I wrote this because I thought that the Incredibles, specifically Helen and Violet, had more erotic potential than people seem to have noticed, so here you go, and I hope you enjoy this (and go easy on me, this the first story I've written in four years, and the first erotic story I've ever written)

Codes: FF, F-solo, voy, anal, inc

Incredibles: Two Incredible Nights
by The White Knight ([email protected])

Helen Parr was doing her various chores around the house as she mused over everything that had happened over the last 4 years: supers had come out of retirement, she and her family had stopped countless super villains, the world was a better place. However, she was still struggling with her household jobs like any other house wife, even though Violet was often helping her. In the 4 year period, Violet and Helen had really bonded and spent most of their free time together, and Violet would often assist her mother with her various duties in and out of the family home. Often, the two would pair up to fight crime, especially since Bob and Dash had done the same. Over the years, Violet's appearance had changed a lot; her old gangly physique had been replaced with a figure more like her mother's. Her hips grown wider, her breasts had grown to a more substantial 36 C, and she had acquired her mother's amazing ass. Violet was now very much a woman.

Bob and Dash had been asked to go to New York and fight Sir Smash-a-lot while Helen and Violet were left at home.

"Typical." Helen thought "The men go out and have all the fun, and the women are left at home."

Violet had one of her girl friends, Bethany, over for the evening, and Helen was going to the movies with Susanne, one of her old friends. Helen was extremely glad that Violet had finally come out of her shell and had amassed almost an entourage of people, most of whom did not even know she existed before her change in personality, "And appearance" Helen thought cynically.

"Ok, Vi, I'm going to the cinema now, bye!" Helen shouted as she left the house in a hurry. Susanne wasn't known for her patience, and Helen rushed down the street to Susanne's house. 10 minutes later, Helen arrived at Susanne's front door and knocked three times. There was no answer, and Helen was about to leave when she noticed a note stuck to the wall beside the door. It read "Dear Helen, my mother's been admitted to hospital and I've got to go and be with her until she's feeling better. Talk to you when I get back, Susanne." As Helen read the note, she became very frustrated as she wondered why Susanne hadn't simply texted her and saved her the time of walking down to her house. Susanne wasn't known for her intelligence either, and Helen began the trek back home.

As she opened the front door to the house, Helen could hear the girls upstairs and decided to make herself a drink and settle in to watch a movie on TV instead. She poured herself a glass of wine and settled in to watch "Notting Hill" for the fiftieth time. After about half an hour, Helen had lost focus on the film and was instead drifting into sleep, thanks to the copious amount of wine she had consumed and the intense battle with one of Crushatron's stronger minions earlier in the day. She decided that she ought to go to her bedroom and rest instead of dozing on the couch, and dragged herself upstairs. As she passed her daughter's room, she could hear moaning and groaning coming from behind Violet's door. She intended to ignore it, but then she heard Bethany's voice, "Oh fuck yes, Vi!"

That stopped her in her tracks. "Oh my god!" thought Helen, "Is Vi a lesbian?" Tentatively, Helen pushed the door open a little further, just enough for her to peek into the room. She was stunned by what she found. Bethany was laid naked on Violet's bed, and Violet was between Bethany's legs. Helen couldn't see what Violet was doing, but she didn't need to. Bethany's complexion and moans of pleasure made it all too clear what was happening.

Helen was transfixed in the doorway peeking into her daughter's room, becoming hornier by the second. Violet had started fondling Bethany's ample breasts, but all Helen could think about was Violet doing the same to her. Helen imagined herself being treated to the same pleasure from her own daughter. In her mind, Violet began fondling her breasts and was lapping at her pussy with vigour. Helen started to use her own hands to replicate Violet's actions on her own body, and before she knew it, Helen was knelt half naked in her daughter's doorway kneading her huge breasts with one hand and manipulating her pussy with the other.

Meanwhile, Violet was very much enjoying her first taste of pussy. She had never thought of herself as a lesbian, although she had always admired the bodies of other women. That all changed when her boyfriend of two years, Tony, had dumped her a few months ago. Bethany had been there to comfort her in her time of need, and one thing had lead to another, culminating in the current situation. Violet was using her favourite vibrator to fuck her own pussy, and she was incredibly pleased that Bethany was clearly enjoying her tongue fucking. Violet then plunged three fingers into Bethany's convulsing pussy, which tipped Bethany over the edge and she started screaming, "Oh god, yes Vi! Lick my pussy! Fuck my clit! Oh god, I'm cumming, I'm cummmiiiinnggg!"

With that, Bethany's pussy exploded over Violet's face, soaking her in girl cum. Violet's pussy spasmed as she thrust the vibrator as deep as it would go into her soaking pussy and came, drenching the plastic cock with her juices as she moaned into her friend's feminine folds. Simultaneously, Helen came incredibly hard all over her hand, soaking her panties and jeans with girl cum, and only just managed to contain a scream that would have surely revealed her presence to the two lovers.

Helen felt ashamed of her behaviour as she knelt outside the door,

"I'm sat outside my daughter's room covered in my own cum with my tits and pussy on show and I just came watching my daughter fuck one of her best friends." She decided that she ought to break up the party, and sneaked down the stairs and opened and shut the front door with a loud bang, yelling, "Vi! I'm back!" She heard Vi shout back, "Hi Mum! We're in my room!" Violet sounded quite surprised, which relieved Helen since she wasn't sure if Violet knew she had come home early. With that, Helen rushed upstairs to clean herself up and go to bed.

As Helen climbed into the bed, she realised that she had just been very selfish with Violet, shooing away her girlfriend before Violet got a chance to experience the joys of lesbian sex, something with which Helen was intimately familiar. Helen resolved to try and get Bethany to come round again tomorrow and leave the two lovers to their own business this time.

After Violet had said goodbye to Bethany, she ran upstairs and laid down on her bed. She couldn't believe what had just transpired. Not only had she just given Bethany an incredible orgasm, but she knew that her mother had watched her do it, and had done more than just watch.
"I don't think she knows that I saw her." Violet mused to herself. The knowledge that her own mother was watching her fuck her friend made her extremely aroused, and she used her vibrator to bring her to several more climaxes while fantasising about her mother having sex with her, before she came herself to exhaustion, and eventually sleep.

* * *

Violet awoke very late in the morning, it was almost 11 o'clock before she had got out of bed and had a shower. After changing her now very smelly sheets and using a lot of air freshener in her room, she trudged downstairs, still tired from her many orgasms last night. She found her mother in the kitchen, preparing a meal.

"Morning, Mum" Violet said, "Is that for me?"

"Oh, hi, Vi. Yeah, I wanted to get out for the day so I thought I'd make this for you to have for dinner tonight." Helen replied, "Do you want invite a friend over for the day while I'm gone?" she added not so subtly.

"She probably feels guilty for interrupting me and Beth last night" Violet thought. However, Violet had almost forgotten about Bethany. Before, Violet had spent many hours a day masturbating over Bethany, and often the mere mention of her name was enough for Violet to soak her panties. Today, the thought of Bethany had not had that effect on her, but seeing her mother this morning had made Violet want to finger herself right then and there. "I shouldn't be thinking about my mother in this way" Violet thought, but she couldn't deny that her body was reacting to her mother. Violet couldn't help but notice her mother's amazing curvaceous figure; her huge tits and amazing ass looked delicious to Violet, and she wanted to strip her mother and run her hands all over her body. "I have to have her, as soon as possible." Violet decided, and figured out a plan that might let her achieve this. "Oh, well, I wanted to spend the day with you Mum" Violet responded "If that's alright with you?" she added quickly.

Helen was now quite worried. She had hoped that spending the day apart from her daughter would cause her to forget these new feelings, and now Violet wanted to spend the entire day with her. Helen looked at her daughter's face, which looked mostly normal, but there was an emotion there that Helen couldn't quite place. She dismissed the thought quickly, and slyly ran her eyes over her daughter's body. It was Helen's idea of perfection; big tits, a nice bubble butt, good hips and a thin waist. Violet reminded her of herself when she was that age, although she had inherited some of Bob's height too. Helen quickly looked away when she realised she might have been staring, but she had looked long enough for her nipples to harden and her pussy to moisten with desire. Helen couldn't help but blurt out, "That's fine, honey, I'd love to spend some time with you.", which she immediately regretted.

Violet's heart raced. She had felt sure that her mother wouldn't want to be around her after last night, thanks to the embarrassing nature of the situation. However, that was not the answer she gave and this excited Violet no end. She had also caught her mother scanning her body, which stimulated her immensely. She was glad she had decided to keep her bath robe on, otherwise her arousal would have become very obvious, very quickly.

"OK, where were you going to go?" Violet asked, determined to see her plan through now that her mother's reactions implied these feelings were mutual.

"I was going to go down to the..." Helen stopped as she was interrupted by the "super" phone. "Vi, get ready, time to go and save the city, again." Violet ran upstairs and changed into her costume while her mother hurried over to the phone, removing her clothes to reveal the suit underneath.

"Yes, Mayor...Yes...Alright....OK, we'll be there soon...Bye." Mrs. Incredible said quickly as Violet sprinted down the stairs, her perfect tits bouncing as she did so, arousing Helen all over again. They both rushed to the IncrediCar and sped off to the city centre.

* * *

Helen and Violet struggled into the house after a long day battling the Crushatron and his minions. They had finally managed to critically damage the Crushatron, which they thought should put him out of action for at least one month.

Both women were tired but there was enough adrenaline to keep them awake. Now that the battle was over, Violet finally loosened up enough to be hypnotised by her mother's swaying, curvaceous ass as she walked back into the house. She imagined herself worshipping her mother's beautiful ass as she wanked herself silly, causing her to flood her pussy with moisture.

Helen walked into the kitchen to get herself a drink of water, unaware of Violet's stare and fantasies, downed the water, and almost fell asleep on her feet now that the rush of fighting had worn away, and she slowly worked her way up the stairs and into her bedroom, where she removed her costume and fell face first onto the bed, dropping to sleep instantly.

Violet followed her up the stairs, but had no intention of going to sleep yet. She heard her mother hit the bed, and decided to wait in her room for a little while to make sure that she was asleep. After a few minutes had passed, she crept across the landing and into her mother's room. Seeing her mother's naked form on her bed was more than enough to turn Violet on, and in a flash she was out of her costume and frigging her pussy like crazy. She sneaked closer to her mother, so close that she could reach out and touch her, and touch her she did. Violet's free hand roamed across her mother's prostrate form, paying special attention to her fantastic ass. Violet didn't care that her mother might wake at any moment, she was too focussed on her aggressive masturbation.

As satisfying as her fingers were, Violet needed a little extra just to get to her climax. She ran back to her room, raided her drawers for her vibrator and rushed back to her mother's room. She thanked Lady Luck that her mother had rolled onto her side, giving Violet full access to her glorious body. Violet went straight for her mother's tits now that they were available. She was surprised at how firm they were, but considering her mother's powers, it shouldn't have been that shocking. She thrust the vibrator deep into her quivering pussy, whilst suckling on her mother's bountiful breasts. She started pounding the vibrator into her pulsating pussy, and kneaded her brilliant tits, all the while ogling her mother's body. Suddenly, her mother opened her eyes and kissed her daughter passionately and deeply. That did it, and Violet came on her mother's bed, drenching the sheets and letting out a rather loud moan as she climaxed to the thought of the perverted nature of her actions. Violet's whole body quaked with orgasmic bliss as her mother continued to wrestle her daughter's tongue, and this, combined with her mother's fondling of her incredible breasts brought Violet to a second orgasm seconds after the first. The pleasure she experienced was so great that she almost passed out.

After Violet had recovered from her earth-shaking orgasm, she looked at her mother in shock as she realised what had just happened. "How...How long were you awake?" Violet asked tentatively after a long silence.

"You woke me when you ran out of the room." Helen said, "Don't worry, honey, I'm not mad or anything. In fact, I loved every second of it, it was an amazing experience." Helen added when she noticed the look of worry cross her daughter's face. After all, she didn't want to scare Violet away, especially now that her own pussy was moist with anticipation.

"Oh, I...I..." Violet stuttered as she tried to regain her composure, before her mother pulled her onto the bed, rolled on top of her daughter, and resumed her passionate kissing. Their bodies aligned as lips pressed on lips, breasts pressed on breasts, and their pussies aligned. Helen was greatly enjoying the experience, and began thrusting her pussy against her daughter's thigh, stimulating her sensitive clit and leaving a trial of girl cum along her daughter's leg. Violet, for her part, was a rather inactive lover at first as she was still caught in the shock of the event. However, she quickly recovered and kissed her mother back with a force and passion that she didn't know she could feel before. Helen was soon panting as her orgasm crept up on her, the perverse nature of their actions aroused her almost to the brink. Violet then quickly removed the vibrator from her pussy and rammed it deep into her mother's convulsing pussy, placing Helen on the cusp of the greatest orgasm she had even experienced. It still wasn't enough for her though, and in the heat of the moment, she begged Violet for something that she had always wanted to try, but had never dared attempt.

" my my ass!" she managed to gasp. Violet was quick to respond, shoving two digits into her mother's ass. Helen felt like she had been launched into orbit as her pussy and ass sky-rocketed her to the greatest climax of her life, and she screamed her pleasure for all to hear, "OH MY GOD!! YES, YES,YES, FUUUCCCCKKKK, I'M CUMMMIIIINNNNNGGG!!!"

Helen slowly came down from her orbital orgasm and the two women began to kiss lightly, enjoying the post orgasmic feeling of tranquillity, and fell asleep in each other's arms.
_ _ _

Th-th-th-th-that's all, folks, thanks for reading! Constructive comments welcome (for example, I don't want "That was shit" but "That was shit because [insert reason here]" would be fine).


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