began unbuckling the others' web gear. Then, looking into
each other's eyes, they unzipped the others' overalls.

Now, from across the aisle, Bud and Harriet watched Harm and Sarah. Harriet
had a firm grip on Bud's cock and stroked slowly as he explored her soaked
pussy with a couple of fingers. As Bud watched Harm begin to caress Sarah's
large braless breasts and she his chest, Bud moved closer to Harriet and
yelled, "Finally," before sticking his tongue in her ear.

Sarah, meanwhile, ran her hand over Harm's six-pack stomach as he slid a hand
down over her belly and fingered her belly button. As his hand made its way
into the waistband of her panties, she slid into his waistband and, at long
last, touched the head of his rock-hard cock. Now giving up their liplock,
they looked into each other's eyes and began to explore slowly.

Harm moved a finger through the dampness of Sarah's pussy as she wrapped her
fingers around his pleasantly thick cock. As he slid a finger through her
soft, wet, lips to explore deeper, she began slowly stroking him; feeling the
pre-cum oozing.

As they looked into each other's eyes and explored with their hands, Bud
brought Harriet to a climax across the aisle. As she tightened and clenched
his probing fingers, orgasm raced through her body and mind; she stopped
stroking him as pleasure flowed through her.

Sarah also found she couldn't hold on any longer. She had also dreamed of
moments like this with Harm and had often masturbated with his image in her
mind. As she hung onto his cock and closed her eyes, he manipulated her wet
clit with his fingers, sending shocks of pleasure through her body. She
moaned loudly, her pleasure drowned out by the aircraft, and let orgasm flow
exultantly through her.

Having already cum and recovered somewhat, Harriet was now kissing Bud's
chest; slowly making her way down over his belly. She reached the head of
his cock, and, opening wide, slid her lips over him. Sucking his head as she
teased it with her tongue, Bud closed his eyes in pleasure and allowed his
head to loll back onto the canvas webbing.

Harriet, though, found herself constrained by Bud's overalls. She wanted him
deeply in her mouth, but couldn't go down any deeper on him. Sloppily pulling
off his cock, she stood and pulled Bud to his feet. As he grabbed a rack
overhead, Harriet sank to her knees before him and took his manhood in hand.
As Bud gazed down, she looked up at him, then slid her lips over him once

With her orgasm now waning, Sarah looked across the aisle to see Harriet
happily engaged in a sloppy blowjob. She looked at Harm and noticed that he
too, was watching the fun across from them.

Now feeling a desire to have Harm's cock in her mouth, Sarah stood and pulled
him to his feet. As Harm now grabbed an overhead rack, Sarah sank to a squat,
running her hands down his body as she did so. Pulling down on his overalls,
Sarah completely freed Harm's cock and admired his thick, straight shaft. As
she licked a drop of pre-cum, she squeezed his balls lightly. Looking down at
her, Harm smiled and thrust forward gently.

Holding the base of his shaft with one hand and his balls with the other,
Sarah opened her mouth and slowly took him in. She felt the heat of his meat
on her stretched lips and caressed him with her tongue. As he pushed into her
mouth, she took him deeply.

In the narrow confines of the aisle, the foursome was now in close contact.
The two men switched their views from their own blowjob to the others' and
the beautiful women earnestly at work. Looking at Harm, Bud winked and held
out his hand in congratulations. Harm took his hand and smiled.

As Sarah and Harriet worked their respective cocks, the aircraft throbbed,
bellowed and danced through the Pacific sky. For some moments, the women
sucked, licked, stroked and squeezed. Finally, with a big, goofy smile on
his face, Bud loosed his load into the back of Harriet's throat. As he
spurted into her mouth, Harriet swallowed.

Suddenly, Harm was concerned. Being that this was the first time for he and
Sarah, he didn't know if she'd want to swallow. But, in the state of bliss he
was in, he couldn't bring himself to pull out of her mouth. Her warm, wet
lips, combined with the suction, were simply too perfect.

As Sarah bobbed up and down his shaft, Harm felt orgasm approaching. He held
off, but finally, as she moved to hold just his head in her mouth, he shot
his load. Moaning loudly into the noise that surrounded them all, he pumped
gently into her mouth and he emptied himself. Sarah, after feeling the hot
gush, swallowed and looked up into his eyes.

Bud and Harriet had collapsed back onto their web seats, just in time to see
the final act between Harm and Sarah. As Sarah continued to suck gently at
his now-softening cock, the two looked into each other's eyes and seemed to
come to an unspoken understanding - this was the first time, but it would not
be the last.

Hours later, after mid-air refueling a couple of times, the C-130 lumbered
to a halt on the tarmac on Hawaii. Webb, finally wakened from his deep, yet
fitful sleep, was the last off the aircraft. Looking at the group gathered
around him, he announced, "Well, I slept like shit. Did I miss anything?"


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