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Ice Princess: The Rewards Of Landing A Double Axle (Ff, anal, oral, rim, toys)
by MTL ([email protected]) and LL ([email protected])

It wasn't unusual for Casey Carlyle to be watching a teen romance flick. Under her bed were dozens of them: Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, Mean Girls. What was unusual was her to be watching a German teen 'romance' flick, the type you would pick up from at a certain type of store in the bad side of town, with the sound turned way down. And for the two female leads to be naked. Casey watched open mouthed as the brunette teen pulled the strap-on out of her friend's pussy and turned the blonde onto her front.

"Yaaarrhhh," moaned Casey torn between horror and lust as the strap-on entered the blonde's back hole. Casey's hand reached down and rubbed at herself. With a pair of jeans and cotton panties between her hand and her pussy she could hardly feel the movement. But there was enough of a frisson of friction to make her feel good.

Casey's Mom kept a close eye on her daughter's use of the Internet so to learn about sex Casey had been forced to pick up a porno from the town's only sex store. Casey had been so embarrassed going in there that she had grabbed the first thing on the shelf, paid for it and left. The majority of the film had been guy/girl and a plot Casey couldn't really follow but she barely ever watched those scenes, choosing instead to watch this one over and over, concentrating mostly on this particular part.

The first time she had seen it she was horrified but so transfixed she hadn't been able to turn it off. The idea of anal sex was so gross, and no matter how she calculated it Casey just couldn't see how it could be pleasurable, but she also couldn't see how the blonde could be faking her enjoyment given the shots of her soaking wet pussy.

The brunette was saying something, but even if the TV wasn't down Casey's German wasn't good enough to understand what she was saying, Spanish - yes, French - yes, even Italian if the porn star had been asking for directions for the beach. But German, unfortunately there weren't enough hours in the day for her to have added it to her timetable. Still, it didn't take a linguist to work out what they were doing.

The camera concentrated on the blonde's expressions, closing in to see her contorted and sweaty features as she opened her mouth to scream in pleasure. What had been a moderately attractive face was lit up by her excitement, making her seem as pretty as the proverbial princess. Casey gave another moan. She wished she was as attractive as that, instead she was the school physics champ and, in her mind, intelligence and beauty went together as well as gravy and apple pie. In reality, Casey was being harsh on herself; she was way to pretty to be a geek, with her long dark hair, sparse frame and impish looks she was more likely to be mistaken for a elven princess than a physics professor.

The camera moved again. This time to give a close up of the toy slamming in and out of the blonde's butt. Casey moaned again and rubbed herself just a little harder. She had wondered if some camera trickery was involved and that the girl on screen was just faking it, but if that shot was fake the Director of Cinematography should be up for an Oscar. The dildo was really going down hard and going down deep. Casey wouldn't have described herself as a lesbian. She was pretty sure she liked boys; she wasn't absolutely sure, of course, never having had one. But they did look good, smelt good and she imagined felt good. And if most of them were not great conversationalists, being more interested in cars and sports than the theory of relativity - well, very few girls knew E=MC2 either.

Still, thought Casey, as the blonde's butt cheeks wobbled under the brunette's anal assault, there was something to be said for teen girls as well. They also looked good, smelt good and, if her own body was anything to go by, felt good. It was possible to have both she decided. Or would be possible to have both if either sex gave her a passing glance.

"Hi, I'm home," her Mom called from downstairs sending Casey into a frantic explosion of activity. Her Mom being out was the only reason why Casey was able to watch a porn flick and it was the knowledge that she would soon be back soon being the reason the sound was down.

Quickly Casey got the DVD out and slid it under her pillow. Another DVD was sitting on the desk and she slid that into the PC. She could here her Mom coming up the stairs, the clump of her feet getting closer. Casey felt a panic rising, the DVD seemed to be taking an age to boot up. God, she prayed, please let the machine work quicker. If there wasn't a skating rink on the machine her Mom was bound to ask questions, suspecting Casey on mucking around on the internet or otherwise goofing instead of studying.

The door swung open, just as the DVD began to play. Casey gave a silent sigh of relief and turned to her Mom, clicking the pause, as if she had been so engrossed that she hadn't even heard her Mom appear, "Hi Mom," she said, hoping that she didn't sound like she was on the edge of a panic attack.

Obviously she didn't as her Mom just smiled, "I'm back. How's it going?"

Casey turned back to the screen. She blinked and gave another silent sigh. It was typical that she had managed to freeze the frame just as Gen Harwood had stuck her back leg out in an almost, but not quiet, perfect right angle. It pushed up her short skirt, leaving her panties perfectly exposed - right in the middle of the frame. If Casey had being hoping to cool down after the last ten minutes erotica, Gen's underwear being on full display wasn't likely to help. She tried to force the blue cotton material from her mind and not think about what was underneath, "Good Mom. Look at the way the skater bends her head forward to balance. If she just moved a few inches more, she'd be able to bring her leg up so that's its perpendicular with the ice."

As way of an explanation she jabbed her finger over Gen's private parts, shielding them from her view. It didn't help as a quick vision of her touching a girl's parts in reality sprang into her mind. She blushed and turned to face her Mom. Her Mom nodded, "I'm so proud of you Casey. You're putting so much time into this project; I'm sure the Harvard Professors will be jumping over themselves to get you."

Casey smiled, "Yes, Mom."

"Well, I'll leave you to it," replied her Mom, "unless you want any help with your calculations."

"I'll be fine," said Casey. Her Mom seemed keener than Casey about her going to Harvard. Casey still wasn't sure she wanted to do it; she wasn't sure what she wanted at all.

"Okay then," there was a definite note of disappointment in her Mom's voice, but she backed out and closed the door.

It was too risky to put back on the porn, so Casey picked up her pen and jotted a few calculations down. She looked up again at the screen, Gen did have a nice pair of panties.

* * *

"Hey Casey." Gen greeted.

"H... hey Gen." Casey greeted back, feeling foolish, but she was fighting a blush as the sight of the other girl reminded her of being caught by her Mom earlier.

Luckily if Casey had blushed Gen wouldn't have noticed, the blonde sitting down and switching her shoes for her skates before joining Casey who was waiting for her on the ice. She had already changed from her day to day wear to something more suitable for skating in.

The sight of other girls undressing set feelings running in Casey, feelings she was embarrassed would show. It was the way they slid of their pants, slowly and seductively, like they were teasing her and the way bosoms bounced beneath bras as they stretched their bodies as they brought down their jumpers. She was sure she had the same feelings around semi-naked boys, luckily she'd never been forced into a unisex changing room.

Although if push came to shove Casey would change in public if she was forced too she still preferred to change on her own either in the toilets or simply arriving early. She hoped the other girls would brush off her behaviour as simply being conscientious of the fact that she was a geek, and therefore, in her mind, no looker.

"So, did you study the copy of the tape I sent you?" Casey asked.

"Yes." Gen sighed in a way which made Casey doubt that she had, "And I remember everything you said, so let's give this a shot."

"Ok." Casey said as Gen skated past her and to the centre of the ice ring.

Gen didn't mean to be so bitchy towards Casey, after all the science geek had been nothing but nice to her, but she had been trying to land a double axle for a while now and part of her resented that the only way she might finally do it is with help.

Carefully Gen stopped herself in the correct place, took a deep breath, and then went for it, desperately trying to remember everything Casey had said while at the same time hoping she didn't land on her butt.

As she launched into the air her skirt flew up, giving Casey another view of her panties which only reminded the brown haired geek of earlier, this time a full blush appearing on her face, not that Gen noticed as she was too busy falling on her backside.

"Dammit!" Gen exclaimed, looking over at the other girl, "What am I doing wrong?"

"I... I don't know..." Casey said, "Were you concentrating?"

Casey immediately regretted saying it as Gen glared at her, "Yes!"

"I mean, it's a tough move, so if you're worrying about falling on your butt just a little bit you might not get it right, you know?" Casey explained what she meant.

"Well I wasn't." Gen lied defensively, feeling a little stupid for making such an amateur mistake, "But I'll try it again."

"Ok. Remember, it's supposed to go..." Casey executed the move perfectly, "Like this."

Although she knew Casey was just trying to help the fact the science geek pulled off a double axle perfectly right in front of her only annoyed Gen. On the bright side she, if life was fair Casey would have the grace of a drunken hippopotamus, instead of having the grace of a swan. And she wasn't flunking math. On the bright side Gen was able to channel her rage into doing the move, clearing her mind at the right moment, spinning in the air and landing gracefully on her skates. Unfortunately she landed gracefully right in front of Casey, unable to stop her spin so she crashed into her and knocking them both to the floor.

"Oooouuuufff!" both girls exclaimed, before Gen added, "Sorry."

"It's... it's ok..." Casey stammered. The way Gen had hit her the geek had got the full force of the goddesses chest against her. My God, it felt... well it wobbled.

Gen was about to get up when she noticed something odd. Casey's breathing was erratic, and she was blushing. If Gen didn't know any better...

"Are you ok?" Gen asked.

"What, oh, me, yes, sure, I'm fine." Casey said quickly, cursing herself for her lack of cool.

Gen looked puzzled for a moment, and then asked, "Are you... into me?"

"What???!!!" Casey exclaimed.

"Are you into me?" Gen asked again.

"What... I... no. No. I just..." Casey stammered, before she was cut off by Gen's lips crashing onto her own.

Casey's eyes went wide and she went as stiff as a board, but just as Gen was beginning to think she had made a mistake Casey's lips went into business for themselves, pressing back against Gen's to the science geek's surprise and horror.

Before Casey could stop herself from kissing back Gen lifted her head, looked thoughtful for a moment, and then smiled.

"You want to get out of here?" Gen asked.

"Oh, erm, sure... I guess, I guess I'll see you later." Casey stammered.

Gen frowned in confusion for a moment, and then smiled, "I meant do you want to get out of here and go somewhere with me. Preferably somewhere... more private."

"Oh... OH... I, erm, I..." Casey stammered again, her mind racing a mile a minute.

Gen sighed as Casey seemed to turn into a broken record, repeating those three words over and over until it ceased being cute and started being annoying. It wasn't like they had time for this anyway, her Mom would be here soon to teach a beginners class and while she could simply brush off her current position as she fell on Casey, which was true, she didn't want to give her Mom any hints that she might not be entirely straight. That was a conversation she wasn't ready to have with her, so Gen decided to push Casey for an answer.

"Come on Casey, you helped me land a double axle. I really need to find some way I can reward you." Gen said suggestively.

Casey blinked, her heart pounding in her chest. There was no way Gen could be suggesting what it seemed like she was suggesting. There was just no way. Not in a million years.

Gen was one of the most popular girls in school and by far the prettiest. Even if she was into girls why on earth would she ever suggest... what it seemed like she was suggesting.

However the look in Gen's eyes told her otherwise, and while Casey's mind was suspicious of some kind of setup, worried of being discovered, and had half a dozen other reasons she should politely decline her body, which was still unsatisfied from its early interruption, wouldn't allow her to say no.

"Ok." Casey said softly, against her better judgement.

Gen's grin seemed to light up the huge ice ring as she disentangled herself from Casey, both girls struggling to get back onto their skates.

"I'm just going to try the double axle one more time, just to make sure I've got it, ok?" Gen said, not so much asking Casey as telling her.

It didn't even occur to Gen that Casey might mind, that part of Casey was worried that either she or Gen would regain their senses if they didn't 'get out of here' right that second, but Casey would never be that rude.

Of course by the time Casey nodded and softly said "Ok" Gen had already skated away and was preparing to do the double axle, this time Gen landing it perfectly as Casey was a safe distance away, sitting on a chair for support as she didn't trust her shell-shocked legs.

Gen's double axle was a beautiful sight to behold, and despite the fact she was still in shock Casey was proud of the popular girl.

"It worked." Casey said breathlessly.

"Just like you said it would." Gen grinned.

It may not have been how she would have liked to have finally completed the move, but now she had Gen was grateful to Casey and her computer program.

As if she could sense what the other girl was thinking Casey said, "The computer doesn't make the jumps... that was all you."

Gen smiled. Casey really was sweet. She had always been so nice to her, even when Gen hadn't done the same, and she had helped her. She really did deserve a reward.

"So." Gen said, a predatory grin crossing her face, "You still want to get out of here?"

Casey gulped, her mind reminding her why this was probably a bad idea, but the tingle in her pussy was stronger. She paused before she softly said, "Ok."

* * *

"My Mom won't be back until late," said Gen as she opened her bedroom door. It was the first thing they'd said to each other since they'd left the rink. Gen had been concentrating on driving and Casey wasn't sure what to say. In truth her mind was still in a whirl. Her, Casey Carlyle, Stay at Home Saturday girl, science geek, voted most likely to die a virgin, had just been kissed by the most popular girl in school. And not just a peck or a Mommy kiss, but a full on smack on the lips. She wasn't sure whether she was in heaven or hell, oh it seemed great, but the only explanation that Casey could think off for what was happening was that Gen had banged her head as they fell. Any minute Gen would recover and boot her out.

"You coming in?" asked Gen, "I mean I love the hall carpet as well, but I can't stare at it all night."

"Sorry, yes," Casey stepped into Gen's room. In some ways it was a typical teenage girl's, a Hi-Fi with CDs stacked against it, some unfinished schoolwork on the desk, a few posters with topless boy-band hunks, a slushy romance novel on her sideboard. But in other ways it was a shrine to skating, posters of famous skaters plastered most of the wall, outnumbering the Backstreet Boys, the shelves were stacked with books on skating and through a half-opened wardrobe door Casey could see a selection of sequinned costumes.

She moved a soft toy and dropped onto the seat. Gen sat on the bed and eyed her quizzically, "You want to come over here?"

"Sure," replied Casey, but remained seated.

Gen smiled, it was infectious and Casey could see why Gen was so popular. Though it turned out she could also be blunt as Gen followed up with, "You ever kissed a girl?"

Casey went red and shook her head, God she was horribly inexperienced. Gen must think she was a total dork. Gen didn't look like she thought Casey was a dork, she was still smiling, a bit more sympathetically, "What about a boy?"

"Not so you'd notice," answered Casey.

"Oh," said Gen, she momentarily looked nonplussed as if she'd never met a teenager who'd never been kissed. Her surprised expression only lasted a moment, "You want to make out then?"

"I guess," said Casey shyly. It was why she'd come, though now she was here, she was starting to wonder whether she had made the right choice.

"You got a long tongue?" asked Gen.

Casey looked at her feet. They hadn't even started and Gen was already unhappy with her attributes, "Average I guess."

Gen laughed and patted the bed beside her, "You weren't supposed to answer that. I meant how are we going to make out if you're half across the room. Come and sit here."

Casey got up, slowly she walked over and sat down on the bed. Gen looked at the foot gap between them, she gave a smile and shuffled closer so that they were touching, "Look Casey, don't be nervous, we'll just have a bit of a make-out session; if we're going to far or too fast tell me and I'll stop."

"Okay," said Casey. She gave a smile, it was a nervous smile, but one nonetheless. Gen placed a hand on Casey's thigh and put the other round the brunette's back, flicking underneath her long hair to rest it on her baggy woollen jumper. Slowly the blonde leant forward, until her lips were touching Casey's. Only then did she open her mouth and slide in her tongue. At first it was like kissing marble, but after a few seconds Casey reacted. Her own tongue flicked out rubbing over the blonde's and her lips moved in time, pushing hard against Gen's. Casey's hands, which had been sitting unmoving on her lap moved, one to grip Gen's back, the other on her thigh. Gen could feel the warmth of Casey's palm through her thin tights, it was giving her a feeling of excitement.

She kissed harder. Casey kissed back. Gen had been expecting that Casey would be poor kisser, but hoping that she'd be average. But this was better than she hoped. Casey was incredible, so good that Gen could almost feel her hair straightening and her toes curling. Gen had kissed her fair share in life, ranging from decidedly dreamy to decidedly drooly, but none had ever done this too her. If this was Casey's first time Gen was terrified at how good she'd be with some practice.

"MMMnnn," Gen pulled back and breathed.

Casey looked horrified, "Did I do something wrong? Oh, I'm a terrible kisser aren't I?"

Gen opened her mouth and shut it again. The brunette's reaction had surprised her, Casey Carlyle might be the brightest girl in class, a fine figure skater and the best natural kisser Gen had ever met, but she had the self-awareness of a goldfish. Gen couldn't work Casey out at all, in school she seemed so stand-offish, looking down on anyone who didn't have a brain the size of a planet, which was virtually everyone. And then she had waltzed in and said with a computer she could help them with moves it had taken Gen years to come close to mastering. But perhaps she wasn't thinking she was above them, perhaps she was just shy. Whatever, Gen thought, she's the best kisser ever. She shook her head said, "No, you were good, better than good. But, a girl's got to breathe."

"Oh," Casey smiled, "Want another go?"

Did Gen want another go? That was like asking whether Roseanne Barr wanted more donuts. Gen gave herself enough time to quickly nod, before latching her mouth onto Casey's. Impossible though it seemed, this time was even better, Casey was able to move her tongue into angles that Gen could barely match. The blonde wondered whether she should go a little further. Casey seemed to be enjoying it, so why not she decided, her friend could always tell her to stop. Letting go off Casey's thigh Gen moved her hand up to the brunette's tits. She rested it there for a second, with no reaction from Casey. Gen gave a squeeze, the woollen jumper was so baggy she could hardly feel anything, but Casey obviously did. She stopped slurping and her eyes widened in surprise. Gen was about to let go when Casey resumed kissing her. Seconds later it was Casey's turn to be surprised as Casey hands surreptitiously moved up her thigh and under her skirt.

Slowly, like a piece of treacle sliding down a spoon, Casey's hand crept further. Gen kissed Casey harder as the brunette reached her panties and stroked at the material and the promise underneath. Suddenly Casey's hand snatched back and she recoiled, "Sorry," she blushed.

Gen couldn't work out why Casey should apologise, Gen certainly wasn't complaining that the brunette had tried to cop a feel. But she could see that things had moved a bit too fast for the other teen. Still that was no excuse to stop kissing. Gen reattached her mouth to Casey's before the other girl could launch into further apologies. Casey's spare hand flailed around like an Octopus with a spare tentacle. Casey gripped the brunette's wrist and guided the hand so that it was resting on one of the blonde's tits. Luckily Casey took the hint and began to squeeze at the bosom. Not too hard, not too soft, just right - Casey was a natural.

Eventually they broke again. Casey sucked desperately at clean oxygen. She felt afire; if that was what kissing was like no wonder the other girls went on and on about it in the locker room. Her entire body was a cocoon of warmth, from her toes to her forehead. She wiped a trickle of sweat from her forehead, God she must look a mess and Gen seemed so composed. Casey ran her hand up through her hair, there were trickles of sweat there, giving it a wet, clammy feel, "God, I'm hot."

Gen grinned, "Yep, you're definitely that."

It took Casey a second to understand the allusion, when she did she blushed. It was such a nice thing for Gen to say, so unlike what she was expecting. At the same time being told she was hot by another girl, well by anyone, was a new experience for Casey and one she wasn't quiet prepared for. To stop the conversation straying beyond her comfort boundaries she steered it back to what she had actually meant, "I mean warm. Hot and sticky."

Gen grinned again and seemed to be about to make another quip before deciding against it. Instead she plucked at Casey's jumper, "I'm not surprised, this is 100% wool, guaranteed to keep you warm in the ice, not so good when you're inside. Why don't you take it off?"

Casey had considered that, unfortunately she hadn't been prepared for a hot and heavy make out session, otherwise she'd have worn a T-shirt beneath, "I've only got my bra on."

"So have I," said Casey. She paused and stroked Casey's hand, "Tell you what if I take mine off will that help?"

"It might," replied Casey, unwilling to commit herself.

Gen took that as an affirmative. She stood up and pulled of her silk top. Casey almost swallowed her tongue. The only thing covering Gen's well rounded tits was a very skimpy red lace bra, one which was so thin that an energetic movement could have caused a nipple slip. Gen could see the reaction it was having on Casey and stretched back, pulling up her toned stomach muscles and making her tummy taut. Casey gulped again, there was no way her Mom would have allowed her to buy such a sultry bra, nor would she ever look so good in it.

"Your turn," grinned Gen.

"What?" asked Casey, her mind still dazzled by the firm stomach and juicy tits on display.

"To take of your jumper," reminded Gen.

Suddenly Casey felt cold. Perhaps if Gen wasn't such a perfect beauty she wouldn't have minded, but how would her scrawny teenage frame looked compared to the voluptuous of the sexual Goddess in front of her, "Er..." she tried to think of an excuse.

Casey laughed again, that merry, infectious, mirthful giggle she gave, "Okay I'll do you a deal. I'll take of my bra, if you take off your jumper."

It sounded like a good bargain, Casey would get a look at Gen's bosoms whilst Gen wouldn't see much at all. She still paused, if Gen went topless that was opening another set of problems; things were moving fast. She looked up, Gen was still smiling at her. Casey closed her eyes and took a deep breath, "It's a deal."

"'kay," said Gen. She reached behind her back and unclipped her bra. She whipped it off and held it daintily in her hand for a second before letting it drop. Casey hardly noticed, her jaw seemed so weak any speech would have been incomprehensible and she wasn't sure if she opened her mouth she'd be able to close it again. She gulped as Gen's titties moved as the teen walked towards, they bounced, they heaved, they jumped - they were perfect. Gen stopped in front of Casey, "Top," she reminded.

Casey still wasn't sure about this, but she had made an agreement and it was too late to welch on it. She decided best not to think about it and just quickly pull of her jumper. She dropped it to the floor and blushed, as Gen said, "That wasn't so bad was it, I bet you're not so warm now."

"Yes," Casey said. It was strange, but she felt a little bit liberated, as if a weight had come off her, though the jumper whilst thick hadn't been heavy.

"Wanna make out some more?" asked Gen.

Casey did, but she thought it was only fair to point out the obvious, "You're not wearing a bra."

Gen shrugged, "I can put it back on."

Quickly Casey shook her head, " I'm good if you are."

"I think we've worked out I'm very bad," said Gen. Before Casey had a chance to reply Gen's lips were against hers. Casey opened her lips and let the blonde slide in her tongue, before moving hers in a reciprocal gesture. Gen's hands were on her back, pulling her closer. Casey was more sure what to do with her own hands this time, she placed one on the thigh and wrapped the other round Casey's back. Gen's tits pushed into her, the nipples so hard they almost pushed apart Casey's bra and into her own titties. The blonde was such a good kisser, the way she moved her mouth and her body, her hands caressing Casey's naked back like a masseur.

Suddenly Casey froze. Gen's hands had stopped moving, but stopped with her fingers touching Casey's bra-clip. The skater was tweaking it, not undoing it, but hinting that she would. Casey's stomach did a flip; when she'd left home she'd planned to give some skating tips and techniques, when she'd come to the house it was for a bit of a make-out session; if she let her bra fall they'd be going a lot further than that. It was time to make another decision... Casey met Gen's eyes, they were beautiful. Slowly she drew back long enough to say nod, before bringing her mouth back to the blonde.

The bra fell onto her legs.

It felt strange to feel her nipples rubbing against Gen, but certainly it wasn't a bad feeling. Indeed it was extremely fun to feel her titties being bounced into and to bounce in turn. It made Casey hot, not warm, but hot and moist, her pussy telling her she was getting sexually turned-on. She wondered if Gen was feeling the same way. Perhaps it was being topless that made her daring, but she moved her hand along Gen's thighs and under the skaters short skirt. Further she crept, Gen made no attempt to stop her. Further until she was at the skater's panties. Casey touched them, they were damp and she could feel the shape of Gen's pussy lips beneath them.

Suddenly aware of what she had done Casey made to go back, but Gen's hand had reached down and was holding her wrist, lightly, but firmly. To take her hand away Casey would have to shake herself free and, inexperienced though she was, she thought that might be seen as unfriendly.

Her suspicions that Gen might be enjoying her touch were confirmed as the blonde broke lip contact and said, "Stroke my pussy, Casey, make it hot."

Casey began to rub at the material. Gen gave a moan. Casey rubbed a bit harder and Gen moaned louder. Indeed the faster and harder Gen touched the panties and the cunt underneath the louder Gen became. The blonde's cheeks became flushed and the panties began to grow moist, sticking between the twat lips, "Oh Casey, oh yes, that's it."

Casey found herself enjoyed the other girls reactions, it wasn't something she ever thought would happen - her pleasuring the school's most popular sex siren. And from Gen's moans she was enjoying it as much as Casey. Gen could feel Casey liquid seeping through the panties and onto her palm. Gen gave another squeak, "Oh my God. That's it Casey, that's good."

The young skater moved forward. This time though the brunette wasn't surprised as Gen unbuttoned Casey's jeans. The teenage blonde slid her hand down under the elastic of Casey's panties and down. Casey realised she was damp, the liquid was sticking to her small dark patch of pubic hair. Gen didn't seem to mind as she moved her fingers through it, "Oh how soft," the blonde murmured..

She continued to move downwards until her fingers were resting over Casey's slit. The brunette gave a squeak of surprise mixed with excitement as Gen hooked a finger into her hole. She'd fingered herself, plenty of times, sometimes several times in a day. But this was the first time she'd ever been digitally penetrated by someone else. It felt good. She wondered if Gen had done this before, it seemed rude to ask, but the way that the teen moved her finger, gentle probing and exploring the moist pussy Casey suspected she wasn't the first girl the attractive skater had played with.

"Oh," Casey opened her mouth and gasped as Gen touched her special place.

"That good, Casey, you enjoying that?" Gen smiled and rubbed it again, setting further jolts rushing through Casey.

"Oh, yes, yes, that's... oh... very...very... fun, " This was so good, she wanted Gen to feel the same way. The brunette was still rubbing the outside of Gen's pussy, now she needed to follow the other girl's example and go deep. Gingerly Casey pulled the panties away from the moist crack just far enough to slide her own digit in. Gen was soaking, her juices sliding down Casey's finger like melting ice-cream. She tried to follow what the other teen had done, moving her finger slowly round, gently probing the cunt until...

"That's the spot," gasped Gen as Casey hit a lump of hard flesh. To show what she meant she started to rub Gen's own clit faster and harder, pushing the little nub into the soft flesh around it.

Casey started to do the same to Gen, but it was hard to concentrate. Flashes seemed to be exploding in front of her eyes and her body seemed to be shivering even as she developed a series of hot flushes. The feelings got more and more powerful, Gen was reacting to Casey's moans and was touching her so erotically that Casey was worried she was about to explode.

"Aaaaaarrrghhh," Casey screamed as the warm flushes became too much to contain. She whipped her finger from Gen's pussy and dropped back onto her hands, scared that if she didn't use them for support her body the wracking shakes coursing up her would snap her spine like a toothpick.

Gen didn't seem to mind. She put her finger in her mouth and licked Casey's juice from it, "Tasty," she smiled and gave Casey a light kiss on the lips, "How was that?"

Casey continually scored the top marks for English in the class, but she struggled for words to describe it, 'Absolutely fucking incredible,' seemed a good description, but lacked the poetry she was looking for. After a few seconds she came up with a response, "As good as landing a perfect double axle."

"That good," Gen laughed and kissed Casey lightly again, "You want me to go down on you?"

"Go down on me?" asked Casey in confusion, not sure what the term meant.

"Sure, eat you out, lick your pussy..." Gen grinned.

Casey had seen the girls do that in the film. It seemed liked they enjoyed it. She nodded shyly, "Yes, please."

"Aw you said, please, isn't that sweet," Gen teased, gently squeezing Casey's cheeks. Casey blushed, but the touch of Gen's lips on her nose showed there was no malice in the blonde's comments, "Now are you going to take those jeans off, or are you waiting for Christmas."

Casey still felt her legs were a little weak as she recovered from her orgasm. She gently tapped her toe onto the floor, yes that seemed solid enough. But Gen had mistaken the delay for shyness. She grinned, "I can't believe your so shy. Not after you just had your finger up me," she undid her skirt and dropped it to the floor, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

Casey watched as Gen's panties followed it. The blonde's pussy was totally shorn, with juice glistening from her excitement. Casey wanted to proudly point to the cum covering the lips and say 'I did that. I made you cum', but that would have just been a bit egocentric. Instead she stood up and dropped her jeans and panties, "A deal's a deal."

"Mmmnnn" Gen pushed the teen back onto the bed and putting her hands inside Casey's thighs opened her legs, "Looks good enough to eat."

Gen got onto her knees and moved towards the pussy. Casey's slit was dripping already, her little patch of pubic hair tangled, messy and decidedly sweet looking. Gen normally wasn't a fan of pubic hair, which was why she shaved, but with Casey it worked, the tiny clump of darkness just made her twat look so sweet and alluring. Gen opened her mouth and dived down.

Casey gave a squeal of pleasure as Gen started to forced her mouth and tongue down the slit. Gen was certainly of the view that sex should be pleasurable for both parties, she knew girls who hated giving blow jobs or going down because it didn't give them an orgasm. But Gen enjoyed her partner's excitement as much as she enjoyed her own. Well almost.

She shoved her tongue in deeper, pushing the flesh out of the way. Casey was so sweet tasting, it was some of the tastiest cum Gen had ever had. It flowed into her mouth like nectar. She couldn't believe it that she was between Casey Carlyle legs. Casey the smartest girl in school; Casey who would never turn up at parties or talk about boys or music; Casey the sexiest girl that Gen had ever met and who she'd had a secret crush on for years. She'd always thought Casey was too good for her, too bright and intelligent, someone who'd go onto to marry a Professor and have two overachieving kids. And now it turned out that Casey wasn't stuck up, but shy and inexperienced; and most importantly willing to give Gen a go. Gen knew she she'd have to give Casey the pussy licking of her life, perhaps that way Casey would be back for more and ignore the fact that Gen couldn't tell the difference between algebra and trigonometry.

It seemed to be going well so far. Casey was shaking uncontrollably, her hands gripping the back of Gen's head like she was terrified Gen was going to stop. Guttural moans escaped the brunette's lips, "Oh that's it, oh Gen, lick my lovebox."

Lovebox; Gen almost stopped to smile. She probably would have done if she hadn't thought the pause would disappoint her lover. Lovebox, she played the word in her head, it was so seventies and nerdish, so sweet and geeky. Rolling her eyes upwards she could see Casey's eyes were closed and a blissful look on her pretty face. Gen began to lick harder.

Casey gave a squeal and rocked her body, "Oh that's it... I'm cumming... oh please don't stop."

Gen had no intention of halting, not until her tongue was so numb she'd hardly be able to talk. She licked harder pushing Casey through her orgasm and into the next. The teen squealed again and shoved Gen's head deeper. Gen could take a hint and she pushed herself as far as she could. Casey squealed again.

A torrent of cum squirted from Casey so fast that Gen almost choked as it flooded her mouth. The blonde forced her head back as the deluge shot out covering her face. She looked at Casey, the brunette had gone deep red and looked mortified as if she'd just farted in church, "Oh my God, I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened. Oh I am so sorry."

Gen shook her head and laughed, "Why? That's the biggest compliment I've ever had. You really have to bring a girl off so that she juices out that much cum. I've never even seen it, never mind done it to someone. I must have been..."

The blush in Casey's cheeks subsided and she managed a smile, seeing that Gen far from being angry, actually seemed happy at being soaked with girl cum, "You were great, fantastic. Better than a double axle..."

This time it was Gen's turn to go red, ""Thanks... it was nothing."

"No, it was something. I mean I know its my first time and that, but really that was something special."

"I'm glad you enjoyed. Your first time should always be memorable," said Gen. Her first time had been squeezed in a changing room at the rink. It had been memorable, though perhaps not for the reason's Casey had. Still, she felt happy that Casey had enjoyed being pleasured by her.

"I've got to make you cum, like you did me... do you want me to... er is it go down?" Casey asked.

Gen paused. She did have something in mind, but wasn't sure how to ask. Casey ran her hand through her hair and if by telepathy asked, "Something else?"

"Well..." Casey paused, "there's something I've always wanted to try. Tell me if you think its icky or weird... we don't have too."

"Go on, now I'm interested," Casey looked intrigued.

"Oh... I'm not sure," Gen realised she was going red again, She tailed off. it was funny how suddenly the roles had reversed and it was Gen who was the nervous teen, with Casey as the one with the reassuring grin.

"Tell me, I won't judge," Casey tried to look noble.

"Will you make love to my bottom?" it came out in a rush from Gen's lips. God, it sounded so klutzy and stupid, so damned načve, like a child. She quickly rephrased, "Will you fuck my ass?"

Casey was surprised by the request. Sure she had been expecting something kinky, but she hadn't been expecting to be offered something she had secretly fantasized about for months now. Unfortunately Gen mistook the pause as disgust, her face falling as she began to flush with embarrassment and shame.

"Yes," Casey said quickly with a smile, wanting to let Gen know she was far from disgusted, "I'd love too."

Gen let out a sign of relief, "I bought this strap-on ages ago. I've never used it, but I think it will fit."

Casey watched as Gen went into her wardrobe and pulled out a panel out the bottom. From it she pulled a dildo hanging from a leather strap. Nervously she passed it to Casey, as if she was worried that the teen would laugh and thrust it away, shouting 'fooled you'.

Casey had no such plan. In her minds eye she was remembering the German porno she'd watched and the way the woman had screamed in pleasure as her back chute had been invaded. God, could she really make Gen scream like that, could she really make the experienced blonde writhe in pleasure and cum like a rocket. Casey wasn't sure she could, but she was certain of one thing - she was going to give it a good try.

Gen turned her back as Casey slid the toy up her thighs. She looked at the dildo and at Gen's tiny puckered back hole. It didn't need a physicist to show that it was going to be tight, and extremely painful, fit. This left Casey with a sudden problem, she wanted to do as Gen asked, but at the same time she didn't want to wreck her ass - it was way to cute to be ruined. She smiled, she would just need to open it up a bit before sticking the ten-incher down her.

"Gen, you got a pen?"

The blonde turned, "Why? You want to write a note?"

"Big cock, small hole - trust me, I know my physics; they won't go together. So I need something smaller to open you a bit."

"There's a pen on my desk?" Gen nodded at it, before adding, "Where do you want me?"

"Why don't you lie on the bed?" Casey suggested. She picked up the pen, it was an expensive fountain, obviously a gift. She turned and grinned at the blonde lying naked on the bed, "I better be careful the top doesn't come off and I loose it."

Gen suddenly looked fearful, "You won't will you?"

Casey smiled and screwed the lid round to make sure it was on tightly. She no more wanted to end up in the hospital explaining the skaters rectal intrusion than Gen did, "I'll be careful."

She got onto the bed. Casey really had a wonderful butt, firm, but pliable, she was neither fat bottomed or bony, but perfectly proportioned. It was a butt made for fucking. Casey put her hands on the cheeks and squeezed them, "Open your legs."

Gen nodded and did as she was instructed, "You're certain you won't loose it?"

"Relax Gen, it'll be fine," Casey replied. The blonde still seemed a little tense so Casey bent over and started to smother Gen's bottom with kisses. Soon the skater was giggling, her bout of nervousness forgotten. Casey sat over her, "Okay I'm coming in."

She put the tip of the pen on top of the hole and pushed. The virgin ass hole opened as if by magic and Gen gave a small squeal, "Ouch!"

"You okay?" Casey didn't want to do anything Gen wasn't comfortable with, even if it had been the blonde's idea.

"I'm fine. It was just a bit of a shock; the pen's cold," grimaced Gen.

"Let's warm it up," Casey pushed it deeper in. Gen gave another yelp and then a third, only this time the cry had a touch of pleasure to it. Casey didn't want to go to far in, she had visions of explaining to a unsympathetic nurse quite why Gen had a pen so far up her ass it couldn't have been an accident. Still, even if she couldn't go deep, didn't mean she couldn't waggle it. The brunette started to move the pen round, levering at the ass hole walls.

Gen squirmed and rubbed herself against the bedding. She gave a deep satisfied moan, "Casey, that's great. You ought to try it."

"Perhaps later," grinned Casey. She pulled out the pen with a pop and looked down at the skater's hole. It wasn't exactly gaping like the porn star's had been, but it was wider. Certainly it looked wide enough to put the toy in, even if it would still be a bit of a strain. However the hole was already beginning to close, meaning Casey had no time to waste. Quickly Casey moved her legs so they were straddling Gen's and put her hands down on either side of the blonde. Once she was balanced she used her right hand to guide the tip of the cock against the still slightly open back chute, rubbing it gently against the puckered flesh. Casey smiled and said "I'm going to enter you now."

"Kay...ouch," replied Gen as the cock started to enter her virgin butt. Despite the earlier pen play Gen found herself gripping at the bedding, tears forming in her eyes as she officially lost her anal virginity, her ass hole expanding wide enough to let the head of the toy into her shit pipe. It was so painful, the pen had been sore, more than she told Casey, but this was worse. She wanted to tell Casey to stop, to pull out immediately, but her breath wouldn't come.

And then a miracle happened. As the dildo shoved down it scraped a spot she'd never known she'd had and a surge of sexual joy rushed through her. It was stronger than she'd ever felt before, much better than when she'd fiddled with her clit or had a tongue touch that bud. It was like comparing Peanuts to the Sistine Chapel, Charles Schulz was fine, but he couldn't compare to Michelangelo, "Oh God, yes," she cried.

The pain was still there, but it was gradually receding as Casey banged down further opening Gen's butt. Gen's eyes bulge practically out of their sockets when Casey's thighs come to rest against her buttocks, filling Gen's rectum so full of cock it felt as if it was going to come out of her mouth. To overcome with lust Casey was unable to make herself pause, lifting herself back up almost immediately and then thrusting every inch back into Gen's ass. The cock was slamming all the way in, there was a continuos sound of slapping as Casey's thighs slammed into Gen's butt cheeks. Each thrust was making Gen's body shake, both from Casey's energetic movements and from the vibrant explosions which the dildo was producing, "Fuck me, oh fuck me, fuck me harder! Open up my fucking butt hole! Oh, oh, fuck my butt! Butt fuck me Casey! Butt fuck my hole open!"

"Yes, fuck you Gen. I'm fucking you. I'm fucking your butt. I'm fucking you up the butt. I'm going to open your butt like it's a tin of beans." said Casey less than romantically.

Casey didn't quite know what had gotten into her but fucking Gen in the ass was making her feel things she'd never felt before and she loved every second of it. Part of her worried, particularly at the start, that she was sodomising Gen too hard and roughly, but from Gen's reactions it seemed more like she wasn't sodomising her hard or roughly enough.

Feeling inspired to rectify that Casey hammered down as hard as she could. At first it had been a squeeze, but it was getting easier. It was still tiring, but as the hole opened Casey found she could go faster and deeper. It was both good exercise and enjoyable, the way Gen squealed and giggled, the way her body moved in time with the thrusts, the way the blonde pulled the quilt towards her like a comfort blanket.

A drip of sweat went from Casey's forehead to land on Gen. Casey smiled, this was a much better workout than she'd ever done before, "What a way to loose weight..."

"I'm not fat," squealed Gen, "Oh that's it bang my ass baby, bang my ass! Bang it as hard as you can! Tear my ass open Casey, tear it open, fuck it hard and make me cum!"

A thin sheen of perspiration was covering the blonde's back, though it was Casey who was doing most of the work. Thin dribbles of it soaked down the smooth skin to seep into the wide open hole. Gen squealed again, "Aaaaarrrghhh."

Her back bent so much that it was like riding and bronco, Casey almost slipped out. She thudded down again and Gen screamed again, "Aaaarrrghhhh, aaarrrggghhh, thaaaattts iiiiittttt.... IIIII'mmmm cuuuuummmmiiiinnnnng."

The skater's body bent again, but this time Casey pulled out. Gen lay beneath her, gasping for breath and with her eyelids flickering, "Wow, wow, wow," the blonde repeated.

Casey looked down at Gen's ass. Red rims surrounded a black and open asshole, "Gen you should see your ass, it's so gaped."

Gen nodded weakly, "Wow," she repeated.

For the next couple of minutes Gen continued muttering "Wow" over and over again like a broken record as she tried to recover from her nuclear orgasm, leaving Casey worrying that she might have somehow caused the blonde girl irreparable psychological damage, possibly to go along with the irreparable physical damage she seemed to have done to her butt.

It was terrible, it looked as if Casey had ruined Gen's pretty little ass and all Casey could do was gork at the obscenely stretched hole.

Just as the memory of the unsympathetic nurse came back into her head, this time Casey trying to explaining to her why Gen's backdoor wouldn't close, that tight ring of flesh slowly started to repair itself, Gen taking a break from her wows to let out a little cry as her ass began to return to normal.

"Is... is it sore?" Casey asked.

It was possibly the dumbest question the science whiz had ever asked but before she could take it back and trying to say something else Gen answered her.

"Mm, mm, yeah... it's sore, but it's a good type of sore." Gen sighed contentedly.

"A good type of sore!" Casey parroted in disbelief.

"Oh yeah. Mmmmmmmm, it feels so good. You have got to try this." Gen said dreamily.

"What! Me. I... erm... I... erm..." Casey stammered.

"Hey, hey, hey, relax. If you don't want to that's cool, but you're totally missing out." Gen said.

"Really?" Casey asked.

"Really." Gen confirmed.

There was a pause.

"It's not... it's not that I haven't thought about it, it's just... kind of scary, you know? And this... this is kind of... big." Casey said, looking down at the giant toy still strapped around her waist.

"Oh trust me Casey, when it's in you you'll love every single inch of it... that is if you're up for the challenge." Gen said, trying to appeal to the competitive athlete inside Casey into trying anal, but she should have known by now Casey had the competitive nature of a baby church mouse, the challenge only making her look more intimidated, "Look, we don't have to do anything you don't want to do, but did you see how hard I just came? And haven't you loved everything we've done so far?"

Casey nodded softly.

"Well then trust me ok?" Gen said softly, "How about this, you let me try something which isn't that big, scary strap on and if you don't like it we can stop, ok?"

"Ok I guess... but what are you going to do?" Casey said after a brief pause.

Gen smiled, "That's for me to know and... ouch!"

As she was speaking Gen turned around and tried to sit up and the moment she put the slightest bit of weight on her bottom it felt as if she was losing her anal cherry all over again.

"Ouch, ouch, ouch!" Gen muttered a few times before looking at Casey and blushing, "I guess I won't be sitting down for a while."

That didn't exactly fill Casey with a lot of confidence with what was about to happen, but she had masturbated countless times to the thought of being butt fucked so she owed it to herself to at least give it a try.

"Where do you want me?" Casey asked, reaching for the straps to the toy.

"How about... wait, stop." Gen said.

Casey frowned in confusion as Gen slowly approached her, grinned and then fell to her knees in front of her. Casey's frown remained for a few more seconds, and then Gen gripped the strap on by the base and grinned up at her, causing Casey to do her best goldfish impression.

Gen bit her lip seductively for a moment, and then took the head of the dildo which had recently been in the deepest part of her ass into her mouth, sucking on it greedily. She had tasted her own ass before, often fingering it when masturbating and cumming when she slipped her finger from her ass to her mouth, the perverted act bring her off. Although she wasn't on the edge of climax this was easily even more perverted, a fact that really motivated Gen into giving the strap on the best blow job possible, bobbing her head on the phoney prick until she was taking just about all of it down her throat.

The whole time Casey watched this with fascination. It was something else which had been on that German porno tape, but to see it in real life was thrilling almost beyond belief. Just how kinky was this girl?

"There." Gen said triumphantly once she had removed the dildo from her mouth and began undoing the straps, "Now it's clean and ready for your ass."

"I... I thought you had something else in mind." Casey stammers as she steps out of the harness.

"I do, but I'm still hoping to give your ass a pounding with this." Gen explained, holding up the toy once she was again eye level with Casey, playfully smacking the other girl's naked ass, "Now, get in the position I was in so you're presenting your cute little butt to me."

Casey blushed and mumbled as she got into position, "It's not... I'm sorry it doesn't compare to yours..."

Again Gen was bowled over how someone so smart could be so unaware of their beauty. Casey's butt was easily just as cute as hers, even more so in Gen's opinion, although the blonde was a little biased considering she had been lusting after the brunette's tushy for quite awhile now.

After she strapped on the dildo and got down onto the bed behind the other girl Gen was reminded why she had been lusting after Casey's backside, the brunette's buns were much like her own, round and pert, not too big and not too small, just right. It was a butt in need of a serious fucking, one Gen intended to give it.

"Your butt is totally as cute as mine." Gen said, voicing her thoughts as she spread Casey's ass cheeks, "And your butt hole is even cuter."

The moment she was finished speaking Gen slid her tongue over Casey's ass hole, causing the science geek's eyes to bug out in shock, her mouth hanging open as Gen's tongue began gently massaging her puckered rosebud, the most popular girl in school giving her a rim job.

This wasn't even on the German porno and it wasn't something Casey had ever thought about... and there was no way it could be hygienic... but any concerns quickly melted away as Gen's tongue seemed to work magic on her backdoor. It got even better as that soft object somehow slipped its way into Casey's ass, the brunette geek letting out a long moan as her little back hole was penetrated for the first time. Casey could have never believed the first thing up her ass would be the school's most popular girl's tongue, but it was and it felt kind of nice, Casey closing her eyes and losing herself to the sensations she was feeling.

"Casey, do you think you could pass me the pen?" Gen asked politely, momentarily removing her tongue from Casey's behind only to bury it back up her butt when she was done talking.

For a moment or two Casey blanked, trying to come to her senses. When she did she looked around, saw the pen lying near her which she reached for and was just about able to retrieve and pass back to Gen who took it. Casey was expecting Gen to immediately replace her tongue with the pen but instead the blonde spent another ten minutes exploring Casey's ass with her tongue, before she finally pulled back, quickly sucked the pen into her mouth before pushing it into Casey's well coated in saliva butthole.

Remembering her own anal penetration Gen figured it was a good idea to make Casey's backdoor as wet as possible before she inserted something into it, and if Casey's moans were any indication this was actually one of her genuinely good ideas.

The pen slid as deep as Gen dared to slide it easily and there was no complaint from Casey as the blonde began softly but firmly pushing the writing object side to side, up and down, and in and out of her back hole, expanding it as much as she could, taking her sweet time before she removed the pen and popped it into her mouth for a brief sucking as she leant forward and lined up the head of the strap on against Casey's virgin asshole.

"Are you ready?" Gen asked, tossing the pen aside.

"What... erm... y, yes I guess, ouch, ouch ouch OUCH OOOOUUUUCCCCCHHHHHH!" Casey stammered as her shit hole was forced to stretch like never before.

The moment her anal cherry was popped Casey was rendered speechless, the one for going through her head being why had she fantasized so long about something so painful. Then Gen suddenly dropped down, all of her weight coming down on the brunette and forcing the dildo to the balls inside Casey's rectum in the blink of an eye, leaving the poor science geek to make noises like she had been gutted like a fish.

"I know it hurts, just give it a minute." Gen said reassuringly as she began to saw in and out of Casey's filled to bursting backside.

Casey couldn't believe what Gen had just said that, or that the other girl was doing this to her after acting so nice. Finally everything made sense, this was all just a set up so that Gen could hurt her... which didn't actually make sense considering Gen had gone through this herself and pretended she liked it... then again maybe she wasn't pretending.

Just when Casey thought Gen was trying to cause her pain she began becoming more and more aware of a weird pleasure that was beginning to flood her body. It started during the original agonising thrust, some place deep within her shit pipe being stimulated by the massive invader, that place becoming more and more stimulated with every thrust until Casey's bowels started to relax, gradually at first and then before she knew it the pain was gone and there was nothing but this pleasure which was building and building inside of her until her ass felt like it was on fire.

Burying her face in the covers Casey began letting out the most wanton moans of her life, her academic mind desperately trying to analyse and comprehend the sensations she was feeling.

"That's it, moan for me. Moan for me like a whore." Gen growled lustfully, "I told you didn't I? I told you how amazing this feels. You feel it now don't you? You feel how good it is to get fucked up the ass!"

"Yes!" Casey moaned, pulling her head from the covers, "Fuck me Gen. Fuck my ass. Oooooooohhhhhhhh, it feels so good. Fuck me... ooooohhhhhh mmmmmmmm, it feels so good. I can't believe how good it feels. I can't believe how good it feels in my ass!"

"Just wait baby, we've only just got started. Now the real fun begins." Gen said as she began increasing the pace.

It might have felt like Gen was being rough with Casey before but that was only because every little movement felt heightened to Casey, first because of the pain, and then because of the pleasure. In reality Gen had been barely breaking a sweat, something that drastically changed as Gen ceased holding back and began using every ounce of strength and stamina in her athletic body to pound fuck Casey's ass.

Casey's reaction to this new hard pace was intoxicating to Gen, the blonde watching as the seemingly prim and proper little genius devolved into a writhing mass of hormones and lust, the brunette thrusting herself up to meet Gen's downward thrusts, the whole time shamelessly begging for more, and begging for it harder, using language Gen was surprised Casey even knew.

Trying to obey Casey's wishes Gen pounded her 'little poop shoot' as the brunette called it as hard as she could, the level of force being extremely impressive for someone of her small stature. It was even more impressive if you took into account the fact that every time Gen moved her hips her buttocks would naturally flex and her still not yet fully recovered butt hole would clench ever so slightly, but under the circumstances it almost felt like someone was attacking her ass as she assaulted Casey's. Gen couldn't help feel that this should be a turn off, but for some perverted reason her own butt pain only turned her on and drived her forwards in her mission to make Casey cum like the brunette made her cum moments ago.

While that was definitely Gen's objective Casey couldn't decide whether the other girl was trying to get her off or whether she was trying to destroy her ass to the point where Casey would never walk properly again, let alone skate. After all this night seemed way too good to be true, and Casey had been suspicious that Gen had been wanting to get rid of her loser ass for a while now, and what better way than to do that than to ruin her loser ass?

At first this was a minor concern as Casey was sure such a thing couldn't be possible. As the rectum reaming continued Casey became increasingly less sure that her ass couldn't be wrecked beyond repair thus affecting her skating abilities, amongst other things, just as she became increasingly unable to care if her ass was ruined or not.

Casey loved skating more than she could ever believe possible, and she wanted to end up in a wheelchair just as much as anyone, but it all began to seem like it would be worth it. Losing the ability to skate, walk, sit, or even shit right might just be worth it for just one extra second of the ecstasy this sodomising was providing her.

As she began approaching an orgasm which might just leave her in a vegetable state Casey became sure that Gen was either consciously or unconsciously trying to get rid of her by destroying her rectum and leaving it forever ruined, sure that such a thing was very possible, and sure it was all worth it for the heaven she was in now and the heaven she was about to be sent too.

Deciding if she was going to say goodbye to life as she knew it she might as well go out with a bang Casey threw back her head and screamed, "FUCK ME! Fuck me Gen! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass hole! Tear it apart! Ruin it! Ohhhhhhh make, make sure I never skate again! Make sure I never walk again! Make sure I never even sit or shit right again! MMMMMMMM! That's what you want, so do it! Ruin me! Stop me from skating! Ruin my ass hole, you know, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh, you know you want too!"

Nothing could be further from the truth but Gen was so horny she went with it, "Yes. YES! I'm going to ruin your ass. I'M GOING TO RUIN YOUR FUCKING ASS! YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO SIT OR SHIT RIGHT AGAIN BITCH, I PROMISE YOU THAT, BECAUSE I'M GOING TO RUIN YOUR ASS!"

With that Gen slammed down Casey's shit shoot so hard the brunette thought it was going to come out of her mouth, and then she found it impossible to think about anything at all. For a few seconds there was a mild haze of pleasure, and then her brain fried from it, the last thing she hears before she slipped into unconsciousness a high pitch squeal from her own mouth and then incoherent jargon.

* * *

When Casey awoke she was alone, immediately making her wonder if it had all been an extremely perverted sex dream, but that thought was quickly silenced as she became aware of her surroundings. She was still in Gen's room, and she was still naked.

Turning over onto her side Casey pointed her butt at the full-length mirror in the corner of the room and hesitantly looked, expecting to see a gaping ass hole which would never close again only to be shocked to see her puckered rosebud looking almost normal. It was perhaps a little open, and definitely swollen, but it looked as if it was going to recover, which had to be some kind of scientific impossibility.

"Good, you're awake." Gen said as she, dressed in only a long baggy T-shirt, quickly slipped inside and closed the door.

Gen's voice had Casey quickly turning around and trying to sit up, which was a big mistake, Casey quickly turning back to her side and clutching her butt which felt as if Gen had been shoving a pair of ice skates up her ass instead of a dildo.

"Yeah, I wouldn't sit for a while if I were you." Gen grinned, "I can just about do it again, but it's still kind of sore. Hot chocolate?"

Casey blinked a few times, and then, not wanting to be rude, excepted the hot beverage and sipped at it cautiously as Gen did the same, the blonde wisely choosing to stand.

Silence fell between them for a while, although it wasn't necessarily uncomfortable.

"You should have seen your ass when I pulled out." Gen said after she finished her hot chocolate, "I mean, I thought you made my ass gape, but yours was like the Grand Canyon."

More silence, this time a little more awkward.

"I... I wanted to take a picture and show you, but... I kind of thought that would have been out of line." Gen said, wishing she had taken that photo.

Even more awkward silence.

"So... do you want me to leave now and never tell anyone about this?" Casey asked, assuming that's what came next.

Gen took a deep breath, "If you want... but I was kind of hoping that maybe you'd stay. My Mom and brother don't get back for ages yet, and I don't know about you, but while I'm not looking to tell everyone how I loved fucking you I'm not against doing it again, whenever's good for you."

Casey blinked again, for a second not able to believe what she just heard, and then she brought the other girl's face closer to hers and kissed her lightly on the lips, "How about right now?"


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