In The Heat On The Night: Murder At Hawks Point Part 6 (MF,voy,ncon,cons)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

As he paced back and forth, he needed to feel that rush again. The power he
felt was like nothing he had ever felt. To have women beg for thier lives
and now he also had the cock. For before he was a nobody, couldn't even get
a women to talk to him. And now he had what it means to get whom ever he
wished and do what ever he wished to them.

He watched the news very carefully, seeing if the police had any leads
on him. For he was about to take a big risk of going out again, but the
pressure was building in his balls and jacking off wasn't doing the job.
As he watched the news, he saw his next victim, the popular anchorwoman
of the Sparta news. Mrs Susan Fisher, she always carried herself with a
certain "Air". Church going and always doing something for the community,
but he could see her sucking his large cock and licking his balls, being
the slut he knew she probably was. So he started his plan to take Susan
Fisher, and show the whole world what a slut, whore she really was.

As he drove into Sparta, he met Bubba Skinner, an old high school buddy.
Bubba was with Officer Dee Shepard. They was working all the motel trying
to find any leads. Dee was looking hot as usual. He could see her nipple
for she wore no bra under her shirt. They talked and moved on. Bubba and
Dee went to a real sleazy motel outside of town known for people to go and
have sex.

They went in and got a room. Bubba checked the room for a camera. Sure
enough he found two, one looking right at the bed and the other in the bath
room. Bubba went to talk with the manager.

Dee was in the bathroom. She was looking into the mirror when a hand grabbed
her from behind. She tried to fight, but the guy had her. He drug her into
the bedroom, threw her on the bed and ripped her shirt open. Her tits bounced
free. The guy pinched her nipples as he was licking her other one. Dee kicked
him off and punched him in his face. The guy laughed and came towards her.

She tried to kick him. He had her leg and she hit the floor. Her head hit
and before she knew it her pants was off and he as licking her pussy. He was
biting her clit. This was driving Dee crazy. His large fingers were working
on her pussy. Dee was becomming very wet.

"OH YES!" he said pushing two fingers into her.

Dee moaned for her body was taking over. Dee was then looking at a big cock.
He wagged it back and forth along her face. He pushed it into her mouth. Dee
could taste other pussy juice on his cock for Dee had eaten a few pussies in
her time and knew the taste. He pushed more of his cock in her mouth while
holding her head.

* * *

Meanwhile Bubba was getting his cock sucked by the female manager, a firey
redhead was taken his big cock deep down her throat. "You like what my
boyfriend is doing to your girlfriend," she asked.

Buba was watching it all on a small tv screen. "OHH yeah!" he said in his
southern drawl, "You just keep going." He pushed her head back down.

She took her tongue and ran it around his cockhead. Bubba watched Dee take
that guy deep, too, then he watched them fuck.

* * *

Dee was squirming as the guy was fucking her. "OHHH, Yesss!" she screamed
as he plunged deep into her.

* * *

Soon the manager was riding Bubba's cock. "OH you are like a bull," she
quivered as she came again.

Bubba soon shot a load up in to her pussy. She sat on his cock kissing his

"You are something else."

"Yes, I've been told that," before he smiled. "Now Miss, I was wondering,
have you taken any really big cocks lately?"

Bubba looked at her. She said, "bigger than yours?"

"Yes," he said.

"Does this have to do with the murder?"

"Maybe," he said.

To Be Continued


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