Jack And Bobby: A Day In The Life (mf,mF,F-mast,inter,inc,voy)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Jack McCallister looked at Courtney Benedict. He had fantasized about this
girl for so long that sometimes it made him ache. He loved the look of her.
She was not only pretty but really smart as well. He had mustered the courage
to ask her out on a date and she had said yes, to his big surprise.

Now, here they were. In her room. Courtney stood before him, wearing nothing
but a black bra and panties. Jack was as nervous as a cat in a room full of
rocking chairs. She smiled cockily at him. God, she was beautiful. She walked
up to him.

"Relax, Jack." she said. "I'll take care of you."

Jack tried to relax but couldn't. The girl affected him that much. She kissed
him full and deep and he melted under the warm softness of her lips. He put
his arms around her. His touch was a bit clumsy. Hers was an expert touch.
She started unbuttoning his shirt and he gasped when she unzipped his pants.
He felt her slim hand brush his boxers and felt himself grow harder.
Obviously, she felt his hard cock press against her.

"You are happy to see me, aren't you ?" she asked.

"Yeah." said Jack.

Courtney grinned and knelt before him. She took his cock into her hand. She
looked at it. Jack looked at the beautiful girl as she held his cock in her
hand. He had never before seen a prettier sight. She took his cock into her
mouth and licked the head of it. She liked the taste and continued to lick
it. She sucked his cock and flicked her tongue over his balls. Jack was in
heaven. Courtney continued to suck his cock. Jack couldn't take it anymore.
He knew that he was gonna bust quick. He shouted a warning that came out
more like a moan and came.

Courtney gasped as a volley of hot white cum hit her face. Jack gasped. He
had premature ejaculation, many a dude's fear. Courtney didn't seem mad,
though. She licked the cum off his cock and cleaned up his cock and balls
with her tongue, lapping up his cum and not leaving a single drop behind.
When she was done, she got up and looked at Jack.

"You don't do very often, do you ?" she said.

Jack groaned. "No." he said.

Courtney looked at him. "Be honest, was that your first time?" she asked.
Jack nodded. She smiled. "I just love virgins," she said. "Come with me."

She sat him down on the bed and disappeared for a minute before coming back
with a small plastic pack. "Condoms." she said. "No sex without them."

Jack nodded and watched as she undid the plastic wrap and slid the condom
over his still erect cock. She looked at his condom-fitted cock and joined
him on the bed. Jack lay there and watched the beautiful girl, mesmerized
as she climbed on top of him. She lowered herself onto his cock and placed
his inexperienced hands on her hips. She went down and took as much of his
cock as she could inside her wet pussy. Jack watched as she went up and
down on him. He thrust upward and she winced as he penetrated her. He
fucked her pussy, picking up speed. His upward thrusts were matched by her
going down, mashing her hot pussy onto his cock. It took Jack a moment but
he got the hang of it. Courtney continued to bounce up and down on his cock,
swearing like a sailor as she did so. She rode him like a bucking bronco for
the better part of a half hour before collapsing on top of him.

They lay in silence on the bed. Courtney didn't say anything. Jack just put
his clothes back on.

"Leave." she said.

Jack did as he was told. He left the Benedict house in a hurry.

Jack McCallister walked away from the Benedict house. He felt weird feelings.
The girl had been so friggin weird. Oh, well. At least he wasn't a virgin
anymore. He couldn't wait to tell the news to his buddies. Well, his only
buddy was Marcus Ride. He decided to go to Marcus's crib and have a drink and
let him know what's up.

Marcus Ride lived in a mansion-type place in the west side of Hart, Missouri.
The better parts of town. Jack McCallister walked quickly to his second
mansion for the day. He walked into the front door, which wasn't locked. He
hoped his buddy wouldn't bother him about the intrusion. Well, knowing
Marcus, he'd forgive Jack once he learned about the juicy details of his
story. Hot damn, Jack couldn't wait to tell somebody. Jack walked up the
stairs and headed for Marcus's room. This being the weekend, Marcus's parents
were most likely away. They were busy business people, after all. Jack walked
to a window pane and peered into Marcus's room...What he saw amazed him!!!

Marcus Ride was in his room, naked as a jay bird. He was not alone. There was
someone there with him. A slim blonde girl. Marcus stood in the center of the
room. The blonde girl was on her knees. She was sucking Marcus's dick.

"Suck that dick, bitch!" Marcus said.

The girl sucked Marcus's dick. Jack was shocked. His buddy was doing a chick
in his house! Oh, well. Jack wasn't that shocked anymore. He had gotten laid
earlier in the day himself, so....he watched. He couldn't take his eyes off
the scene. The blonde girl was still sucking Marcus's dick. Marcus's strong
hands gripped her long blonde hair and she gagged on his long and thick black

"Do you like it ?" Marcus asked. Obviously, the blonde girl couldn't answer
him. Her mouth was clearly busy.

Marcus made her get on her hands and knees and positioned himself behind her.
From where he was, Jack could finally see the girl's face. He recognized
Missy Belknap, the new girl in town. Missy Belknap was on all fours before
Marcus. The young black athlete gripped the white girl by the hips and thrust
his thick black cock deep into her pussy. She winced as she was penetrated.
He started fucking her, shoving his cock hard and fast into her. She
whimpered and Marcus started to really give it to her. He fucked her like a
pro, like those black men in the porn videos that Jack sometimes watched.

Marcus fucked her, hard. Obviously his cock was more than the girl could
handle. She screamed at the top of her lungs as she was fucked. This went
on for some time. Jack McCallister watched it and was quite turned on. He
watched as Marcus's whole body shuddered. From the girl's shrill scream,
Jack could tell that Marcus had just cum inside her. He pulled out and

Jack had seen enough. He walked out of the Ride mansion. He couldn't believe
he had just spied on his best friend having sex with one of the town sluts.
This day just kept getting better and better. He decided to go home. He had
seen and done enough of sex for the day. Yeah, plenty.


Grace McCallister sat on a couch in the family home. Anyone looking at her
would see a tall, beautiful woman in her early forties. Her eyes were light
blue and her long hair auburn.

She was one bored cat. She was a professor at the local college and also the
mother of two sons, Jack and Bobby. Grace had her share of problems just like
everyone else. Still, she had a current problem that she wasn't sure anyone
would understand. After her last romantic fiasco, she had decided to become
celibate. She took care of her sons and she had her work. That's how she was
and that's all she believed in. She had become celibate, by choice and
necessity. She stayed away from men that she found attractive. They were
trouble. Still, she had fallen in love.

Her latest crush had taken her completely by surprise. She had fallen in love
with a smart and capable young man. A real stud. The only problem was that he
was her son Jack. Her feelings towards her son Jack had nothing to do with a
motherly love; a mother has for her son. She desperately wanted to be with
him in every sense of the word. A physical level and an emotional level. Oh,
she tried resisting. She tried staying away from him. He was so handsome and
dashing. He had to be a hit with all the ladies at his school. And yet, in
spite of all her efforts, she still loved him. She felt deeply ashamed of
herself for feeling this way. She badly wanted to feel his naked body lying
next to her, his hands caressing her body, his fingers pinching her tits and
exploring her sex.

When these thoughts started filling her head ; in the beginning, Grace was
deeply ashamed. She was terribly shocked at how could she be think about
having sex with her own son, probably, the worst kind of sin. Grace spent
numerous nights crying with shame, cursing herself. She was an atheist but
she prayed to God to help her to overcome her sinful thoughts. And yet,
they never went away. She dreamed of taking her son into her arms and make
love to him until he dropped.

She closed her eyes and tried to shield her mind from those nefarious,
lustful thoughts. She tried to make her mind a blank and of course, he
came galloping into her thoughts. In her mind, she saw her son Jack.
Jack McCallister, walking through the door. He was naked to the waist.
A hard-bodied, sexy man. The finest example of masculinity that she had
ever seen. In her fantasy, he came to her.

"How can I be of service?" he asked.

Grace heard herself say "Come here and service me, boy."

Jack grinned and came to her. She dropped her dress to her ankles and stood
before him, letting him admire her sexy naked mature body. Jack smiled and
kissed her. She kissed him with all the passion that she could muster. She
kissed him all over, from his lips to his chest. She practically ripped his
pants off and gasped when she saw his hard cock.

"Ooh, is that for me?" she asked.

"Yeah, baby." said Jack McCallister.

"Come and get it."

Grace giggled like a schoolgirl and got on her knees. She held her son's cock
in her hand and took that first, experimental, tentative lick...

Jack closed his eyes as his mother started sucking his cock. She licked his
cock and sucked on his balls. She sucked him until he was rock hard. Grace
took hold of his massive cock and lowered her hot pussy till his cock head
penetrated her wet bush. She rubbed his huge thick cock and he started
fucking her. He thrust his cock deep into her pussy. Her pussy was
overflowing with her juices, therefore, making it real easy for his big
strong cock to slide in and out of her.

"FUCK ME!!!" she begged.

Jack started to really give it to her. As she thought of fucking her son,
Grace McCallister masturbated furiously. This was what she wanted: the most
forbidden embrace between a mother and her son.

"OHHHHHH...!" Jack moaned. "Mom you're so great. I love your cunt!!!"

He continued to fuck her for quite some time before pulling out and shoving
his cock into her mouth. He came, shooting his cum all over her face.
Normally, Grace did not let men bust all over her face but this was her son
that she loved, no matter how twisted, so she drank his cum with eagerness.
As she thought of those things, Grace actually felt the beginnings of an
orgasm inside her. She screamed as she came. She shouted at the top of her
lungs until the feeling subsided, and then she lay on the couch, resting.
Her body was covered with sweat. Once the feeling was gone, she felt
thoroughly ashamed of herself for what she had done. She had masturbated
thinking of her son. Her son!!! She felt a nerve-wracking guilt. Tears
flowed from her eyes. Was she any different from those child molesters???

She wanted to sleep with her son, how sick was that? She calmed herself down,
telling herself that it was just a fantasy and that she would never, ever
cross the line. She loved her son Jack to death. She would absolutely not
suck his dick because it was wrong. So wrong!!! She swore this to herself.
She turned on the tv and watched the evening news. There was footage of a
female teacher accused of sexually molesting one of her pupils. Now, that
was messed up ! Grace swore to herself that she would never allow this to
happen. She was not a freak.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Her sons came in, Jack
McCallister, holding hands with his little brother Bobby.

"Hi, mom." said Bobby.

"Hello." said Jack.

Grace looked at Jack. Had he gotten taller? It was a warm day and Jack simply
took off his shirt right when he came into the house. Grace's heart beat
faster in her chest when she realized he was now naked to the waist. Bobby
looked at her.

"Mom, are you okay ?" he asked.

Grace forced herself to smile. "Yes, Bobby." she said. Tears welled up in her

"What is it?" asked Jack.

"I love you." she said, looking him straight in the eye.

He raised his eyebrows. She realized that her tone might have given her away
and said.

"I love the both of you."

Bobby smiled. Jack shrugged. Grace went upstairs to her room.

"What's the matter with her?" Bobby asked Jack.

Jack looked at his little brother. "Who the hell knows?" he said. "Women."

The End


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