Just another Incredibles story from me, continuing on from the previous one. Enjoy (I hope).

Codes: FF (kinda), MF x 2, oral, anal, inc

Incredibles: Two Incredible Nights Part 2
by The White Knight ([email protected])

Helen awoke still holding her daughter in a soft embrace. She eased her way out of the bed , taking care not to disturb Violet's sleeping form. Seeing her daughter's naked flesh conjured memories of the previous night's events, which caused Helen to become a little excited, and she hurried from the room, reminding herself of the forbidden nature of last night's activities.

"I had sex with my only daughter!" Helen thought as she chastised herself for giving in to her daughter's temptations,

"But it felt so good!" said a little voice in Helen's head, "Remember how good it felt fucking your daughter!"

Helen had to admit, as taboo as the act was, she had received the most incredible orgasm of her life with Violet, and the mere memory of it caused her to go weak at the knees. She peeked her head back into her bedroom and took another quick look at Violet's figure before going into the bathroom for a shower.

One week later...

Since Helen and Violet's little encounter, Helen had been teasing Violet openly, and the sexual tension would have been obvious to anyone. Violet had been very quiet over the last week, but Helen hadn't given it much thought. Thankfully, Bob and Dash were out of town for one more day, so they were still unaware of the strange happenings in the household. Helen would often find herself "accidentally"dropping things right in front of Violet, forcing her to bend down and pick it up, giving her daughter an eyeful of her gorgeous backside in the process. Helen could clearly see the effect this had on her daughter, as her nipples were often quite erect after the little show.

"Mum?" Violet asked.

"Yes, honey?" Mrs. Incredible replied, still bent down after retrieving another fork from the kitchen floor.

"Do you, umm, regret what happened ... last week? Violet stammered, finally speaking her mind. She had been worried that it would ruin their relationship, but it needed to be said.

Helen stood and, at last, understood her daughter's withdrawal. It was obvious now, by what she had just said, that Violet had regrets about the event. Helen too had reservations about it, however, she had quickly dismissed it from her mind as she had tried to convince herself that it was a one-off occurrence. But, after a week with no sex, and the memories of the encounter fuelling her masturbation over the last week, Helen was anxious for another round, but that now seemed to be in question. She had to be careful to make sure that she could assuage her daughter's regrets about the event, and hopefully secure a repeat performance.

"I... Well... Yes, Vi, I did." Helen eventually replied, "But I don't think about them any more, I mean, what we did was seemed wrong at first, but then I remembered how good you made me feel. I've never felt anything like it, it was incredible. I understand that you might not see it the same way, but if you were worried about what I thought about it you needn't worry. But, can I ask, did it feel good for you too?"

"It felt amazing, better than anything I've ever felt before, Mum, but it was wrong... wrong... it goes against everything I've been taught, but I can't fight it... I ... I need you. Nothing arouses me like you do..."

"Then embrace it, Vi." Helen interrupted, "I feel the same way too. We have something now, something that we have to accept and enjoy..."

With that, Helen stepped towards her daughter and stood in front of her.

"Do what feels right, Vi." Helen said gently.

There was a brief silence as Violet contemplated her next move. She knew that she should walk away, away to her room, away to anywhere but here, but she couldn't. She couldn't resist her mother's glorious body, she had to have her but she knew she shouldn't. She leant forward and planted a tentative kiss on her mother's lips, before returning for a far more passionate kiss, and she began running her hands over her mother's body, gently fondling the impressive breasts before settling on her mother's delectable ass, delicately groping and pawing at the meaty flesh she found there. Violet introduced her tongue to her mother's mouth, a favour which was returned by her mother, who immediately went for her daughter's awe-inspiring breasts, after which she gently pushed Violet onto the kitchen counter, in order to take a more dominant position. As Helen was about to remove Violet's blouse, the front door opened and Bob and Dash staggered in.

"Honey, I'm home!" Bob shouted.

"Hi!" Dash yelled, a little behind his father.

The two women barely had time to recover before the men were in the kitchen, rummaging for food. Luckily, the men were tired and didn't notice the women's arousal, and after gathering food went straight for the living room and began eating. The girls joined them and passed the time before bed in front of the television.

Violet had been watching Dash since he had come in, and he seemed quite distant to her. The entire time that Bob had been regaling the details of the many battles with Sir Smash-a-lot, Dash hadn't said a word. Violet could tell that he was upset about something, but decided that this wasn't the time to ask him about the issue. He went to his room quite early, and Violet decided to follow him up. The adults didn't notice Violet slip away, and continued talking.

Dash sat on his bed, cursing his terrible luck. The irony was that many men would love to be in his position, at least before they discovered the problems that were associated with it. The issue was that he had a big cock. However, it wasn't just big, it was monstrous. It measured almost a foot long. It was great, in theory. Although he was, at first, very happy with it, that all changed when he had scared away his girlfriend, Tracy, after he had revealed it to her.

"What is that? That's huge, there's no way I can handle that." She had told him. Their relationship had deteriorated ever since then, until they had ended it just before he left to battle Sir Smash-a-lot.

Dash was disturbed from his self pity when he heard a sound from his closet.

"OK, Vi, get out of there, now." He said forcefully.

The closet door opened slowly, and Violet made herself visible again a few seconds later.

"You know I don't like it when you spy on me." Dash said quietly.

"Sorry, Dash, but I'm worried about you, you seem really upset. Why don't you tell me about it? You can talk to me." Violet replied sheepishly. Violet looked at her brother, admiring his now athletic physique. He had grown a lot in the last four years, and now easily surpassed his sister in height. He had also become much more muscular. All in all, he was in get shape. Violet tore her eyes away when she realised that she might have been staring. Dash didn't notice her gaze, and continued.

"Look, Vi, you couldn't understand so don't even try, just go." Dash responded.

"Is it about Tracy, Dash? You need to talk to someone about this or it'll eat away at you." Violet asked.

"Violet, you won't understand, its a man's issue, something you can't appreciate." Dash answered vehemently.

"I heard Tracy talking about you, how... um... big you are... downstairs, is that the problem?" Violet replied.

Dash was shocked that she knew about that, she had obviously been spying on him, as usual, but that was extreme, even for Violet.

"No... err... That's not it. It's... it's... err..." Dash struggled. She had him cornered now. He was aware that she knew that it was the problem, the only way she could even have thought of it would be that she had been there listening to the conversation. There was no sense denying it now, he might as well admit it.

"Fine, Vi. But you can't tell anyone about it, OK? Promise me."

"I don't intend to tell anyone, and don't worry, I can help you with that."

"What are you talking about?" Dash replied, shocked.

Violet was still incredibly horny from her early make-out session with her mother, and was now desperate for some sex. Her pussy was now quite moist due to her thoughts about Dash's enormous cock. Although she much preferred women to men, she couldn't resist the lure of her brother's big cock. She reached out and slowly pulled down her younger brother's trousers, revealing the boxer shorts beneath. She could see the outline of his dick, and it was massive. She wasn't sure if she could take it, but she knew that she had to for her brother's sake now that she had gone this far. Being rejected by two women might be too much for him to take.

The thought of what was about to happen caused Dash's dick to swell quite quickly, reaching a good 6 inches before Violet had even removed his boxers. Violet could see that although the cock was big, it still had a long way to go before it reached full hardness, and she began to slowly run her hands over the semi-erect shaft.

Dash couldn't believe what was occurring. He was receiving a hand job from his sister, whom he had long thought secretly was very sexy. He shamefully recalled the times when he had pleasured himself whilst imagining fucking his sister, and now it was a real possibility. His dick was soon at full mast, at almost 11 inches long. Violet was now very alarmed, she had never even imagined a cock could be this big, and now she had to pleasure it. This would be no easy task.

Violet continued to stroke the mighty cock whilst bending down, trying to pleasure her brother's balls with her mouth, which were also very large indeed. Dash's moaning confirmed that he was definitely enjoying the hand job. Violet began to run her tongue from the base of the shaft to the tip, causing Dash to shiver with excitement. She then proceeded to take the cock head into her mouth, and Dash groaned with pleasure as his sister took about half of the length into her mouth before she began to gag. She had never had any form of sex with a man, and she had no idea how to give a good blowjob. She decided instead to use her hands on the shaft and use her tongue on the tip.

Dash had no idea that his sister was inexperienced with men, judging by the pleasure he was receiving. He had never had a blowjob before, and so didn't know that Violet wasn't great at sucking cock. All he knew was that this was the best sensation he had felt, and he was determined to enjoy it to the full. He moaned loudly as his sister used her tongue to excite the end of his prick, and he felt his climax approaching.

"Vi... I'm gonna..." Dash gasped before he shot a huge load all over Violet's face, much to Violet's surprise. She wiped the spunk from around her eyes, still shocked about the amount of spunk her brother had coated her with, it easily covered her whole face, and a lot had dripped off onto her clothes.

"Looks like I won't be needing these any more." Violet said, indicating her now cum-soaked attire, and she proceeded to stand and remove her clothes down to her underwear, through which Dash could see his sister's diamond-hard nipples and drenched pussy. Dash's cock began to swell again at this sight, a fact Violet had not ignored. Suddenly, Dash grabbed her and forced her down onto his bed, and started struggling with her bra.

"Let me do that, Dash." Violet said, and reached around behind her to unclasp her bra, and took it off. Dash immediately started fondling his sister's amazing breasts, causing her to moan with pleasure. He quickly took one nipple into his mouth and began to suck on it, increasing Violet's arousal to incredible levels. He tenderly rolled the other nipple in his hand, and occasionally bite the nipple in his mouth softly, causing Violet to squeal in a mixture of pain and pleasure. After alternating between the two breasts for some time, Violet was desperate for more.

"Please Dash, go lower." Violet managed between moans, barely a quiver in her voice, using her hands to push her brother's head down lower. Dash got the message, and moved slowly down her body, kissing her body all the while. He finally arrived at her crotch, and slowly moved Violet's drenched panties down to her knees, and plunged his head between her thighs. His sister gasped with pleasure as Dash eagerly licked her moist pussy. Although Dash's oral skills didn't compare to Bethany's, the fact that it was her brother eating her out meant that Violet had more than enough stimulation, and she reached her climax very quickly.

"Oh, Dash... Yes... Yes... Please don't stop... I'm....I'm..." Violet stuttered before her climax hit her. She continued speaking but it was unintelligible, her voice had become little more than a high-pitched squeal as her came very hard on Dash's face. Her body was bucking underneath her brother, and it took a lot of Dash's strength to avoid being pushed off. Dash was still lapping up the juices after Violet had come down for her minute-long high...


Helen was quickly becoming rather restless listening to Bob's story. Sure, it was interesting enough, but she couldn't keep her mind off of how horny she was, and she soon found her self spending a lot of time glancing at her husband's crotch, admiring the huge bulge in his costume. His dick was more than a foot long, and very thick indeed. It was lucky that Helen had elastic powers or there was no way she would have been able to take his cock. Bob was also lucky, as his wife's elastic abilities meant that every time they had sex she would be as tight as she was the first time that they had fucked, and they had fucked an awful lot since then.

Bob had been noticing his wife's gazing at his manhood, but decided that he was going to continue teasing her, and so he carried on with his story, slowly repositioning himself so that Helen had an excellent view of his package, and he could see that she was making the most of it. Every time he looked at her, her eyes quickly shot up and away from his pants, and Bob inwardly laughed at her slutty behaviour.

Bob carried on with his story for another 5 minutes, before he decided that she had waited long enough.

"Honey?" Bob said.

"Yes, dear?" Helen replied, her eyes quickly retreating from staring at his bulge.

"I think that we should get down to business." Bob had barely finished saying this before Helen was stripping out of her clothes, and Bob took that as a cue that he should disrobe as well. Soon both of the heroes were naked in the front room, and it wasn't long before Helen had pushed Bob down onto the sofa and was grinding her pussy against his cock.

"Screw the foreplay, I want it now." Helen said lustily, and this sentence soon had Bob's mighty prick swelling to full mast. Helen's juices were dripping onto Bob's cock, before flowing over his mammoth balls and onto the sofa. Bob could tell that she was desperate for this, and decided that he should draw it out a little bit longer. Helen was trying to franticly force herself down onto his manhood, but Bob's super strength ensured that she wasn't going anywhere. The look of longing in his wife's eyes was beautiful to Bob, and seeing that he released his grip, causing Helen to plunge down onto his amazing dick to the hilt.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!" Helen squealed as the full length of the shaft impaled her. The enormity of the shaft never ceased to surprise her, and thanks to her elasticity she would always be able to enjoy the feeling of being stretched by the incredible shaft now buried deep within her for years to come. The initial penetration was one of Helen's favourite parts of having sex with Bob, as she loved the feeling of being stretched by a cock, and Bob's cock stretched her like nothing else could.

Bob started to spear Helen's soaked pussy with his full force, which no woman but Helen could endure due to his super strength. Bob had been missing his wife an awful lot during his time away, and although he was moving at full speed, he was experienced enough to hold back his climax. Any normal man would have orgasmed pretty quickly inside Helen thanks to her incredibly tight box, however Bob was luckily no normal man. Helen rode the cock ferociously, as though it was the last time she would ever have cock like it again.

Helen was quickly surprised when Bob pulled her off his prick, in spite of her attempts to hold onto him with her powers. Helen gazed pleadingly at her husband, pouting at him, desperately trying to wordlessly persuade him to continue the assault of her pussy.

"Not yet." Bob said quietly, "I have something I want first."

With that, he spun his wife around and slipped his dick into the crevasse between her ass cheeks, but he didn't go for her asshole. Instead, he forced the cheeks around his cock and began thrusting in between the massive globes of flesh. Bob had always had a fetish for his wife's ass, and this was always a sex act she saved for special occasions, as Bob would often quickly reach orgasm during it and Helen didn't like cleaning her husband's monstrous load from her back. However, she was so horny and desperate that she would do anything to get Bob's cock back inside her, and she quite enjoyed the stimulation now that she had tried anal with Violet, as it provided her with some slight friction on her back door. Having remembered this, Helen didn't want the cock in her pussy any more, she wanted it somewhere else.

Bob was soon on the verge on cumming thanks to Helen's meaty backside, and Helen used the stimulation of her ass by going down on herself. Helen stretched her head down to her pussy and began tonguing furiously at her clit, whilst using her hands to insert into herself and fondle Bob's balls. Helen came quickly, as she always did when she pleasured herself this way, but it wasn't a loud orgasm, she simply spasmed and shook, whimpering through out the climax. Bob was struggling to keep his cock between her butt cheeks due to the bucking and writhing that his wife was performing, however he controlled her thanks to his incredible strength.

When Helen came back to reality she could still feel Bob pummelling her backside with his powerful motions, and decided to hurry things along a bit, as she was desperate to try her husband inside her asshole. So, Helen stretched her head around her back to her Bob's cock appeared out from between her sexy ass, and used her tongue to pleasure the end. Bob thought that he could last for a lot longer and enjoy the sight of his wife's ass wrapped around his prick, but when Helen started licking the tip of the cock, he came instantly. A large amount of his load went straight into Helen's mouth, who was surprised that he had came so quickly, and a lot splashed her face, back, and butt crack, turning everything in front of his dick a creamy white.

"Sorry, honey." Bob said sheepishly, remembering how much Helen hated being cummed on. This time however, Helen not only didn't mind the feeling, she rather liked it. In fact, she loved it. Normally, she would have questioned why she had suddenly changed her mind about the issue, but an idea had popped into her head too quickly for her to have this thought.

"Bob!" Helen shouted, pretending to be angry, "How many times have I told you about doing that!"

"Sorry, honey" Bob repeated like a child.

"OK, sweety, but you owe me for this." Helen retorted.

"What do you want?" Bob asked worriedly, since he had an inclining as to what she would ask for.

"You know what I want, Bob." Helen replied forcefully. Then, Helen spread her cheeks, giving Bob a view of her tight rear entrance. For a man with an ass fetish, Bob had an odd view on anal sex. His parents had brought him up to believe that anal sex was forbidden and for gays only, and although Bob didn't have anything against homosexuals, it still seemed unnatural to him. His wife had often tried to convince him to try some anal play with her, but he had staunchly refused to even think about it. And now, Bob was being blackmailed to break his main sexual taboo, because as much as he didn't like the idea, he didn't want to think about what Helen would do if he refused.

Helen knew that she had him by the balls, both figuratively and literally, and she could pretty much force him into this. She did feel a little guilty, however she was also certain that once he entered her and felt the constriction that her ass could give him, he'd quickly regret ever refusing her. Thankfully, Bob's dick was already smeared with his and his wife's fluids, and his ass assault had covered Helen's rosebud with sweat and cum. Helen was simply hoping it was enough, as she didn't have any lube since she had given up hope of ever having anal with Bob. That dream was about to come true, and Helen's pussy was moist with anticipation.

Bob slowly moved his cock into position outside her back door before gently probing the entrance with his cock head. Helen relaxed as much as she could, and Bob's monster prick slowly entered the tight hole. Helen inhaled slowly through gritted teeth, since the lube wasn't quite enough and there was a little bit a friction pain in her backside, but that made all the sweeter for her. Bob was amazed by how tight it was in his wife's ass, it was even better than her pussy, and Bob soon forgot about his earlier prejudices in favour of worshipping his wife's incredible backside.

Bob had about half of his dick in Helen when he felt her shudder with orgasmic bliss, she came hard and quiet on his massive pole, making almost no noise at all, her pussy juices dripping from her tight snatch. Bob supported her when her knees gave out, and slowly started to withdraw.

"Don'" Helen breathed, "I... can still... take more."

So, Bob hesitantly continued pushing his huge tool into his wife's perfect backside. Every inch felt like feet to Helen, but she persevered, remembering the massive orgasm she had just experienced, and hoping for an even bigger one later on. Bob almost came when he felt his dick slide in to the base, the tightness of Helen's rear was nearly to much for him to handle. He waited for Helen to adjust to the size of his pole, before starting to begin his thrusting motions.

Helen gasped as Mr. Incredible pulled his cock back to her tight entrance, the pleasure was unlike anything she had felt before. He then rammed his cock back into her back passage, causing Helen to whimper in pain and pleasure. Bob built his speed until he was jack hammering into his wife's amazing butt, and Helen had cum several times since Bob had begun his anal assault. Her mouth hung open lazily as she continually gasped for air. If she had enough breath, she would have been screaming her pleasure for the whole house to hear. Bob reached around to his wife's breasts, and began kneading them and tweaking the nipples, causing Helen to have one final earth-moving orgasm before finally passing out from the pleasure. The last orgasm was to much for Mr. Incredible, as Elastigirl's ass muscles squeezed his cock immensely, forcing him to blow another huge load, straight into his wife's bowels. Mr. Incredible sat back on the sofa, exhausted from the fuck session, his cock still buried in his wife's ass.

Back with the children...

Violet laid back on the bed as she pulled her brother down on top of her, planting a passionate kiss on his lips, moving her hand down to his already solid manhood and guiding it towards her entrance. Dash was so caught up in the moment that he didn't notice his sister's movement, and continued the kiss, introducing his tongue to her mouth. Violet returned the favour, and although she was desperate to feel Dash filling her pussy, she remembered that this was about what Dash wanted, and so left Dash to do as he pleased with her.

Dash was also craving sex, however he didn't want to rush the situation, and to tell the truth, he was quite nervous as he had no idea what he should be doing. His sister began grinding her pussy against his member, making Dash realise that she was just as needy as he was. So, without further ado, he thrust his impressive penis forward and into his sister's tight box. This took Violet by surprise, forcing her to gasp in pleasure as the tool filled her beyond that which even her vibrator had never managed

Dash's powerful manhood entered his sister in a single thrust thanks to her extreme horniness, and he was soon pounding her pussy in earnest. Even though Dash had only just come, he could feel his climax approaching thanks to the tightness of his sister, the taboo nature of what he was doing, and the super speed of his thrusts into his tight sister. He continued relentlessly, while Violet's pussy clamped down on him and squeezed his prick tightly, causing him to move even closer to his orgasm. As Dash's prick entered her soaking pussy, the ultra-fast friction caused Violet's clit to rub along the length of the shaft, but she still wasn't quite ready yet, and although her brother's performance was admirable, she didn't think it would be enough to get her off before he finished. With that thought in mind, Violet began tugging at her very erect nipples and kneading and fondling her incredible breasts. This increased her arousal immensely, but she was still worried that she wouldn't cum in time.

Dash was on the edge now, and he was trying desperately to hold on and make sure that Violet came with him, but he had a sinking feeling that it was too late for that, as he could feel that his balls were eager to shoot another load. Looking up, Dash saw his sister's face, red with arousal, and the look of pleasure upon it, and saw her fondling her mighty breasts. He felt this cock twitch and knew he was about to cum, and so locked lips with his sister as he pumped her vulnerable box full of his cum.

Violet could feel that the load flowing into her was huge, even after Dash had cum not 10 minutes before, but the sensation still wasn't enough. At this point, Violet was urgently seeking release, and, remembering her mother's reactions earlier in the week, decided that although she was reluctant to try anal play, it was the last option if she wanted to cum now. So, Violet forcefully, and yet reluctantly, inserted a finger into her back door. The combination of all the stimulation that Violet was experiencing launched her to an incredibly powerful orgasm. She writhed violently on the bed, and it was only Dash's weight on top of her that kept her from falling off the bed. Violet was almost in an orgasmic trance, it felt as if pleasure was assaulting her from all directions, and she moaned and groaned loud enough for the whole house to here. Lucky for the sibling lovers, Helen was still having her ass pounded, so the parents couldn't hear Violet's lustful noises. The pair were exhausted from the rampant fuck session, and drifted off to a blissful sleep in each others arms.

* * *

Well, that's the end of this chapter. Again, thanks for reading and constructive comments are welcome (for example, I don't want "That was shit" but "That was shit because [insert reason here]" would be fine)

Also, if any of you would like to see more of this "series", I'm setting up a vote. I'm thinking of doing either a story similar to this one, or one that'll be a bit more unique, but certainly not to everyone's tastes. I'm not going to give out any more details, but the more unique one will involve some more Helen-Violet action. So, if you've a preference, drop me an email. I'm not going to give out any more details, but the more unique one will involve some more Helen-Violet action. Thanks again for reading.


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