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show, J.A.G. This is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series, but fulfills the
fantasy of mature audiences only.

(This story contains scenes of sex, m/f, f/f, MC,

If these topics disturb you in any way, do not read
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Mac's Witching Hour
Chapter One

Witchcraft had been growing in popularity as an
alternative religion in the past few years. By
nature, witches Covens worship nature, and this one
operating in Gulfport was no exception to that rule.
Colonel Sarah Mackenzie had gone undercover on one
such religious group to investigate charges of sexual
misconduct against Chief Petty Offier Merker, also
the High Priest of the Wiccan conglomeration that was
active in Gulfport. The Wiccan also had a large
number of military members as practitioners.

To conduct her internal investigation in this matter,
Mac would try to infiltrate the Wiccan membership and
try to determine if the charges against its high-priest,
Chief Petty Officer Merker, could be substantiated.

A female member of the Wiccan accused him of rape
and the Judge Advocate General's Office was responsible
to investigate the charges and prosecute if the charges
could be found to have foundation.

Mac had assumed the identity of a Navy Petty Officer
to infiltrate this Witches Coven and investigate the
charges undercover. Meanwhile her partner, Commander
Harmon Rabb, would conduct a separate investigation
openly. During this undercover operation, Lieutenant
Bud Roberts and his wife, Harriet, had agreed to take
care of her dog Jingo and her apartment.

She had adopted a retired drug search dog some months
ago, when she had proven in a court case recently that
the dog could no longer function as a drug sniffing
dog. When she heard that the dog would have to be
destroyed because a new owner couldn't be found, she
took him into her care.

Actually, during the court case in question, its
trainer had pointed out that the dog had taken an
instant liking to her.

"Not too many people could have done that," he had
told her. "He's real picky about people."

So it seemed that the dog had actually picked her
as a new master, rather than the other way around.

She had been on the post in Gulfport for over a
month now, slowly building relationships with the
other witches of the Wiccan. Succinctly letting
them know of her interest to learn more about it
and how much she would like to be initiated into
this unusual religious group.

As most people might have expected, the majority of
the Wiccan members were female. But the High-Priest
for the gathering was a man by the name of Jonathan
Merker. He was a fairly good looking man, which made
proving the charges of rape against him that much
harder to prove. For despite how well educated people
were in this day and age, the belief still persisted
that if a man looked good, why would he ever need to
rape a woman.

So Mac's mission was to get closer to the man and see
if he does anything criminal to get his jollies.

It took weeks before she was invited to attend one
of their nightly ceremonies. The group consisted
of about 20 people, mostly women, and was being
conducted outside as with all witchcraft ceremonies.
On this night, they were along the shore line of a

The group formed a circle around a raging bonfire
as the High-Priest, CPO Merker, read off their

Mac was handed a robe, similar to the ones worn by
the other members, and was told to strip before
putting it on. Seeing that all of the others were
doing just that around her, she began removing her
clothing to follow suit.

Her shirt came off first, followed immediately by
her bra. Her voluptuous tits bouncing freely now
that they were freed from the confining undergarment.

CPO Merker took immediate notice of Mac's endowments.
His eyes twinkled as he just gazed at her while she
continued stripping out of her clothes. His mouth
watered when she bent over to slip off her tight
jeans. He couldn't believe how well developed her
calves were. He could see her muscles rippling along
those slender legs of hers.

`Now that's a woman,' he thought to himself. `This
one must be into fitness big time.'

Mac tried not to pay attention to the others nudity
around her, and hoped that they were conducting
themselves in a similar fashion.

But within a Coven of witches, nudity was a regular
occurrence. Though this nudity was not to be construed
as a sexual motive, they couldn't help but admire
Mac's firm body as she stripped near them. Everyone
there was busily checking out the new arrival to their

Some of the regular members were attractive though,
she had to admit to herself. Despite her control,
the cool night air and all the naked bodies around
her got her juices worked up a bit. She could feel
her nipples stiffening in her state of arousal.

Peering over to one of the girls next to her, she
was gratified to notice that she wasn't the only
one feeling this way. In fact, most of the
participants to this Pagan ritual were showing
definite signs of arousal.

Mac was fascinated by the diversity of the people
around her for this Wiccan celebration. She noticed
that many young people were there, this didn't
surprise her in the least. The younger generation
is generally the most likely to try anything new.
But many of the members around her were in their
late forties, there was even one couple in their
late fifties.

Once everyone had donned the ceremonial gown, they
reassembled in a circle around the bonfire. CPO
Merker resumed his chanting, thanking Mother Earth,
the water, the fire and the air around them.

All of these proceedings seemed perfectly innocent
as near as Mac could tell. There was no indication
of sexuality in what the High-Priest was doing.

"Have the initiates approach," he called out.

This meant herself and two others that were joining
this religious following on this night. Keeping up
her role as an interested party she stepped forward,
standing before the High-Priest.

"On this occasion," he instructed them. "We welcome
you into the fold of Mother Earth. And to show that
you welcome her embrace, you must now disrobe before

Mac wasn't sure if she should follow through with this
directive. She considered her situation for a few
moments, then came to the conclusion that nothing
as yet inappropriate was being asked of her. It
wouldn't be like her first time baring herself

Her fianc‚, Commander Brumby of the Australian Navy,
had taken her bikini top off at an Australian public
beach only a few months ago. That was an experience
that shocked her at first, but only a few moments
later she was exhilarated by it.

So, she reached up to the shoulder straps holding the
ceremonial gown, and pulled them loose. The gown
flowed down her naked body, showing off her athletic
curves in the shimmering light of the blazing fire.

The High-Priest moved from one initiate to the
other. Mac noticed that he would blow some kind
of ashen dust in each of the others face. It seemed
innocent enough, somewhat like a baptism.

"With this ash, I anoint you," CPO Merker would
say aloud. "It is born of the Earth beneath us.
The Air around us. And the fire that warms us."

When it came to Mac's turn he repeated the same
sermon as with the others. When the ashen dust
hit her face she found herself breathing some of
it in, which was also intended. She didn't feel
any different, so she assumed it to be just as it
appeared to be, ash.

"You have just taken your first steps into the
fold," he told Mac and the other initiates. "Over
the next thirteen nights you will undergo further
initiation into the Wiccan. You will find this a
rebirth from the old life you thought you had.
You will be reborn with the love of Mother Earth."

For the next thirty minutes she found herself
dancing and prancing around the bonfire, naked. She
found the whole experience liberating. There didn't
seem to be any sexual misconduct from the part of
the Chief, or any other of the congregation. The
ceremony went well into the night. Mac and the
other's didn't get back to their quarters until
well past 2 AM.

When the ceremony was finally concluded, Mac and
the others got dressed and returned to the Naval
Base as if nothing unusual had happened.

Chapter Two

Mac met with Harm the following day in the interview
room that he had been allocated for his investigation.
She reported to him as just another witness for him
to question.

"At ease Petty Officer," Commander Rabb said

"Very funny Harm," Mac retorted. "You find anything
yet to substantiate any charges?"

"Nothing," he told her. "From his military record
Chief Petty Officer Merker appears to be a respectable
seaman. No other charges of this nature was ever
reported against him."

"Same with me," she told him. "This might just come
down to her word against his if she pursues it into

"I know Mac," he agreed. "But she insist that she
was raped by the Chief, and we have to pursue the
matter to the end."

"I know," she said. "But if we're wrong, we'll be
putting a black mark on an innocent man."

"so, what do you want to do?" He asked of his

"I guess I'll have to continue with my cover," she
answered him.

"Anything happening there?" Harm asked.

"Well, I had my first initiation last night," she
told him.

"Really?" He responded quizzically. "How was

She didn't want to go into too much detail about
what went on during the Wiccan ceremony. Especially
about her dancing around naked in the open. So she
just gave Harm the minimum of details of what went
on during her initiation, including the ashen dust
that the CPO had blown in her face.

"Any chance that the ash might have been a
hallucinogen?" Harm asked.

"I don't think so," she told him. "I mean it didn't
seem to have any effect on me, or the others.
Especially not anything of a sexual nature."

They continued discussing the cases further, going
through the personnel records of the other members
of the congregation before finalizing their report.

"So what now?" Mac asked.

"I think that maybe you should go back for a bit
longer," Harm suggested. "If we're going to submit
a final report to the Admiral, I think we should be
as thorough as possible."

Mac was a bit hesitant about that prospect. So far
everything was fairly innocent, other than the
nakedness practiced by the other members. But she
finally concluded that Harm was probably right and
that a full report would be best served if they
were as thorough as possible.

So she left the interview room and called in the
next member of `her' congregation, she did this
so as to keep her cover intact.

When she returned to her barracks CPO Merker was
there waiting for her.

"Hi there Sarah," he said to her. "So, what did
the JAG guy want with you?"

"He was asking a bunch of questions about us
actually," she feigned ignorance. "Do you know

"People are scared of anything new," he told her.
"You must have realized that already."

"I guess," Mac agreed with him.

"You still want to continue with your initiation?"
He asked her.

To add authenticity, Mac pause momentarily before
answering him.

"Yes," she finally said. "Yes I do. No ignorant
JAG Officer is gonna deny me my religion."

"Good girl," Merker smirked. "We'll meet again
tonight. Same place."

"Okay," Mac responded. "See you then."

They each went their separate way.

`If the Chief is a rapist,' Mac was thinking to
herself. `He sure is acting aloof about it all.'

Chapter Three

That night the congregation met again by the riverside.
Again a bonfire was lit and they disrobed to put on
their ceremonial robes.

Mac noticed that one of the initiates of the other
night wasn't there with them.

"You might have all noticed that one of our
initiates declined our teaching this night," Merker,
the High-Priest announced. "She was scared off by
the prejudice of the JAG Officer at the base. His
name his Harmon Rabb, and he is an unbeliever. At
a time like this we must be strong. Do not let your
faith waver with this attack."

Though Mac could read Merker's remarks as a means
to disarm an investigation, she couldn't blame him
for trying to defend his religion. Even though she
knew full well that Harm's investigation had nothing
to do with the congregation in itself.

"I all on our remaining initiates to step forward,"
Merker called out.

Mac and a male member stepped forward from the group.

"On this occasion," he repeated the same instructions
to them as the previous night. "We welcome you into
the fold of Mother Earth. And to show that you
welcome her embrace, you must now disrobe before us."

The two remaining initiates disrobed without hesitation
on this second part of their initiation.

"With this ash, I anoint you," CPO Merker would say
aloud. "It is born of the Earth beneath us. The
Air around us. And the fire that warms us."

Once more the High-Priest blew the ashen dust into
their faces. This time the ash did seem to have
a slight intoxicating effect on Mac. She started
feeling a bit giddy this time around. She went
through the motion of the naked dancing as she
had the first night. But this time she felt more
at ease with her nakedness.

She put that aside as just being more comfortable
with doing it in front of strangers. She had no
way of knowing that the hallucinogenic ash had a
cumulative effect. That each exposure to the
drugged powder would remove more and more
inhibitions on her part. This was how CPO Merker
was able to rape some of his followers without
their protesting it. If she had know about this
drug, she would have the case to bring the Chief
up on charges. But as it was, she was to be his
next victim.

It took another three nights of ceremony before
Merker made his first move on Mac. He had escorted
her to her billet after the ceremony and tested her
acquiescence towards her.

"You were good tonight Sarah," he told her, rubbing
a hand along her waist.

She felt a warmth building in her at his touch.

"Uh! Th. thank you Chief," she replied. "It.
it was rather warm tonight, don't you think?"

"No more than the others," he told her.

He could feel her body temperature, even through
her military uniform.

"Are you sure?" She said uncertainly. "I. I can
feel myself sweating."

"Would you like me to come inside with you?" He

"I. I. I don. don't think that would be. would be
appropriate," she had to stammer. "At least, no.
not with the investigation still going on."

He was disappointed that she was still resistant
to him. But, after some consideration, maybe it
was for the best. She did have a point about the
risk with an ongoing investigation.

The next day, Mac was called back to the interview
room at the request of Commander Rabb.

"Anything new to report Colonel?" He asked her,
not expecting anything of interest.

"I'm not sure Harm," she finally said, reluctantly.
"I. I think I might have been drugged last night."

"Are you sure?" His attention showing concern.
"Did you get tested?"

"Yes," Mac told him. "First thing this morning.
But the medics couldn't find any trace of chemicals
in my blood."

"What makes you think you were drugged?" He asked

"Merker made a pass at me after the ceremony last
night," she told Harm. "I could barely refuse his

"But you did, didn't you?" Harm had to ask.

"Of course I did," she told him pointedly.

"Did he push it any further?" He pushed on.

"No," she continued. "He just let it go when I
rejected his advance."

"Maybe it was just that," he said. "Just a man
making a pass."

"I don't think so Harm," she told him. "I. I
almost gave in to him."

"Do you want to quit the investigation," Harm
asked. "You don't have to go through with it, you

"If we stop now," she said, after a few moments to
consider. "Then we'd be setting him free to do the
same thing again on someone else. No, I better
stick with it."

"Are you sure," he asked her one last time.

"Don't fuss over me Harm," Mac scolded him. "I'm
a Marine. I can take care of myself just fine."

Chapter Four

A few more nights of her initiation had passed before
things started getting out of her control. She was
the last remaining initiate, the others having dropped
out early.

At first she didn't even notice anything unusual
happening to her. She didn't consider how the
drugged dust was slowly affecting her judgment
over the past few nights. How it loosened her
morals steadily each and every time she was exposed
to it.

As with the other night's events, the Wiccan members
dropped their ceremonial robes to the ground,
standing naked in the moonlight. Mac included. Her
large tits and hard nipples showing prominently in
the cool night air.

"Bring forth the final initiate," Merker, the
High-Priest of the Wiccan boomed.

So drugged had she become, from the accumulated
dosage, that she had to be shoved forward before
him. She gazed at him drunkenly as he blew another
dose of dust into her face.

"This initiate has shown spirit," he announced.
"She is ready to be inducted into our family.
Bring forth our Lords shell."

Mac didn't grasp what he meant by that. Did the
spirit that the Wiccan worship inhabit a form for
them to pay homage to? What did they expect her
to do for this `shell'?

She just stared at Merker, dazed, while waiting
for this so-called `shell' to make its appearance.
When she heard them approaching she turned to face
the `shell' that she would have to satisfy.

"Oh!" She gasped as they returned with a huge,
snow white and well groomed, Ram goat with a huge
curly horn crowning his white head.

Mac knew that many of the Wiccans worshipped
animals as representation of their gods. And
that many of them associated the Ram with whatever
deity they followed. So, it shouldn't have been
such a big surprise for her when the Ram was brought
forth. Possibly because of its devilish appearance
and thus closely associated to non-christian fates.

"This shell embodies our Lord," Merker chanted.
"To be welcomed in our family, you must fulfill
your matrimonial obligations with our Lord. You
will now be invited to consummate your bond to
the Lord through his shell."

`He's gotta be kidding,' Mac was shocked at what
was being proposed here. `There is no way I'm
going through with something like that.'

But Mac had been gradually drugged by the potent
drugged ash through the past ceremonies. Her
resistance to CPO Merker's suggestions were
greatly hampered. As the other Wiccan members
guided the Ram closer to her, she found herself
kneeling willingly before it.

Merker just smiled down at her. He suspected
that she might have been in league with the JAG
investigation on him. But once he got her
properly inducted in his Wiccan, he was sure
that she would not dare reveal what she had
done this night.

`The perfect blackmail tool,' he thought.

The Ram stood just inches in front of Mac. She
could smell its foul breath as he breathed his
hot breath in her face.

"Kiss our Lord, initiate," Merker commanded.

Mac was helpless to resist his command, she
leaned forward and kissed the Ram full on the
lips. She then felt its muscular tongue poke
out and push its way past her lips. The large
beast was frenchkissing her and she was helpless
to stop him. She could feel the large organ
poke and prod inside her mouth as it snaked its
way deeper into her cavity.

"Our Lord is pleased, initiate," Merker told
her. "Now you must satisfy his lust."

Mac felt a hand grasp her by the neck and shove
her towards the Ram's rear. When she reached
his hindlegs, the hand pushed her head down
until she could see under its furry belly.

There, before her stunned eyes, was his cock.
Never in her life had she ever seen such an
example of manhood, or rather cockhood. It must
have been at least twelve inches long and three
or four inches around.

Merker knew it to actually measure up to
fourteen inches, but Mac would find that out
for herself soon enough.

But what fascinated her the most was its
color. Thought the Ram's fur was almost pure
white, its cockshaft was in sharp contrast to
it. It was an ebony black. She could see it
glisten with moistness. And with each beat
of the animal's heart, its cock would spring up.

"Kiss your Lord's wand initiate," Merker chanted.

Mac obediently dove under the horny animal and
kissed its cockhead. She was immediately taken
by the tangy taste of its pre-cum. Without any
further urging from CPO Merker, Mac began licking
along the length of the huge cock before her.

"Our Lord is Master," she heard the congregation
chant as she continued licking. "Our Lord is

`I'll say he's good,' Mac mused as she continued
licking the Ram's cock.

She could feel the Ram buck with each brush of
her tongue. Before she even realized what she
was doing, Mac found herself accepting the
cockhead into her gaping mouth. She wrapped
her lips around its head and pulled in more
of it inside of her mouth. She began sucking
on the large penis and she was finding the
whole experience exhilarating.

Merker grinned as he watched her submit to
her own lustful desires. His grin broadened
even more when he observed her fingers digging
into her wet pussy.

"Our Lord is Master," the congregation continued,
oblivious to Mac's actions. "Our Lord is good."

For them, this was truly a religious experience.
A religion that the CPO abused for his own
perverted pleasure.

Mac had managed to suck in the first seven inches
of the Ram's raging cock. She didn't know if she
could ever manage to take something so big down
her throat, but she decided that she would give
it her Marine best.

"Drink of our Lords wine," Merker continued with
his High Priest charade. "Drink of his gift."

"Our Lord is Master," the congregation repeated
endlessly. "Our Lord is good."

Mac pushed her face further under the horny Ram
and accepted more of his fourteen inch cock into
her gaping, sucking mouth. Her jaw almost felt
dislocated, so wide had the beast's cock stretched
it open. She was now able to handle at least
nine full inches of its cock, but she was intent
on taking it all in.

Merker was having a hard time keeping his mind on
business. He had never come across any woman able
to take his Ram's cock so deep before. He couldn't
do anything to prevent his cock from raging into
a stiff board. He always prided himself with such
control over his dick. That's how he managed to
maintain his charade of a High Priest of this Wiccan.

Meanwhile, Mac reached up and started massaging
the Ram's bloated ball sacks. She couldn't believe
how heavy they were, or how large they had ballooned.
She fully expected to be drenched in goat cum
before long.

"Oh yessss," she moaned, pulling her mouth off
of its cock momentarily. "I love. this, Lord,"
she paused before finishing that sentence,
remembering her undercover assignment.

She shoved her face back on the raging cock and
sucked it down almost to its furry sheath. The
Ram's cock was actually fucking into her throat
now. Just another inch or so and she would have
accomplished the impossible, or so Merker thought.

Suddenly, the Ram brayed loudly in the air. It
had reached its climax and was pumping load after
load of cum down Mac's throat.

But Mac didn't just want to drink the Ram's cum,
she wanted to taste it. And to do that, she had
to pull back until the cockhead alone remained
in her mouth, so that her taste buds could savor
the true flavor of the beast.

She began doing just that. Desperate to accomplish
it before the goat finished cumming, but she needn't
worry about that. Slowly, inch by inch, she pulled
back along the impaling cock. Finally she got her
first taste of its cum.

`Just another inch,' she thought to herself as
she continued pulling away.

Merker was loving the contrast of the Ram's ebony
cock against Mac's pale white face.

When Mac finally managed to get the cockhead
lodged at her lips she could taste the tangy
cum as it shot powerfully to the back of her
throat, almost making her gag from its intensity.
She concentrated on keeping the cum in her mouth,
but she soon realized that that wouldn't be possible.

With each spurt of cum, the Ram was filling her
mouth completely. She barely had enough time to
swallow one load before the next shot into her
just as powerfully.

She was finding difficult to believe that any
cock could be so virile. But this Ram was
proving her knowledgeable was lacking in this

Merker kept watching Mac as she was greedily
sucking his Ram dry. At first, he was concerned
when he first saw her pulling away from the Ram's
cock. He could see her throat muscles working hard
to swallow its cum. Is first thought was that she
was trying to get away from the beast. But when
he saw her stop at its cockhead and kept on sucking
on it, he knew what she really wanted. He was
fascinated in the fact that she was managing to
drink so much cum. None of his other initiates
had ever shown such devotion.

`Maybe I was wrong,' he thought. `Maybe she isn't
part of the investigation against me.'

"The Lord is our Master," the congregation went
on, oblivious to Mac's successes with the Ram.
"The Lord is good."

`The Lord is the best,' Mac was telling herself.

She had already drunk down more cum with this
animal's single climax than she had with any
men she had slept with for a week. She couldn't
fathom any cock as being able to accomplish such
a feat. Yet, here she was, luxuriating in its

After what seemed an eternity, Mac felt the last
remnants of her bestial lover's orgasm finally
subsiding. She didn't even remember if she
herself had had an orgasm. But the wetness
down her calves told her that she must have.

She kept sucking the turgid black cock until
she could only get a few measly drops from it.
She had to concede that the well had gone dry
on her. She reluctantly pulled her mouth off
of its cock and was amazed to see that it
maintained its rigidity, even after cumming
so powerfully.

"The Lord is pleased, initiate," she heard Merker
proclaim. "Are you now ready to consummate your
marriage to Him."

`Consummate? Marriage?' Mac was confused.
`Didn't I just do that?'

"The Lord is our Master," she heard the congregation
drone on. "The Lord is good."

Mac wasn't sure what Merker was expecting from
her now. But she had no intention in satisfying
him any further. She opened her mouth to say
what he could do with his consummation idea,
but what came out wasn't what she wanted to hear.

"I am ready," were her spellbound words.

Obviously the drugged ashes still held her in
the CPO's control.

"Then prepare to meet the maker of all things,"
Merker announced.

At those words the congregation surrounded her
and the Ram. Some grabbed the reins of the Ram,
while the remainder turned Mac around so that
she now faced away from the animal. When she
tried to get to her feet, gentle hands pushed
her down without any resistance from her.

She found herself facing the High Priest, a.k.a.
CPO Merker. She could see how aroused his cock
was under his robe. She had to admit that it
seemed like a nice looking cock, though small
compared to the virile animal behind her.
That one belonged in a class by itself.

"Our Lord is pleased with this initiate,"
Merker chanted. "Let him reap his reward."

With that, the members of the congregation
that were holding onto the reins released
them. The Ram knew exactly what to do. It
advanced on the waiting woman before him.

Before Mac knew what was going on, she felt
a snake worm itself into her pussy. Looking
back, all she could see were the large curved
horns of the Ram. It was then that she realized
that it was the animal's long pointed tongue
that was delving into her womb. She closed
her eyes and trembled at the invading mass.

"Oh Lord, yessss," she moaned for all to hear.
"He is ssssso goooood!"

The congregation cheered at hearing her
acceptance of their Lord's shell. When Mac
looked around, they were dancing around the
coupling pair that she and the Ram were.

The Ram's tongue was reaching to the depths
of her love tunnel. Nothing, not even the
best cock, had ever gone so deep before.
She was in utter shock to have something
as vile as an animal's tongue could give
her such pleasure.

Merker looked on as Mac began undulating
her ass against the beast's snout. Which
in turn seemed to excite the beast even further.
He was fighting his own urges as best as he
could. He didn't know if he could hold out
much longer though.

His whole guise as the High Priest was showing
his `congregation' that he was not affected by
sexual desire. But this woman was making it
almost impossible for him to hold off. A few
times already, he had to stop himself from
touching his raging hardon for relief. But to
do so would be to lose his mastery of this
group of fools.

But now, seeing Mac humping her ass back against
the Ram's ravishing tongue, his cock was almost
vibrating of its own volition in front of him.

"Th. the Lord is now. ready," Merker found
himself stammering. "Allow him. allow him to
have his bride."

Two male members came to either side of the Ram
and lifted its forelegs, placing him gently over
the kneeling Mac. They lay the beast over her
and returned to the dancing with the others.

Upon feeling the soft fur of its belly on her
back, Mac reached between her legs to locate
its still solid cock shaft.

"I. I want him," she announced to all. "I want
to feel his cock in me. NOW!"

When her fingers found what she was looking
for, she grasped it and guided it towards her

Merker couldn't help himself, he had to see what
was happening. Leaning his head sideways, he
caught sight of Mac's gaping pussy hole, the
Ram's huge black cock just inches away. Mac's
pussy seemed to have a life of its own. Almost
a sucking motion with its pussylips.

Mac gently pulled and rubbed the hard black
cockhead around and over her gaping pussy,
teasing herself into greater arousal. When
she felt that she was ready for him, she lay
its cockhead at her entrance and removed her
hand from it.

The Ram immediately recognized a vagina when
its cockhead touched one. In one savage thrust
he buried half of his fourteen incher into Mac's
wanting hole.

Mac's head snapped up suddenly at the savage
intrusion. She wasn't expecting such a violent
assault, but she wasn't about to let that deter
her from her lust.

Lowering her head to her chest, she fucked her
ass back to take even more of the virile cock
inside of her. This wasn't lost on the Ram,
for he too fucked further into her. Soon, a
rhythm was established between the two willing
sex partners.

"Oh my Lord," Mac swore. "Give it to me. Give
it all."

Again the congregation cheered their new initiate,
believing that she was talking to their Lord's
shell as always. Though for them, it still
remained a purely religious experience.

For Mac it represented something different all
together. Something purely lustful. As for
Merker, it represented the worst kind of torture.

Mac kept fucking her ass back, managing to take
in nine inches into her clenching pussy. Then
another inch found its way in. And yet another.

The Ram tightened its grip around her waist.
Mac enjoyed the tenderness that the beast was
showing her. It seemed almost human in its
fucking, but Mac knew that it wasn't. But at
this point, she really didn't care.

Finally Mac felt the Ram's balls hit her vulva.
She then knew that the beast had buried its whole
fourteen inches into her. This was deeper than
any cock had ever gone before. She still found
it hard to believe that she had managed to accept
its whole length inside of her cunt. And it all
seemed so easy.

Chapter Five

Mac had gone undercover in the Wiccan to discover
if their prime suspect in a rape charge was indeed
the sexual predator that the complainant had claimed
he was. CPO Merker was also the High Priest of a
Wiccan, practitioners of the art of witchcraft.
That term no longer held the same image of evil
that it used to. Wiccans were becoming more and
more a recognized religion in the United States.

While her partner, Commander Harmon Rabb, conducted
an overt investigation of the charges. Mac assumed
the identity of a Navy Petty Officer and infiltrate
the Wiccan.

She had gone through a number of initiation
ceremonies in which she had been exposed to a
drugged ash that defied detection. During those
ceremonies, she had stripped along with the other
members of the Wiccan and danced joyfully around
blazing bonfires.

But on this, her final night of her initiation,
she was offered to the Wiccan's Lord's shell.
The shell was in the body of a large snow white
Ram. The large, virile animal had a huge ebony
phallus that Mac soon learned was meant for her.

Because of the mind controlling effect of the
ash, Mac subjugated herself to inter-species
sexual contact with the beast. She had sucked
the Ram dry to start off with. Then she was
offered to it for intercourse. A marriage Merker
called it.

During this whole ceremony, CPO Merker was finding
it nearly impossible to resist his own sexual urges.
Mac had him mesmerized at her sexual prowess. But
he knew that he had to maintain his vow of celibacy
so that he could keep his hold over the members of
the Wiccan congregation.

When we last left her, Mac had accomplished the
apparently impossible feat of taking in all
fourteen inches of Ram cock into her womb. But
still she wanted more from it. She wanted to feel
the animal fuck her. Fuck her like only an animal

She bucked her ass against the Ram's groin to
urge him to keep humping her. It didn't take
much urging to convince to do just that.

"Oh yessss," Mac moaned. "Fuck me. Lord, fuck
me good."

The congregation cheered on each time she used
the word `Lord' in her vocal outburst, mistakenly
believing that she was in fact praising their
religious Lord.

Mac could feel the Ram's cock pull almost
completely out of her pussy, then just ram
it back into her with such force that her knees
bounced off the ground with each thrust. In
and out the mighty cock pistoned into her pussy,
driving her mad with excitement.

Merker just stared dumbfounded as he watched
Mac fuck his virile Ram into submission. No
woman had ever done that before. Sure, many
of the female initiates had gone through this
ceremony. But none with such rapture that
this dark-haired beauty was demonstrating.

With the others, he could see their reluctance
in their eyes. He knew that their initiation
with the Ram would be their last with any beast.
But not with Mac. With her he felt that he had
found himself a soul-mate. That as soon as she
found the opportunity, she would be seeking a
beast to satisfy her own sexual urges.

Mac had lost count on how many times she had
had an orgasm under the beast's sexual attack.
But by now she didn't care any more. Time and
time again the Ram would fuck his full fourteen
inches into the dark tunnel of her cunt. And
each time Mac would grunt from the strain it
placed on her innards.

Merker was hypnotized at the sight of her actually
mastering his Ram. It had taken him almost a full
year to find the virile beast, convinced that no
woman could ever conquer him. But here, before
him, he was witnessing the impossible and it was
driving him nuts.

Mac's tits would be jostled with each fuck thrust
of the powerful beast. They were bouncing fore
and aft like balloons full of Jell-O.

"Oh Lord, yessss!" Mac yelled in orgasm once
again. "I. I don't know how. how much longer I.
I can take this."

"The Lord is our Master," the congregation droned
on. "The Lord is good."

Mac could feel the hot breath of the large Ram
against her bare neck. She could tell that it
was getting shallower with each passing second.

`He. he must be getting near,' Mac guessed.

As if willed by her own thought, the Ram's cock
exploded with a powerful ejaculation that nearly
blew Mac's clenching pussy off of its cockhead.

Merker lost all self control at that point.
Seeing his Ram's jet black cock blow its load
deep into this initiate's cunt was too much for
him to bear. He stripped off his cloak and knelt
before the gasping Mac.

When she looked up she was met with his raging
hard cock. Mac knew what the man wanted, and
at this point she was too horny to deny herself
his cock either. So, she leaned forward slightly
and slipped Merker's eight inch cock in her mouth
and began sucking him off as the Ram continued
emptying his balls in her cunt.

Mac had never felt so filled in her life. The
Ram's fourteen inch cock was at the deepest
recesses of her vagina and Merker was filling
her mouth with his own thick cock.

Merker kept up his humping Mac's face for a
good three minutes before one of the congregation
members noticed what was going on in their midst.

"DEFAMATION!" The man cried out, alarming all
of the others to Merker's actions.

Being caught by his `followers' triggered a
panic response from Merker, as he felt his
jism shoot into Mac's sucking mouth.

Mac had no trouble accommodating the man's
cum. Compared to what she had swallowed from
the Ram, Merker's was a feeble second.

"DEFAMATION!" A chorus rang out from them all.

"You attempt to steal our Lord's bride," the
first man cried out.

"DEFAMER!" The congregation shouted.

Suddenly five of the men of the Wiccan grabbed
hold of Merker and pulled him away from Mac's
head, causing his cock to slip from her sucking

Mac was dismayed at the turn of events. She
had always assumed that they must of all been
under Merker's control during all of this time.
But it was now obvious to her that they did take
this Wiccan religion very seriously, and that the
Ram fucking her was indeed the shell of their
`Lord'. So Mac decided then and there not to
cause any damage to their congregation in the courts.

The Ram remained oblivious to the trouble surrounding
he and his mate. All that he cared about was to
fulfill his duty in fucking the pussy under him.
So, he began to hump anew into Mac's still clenching
cunt. Though he had already emptied a huge load
of cum into her, he was a very virile beast used
to multiple couplings per session.

Mac immediately felt the renewed vigor of the
Ram's thrusting. It didn't take her long to
realize that she was about to get another master
fucking from the beast. And truth be known,
she was in no hurry to have him stop at this

"Go for it you brute," Mac cried out to the
Ram. "Fuck me again. I want your seed in me.
All of it. Don't stop until your balls are
empty and drained."

Mac was getting enamored by the beast's virile
fourteen inch cock. So much so, that she
couldn't get enough of him. Regardless of the
outcome of this JAG investigation, she felt
sure that she would be spoiled, sexually, by
this fucking.

As the congregation members kept holding Merker
down in their anger, Mac was humping her ass
back at the animal's thrusting shaft. She
wanted to feel every inch of him inside of
her when he unloaded.

Most of the congregation members resumed
their worshipping position around the bestial
coupling and resumed their chanting, ignoring
the rutting twosome on the ground before them.

"The Lord is our Master," they chanted. "The
Lord is good."

Mac found it unbelievable that they could do
anything at all while she was trapped performing
such an obscene and exciting sexual performance.
She had to accept the fact that this act was
indeed very seriously thought of by this

The Ram kept thrusting his rock hard shaft
deep into Mac's willing pussy, raising her
knees off the ground with each powerful forward

Never in her life had Mac ever had such a
powerful lover. Most men that she had slept
with in the past would be contented with a nice
slow fuck, thinking that this is what she wanted.
But after experiencing the brutal animal fuck
of the Ram, Mac was considering looking for
more bestial guys to sleep with in the future.

"Oh Lord!" She cried out as she came yet again,
and still the Ram wasn't ready to unload. "I.
I've never been. been loved this. this good before.
You. you're fantastic," she moaned to the Ram.

Merker was trapped on his back, struggling to
at least see the brunette get fucked by the Ram.
But the two powerful men holding him down wouldn't
allow him to desecrate their religion any further
than he already had. So the CPO had to remain
helplessly on his back with his raging hardon
pointing in the air in frustration.

For the next ten, long minutes, Mac was subjugated
to the fiercest fucking she had ever received.
The Ram was fucking her as only a lustful beast
could, savagely. With each thrust Mac felt her
womb being shoved inside out by the powerful animal.

Already in the throws of orgasm, Mac kept averaging
an orgasm every fifteen seconds or so. Which meant
that during this beast's fucking her, she would
have experienced no less than forty orgasm of her
own. And despite her fitness, physically, she would
have passed out from the sheer exhaustion of it all
well before the halfway mark.

Chapter Six

When Mac finally regained consciousness, after the
Ram's savage fucking, she found herself bound and
spread-eagled on an altar. From her lightheadedness,
she quickly came to the realization that the table
was angled head down towards the ground.

As her senses returned to her, she could feel
something cold being inserted into her gaping
pussy and enlarging at her from inside. When
she lifted her head to look up at where her pussy
was and saw one of the apprentices of the
congregation using an ornate bulb to her pussy.
She could see a tube stretching to a plug like
device that was fitted inside her cuntlips.

That's when she knew that the bulb was inflating
the plug so that it would become locked inside of
her. she couldn't figure out the reason behind
this, but she was finding the device was arousing
her all over again.

Then one of the many women of the Wiccan congregation
approached her labia and tweaked Mac's clit,
causing her to yelp at her touch. The woman then
inserted Mac's clit into a cup like attachment of
the plug that was now locked inside her vagina.

"Wha. what are you doing?" Mac gasped as her
excitement kept mounting.

"We are preparing for communion," CPO Merker
informed her.

"Com. communion?" Mac had a confused look on
her face.

She gaped at her surroundings and could see that
the remainder of the congregation were seated
around the altar, still naked. Each of them
holding a silver cup. The JAG Colonel found this
intriguing and wondered what the cups was for.

As she tried to regain all of her senses still,
she followed the woman that had inserted her
clit in the plug device in her pussy just
moments before.

"I accept the gift of our Lord," she said as
she filled her cup from a tap on the plug.

That's when Mac came to the realization that
the communion was the milky white cum of the
Ram and her own juices within. The plug was
an ingenious design. It was sucking the Ram's
cum out of her overflowing pussy, and add a
portion of her own cum whenever the tap was

As her eyes followed the apprentice to the first
of the seated congregation, she gasped aloud when
she saw her swallow the milky white combination.
Then the next would get up and repeat the process
on her. This went on until everybody in the
congregation had received communion.

"Accept this offering from our Lord and his Mate,"
CPO Merker would declare before giving out each

The Mate referred to was of course Colonel Sarah
`Mac' Mackenzie.

"I thank our Lord and his Mate," was the response
from each member of the congregation once their
cup was filled with the whitish fluid.

Then the girl returned and sucked out the last
remaining offering from Mac's pussy and presented
her mouth as a final offering to Mac. For a
moment, Mac was reluctant to place her lips to
the Ram-jism filled mouth, but then she recalled
all that she had already done with the beast. She
wanted this final offering from her bestial lover.

Mac was so intoxicated by what went on this evening
that she eagerly frenchkissed the beautiful woman
eagerly to the chanting of the congregation around

Once each of them had drunk Mac's and the Ram's
offering, the altar was leveled and Mac was
released. For the first time she had a chance
to examine the straps that had been used to tie
her to it and saw how soft and comfortable they
were. She realized that they were not intended
to hold her prisoner, but rather to hold her in
place on the altar when it was tilted head down.

`I. I don't believe what I did today,' she
thought to herself. `I can't believe what
I'm thinking of now.'

Ever since she experienced the Ram's virile cock
in her mouth and pussy, Mac had begun fantasizing
about doing it again. Not with this Ram obviously,
but she did adopt a drug sniffing dog recently.
And he was always sniffing around her panties when
she took them off.

`I wonder if Jingo would like a shot at my pussy?'
She wondered. `I wonder how big his cock is? I
never checked him out before. God! I can't
believe I'm thinking like this.'

Chapter Seven

As things worked out, the Wiccan congregation
had become so incensed against CPO Merker's
actions during their religious ceremony that
they all stepped forward to bear witness
against him. Colonel MacKenzie needn't have
to be Harm's only witness. The case against
him was a slam dunk conviction for JAG.

Upon returning to Washington, Colonel MacKenzie
stopped by Lieutenant Robert's apartment to
pick up her dog, a retired drug sniffing hound
that she had adopted. She had felt guilty
about forcing the lovable pooch into retirement,
and distressed to learn that he would likely
be put to sleep. So she adopted him instead
and he had been good company to her ever since.

As soon as she got to her apartment she went
straight to her bedroom and stripped off her
uniform and underwear, slipping on a loose
football jersey over her naked body. Her dog
just looking on curiously as always.

One must admit that she looked extremely sexy
in that loose fitting jersey. Her naked thighs
would have aroused any guy around, if she had
one to show off to. Her full breast pushed
suggestively against the thin fabric, her
dark aureoles showing teasingly through the
air-holes of the sportswear.

After what she had gone through in this case,
she began wondering about herself. The religion
seemed inoffensive overall, and liberating
actually in her mind.

But what disturbed her more, was what CPO
Merker had put her through.

`Was the ram really part of the religion?'
She wondered. `Did the drug he slipped me
let me be that loose?'

She could still recall how wet and excited
she had gotten as the ram's huge cock rammed
into her repeatedly. About how powerful her
orgasms had been under the beast. And the
thunderous climax as it ejaculated what seemed
like gallons of cum into her vagina.

"Am I that twisted?" She asked Jingo, her dog,
shaking his large head playfully.

As her thoughts kept wandering to those events,
her pussy began moistening at the memories.

Jingo got a whiff of sex in the air and began
sniffing energetically.

"What's the matter boy?" Mac looked down
curiously at him. "You hungry? Is that it?"

Thinking that that was the case, she got up
and headed for the kitchen to get his food
into his bowl.

Meanwhile, back in the livingroom, Jingo's
arousal was mounting. His cock had already
begun to make its appearance from its furry
sheath. A deep red shaft growing steadily
between his hindlegs. He jumped off the couch
and followed his mistress to the kitchen,
following her scent.

At the kitchen doorway, he sat on his
hindquarters and observed Mac as she
opened a can of dogfood for him. The
scent of her sex was fermenting the air
of the small kitchen which only served to
arouse him further. His cock had grown to
eight inches so far, and still more kept
sliding out of its hiding place.

Mac was oblivious as to the effect she was
having on her dog. She nonchalantly went
about her business of preparing a meal for

"Growf!" Jingo rumbled.

"All right! All right!" Mac called back at
him, laughing at her dog's impatience. "Your
dinner's coming," not even bothering to look
at him as she said that.

Once the can was opened she bent down to scoop
the meaty glop into his bowl on the floor. As
she bent down, almost to her knees, her jersey
hiked up exposing her butt-cheeks to Jingo's

The large dog chose this moment to be daring.
Creeping up behind her, Jingo stuck his wet
nose into Mac's exposed ass crack.

"Wha.?" Mac jumped up in surprise. "What do
you think you're doing? You naughty boy.
You're not supposed to do that."

When she turned around to scald him, she was
shocked to see his cock sticking out of its
furry confines. She just stood there, mouth
agape in surprise. Mac couldn't form words
to express her opinion at what she was seeing.

Not wanting to wait for her to make up her mind
about what to do next, Jingo moved on Mac again
and shoved his snout under her jersey and
slobbered his long tongue across her naked

"Ooooh! Bad boy, bad!" Mac moaned at its
contact. "Jing. Jingo. wha. what do you think.
think you're doing?"

The dog was oblivious to her objections. He
just kept licking at Mac's exposed pussy, savoring
her juices.

"Oh shit!" Mac groaned as his tongue made
contact with her already excited clit.

Mac had never considered Jingo as anything
other than a companion, a friend, a pet. But
after what she had been exposed to in Wiccan
ceremonies, her resolve wasn't as strong as
it could have, or should have been.

She could feel her knees shake as Jingo kept
up his licking.

Mac could feel her nipples stiffening under
her jersey. Without any conscious thought,
her hands moved up to her chest and began
rubbing her tits through the fabric. She
was feverishly pinching her stiff nipples
as Jingo kept up his tonguing.

The dog would pay particular attention to
the inside parts of Mac's wet pussy. He
seemed to thirst for her sex juices.

Without any conscious decision Mac dropped
to her knees and leaned back until her
shoulders made contact with the tiled floor
of her kitchen, her feet tucked under her ass.
Being very flexible she then spread her knees
apart, opening her pussy to her sex crazed dog.

Jingo didn't miss this invitation and buried
his wet snout against her pussylips. Mac was
amazed at the depth that he was able to drive
his tongue inside her. He was reaching depths
that she wouldn't have dreamed possible only
a few days ago.

"Damn Jingo," she grinned at him. "Where have
you been hiding this talent of yours."

To make sure that Jingo would keep doing what
he was doing to her, Mac pulled the jersey up
her body. She pulled it until the bottom lied
just under the crest of her tit-mounds.

Then she slipped her hands under her ass and
raised herself a bit higher to make it that
much easier for her dog to service her vagina.

Again Jingo seemed to know exactly what to do.
He drove his snout hard against her labia,
pushing Mac's body across the slick floor of
the kitchen.

All the while his cock kept growing. It had
almost reached its pinnacle by now. Nine inches
showed and when hard, his cock would reach ten
hard inches.

Mac peeked over to see what kind of equipment
her dog was preparing for her. She gasped in
pleasure at the sight that greeted her eyes.
She would never have imagined a dog to have
such a succulent looking cock. It was much
bigger than Brumby's, or any other man she had
slept with for that matter.

Finally Jingo's cock at reached its limit. Its
large knot popping out of his furry sheath last.
It measured at least three inches around, and
looked as hard as the rest of his vibrating cock.

Mac gasped in shock when she saw that mass make
its appearance. She hadn't seen anything like
that on the ram. And definitely never on a
man's. For the life of her Mac couldn't see
the purpose for such a deformity on a penis.
Maybe Jingo was deformed at birth and nobody

"Oh poor boy," Mac whispered, scratching him
as he kept licking her pussy. "Does that
hurt your wee-wee."

Jingo just kept up what he was intent on,
licking this bitches cunt in preparation for
their coupling.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oooooh!" Mac exclaimed as
she finally orgasmed under the dog's obsessive

Her cum splashed against Jingo's snout, causing
the dog to sneeze into her pussy. This sent her
into another orgasm in response, splashing her
dog again in rapid succession.

By now the large dog was satisfied that the
bitch was ready for his seed. He backed away
from the half naked woman that was his mistress.
He wait patiently for her to assume the position,
but she didn't seem inclined to move at all.

"Growf!" He barked at her, but she only smiled
down contentedly back at him.

He tilted his head questioningly, as dogs usually
do, and looked at her with those sad doggy eyes
that dogs seem to possess. But still Mac wasn't
responding to his need of assuming the position
that he wanted her in.

Mac luxuriated on her orgasms that Jingo had
given her just moments before. So engrossed
was she in her own inner feelings, she was
completely oblivious to her dog's wants and
needs. Including the blood engorged hardon
that she had witnessed before this all started.

She ran her hand under the loose jersey still
covering her naked tits and rubbed them
alternately. Her excitement was still high and
she raised her groin higher in the air, using
her well toned legs to push with.

Jingo noticed her cunt hole raising to meet
him. He tilted his head again, considering
if this option was possible for him. But
his aching cock got the better of him and
made the decision.

The large dog moved forward and straddled
his forelegs over Mac's groin so that he
was standing with his head over her chest,
and his groin nearing hers.

Mac felt his short hair brushing against
her inner thigh and opened her eyes in
surprise, only to see Jingo's salivating
jowl above her. Then she felt the unmistakable
contact of his hot hard cock brushing against
her hypersensitive pussylips.

"Oooooh!" She exclaimed. "No Jingo. We
mustn't. Its not right. We can't."

But the dog's understanding of english
wasn't that good. All he cared about at
this moment was coupling with his bitch.
And today, that bitch was a certain
Colonel Sarah `Mac' MacKenzie.

Mac desperately tried to get out from
under her dog's body. But during his
licking, he had pushed her head against
the cabinets, and her legs were locked
in their present position by his blocking
presence there.

"Oh please Jingo," Mac pleaded helplessly.

Her speech was cut short when his cockhead
found its mark and pushed tentatively past
her clenching pussy. She also experienced
something completely new to her. Jingo's
short belly hair was brushing tantalizingly
against her exposed clit as he humped forward
into her groin.

"Oh fucking shit!" Mac shouted as she felt
her pussy spread voluntarily.

Jingo's tongue hung from his jowl as he
happily pushed forward further. He knew
that his cock had found the warmth comfort
of the bitch's vagina. Now all he needed
to do was complete the coupling by burying
himself in her.

His rear began humping madly, trying desperately
to drive his whole shaft into her. He kept
thrusting madly as only an animal could. He
was even more savage in his fucking than the
ram that Mac had been forced, tricked into
mating with only too recently.

"Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!" Mac groaned with each

She found her voice had abandoned her at this
instance. So hard was Jingo's fuck thrust,
that her head kept banging itself painfully
against the cabinet that had trapped her in
this situation to begin with.

Admitting herself defeated during this assault,
Mac decided to make the best of it and began
massaging her tit mounds again. She pulled
the jersey higher still until it was bunched
under her chin, exposing her tits completely.

Now she could do with them as she wished without
any encumbrance of clothing impeding her hands.
She began by squeezing her tits together, forcing
her nipples high over her naked chest.

As Jingo kept up his humping, his head lowered
until his tongue brushed against her sensitive

"Oh god Jingo," Mac moaned at that contact.
"You. you're driving me. nuts. Where did.
where did you learn this stuff?

The dog liked the hard sensation of Mac's
hard nipple and licked it again experimentally.
Mac groaned aloud again, signaling to the dog
that it was all right. With her encouragement
he began to lick her feverishly, never slowing
down his fuck thrust of her up-turned cunt.

Mac finally conceded that she loved this too
much and quit objecting to it all. Now, all
she wanted was to make it last as long as she

She grabbed Jingo by the scruff of his thick neck
and pulled him down to her sensitive tits,
luxuriating to the sandpapery texture of his

Jingo already had half of his cock stuffed
into her pussy. Mac could never have imagined
cocks being as thick as Jingo's or the ram's.
Now, she couldn't wait for him to bury the
whole thing up her twat. And Jingo was only
too happy to oblige as he doubled his efforts
to bury the remainder of his shaft in her.

"Damn Jingo!" Mac moaned as another inch
found its way in. "How much more do you
have?" She asked, not expecting an answer.

She had never had her pussylips stretched so
much, not even with the ram. She tried humping
her ass in time with her dog's but found her
mobility limited by the cabinet and Jingo's body.
She would have to let her dog do all the work,
this time.

Already Mac was planning further coupling between
each other. But next time, she would be a willing
participant, not raped by him as he had tonight.

Jingo humped forward and buried another three
inches of his cock into her. All that remained
was less than an inch and his large bulbous
three inch knot, for which Mac had thought a
deformity. She still had no idea what was
awaiting her. But she would learn soon enough.

Another thrust and his knot was banging painfully
against her labia.

"Yeow! That hurts," she exclaimed, realizing
what it was immediately. "I'll take you. take
you to the vet and get that fixed. I promise,"
not realizing that his `deformity' was quite
natural for a dog.

But Jingo didn't care for anything she had to
say at the moment. He knew that his goal was
almost completed. Only a few more hard thrust
and his coupling with this bitch would be

Mac kept moaning and groaning with each of
his hard thrust. Occasionally yelping in
pain from the hard banging of his knot against
her groin.

And Jingo never let up on his licking her
tits either. On occasion his fangs would
nip them causing to groan excitedly from
the sexual pain that he gave her.

Mac's eyes rolled into her skull as she felt
the most powerful of orgasm building up within
her. All she could was brace herself as best
she could for the onslaught that she was sure
to feel when it hit.

Jingo's next thrust finally managed to push
his knot past her restricting pussylips,
which triggered Mac's super-orgasm tenfold.

"OH FUCKING GOD!" She yelled at the top of
her lungs as she exploded in a monster orgasm.

Her warm female juices coating Jingo's balls
as she squirted all over his groin. The large
dog howled into the air in excitement as he
felt submissive ejaculation to his knotting
with her.

Mac tried to stay conscious through her
first coupling with her dog, but she soon
found herself falling into exhausted, yet
satisfied unconsciousness.

Chapter Eight

Jingo never relented on his humping of his
mistress, despite her passive and slumbering
position. All that he was concerned about
was that he had knotted with her. Now all
that remained was for him to fill her with
his seed as mother nature had intended. His
bulgy knot would ensure that she would hold
his jism, increasing the chances of

Being a dog, he of course had no way of
knowing that impregnating his mistress
is an impossibility. He was being guided
strictly by instinct in this.

For at least ten minutes he kept humping
his cock into the still slumbering woman
under him. He could feel his balls tighten,
a sure sign that he was about to spurt out
his cum.

"Ooooh! Wha.what's going on?" Mac finally
groaned as she fluttered her eyes open.

The next bang of her head on the cabinet
refreshed her memory as to what was
happening to her. When her eyes focused
and saw Jingo still standing over her,
she realized that his cock, and something
else, was still stuffed in her pussy. She
looked over to the clock and saw that over
ten minutes had passed since she had passed
out. She reached her arms up weakly to her
dog's neck and hugged him tightly.

"Oh god Jingo," she chuckled at him, as he
kept up his humping. "Tha. that was the best
fuck ever."

Mac had falsely assumed that he had finished
while she was slumbering and that he had slowed
his humping considerably. How wrong she was,
and she was about to find that out soon enough.

Then, for no apparent reason, Jingo stood still
over her. His cock still imbedded in her cunt.
Mac was sure that he must have cum while she
had passed out earlier. Then she suddenly
felt the scalding heat of his cum shooting
to the very depths of her pussy.

"Oh damn!" She exploded into yet another
orgasm. "Is this it Jingo? Are you cumming.
filling me. with your jism."

Jingo stayed motionless above her as his balls
squeezed his seed into his willing bitch. His
ballsack tightening with each surge of jism.
The dog knew that his knot would keep his
fluids trapped within Mac's womb for a good
while to maximize his chances of impregnating

The dog had been shooting inside of Mac's cunt
for over a minute already and still she could
feel him shooting as hard as ever into her.
She couldn't get over how virile her dog was.

`Are all dogs this horny?' She wondered.

She tried wiggling her ass around to get a
full measure of his cock inside of her, but
she was still trapped by his body and the
cabinet at her head. She would have to
settle with just the sensation of his cum
filling her belly.

Finally, after what seemed to be forever,
Jingo's stream of cum seemed to be slowing
its flow. Mac's internal clock told her
that the dog had been cumming continuously
for over four minutes nonstop. A wide grin
spread over her lips as she realized that
she would never have to go hunting for dick
in night clubs from now on. She might even
have to reconsider her relationship with
Commander Brumby of the Australian Navy.

They were getting close lately, and he was
pushing her towards a greater commitment in
their relationship, wanting it to move into
the personal rather than professional
classification. Now that she's discovered
what Jingo could offer, she will have to
re-evaluate Brumby's aggressiveness.

When she felt sure that Jingo had finally
finished unloading his cum, Mac tried
lowering her ass to the floor to rest.
Imagine her shocked expression when she
found that she couldn't get his still
stiff cock out of her pussy.

His knot was keeping her tied to him.
And his being a strong dog, was able to
keep her suspended in the air despite
her effort to lower herself to the floor.

She found the tension on her cunt too
painful to bear when she let her body
hang under him. She had to get her feet
back under her for support and relief.
She quickly analyzed her situation and
knew that they were locked together for
who knows how long. She still hadn't
come to the realization that this was
quite normal for dogs. Or that his
bloated knot would shrink eventually
and release her.

"Oh shit Jingo," Mac groaned in relief
from the painful experience. "We'. we're
stuck. It. it must be that ugly bulge in
your cock. Someh. somehow it must have
got in, and now. now its too big to get
back out. Wha. what am I gonna do boy?"

Mac began weighing her options on how
best to resolve her predicament. The
only thing that came to mind was to try
and reach her cell-phone and call someone
to come help her with Jingo's stuck cock.
But who could she call without sacrificing
her military career. Harm? Bud? Brumby?
The Admiral? The Gunny?

No none of these men would be of any help
to her in this instance. They were all
honorable men and she knew in her heart
that they would have no choice but to
report what they would see. So Mac started
running names of some of the women that she
knew. She was discouraged to realize that
she knew very few of them. And those that
she did know were ex-girlfriends of her
colleague Commander Harmon Rabb, except
for Lieutenant Harriet Simms and she was
married to Bud Roberts.

`What about 911?' She wondered. `Should
I call the civic authorities?'

All this time, Jingo remained motionless
like a statue over her impaled body. His
cock as hard as when he first got aroused
by her sexual scent.

`No, can't risk that either,' Mac conceded.

She decided to wait a bit longer in the
hopes that she could work her cunt off of
his raging hardon.

Fifteen minutes had passed since she was
confronted by her being tied to her dog's
cock. This little respite was what Jingo
needed for the second round. He began
humping his hips to and fro, dragging the
helplessly tied woman along for the ride.

Mac couldn't believe that he was ready to
fuck her cunt again so soon. All she could
do was lift her hands up over her head to
protect it from the hard cabinet that she
was pounded against previously.

Sure enough, Jingo's ass was humping into
her at a rapid pace. If she could have
been watching instead of being fucked, she
would have thought his as was a blur. He
again lowered his large head to her tits
and began suckling on them alternately
like an overgrown puppy.

"Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Oh Jingo! Ungh!"
Mac grunted with each thrust.

This time Mac managed to remain conscious
through it all. She had three more orgasm
before the dog's balls tightened in their

She exploded in a fourth and more powerful
climax when she again experienced the surge
of cum being shot into her. Mac couldn't
figure out how her cunt could hold so much
cum that had been emptied in it in such a
short time.

Once done Mac collapsed in climactic
exhaustion, having worked harder for her
breath than any workout she had ever done
in her life. She couldn't remember being
so satisfied by any man, or beast. The
memory of the Wiccan's Ram flooded her mind
and she decided that Jingo was even better
than that.

Chapter Nine

It took another thirty minutes before Jingo's
knot shrunk enough for him to slip out of her
stretched pussy with a squishy loud popping
sound. When that happened Mac's ass fell the
few inches to the floor with a thump.

"Oh shit" Mac exclaimed.

When she looked down at her groin she could
see a steady flow of doggy cum pouring out
of her cunt, puddling to the floor under her.

"Damn Jingo," she complained. "Now I'll have
to wash the floor."

But before she could even move, Jingo lowered
his head and began lapping up the rich sexual
mixture of his cum and hers from the floor.

Mac just watched him excitedly as she knew
that he was tasting her all over again. She
reached over and scratched his head as he
licked the floor. Then her gaze followed
his body to his rear and smiled.

Though shrunken slightly, his cock was still
impressive looking. At least eight inches
hung low under his belly. Mac could clearly
see the clear lubrication coating it that
came from her own pussy only moments ago.

"You're really a good boy tonight Jingo,"
she cuddled next to him. "I should do
something special for you as a reward.
What do you think?"

The dog simply raised his head a moment
and licked her across the lips, leaving
a trail of doggy jism and her own cummy

Mac didn't even give that a second thought.
She ran her tongue across her lips to gather
the stingy offering that Jingo had left for
her and tasted her dog's seed for the first

She found the cum a bit saltier than the
ram's but not much different. This made
up her mind on what she was thinking just
a moment before. She would give Jingo a
blowjob as a reward.

Leaving Jingo to his cum treat on the floor,
Mac slid over next to his hindlegs and
lowered her face under his furry belly.
Reaching up carefully, she delicately
touched Jingo's cock and grasped it.
It felt slimy and slick in her hands.
The mixture of his cum and hers over it
made his cock sticky, yet slick at the
same time.

Jingo only paused for a moment from his
licking the floor clean to gaze at his
mistress. Once he was satisfied that
she wasn't trying to hurt his penis he
lowered his head and resumed his licking.

Mac made the bold move and ducked her head
under his belly and guided his semi-hard
cock to her lips. She parted them in an
irresistible `O' and slipped Jingo's
cockhead into her mouth, sucking on it

The dog raised his head again approvingly
before returning to the salty juices on
the floor before him.

Mac sucked in the first six inches of his
cock down her throat and busily worked on
getting the remainder down there as quickly
as possible. The easiest way she knew how
to accomplish that was to give the dog a
blowjob and work him down one inch at a

Once her plan was set in motion, she began
bobbing her head to and fro on Jingo's cock,
driving it a bit deeper into her gulping
throat with each stroke.

She was quickly rewarded for her efforts
when she could feel his cock surging back
to life. She could feel it stiffening and
elongating even as she sucked on him. With
this sign of encouragement, she doubled her
efforts to deepthroat Jingo.

Feeling his cock getting aroused once more,
Jingo began humping his ass into Colonel
MacKenzie's mouth. He seemed just as eager
to fuck her throat as she was to drink down
his jism.

As Mac continued working her mouth on his
raging hardon, she stretched open her legs
with the intention of playing with herself.
But Jingo, being ever so resourceful, feat
her to it. he buried his snout into her
outstretched pussy and began licking her

"Mmmmmmmmmh!" Mac could only moan through
her cock stuffed mouth.

She recognized that they were doing a 69,
but not in the normal position. Wishing
to get more comfortable so that she could
enjoy this all the more, Mac scooted under
Jingo's body, sliding her pussy directly
under his head. In this position she found
that she had to stretch out her neck to keep
sucking his dick, but she didn't mind that
at all.

Realizing that what they were doing was
quite unnatural for a dog, Mac began wondering
how he had learned all of this so fast.

`It couldn't be natural for a dog, could it?'
She asked herself.

Her keen lawyer mind began trying to figure
out where Jingo could have learned to fuck
a women so well. She knew that he was a
stray when he was recruited into drug
enforcement. Could it be that his previous
owner had taught him.

`That must be it,' she concluded. `How else
could this happen.'

Now that her mind was satisfied with her
conclusion, she returned to eagerly suck
him. She wanted to taste his cum as it
shot out of his piss slit. From what she
felt in her pussy when he came before, she
hoped that the shooting jism would be just
as powerful a stream of cum as she had
imagined it to be.

Jingo kept humping her face furiously,
driving his now fully erect cock deep
down Sarah's throat. She had to work
hard to swallow it all.

All the while, the dog kept on licking
and nibbling at her cunt and clit.

"Arrgggghhh!" Mac finally groaned as
she came yet once again for her dog.

Just then Jingo began shooting his cum
into her stomach. His cock was deeply
imbedded down her throat and Mac had to
push against his hindlegs to pull his
cock far enough out so that she could
get a taste of his cum on her tongue.

Jingo had shot two powerful spurts right
in her throat before Mac finally managed
to lodge his cock in her mouth. Now she
could use her tongue on him. Her tastebuds
got their first taste of what doggy jism
really tasted like right from the source.
Mac couldn't get enough of it. She kept
on sucking even after the dog's cum was
only a trickle.

Once they were both satisfied, Jingo
walked over her prone body and went
over to a corner and licked his cock

Mac just watched him doing that for a
moment, before getting the energy to get
up herself. She wobbled her way to her
bathroom and ran a bath for herself. She
needed to clean off her body of the cum
and sweat.

After that relaxing bath she went straight
to bed, not bothering putting anything over
herself. For the first time since she was
a teenager she slept in the nude.

Chapter Ten

The next morning, Colonel MacKenzie woke herself
with a start. Something was wetting her loins
and she couldn't remember having company that

When she looked down on herself she broke out
laughing. It was Jingo, her dog. She quickly
remembered what had happened the previous
evening and didn't try stopping the dog as
he began licking her across her pussylips.

When Mac looked over to her night-table her
eyes bulged. She was late for work. Her
always time accurate mind had completely
lost track of time.

"Damn Jingo," she gasped. "Look what you
made me do. Harm'll never let me live this

Startling her dog off the bed, Mac jumped out
and rushed through her morning routine,
skipping a bath and breakfast.

She ran down the stairs of her apartment
and jumped into her car. To make matters
worse for her, she was stopped by a cop for
running a light which made her late even more.

When she walked into the JAG offices Admiral
Chedwiggen was talking to his aid Seaman Tyner.

"Nice of you to join us Colonel," she heard him

"Sorry to be so late Admiral," she apologized.
"It'll never happen again."

"I would hope not," the Admiral said, turning
back to his office.

"So, what happened to you?" Harm smirked at
her. "Bedbug bit you."

"Don't even start with me today Harm," she
shot back jokingly.

"Good morning Ma'am," Gunny greeted her.
"Have some coffee?"

"That would be great Gunny, thank you," she
said as she walked into her office.

The day dragged on and on for her that day.
No matter what she did, she just couldn't get
her mind off what she and her dog had done
last night. On a number of occasions she
had to be snapped out of her daydreaming by
some subordinates.

It was nearing three o'clock in the afternoon
when she spied Lieutenant Simms walking into
the offices with a trolley full of boxed
documents. Obviously she had been kept busy
most of the day on this task, most likely by
Commander Rabb. He seemed to get the bigger
cases for JAG.

That was when it dawned on her that the
Roberts were dog-sitting for her while
she was away on assignment.

`What if they noticed Jingo acting up?'
She began to worry. `How will I explain
that to them?'

It was then that she decided to find out
if they suspected anything about Jingo.

"Lieutenant Simms," she called out. "Could
I see you a moment."

"Yes ma'am," the petite blonde answered back,
following the Colonel back into her office.

"Close the door please," Mac told her as she
sat behind her desk.

Lieutenant Simms did as instructed then stood
before her superior.

"Sit Harriet," Mac offered. "This isn't an
official matter."

"It isn't ma'am?" The Navy Lieutenant asked.

"No it isn't," Mac smiled at her. "Now, will
you please relax and sit down."

Lieutenant Simms sat in a chair facing her and
Mac looked into her eyes for signs of disgust
about her dog.

"I just wanted to ask you something Harriet,"
she told her.

"About what, ma'am?" Harriet asked.

"You didn't have any problems with Jingo while
I was away?" Mac took the plunge. "He wasn't.
acting strange or anything, was he?"

"Oh I'm so sorry Colonel," Harriet's eyes
welled up with tears. "I really shouldn't
have done that with him."

Mac was confused as to Harriet Simms sudden
breakdown. Then it hit her. It wasn't a
previous owner that had taught Jingo how to
do it with a woman. It was. Harriet.

"Harriet? You?" Mac gasped. "You did those
things with Jingo. But why?"

"I really don't know what came over me, ma'am,"
she was crying now. "Bud was. Bud was away on
assignment with Commander Rabb. And baby AJ
was. was crying all night."

"What does that have to do with any of this?"
Mac couldn't see any reasoning to Harriet's

"Well, we. we haven't been. doing it much
since AJ was born," Harriet explained. "Then
I remembered when I was younger."

"You mean to tell me you've done this before,"
Mac asked.

"Y. yes ma'am," she confessed. "A girlfriend
of mine introduced it to me one night. Then
I just couldn't stop myself. I would do our
dogs at home whenever I could. Even invite
friends over."

"Boys and girls?" Mac was getting excited
at what she was hearing.

"Sometimes some of our boyfriends would come
over," Harriet admitted. "But it would
usually just be us girls. We would fool
around a bit, and when my parents left for
the evening we'd get the dogs."

"Yo. you've been in lesbian relations before?"
Mac asked. "Don't answer that. Don't ask-don't

"I. I don't mind saying it ma'am," Harriet
continued. "I have been with other women
before, yes. But I still prefer cock much
more, don't you?"

"Same here," Mac was caught off guard by her question. "Ho. how many dogs did you have?"

"Well, you know that my parents are loaded
Colonel," Harriet went on. "We have this
big mansion and my dad wanted us protected
from intruders. So he got six guard dogs.
All males."

"Six!" Mac gasped. "And you did them all?"

"Yes ma'am," the blonde Lieutenant said
proudly. "Once, I even managed to take
four of them together. But generally I
would share them with my girlfriends."

"An. and you taught Jingo how to do it
while I was away?" Mac asked.

"Ye. yes ma'am," she blurped out. "I'.
I'm so sorry if he embarrassed you in
any way."

"Its all right Harriet," Mac reassured
her, smiling. "I rather enjoyed myself
last night. We did it twice in a matter
of a few hours. And this morning, he woke
me up by licking my pussy."

Mac handed Harriet a tissue as the blonde
girl smiled back at her. She blew her nose
and wiped her cheeks of her tears.

"I'. I'm really glad you aren't angry with
me, Colonel," she told Mac. "Especially
glad that you got to enjoy him as much as
I have."

"At this point don't you think you should
call me Sarah," Mac smiled at her. "Outside
of the office, of course."

"Okay. Sarah," she smiled back.

"Does Bud know?" The thought suddenly hit

"God no," Harriet quickly replied. "You
won't tell him, will you?" She asked,

"No, don't worry," Mac reassured her.
"He won't hear it from me. Do you plan
on fucking more animals?"

"Uh? I don't know if I'll be able to,"
the blonde Lieutenant admitted. "How can
I sneak an animal in the house without Bud

"You could always join me and Jingo," Mac
said it.

She openly invited a subordinate to her
home for the sole purpose of sex. If
anyone ever found out about any of this,
she knew that she would be dishonorably
discharged from the military. Her career
would be in ruins.

Lieutenant Simms took a moment to absorb
the invitation, but only a short moment.

"I would really like that, Colo. Sarah,"
she smiled.

"I'm sure that Jingo would love to get
together with you again," Mac said

"If you don't mind ma'am," Harriet
went on. "Would you tell me what you
did with him last night?"

Colonel MacKenzie recounted what happened
from the moment she entered her apartment
last night, right till the following
morning when Jingo licked her awake.
Harriet laughed hysterically when she
found out that the always punctual Colonel
MacKenzie, with the internal clock, came
to work late for the first time since
they knew each other.

"That will be enough of that Lieutenant,"
Mac reprimanded her, barely keeping her
own laughter in.

"Ye. ha! Ha! Ha! Yes, ma'am," Harriet
barely responded. "Sorr. hamph! Sorry

"That will be all Lieutenant," Mac decided
that they had best end this conversation
before the others got curious.

"Yes ma'am," Harriet stood at attention and
headed for Mac's office door.

"Harriet," Mac called out at the last moment.
"What are you doing tonight?"

Harriet paused with her hand on the handle.

"Nothing much ma'am," she said. "Bud and I
weren't planning anything special. Would
you like me to come over?"

"Only if you can," Mac said. "I'd understand
if you want to wait."

"I'm sure Bud will let me have a girls night
out," Harriet told her. "I'll just tell him
that I'll be working all night with you at
your place. He won't suspect a thing I'm

"Around eight then?" Mac fixed a time.

"That sound nice," the blonde Lieutenant
responded. "Besides, Bud needs his turn
with the baby for a change, don't you think

Chapter Eleven

Sarah MacKenzie got her place ready for the
arrival of Harriet Simms-Roberts. She wasn't
sure if she should go through with this idea.
The whole thing was putting into jeopardy,
not only her career, but Harriet's as well.

Then her mind was made up when the front
doorbell sounded. Jingo yapped excitedly
at the knowledge that company was at the

Mac opened the door and there stood Harriet.
She was wearing a short skirt and a silk
blouse. At recognizing the blonde woman at
the door, Jingo jumped up on her, standing
to her shoulders, and began lapping her face
with his rough tongue.

"Ha-ha-ha," Harriet laughed at the dog's
recognition. "Glad to see that you remembered

"C'mon in Harriet," Mac stepped aside letting
the petite woman in. "Let me take your coat."

She was acting like a host for a formal function.
When Harriet smiled broadly at her, Mac was
confused as to why. Then she realized how
stupid she was acting about all of this, and
they both broke out laughing.

Harriet handed her a bottle of wine that she
had brought along as an ice-breaker. Mac had
to remind her that she was an alcoholic and
couldn't drink any of it.

"Oh don't worry Sarah," Harriet told her.
"It's non-alcoholic. See."

She pointed at the label and sure enough
it said plainly that it was a non-alcoholic

They poured each other a glass and toasted
to their new friendship and relationship.
Mac even poured some in Jingo's bowl so he
could toast with them.

"What do you want to do first?" Harriet

"Well. I. I never did anything with a
woman before," the Colonel admitted.

"Would you like me to show you?" Harriet

Mac could only nod her head shyly. This
was all so new to her. Before this, all
of her sexual encounters had been strictly
with men. Now look at her. She got fucked
by a ram, her dog, and now a female
subordinate from work was about to show
her how women please each other.

"First, lets get undressed," Harriet told

The blonde-haired Lieutenant took the lead
and began stripping right in front of Mac
and Jingo. After a few moments of gazing
at her, Mac got up and followed suite.
Within minutes both women stood naked in
Colonel MacKenzie's livingroom and in front
of Jingo, her dog.

Harriet gently pushed Mac backwards until
she fell on her back.

"Just relax Colo. Sarah," Harriet tried
to reassure her. "Let me get you started,
then you can jump in anytime."

Mac did as Harriet suggested and slowed her
breathing to relax more. But her excitement
was getting the better of her. For the first
time since being a teenager, Mac couldn't
seem to get her breathing to settle at all.

Harriet gazed at Mac's heaving breasts as
she kept breathing in deep gulps of air.
It had been such a long time for the blonde
Lieutenant since she had had an opportunity
with such a beautiful woman. She realized
that she would have to give up that aspect
of her sexual practices when she signed up
in the Navy. She just never thought that
it would have been such a difficult

Harriet began moving her hands across Mac's
voluptuous tits, and then rubbing her way
back down to her belly.

Mac was luxuriating to the sensual massage
the blonde woman was giving her. she
could feel her nipples hardening with
each passing second.

"Tha. that feels sooo good Harriet,"
Mac gasped.

"We're just starting Sarah," Harriet
smiled at her acceptance.

With those words, Harriet lowered her
head and began kissing Sarah's skin softly.
She worked her way from her belly-button up
to her beautiful tits. When she finally
reached Mac's nipples she sucked one in,
then the other.

"Ooooh!" Mac gasped out loud in shocked
pleasure. "That. that feels nicccce."

Mac brought her hand to the back of
Harriet's head and caressed her soft
golden locks of hair.

Harriet's hands weren't idle as this
went on. She kept her hand busily
caressing Mac's belly and slowly worked
their way down to Mac's groin area.

Mac arched her back in surprise when she
felt Harriet's fingertips make contact
with her pussylips. She wasn't expecting
such a bold move so fast.

"Relax Sarah," Harriet told her, smiling.
"I'm not gonna hurt you, you know."

Mac did relax as the pleasure of Harriet's
touch swept over her body. She began
clamping and unclamping her legs
methodically as she tried to massage her
pussylips without touching them.

Harriet noticed what Mac was doing and
smiled broadly. She realized that she
was having a positive effect on her
superior. Now was the time to go for
the big move. She lowered her head
into Mac's groin and began licking along
the rim of Mac's pussy.

"Oh! Mmmmmmmmh!" Mac hummed. "Tha.
that feels. that feels fantastic Harriet."

That's when Harriet realized that Sarah
MacKenzie was a lesbian virgin, so to
speak. Knowing this only served to arouse
her even more, she buried her face back
into Mac's moist pussy planning to give
the Colonel the best sexual experience
of her life.

Mac responded positively to Harriet's
attentive treatment of her cunt. She
wasted no time in spreading her legs
further apart to give the blonde Lieutenant
better access to her private region.

`Now should be a good time to give her a
taste of a woman's sex,' Harriet thought
to herself as she deftly flipped herself

Mac suddenly found herself staring at
Harriet's blonde bush above her face.
She wasn't quite sure what she should
be doing at this point. But once Harriet
resumed licking and sucking her cunt for
her, her mind was made up.

`Its only right that I give as good as
I'm getting,' she mused in her mind.

With that, she raised herself slightly
and tentatively flicked her tongue across
Harriet's already excited pussylips. That
first contact with another woman's vagina
was the most exciting experience yet.

`Better even than the ram's cock or
Jingo's,' she thought.

Without even thinking about what she
was doing Mac wrapped her arms around
Harriet's waist and hugged her closer
to her own body, their tits crushing
against each other.

Harriet squirmed excitedly at Mac's
acceptance of their lovemaking. She
dipped into Mac's groin once more and
nibbled her aroused clit, causing Mac
to arch her back in orgasm.

"Oh God Harriet!" Mac exclaimed as her
orgasm flooded over her. "That's soooo
fucking grrreat!"

"Don't forget my pussy Colonel," the
blonde Lieutenant said, falling back
into her familiar military decorum.

Mac let that pass and lifted her head
back to Harriet's moist pussy and
located her clit. She did as Harriet
had done only seconds before for her
and bit down lightly on the blood engorged
organ. This too triggered an orgasm on
the part of Harriet.

The two women squirmed and luxuriated on
their own orgasms as they kept cumming and
splashing each others face with the sticky

All the while Jingo, Mac's dog, just stood
by the bedroom doorway with a confused look
on his face. Though he couldn't understand
what these two human females were doing to
each other, his keen sense of smell had
quickly detected the familiar aroma of
sex in the closed confines of the apartment.

Even though it definitely wasn't the smell
of a bitch in heat, his instincts still
commanded his blood to surge to his loins
and his knobby penis. And since he had
had previous sexual couplings with both
these woman, he felt sure of what was
expected of him soon.

So, while Harriet and Mac continued
pleasing each others bodies, Jingo's
cock was preparing itself for what was
expected of him. Inch by inch his
canine penis grew and grew out of its
hiding place in that furry sheath under
his belly.

"Mmmmmmmh! Harriet," Mac moaned as she
continued lapping her friends labia. "I
never would have believed that it would
be anything like this."

"This isn't half of it, Sarah," Harriet
replied as she stuffed her middle finger
past the Colonel's sphincter.

"Oooooh!" Mac exclaimed at the surprise

Jingo felt that his cock was almost ready
for action by now, so he approached the
two naked women stealthily. His nose kept
sniffing the air before him, so as to remind
him what he was after.

Harriet and Mac began rolling across the floor
as Jingo got closer and closer. They finally
settled into position once again, with Harriet
lying on top of the prone Mac.

This was all the enticement that Jingo needed.
He leapt forward, landing heavily on Harriet's
back. Mac had a front row view of her dog
mounting the blonde Lieutenant. She still
couldn't get over the size of his cock. And
now, being able to compare it next to a woman's
pussy, Harriet's, she could see how this animal
could give so much pleasure.

"Don. don't stop licking Sarah," Harriet pleaded
in anticipation of Jingo's cock. "Kee. keep
licking my pussy, even while he's fucking me."

Mac couldn't believe her hears. Was this the
same demure petite blonde prude, or so she
thought, that worked with her every day for
the past four years. How could she not have
known how depraved Harriet was in all that

But, depraved or not, she resolved herself
that she would do as Harriet asked. She
brought her head up higher and proceeded
to lick Harriet's wet pussy as Jingo's cock
was bumping and probing for it just inches

Mac could feel splatters of pre-cum from
Jingo's cock hitting her on the face as
she continued licking the blonde bush above
her. Then, just as she was beginning
licking Harriet's clit and working her way
across her pussylips, Jingo found his mark
and slid his hard shaft into the wet opening.

Mac was immediately rewarded by feeling the
whole length of his cock slide along her

`This is even better than when I sucked
him off,' Mac thought to herself.

She was enjoying the taste of both cock
and pussy simultaneously. This was yet
another new experience for her.

"Ooooo yeah Sarah," Harriet moaned as
she received Jingo's cock. "You. you're
doing finnnne."

Mac noticed Harriet's rear begin to undulate,
trying to match its movement to Jingo's
humping cock. She watched mesmerized as
her dog's cock slid in to disappear. Then
pull out, dragging Harriet's pussylips with

`Is. is that what my pussy looked like last
night?' She wondered.

"Don. don't stop licking," Harriet reminded

Mac did as she was told and resumed licking
Harriet and Jingo's sex organs, alternating
from licking his plunging cock to sucking
on Harriet's blood engorged clit. She also
got her first close-up glimpse of her dog's
knot. She remembered its thickness when he
penetrated her just the other night. But
now, to see it up close next to Harriet's
pussy hole, the difference was frightening.

`How did that ever fit inside of me?' She
asked herself.

"That's it Colonel," Harriet moaned. "Keep
going girl."

Mac didn't even care that Harriet had returned
to calling her by rank again. By now any
damage to her military career was irreparable

Harriet buried her face back into Mac's cunt,
concentrating hard on her clit in recompense.

The two officers went on like this for a good
fifteen minutes before Mac noticed Jingo's
balls tightening, and even she knew what that
meant. Her dog was getting ready to unload
his sperm in the blonde's pussy. In anticipation
of that happening, Mac plastered her lips tightly
against Harriet's pussylips where it met with
her dog's cock.

She wanted to suck his cum as he shot into
Harriet's cunt. Not wanting to lose a drop
in the process. So if any began seeping out
of her friend's cunt she would be there to
catch it. Then, once he pulled out, she
would proceed to eat out all of that thick
cum out of her too.

Harriet's lips curled into a smile as she
read Mac's mind. She was glad that the
older woman was getting into this so
quickly. She'd have to ask her what got
her started. She was fairly certain that
one night of rapture with Jingo hadn't
done this to her.

As Mac felt her orgasm approaching she
wrapped her well toned legs around
Harriet's head, trapping the blonde in
her groin. For her part, Harriet had
no intention of pulling away. In fact,
she intensified her licking of her
Colonel's vagina, concentrating especially
of her excited clit.

"Ooooohgod Harriet!" Mac exclaimed as she
came hard.

Harriet was drinking in her cum as fast as
she could. This served to trigger her own
orgasm which Mac was greedily trying to

The scent of their cumming fermented the
dog's nostrils and it wasn't much longer
before he too reached his peak and began
emptying his balls into Harriet's
clenching pussy.

"Oh yeah Jingo," Harriet groaned. "Fill
me with your spunk. Give it all to me

Mac could feel his canine cock pumping
the jism into Harriet's pussy, so she
clamped her lips hard against both organs
in the hope of tasting some of his cum
seep out of her friend.

For five long minutes the dog seemed to
be shooting his seed in her. Then the
first trickle of cum seemed to want to
force its way out of her. Mac was the
first to notice that Harriet couldn't
hold any more of his sperm inside of
her as her lips tasted those first few
drops of salty cream.

Suddenly, without warning, Jingo pulled
out of Harriet's cunt and his cum came
splashing down on Mac's surprised face.
She was temporarily blinded as the jism
covered her eyes. So surprised was she,
that she almost forgot what she wanted to
do. She wanted to suck her dog's cum out
of Harriet's pussy.

So, recovering, she lifted her head and
proceeded to suck her friend's cunt,
driving her tongue as deep as she could
to get to any hidden droplets of jism that
may be there.

To help her in her quest for doggy jism,
Harriet sat up on Mac's face. In this
position gravity would be assisting Mac's
search for more cum. Meanwhile, not content
to just sit on her friend's face, she began
tweaking and pinching her own nipples.

"Oooh yessss Sarah," she moaned. "Suck me
out. Eat Jingo's cum out of me. Oh god
that feeeels soooo gooddddd!"

Not wanting to miss out on any opportunity,
Jingo leapt between Mac's now vacant legs
and began licking at her cunt feverishly.

"Mmmmmh!" Mac groaned from within Harriet's
cum dripping pussy.

Harriet just smiled in satisfaction as she
watched the horny dog burying his snout in
her Colonel's pussy. All the while enjoying
her own pleasure from Mac's inexperienced

Colonel Sarah `Mac' MacKenzie was finding
it harder and harder to catch her breath.
Between Jingo's licking, which would make
her hold her breath every couple of minutes,
and Harriet's pussy that was acting as a
mask to begin with, she could feel her head
spinning from lack of oxygen. But she
wouldn't let that stop her from reaching the
best sexual experience that she had ever had.

Harriet could feel her climax approaching,
so she began undulating her hips across
Mac's sucking mouth. Trying to guide her
to pay special attention to her over-excited
clitoris. This demand for attention wasn't
lost on Sarah, she squashed her lips tightly
around Harriet's cunt and resumed sucking
and licking her friend's sex.

As Sarah concentrated on Harriet's pussy,
Jingo had other plans for her mistress' cunt.
He lowered himself across her stomach and
crawled forward. Mac could feel his furry
belly as he move further up her prone body.
She couldn't figure out what her dog was
trying to do, but she was too busy with
Harriet's pussy to worry about it now.

Harriet was in a perfect position to observe
what the dog was trying to do, and she smiled
mischievously in approval.

A few more inches forward and Mac suddenly
felt the warm presence of Jingo's hard, wet
cock press against her vulva. Now she
understood what he was trying to do. And
she had to admit to herself that she wanted
him to bury his stiff shaft in her pussy.
But Harriet was still straddling her face,
which was preventing her from changing to
the doggy fuck position that seemed to have
worked so well for her the previous night.

What Mac had no way of knowing was how well
Harriet had trained her dog while if her
care. He now knew much more than any household
pet should have a right to know. For instance,
Jingo had learned that a human female can be
fucked just as well when she was on her back
than if he fucked her like an ordinary bitch
dog. So he kept crawling forward, his
cockhead finally pushing itself past her
tight pussylips.

"Mmmmmmmh!" Mac moaned, her mouth still
plastered against Harriet's pussy.

"Good boy Jingo!" Harriet said. "Show
your mistress what you've learned from me."

With that cry of encouragement, Jingo shoved
forward, burying five solid inches into Mac's
cunt. In excitement Mac lifted her butt off
the floor, pushing with herself up with her

In this elevated position Jingo found it
much easier to fuck into her deeply. He
even managed to get on his legs and began
humping furiously into Mac.

Harriet leaned forward, offering her hanging
tits to the tender mercies of the dog's
available tongue. Jingo had learned well
from the blonde lieutenant's teachings. He
began licking her stiff nipples alternately,
while never missing a stroke in Mac's cunt.

`God what am I doing?' Mac's mind was
reeling. `I. I can't be doing this.
They'll boot me out of the service.'

Despite what she had been through these
past few weeks, Mac was still worried
about her military career. The homosexual
rules still applied and if what she and
Harriet were doing ever got out, they
would both be charged, and dishonorably
discharged soon after. The very idea of
her dog fucking and licking her repeatedly
hadn't even dawned on her in regards of
her career.

Harriet reached down just then and pinched
Sarah's nipples hard, bringing the Colonel
back to the moment. And at just that moment
Jingo shoved forward and buried his knot
past Mac's pussylips. Mac grimaced at the
bulbous intrusion, then she resumed licking
Harriet's pussy above her head.

Harriet smiled wickedly as she noticed
Sarah's dog had managed to tie himself
with her superior officer. She then
offered her nipples alternately to the
dog's attention, and Jingo obediently
licked her.

She could feel her excitement mounting
and knew that she wouldn't be able to
hold off her orgasm much longer, and
she wanted her friend to taste what a
woman taste like in the throws of
sexual ecstasy.

As Jingo kept up his humping into his
mistress' pussy in the crouched position
that Harriet had taught him. He was
enjoying to added treat that the blonde
Lieutenant was offering him.

"Oh god Jingo," Mac moaned. "Tha. that
feels so good. Your. your cock is so
big, boy."

But when she tried to pull away from her
dog's humping cock, she discovered that
he was simply dragged along with her
pussy on the hardwood floor. That's when
her memory showed her scenes of dogs tied
together whenever they fucked.

"Oh god Harriet!" She exclaimed in alarm.
"I. I think that Jingo's stuck in me."

"Its okay Colonel," the blonde subordinate
told her. "Its perfectly natural."

"Bu. but what if he doesn't get loose?"
Sarah asked, near panic.

"Don't worry about it, he will," Harriet
continued to reassure her.

And to keep her quiet she lowered her
pussy over her face and forced her to
lick her own pussy while Jingo kept up
his humping. There was nothing Mac could
do but suck and lick at Harriet's pussy
while Jingo's cock remained imbedded in

Her breathing had become short and ragged
as orgasm after orgasm hit her like
sledgehammers, and still her dog hadn't
unloaded in her.

Harriet watched with a wicked smile as
she saw the dog's thick cock and balls
push harder into the Colonel's labia,
causing them to bloat from the pressure.
She could see how aroused her superior
was by the size her clit was and from
her heavy breathing.

Then Jingo finally gave his hardest
thrust yet. His balls tucking themselves
in Sarah's ass crack as he was readying
to explode.

Mac bit down on Harriet's clit as she
felt the scalding heat of the dog's jism
flood her already stuffed pussy. This
also triggered her own orgasm, the most
powerful yet. Before she knew it Colonel
Sarah `Mac" Mackenzie passed out for the
first time in her sexual life.


It took a full three hours before Mac stirred
back to consciousness. When she did she was
greeted by the smiling face of Commander
Harmon Rabb, her colleague at J.A.G.

Apparently Harriet had grown concerned at
how long she was out and called on the
Commander to help. The Lieutenant had
hoped to have the place in respectable
shape before he showed up. The only thing
she couldn't control was Jingo and his knot.

Harm was knocking at Mac's door within
twenty minutes of Harriet's call for
help. He had burned a number of lights
to get there so fast as he thought there
was some kind of emergency. And when he
got there Jingo was still tied with the
unconscious Mac.

"Welcome back Mac," he said pleasantly.
"Had an interesting evening I take it."

It took a few moments before Sarah
connected his words with what had
happened that evening. Then her
eyes grew wide in terror when she
finally realized that he must have
walked in while the dog was still
fucking her.

"Oh God Harm!" She exclaimed.
"Wha. how. how long you been here?
What did. what did you see?"

"Enough," he said bluntly. "Guess I
don't have to ask if it was rape. I
saw your smile almost crack your face."

"You. you won't tell the Admiral, will
you?" She said pleadingly.

"Why should I," he replied. "Besides,
I've seen lots of this kind of action
with the fleet."

"Really?" Mac asked. "Where?"

Oh stopovers in Taiwan and such places,"
he grinned.

"So, I'm safe with you, right?" She asked.

"Mac, how can you ask that," he said.
"As long as you invite me over next time."

"You mean. you mean with Jingo?" She

"Fuck yeah!" He told her. "I'd love
to sink my shaft up your chute while
he's in your cunt."

"That sounds like that might be fun,"
she smiled back. "Fine, you got
yourself a deal. How about next week?"

Harm smiled down at her in response and
tweaked her bare nipples.

The End
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