In The Heat On The Night: Murder At Hawks Point Part 2 (MM,mF,inter,reluc)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Althea was already gone and Virgil was just getting out of the shower. When
officer Sweet arrived, for him to take him to the crime scene. Virgil was
getting dressed Sweet walked into the bed room. Seeing Virgil pulling up his
pants, Sweet cock became hard just looking at his ass. He admired many thing
about Virgil now he would have one more thing. But something came over him,
he pushed Virgil down on the bed. Pulled his pants and underwear down. He
began to lick and kiss his freshly washed ass. Sweet stuck his long tongue
into Virgil's ass, Sweet was massaging his balls too. Soon he was sucking
them too.

All Virgil could do was moan in pleasure, Sweet was pumping his cock til it
was rock hard and he then began to suck it next. Virgil laid on the bed naked
while Sweet laid next to him. They both rubbing each others cock. Virgil then
took Sweet's cock into his mouth and began to suck it. They laid on the bed
in the 69 position. Virgil could feel Sweet begin to cum and he too was about
to loose his load. They both groaned with pleasure, as they shot load of cum
into each others mouth.

They soon arrived at the scene, the chief was already there with Bubba.
Virgil took a look at the body. "Any witnesses?" he asks.

Bubba said, "No one seen anything."

Sweet was busy with taking pictures of the scene.

* * *

Meanwhile Althea was in her office, dressed conservatively as always. Ronnie
Wilson walked in, and that made Althea feel strange. 'Here was a sixteen year
old boy,' she thought he sat next to her desk. "What's wrong Ronnie?" she

Ronnie just looked at her. "To tell you the truth," Ronnie said I he
studdered, "I-I-I wan-nt to ff-fu-uck yyo-ouu."

Althea was shocked to hear that come from his mouth. "Please Ronnie I can't
let that happen."

"WWWH-HYYY," he said.

"Because it's just not right. I could loose my job if someone found at."

"I wo-ont tell anyone."

"OH Ronnie it's just not possible."

Ronnie was getting upset, "Wwe-ell, what if I just go around and tell people
that we-ee did have sse-exx?"

"Please Ronnie don't do that."

"Wwee-elll," he said.

Althea was in a "Spot". She would be dammed if she did and if she didn't.
Althea looked down and said, "Okay, but on my terms."

Ronnie just shook his head okay.

"Meet me after school on the road behind the school and I will pick you up,
but you tell a single soul and I'll make sure you won't make it through the

Ronnie could see the look in her eyes. He got up and left.

* * *

Virgil was at the hospital with Doc. They was going over the body. Virgil was
looking into her well fucked pussy. He put his finger into it looking for
cum. "He sure was 'Big'," Doc said.

"Yes," Virgil said he was just look how stretched her pussy is, the autopsy
continued and they found no sign of cum in her.

"You think he wore a condom?" Doc said.

"We didnt find any at the scene. I'll get with you when we finish this."

Virgil left and arrived at the station. Bill Gillespie was in his private
office looking at naked pictures of Harriet, that he took the night before
while she sucked his cock. 'Boy, she could suck a cock," he thought, "and
can fuck too." he smiled.

Virgil knocked on the door, walked in and gave his report to the Bill.

* * *

Althea just got off the phone when it was time for school to let out. She
made a call to Virgil and told him she had to run to Jackson, so she would
be late. Althea drove down the road behind the school, making sure no one
seen her. She saw Ronnie behind a tree waiting.

Althea stopped the car, Ronnie got in and they drove off. They arrived at a
place deep in the woods, Althea just sat behind the wheel thinking could she
really go thru with this?

Ronnie said, "Iis-ss thh-iiss the ppp-llac-ce?"

Althea shut the car off. "Yes," she said. She got out, opened the trunk,
took out some blankets and laid them on the ground. Althea took her shoes
off, "What do you want me to do?" she asked him.

Ronnie sat and looked at her, "Taa-akke yoo-our-rr cll-lot-thes oo-off," he

Althea removed her blouse she wore a dark blue satin bra. Her skirt came
next. She wore panties hose and blue panties which came off.

"LL-LA-AY down," he said and she did. Ronnie touched her nipples til they
were hard and began to suck on them next.

Althea was getting so turned on her pussy was so wet. Ronnie was soon
fingering her. Althea wiggled like a worm, she had even came twice just from
his fingering her. 'For a shy kid,' she thought, 'he does know how to please
women.' She then seen why, for he had a big cock just looking at her.

To Be Continued


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