Inspector Gadget: Media Zapper Part 10 (MF,mc,drugs)
by Wetsprocket

The room was silent as I awoke from a dark, deep sleep. Unsure of where I
was, I took a moment to look around the room a bit. I scanned over several
status machines that were keeping track of me that surrounded me completely.
It was when I lifted my hand and my fingers flipped open at the ends to an
umbrella and cigarette lighter that I knew where I was. I was in the movie
Inspector Gadget. Set as my target in the movie was Brenda the lovely
scientist, who had rebuilt me as Gadget, who was actress Joely Fisher.

The haste of the movie found me shortly in her office, getting the low down
on the impressive changes that had been done to me. She was very hot looking
in a tight white cotton blouse, bursting with her impressive chest. Her ass
gave a full presentation in her tight slacks. I wasn't listening to much of
what she was explaining to me. My eyes were fixated on her breasts. I began
to fill a little warm, then it happened.

"Any questions?" Joely said to me, breaking my stare and thought. "No. No.
I've got it." I responded.

"Good. Well there's so much more that I haven't covered that you can read in
the manual." She bent down reaching for the manual, showing me the perfect
form of her full ass. I had an impressive woody blossoming which I managed to
control. Even still I let out an annoying noise. She rose up, unbeknownst
that I was gawking at her butt.

"Here's volume 1." She said and she set the huge book on the desk. The movie
scanned forward to the formal ball saluting the newest cop on the force- Me!
Joely was dressed in her formal glitzy gown, tight to her body, bulging up
top with her cleavage. My woody was still present from earlier. I wondered
how I would continue to hide it and how big it would get. I knew I'd have to
relieve it's stress shortly before I hurt myself. Joely took me on the dance
floor. I took the opportunity to prick her (nice pun) with one of the darts
as we danced amongst people. I pulled her close as we danced. I rubbed my
swollen crotch against her belly. She felt the hardness and showed a curious

"Let's go dance ...alone." I said. She didn't argue.

The room was dimly lit. The white light from the doorway sent our shadows
across the room. I closed the door behind me. I watched her ass sway as I
followed behind her, sizing her up.

"Why don't you take off your panties for me," I suggested which she stopped
and reached up her gown. She stepped out of the white lacy underwear. When
she stood erect again, I moved my hands over her body from behind. My left
hand moved over her bursting bust, feeling the mass of each tit being
supported by her gown. My right one moved to her crotch, feeling for her
womanhood that was still hidden.

"Go-Go-Hands!" I stated, releasing four more hands from my arsenal of
options. What a concept, I thought. Two hands freed her dress from behind,
allowing her breasts and body to be freed from the clothing. I took both of
my real hands and squeezed her ripe melons for freshness. They were nicely
shaped and felt super to my touch. Moving to the front of her, where she was
already breathless and aroused, I examined her tits better. I gathered one
in each hand and with subtle squeezing, her nipples sprang to life. I
enclosed my mouth over her right tit and suckled her. Meanwhile, my other
hands were at her crotch, opening her up. After a few minutes I stepped back.

We, the hands and I, had pressed Joely against the wall. One hand was holding
her up underneath, against her lower back. One hand was on each leg around
the bend of her knee, pushing her legs back. The fourth hand was rubbing her

Joely's clit was large and swollen. Surrounded by her reddish-tinted pubic
hairs, her cunt split open wide, nearly dripping wet with pussy juice. I
took my real hands and pressed apart her pussy lips further. I viewed the
expansive mass of her inner vagina. I moved my face into her crotch and
tasted her nectar. She squealed out loud as my tongue tickled her pink
interior. I burrowed and barely came up for air as I lapped her into orgasm.

I felt both of her hands move through my hair on the back of my head as she
came, keeping me to her cunt. I continued to enjoy her fully as she came off
her mountain. Mine was just beginning. The bottom hand lowered Joely down
while the other pulled down my trousers and whipped out my foot long penis.
It had been elongated by the surgery, by her I assumed. The hands brought her
mouth to it and she began sucking and working it like she knew it's every
millimeter. Her mouth enclosed over the shaft and she left a smooth slickness
as she went. She bobbed my length, pulling incredible feeling from my organ.
Her hands rubbed my balls. I moved my right leg up some and rubbed her wet
clit with it, causing her to coo as she blew me. Soon, I came. It was an
average cum, I thought. I watched as she swallowed me whole, letting my white
jizm trickle down her throat.

I watched her relax and remove my cock from her mouth. I expected it to go
limp, but she continued to stroke it. Instead of limping, it grew. The hands
moved her against the wall again and split her open for me. I took my
expanding erection and slid into her. Both of us were well lubricated and I
felt my cock reach far into her cunt. I began thrusting between her thighs,
squeezing each slumping breast there conveniently available for my attention.
I observed my growing cock penetrating her crevice, splitting her open. She
wrapped her arms around my neck as I nailed her. I began to feel my cock get
wider instead of longer. Once again I look at my point of entry into her and
she was tighter on me. The hands moved me back onto the floor and set her on
top of me, all without letting me exit her vagina. The hands helped her ride
me. She began to squeal out……like a virgin, I thought. I felt her tightness
on my shaft as it disappeared into her belly. At that amount of friction and
pressure, Joely came quickly. The hands kept her moving, up and down on my

She bent over me. "Make them stop for a minute." She whispered, begging. The
hands paused. Joely sat on me. Her cunt was full of my cock. She rose up for
air, holding her hands above her head, pushing her hair back. I reached up
and felt over her breasts.

"You sure like those, don't you?" She smiled down at me, already knowing the

"Yeah, I do." I responded and she bent forward, smothering me with them. I
grabbed each and sucked them while she rested.

After several moments of me sucking and nibbling her white tits with little
pink areolas, Joely began riding me on her own. She rose up and pushed down
hard on my sturdy rod. It would've probably broken a normal man's pecker, but
mine just plummeted deeply into her vagina, hard and deep. She let out
controlled yelps of passion and rode me well. She came again at the end of a
long wild ride where she picked up the pace, flexing her hips with skill,
while I squeezed her ass as she bucked. After that cum, she began to tire and
dry out some, so I moved over on top of her.

"John, you have to do me real quick to cum so do me well." She begged and I
began to pump between her thighs. I felt her feet hit my back as I sent deep
thrusts into her quickly. I set a quick pace and kept it up several minutes.
Soon, I reach my climax. I felt it build like a volcanic eruption. It came
like one too.

Joely's eyes sprang open as she felt my load explode inside her. "Oh, my
gawd!" She exclaimed. I grunted, jetting a lot of cum from my cock inside
her. The forced knocked her out as I felt cum leaking around my cock. When
I pulled out, it began to really leak from her and my pecker. I needed it
emptied. I tossed my slonge between her tits and pressed her tits against
it. The friction between her breast as I titty-fucked her, allowed the
remainder of my cum to empty. It felt real nice too. Cum dripped from her
chin as I completely emptied, finally.

to be continued...

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