Jungle 2 Jungle: Mimi's Jungle 2 Jungle Sexual Awakening (mbg,first,anal,dp,dap,dpp,inc,facial,cream pie,squirt)
by Dr. Demented 666

Mimi Siku, the 13 year old boy raised in the jungle by his mother, recently came to the U.S. with his father to experience NY for the first time and see the Statue of Liberty to retrieve the flame and bring back to his tribe. His father had some business to tend to and let him stay the night with his partner from work and his family.

Once introduced, Mimi was taken aback by their beautiful 12 year old daughter, Karen. Karen was also intrigued by the cute boy before her and his long blond wavy hair hanging down over his shoulders and especially his soft white skin she got a glimpse of later that night while he was outside setting up his hammock in just his loin cloth and blue ankle bands.

Karen couldn't believe how cute he was with his toned stomach and smooth features that sported little hair except the blond peach fuzz on his arms, his cute smile and smooth legs teased her and made her wonder what it would be like to be with him. Karen went to him at his hammock outdoors as he sat in it and they began to talk...

"Mimi, do you have a girl firend back on your island?" Karen asked.

"Sort of, but it's not serious..." He replied.

"So, you're still a virgin?" She asked of him with a coy smile.

"What do you mean-virgin?" He asked.

"It means you never had sex with anyone before..." She told him.

"Well, no...I haven't...Have you?" He asked curiously.

"No, but we can if you like..." She stated.

Mimi nodded his head in a 'Yes' fashion and leaned in for a kiss, feeling her tongue slide into his mouth and making him pull away with surprise...

"What was that?" He asked of what she did to him...

"A French kiss...Couples use their tongues to kiss with along with their mouths and lips...You like?" She stated and asked.

Mimi again gave her a 'Yes' nod and leaned back in for another kiss, this time giving her a heated wet tongue lashing that lasted for minutes as they began to feel each other up. Karen's hand slid up Mimi's smooth leg as his did hers until they reached each others privates between their legs. Karen caressed his bulge through his loin cloth as he worked a couple fingers under her panties and felt her tight wet pussy...

"It's so hard, Mimi..." Karen exclaimed of his boner she was playing with through the fabric...

"You're making it that way...And you're very wet down there..."

"You're making me that way, too..." Karen stated.

Mimi took his hand from between her legs and used it to slide the shoulder straps of her red dress down and let the top of her dress fall to her waist, exposing her small breasts and hard nipples. Mimi leaned down and began to suckle her nipple as she flung her head back over her shoulders and gasped with excitement from the actions his tongue was giving her. Mimi licked his way down her stomach and twirled his tongue in her naval and then going further while pulling her dress and white cotton panties off her frame.

Karen looked down as Mimi pushed open her legs and began to explore her pussy for the first time with his tongue and fingers, playing with her inner vaginal walls and prying open her pussy lips to expose her pink inner vaginal walls and coercing her white clit from its sheathe. Karen was loving what he was doing to her and it didn't take long for him to make her squeal as she orgasmed and emitted squirts onto his face.

Mimi immediately jumped up in shock..."You peed on me!"

"No, Mimi...I swear...I think you gave me an orgasm and that was what that was...It doesn't smell like pee, does it?" She stated and asked.

Mimi thought about it and smelled his hands and savored the berry-like flavor..."You're right, it isn't pee..."

"Lets see what I can do to you, now..." The blonde beauty told the boy.

Karen switched places with Mimi and let him sit back in the hammock as she dropped to her knees and pulled his bottoms off of him, exposing his peach-fuzzed scrotum and 5" erection. She lifted his dick and slowly began to suckle it, looking up at Mimi and his joyful smiles and gasps of pleasure as her tongue swirled over his shaft in her mouth...

"Something's happening, Karen...It's getting all tingly...I'm so dizzy!" Mimi stated.

Karen continued her sucks until the boy's cock began to pulse in her mouth, filling it with his cum and forcing her to pull away; letting the rest splash onto her face. Mimi watched as she squealed with each of his cum strands landing on her face and coating it with the white substance that shot from the tip of his dick...

"That never happened before....Wow! Look at it all..." Mimi stated as he experienced his first ever orgasm and noticing he also can shoot something other than pee from his dick.

"If that felt like my orgasm than we need to make it happen again!" Karen said with a cum-soaked smile.

Mimi agreed and Karen took his place again on the hammock and sat back in it, opening her legs and caressing her pussy while prying open her vaginal lips with her index and middle fingers and smiling at Mimi...

"C'mon, put it in me...I wanna feel your thing in me..." Karen stated.

Mimi smiled as he lined up the tip of his cock with the young girls slit, his cock reacting to the smooth touch of her vaginal skin by bouncing up as he slid it against her skin down below and feeling her wetness as it slid into her vaginal slit. They both watched as he penetrated her and Karen squealed and made Mimi pull out of her rapidly...

"Are you ok?" Mimi asked with worry...

"I'm fine...It was just surprising...The feel, I mean...You popped my cherry, I think..." Karen exclaimed.

Mimi wasn't sure what she was talking about but wanted to feel more of the wet tightness he briefly felt before. Mimi gently inched himself into her again, watching her squinting reactions as her body twisted in the hammock as he sunk himself fully into her pussy; feeling her tight walls cinch around his shaft and grip it like a vice as he pumped his hips in a humping action. Karen moaned with delight as both their virginities vanished and her inner vaginal walls burned with the piercing of a cock in her...

"You're so tight, Karen...I had no idea this could feel so good...I think...I....I....It is! It's happening, Karen!" Mimi exclaimed.

"What is, baby!?" Karen squealed.

"My thing...It's...It's starting to throb like before...In you!" Mimi exclaimed...

"Really!? Oh god! YES! I feel it! YES! Baby! Do it in me! Shoot that stuff inside me! YES! I can feel your thing throbbing in me! Shooting in me! It's so much! YES! Give me your baby! YES! Make me orgasm!" Karen screamed as her pussy filled with boy cum and she spasmed, her cunt gushing orgasmic fluid around Mimi's cock and spraying passed it onto his lower half as he finished in her.

Mimi collapsed on her body and they made out as they heard: "Karen!? What did you just do!?"

They both looked over and seen her 10 year old brother, Andrew, standing there and stroking his own erection through his boxer briefs. Mimi smiled and lifted himself off Andrew's sister and pulled from her pussy, leaving his cock soaking and glistening from her fluids as his cum ran freely from her pussy. Andrew couldn't believe the sight before his eyes-his own sister had sex right in front of him!

"I can't believe you let him do that in you, Karen! Wait till Mom and Dad find out!" Andrew stated.

"Wait! Don't tell, Andrew!" Karen begged of her brother...

"Wellllll, I guess I don't have to say anything...But..." Andrew stated.

"But what?" Karen asked of him...

"You'll have to let me with you, too..." Andrew replied...

"What!? Have sex!? Are you crazy!? You're my brother! We can't!" Karen stated.

Mimi was actually excited at the prospect someone else could enjoy in the feeling Karen could bring to them as she did himself and motioned for her younger brother to come closer, leaving Karen puzzled with horror as she watched her own brother come to her and drop his boxers; exposing his tiny boyhood to her. She couldn't believe she was staring at her brother's 4" erection and hairless private area as Mimi pushed his face into her freshly fucked pussy and told him to lick her.

Karen gasped in a horror-excitement mix as her brother lapped up the cum that seeped out of her, sending chills up her spine as his tongue flirted inside her pussy for the first time...

"Ready to put your thing in her like mine was?" Mimi asked of the boy.

Andrew shook his head in a 'Yes' fashion and stood between his sisters leg's as Mimi stood behind her in the hammock and reached down the front of her body with both hands and pulled apart her vaginal lips and exposed her pink inner walls coated with white cum. Andrew's eyes widened and lit up as he seen his sister in a way he never had before. Andrew placed the tip of his cock at the entrance to his sister's pussy and slowly eased himself into her, pumping his hips only twice before his eyes sprang open wide with dilating pupils and his legs wobbling under him as he struggled to stand...

"My God! Already, Andrew!?" His sister exclaimed as she felt his dick pulse inside of her and the throbs bang against her inner vaginal walls and tingling her G-spot until she squirted on his cock with soft squeals of pleasure her brother provided her.

Andrew was too young still to shoot cum, but his orgasm was tremendous inside his sister and he wanted to feel it happen again. Remaining in his sister, he continued to hump her like he seen Mimi do, watching as Mimi slowly slid his cock between the webs of the hammock and into Karen's pussy along with her brother. Karen groaned at the double-pussy penetration she was receiving from both boys, but her biggest surprise was when Mimi let her brother have her cunt all to himself and he slid into her ass!

Karen let out a howl that echoed in the woods as she experienced her first ever DP. Turning her brother on more so than ever, he pulled from her pussy and entered her ass along with Mimi. Karen was now being Double anally penetrated and the strain of the pressure building in her was immense as her ass burned from the dual cocks rubbing together inside her ass. The ridges of their cock heads nailed each others and the tight anal walls of Karen's ass as they fucked her anally, kissing her neck and working their tongues into her mouth for a 3-way Frenching.

"Karen! I'm gonna blow it in your butt!" Mimi breathed heavily into her ear...

"YES! Do it! Do it, baby! Shoot your stuff deep in my ass! Come on, honey....Make me feel it!" Karen screamed...

"Me, too...I'm gonna do it in you, too, sis!" Andrew exclaimed as he felt Mimi's cock pulse against his and Mimi's cum coat both their cocks and provide a natural lubricant that let them slide slippery-like back and forth in Karen's ass as Andrew began to orgasm.

Karen couldn't believe the feeling of both her brother and Mimi cumming in her...Both their dicks throbbing against her inner anal walls and sending waves of delight through her cavity and exciting her G-spot into a deep orgasm as she showered her brother with squirt after squirt until she nearly passed out with both of them in her.

As their orgasms spent fully, the boys pulled from her ass and left it gaping; Mimi's cum spilling from the orifice and into Andrew's mouth, as he quickly got under his sis in the hammock and licked the white substance from her pulsing gape.

Karen squirmed in delight as Mimi made out with her as her brother licked her ass frantically, leaving her with a pondering after thought....

"If I get pregnant, I'll have to live with Mimi back in his own jungle..."


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