NC-17 for explicit lesbian sex, BDSM, water sports, forced lactation, kink,

Summary: Take the duo of China and Jazz/Double Impact, add a dash of Shi and
Tomoe, stir in the Barbi Twins, Shane and Sia. Mix them up with each other
with a sprinkling of trickery from a half dozen feline vixens. Bake and serve
totally bare.

All characters are owned by their prospective owners, except for Lynx who is
another of my original characters and is owned by me when I have her as a
heroine in my group Alliance of Justice.

Barbi Twins/Double Impact/Shi/Tomoe: Cats Inc. Part 4
by Tyval ([email protected])

Shane Barbi woke up and tried to stretch, only to find that her arms were
chained high over her head, wrists together. Shane's ankles were also chained
together, then bolted to the floor. A mirror was on the door in front of her.
Shane was surprised that her reflection showed that all her cuts and bruises
were completely healed.

Despite the situation Shane felt herself becoming aroused at the thought of
being naked and helpless at the hands of the 6 feline villainesses. Shane
loved being lesbian whipped and lesbian rape games. To further her arousal,
Shane's large breasts felt full somehow. Shane didn't yet know that the
'healing machines' the cat-girl criminals had recovered from Zordon's HQ had
been adjusted so that the captive heroines - and their feline captors - had
been enhanced. No longer would any of them have the discomfort of periods,
and their immune systems were boosted to such a high degree that they were
virtually immune from all forms of disease. Including colds.

In addition their genes were now altered and enhanced so that all of them
could now produce breast milk at will. In addition the urine of heroine and
villainess alike would now be a tasty, vitamin rich, fine wine.

Shane tried briefly to struggle, but the chains were made of secondary
adamantium. Even She-Hulk or Wonder Woman couldn't break these chains. The
door opened and the 6 villainesses surrouned Shane, naked save for vicious
gloves studded with 2" spikes on the knuckles. Shane tried to look brave,
but the sight of those spiked gloves sent fear through her body.

"Well, well. What do we have here?" Alley Cat asked, sarcasticly.

"Looks like a slave to me," Cheshire grinned.

"I - I'm no one's slave," Shane retorted, trying to sound brave, but hoping
she wouldn't piss herself.

Cheshire slapped Shane with her open palm then waved the spikes in front of
Shane's face. Shane was truly frightened now.

"Next time you get the fist, slave," Cheshire yelled. "You will only speak
when you are spoken to and you will address all of us as mistress."

"You have an lot of choices, Shane Barbi. 5 of them in fact," Cheetah said.

Tigress chimed in. "#1, we can mutilate your sister and make you watch. #2,
we have a healing machine so we can beat you to a bloody pulp, heal you and
do it again and again. #3, we can do #2 to you until we get tired of it and
then sell you to some filthy, fat, hairy, disgusting man. #4, we can maim,
mutilate and scar you up so hideous that you'll beg for death. A death we
will deny. We'll put you in a room made of mirror's and cut off your eyelids.
Then we'll keep curing your blindness only. Choice #5, though is something
you already love. Choose #5 and you will have lesbian whipping and lesbian
sex as our slave."

"We know that you and your sister are incestuous lesbians and that you both
love sex and pain," Catwoman said," Both of you are 50% sadistic and 50%

"I-I can't! Oh, please don't make me choose," Shane wailed. "I'm suppsed to
be a heroine. I can't submit. Please!"

"Lynx! Bring Sia here and mutilate her," Catwoman ordered. "Scar her up so
bad that she'll make Freddy Krugger look like Miss America."

"Can I cut her tits off and use a butcher knife on her cunt and asshole?"
Lynx asked sadisticly.

"As long as we don't let her die, I think that's a great idea," Alley Cat

"Noooo!! Please! Don't hurt my sister! Please! I'll do anything you want!
Anything!" Shane cried. "I'll be a slave, just don't hurt Sia! Please don't!
I-I'll take her beating! Please! Just please don't hurt my sister!"

"So, you'll do anything we want?" Cheshire asked, smiling.

"Yes! Yes! Anything! Please don't make me fuck a *yuck* man *gag* or an
animal," Shane begged.

"Well, we hate men and we don't see how anyone could enjoy watching or doing
some filthy creature," Alley Cat shuddered.

"I'll be a good slave," Shane pleaded, getting some slight hope. The evil
women were very beautiful and Shane thought that she might enjoy being a
slave who got whipped and fucked all the time by such gorgeous women. "I'll
lick your feet, tits, ass and pussy as much as you want. I'll even drink your
piss. You can whip me and fuck me any time you want to."

Catwoman lightly kissed Shane, gently touching her pussy, which was now
almost dipping in excitement. Shane had been broken easily. The catty
criminals had been acting and bluffing. Shane's love fo her sister was strong
and made her will weak. They had had no intentions of selling or maiming any
of the girls. A beating was possible, but just enough to intimidate the
captive heroines.

The 6 feline's slinked quietly out of Shane's cell and went to Sia's. Sia
also broke easily as they used threats against Shane. Shi was also easy to
break as threats against Tomoe were all that was needed. Tomoe was slightly
tougher. Catwoman punched her twice then had Lynx bring in a bound and gagged
Shi. Tomoe submitted before Lynx hit her.

The girls of Cats, Inc. had known that those 4 would be easy to break because
they were sisters and the same as sisters. China and Jazz, they thought,
might be tougher. Catwoman solved that problem by having Lynx carry in a 14"
long butcher knife and pretend to be a psycho.

"Can I cut up her pussy now? Please let me slice off her tits! I want to
shove this up your asshole!" Lynx said, among other things.

China and Jazz became wimpering slaves just like the other heroines. The evil
felines left them alone and in bondage for the rest of the night. By the next
morning the 6 former heroines were eager and willing to do anything the Cats
Inc. women told them to do. Heads bowed in servitude the nude slavegirls were
led into the playroom and chained up by their equally nude captors.

"Now the fun really starts," Tigress smiled, lcking her lips.

All 12 women were extremely sexually excited at this point. The former
heroines eagerly and willingly were craving sexual pain.

"Prove your servitude, slaves," Catwoman ordered.

Shi kissed each of Catwoman's nipples, then kissed Catwoman's pussy, then
each foot. Shi did the same to Cheetah, Tigress, Alley Cat, Cheshire and
Lynx. Shi then went behind them kissing each buttock, then kissing the
assholes of her mistresses. Tomoe, was right behind her, follwed by the
Barbis, China, and Jazz. The felines smiled at having broken these heroines'
wills so completely.

Three thousand miles away, other eyes watched the action.



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