This a parody, not the real thing, a satire or spoof is what this is done
just for adult and all for fun.

I Love Lucy: Being Done By A Pimp (MFFF,MMF,FF-gang,M-dom,ir,fist,voy,ncon)
by Dr. Bone

"I tell you Fred I am going to lose my mind." said Ricky just before he
launched into another rant in Spanish that Fred did not understand.

"Calm down." said Fred not wanting to see his friend have a heart attack.

"Calm down. When we went to Cuba I almost got shot by Fidel. Then she hides
in one of the band equipment crates to go to the club and there was no show
but I lost a thousand dollar set of drums that was left behind because she
was in the crate." Ricky sat down.

"Now her latest plot. She and Ethel are threatening to have to be hookers to
get the money to buy new dresses. I can't afford it right now. Money is real
tight with the new club opening."

"I know Ricky, and Ethel is no angel in this either. Hmmm! I wonder though."

"What?" said Ricky as Fred got that strange look in his eye when he was
planning something."

"Well I heard through the heating duct that they planned to let us discover
what they are doing, then arrange with fake "Johns" to meet them. Then we
rescue them just in time. Well how abouts if we turn the game on them."

"How so?" said Ricky admiring the way Fred's mind worked.

"Well we tip them off that we know what they are doing and leak our plan to
replace the fake John's with us, only we double cross them and arrange for
some real Johns to take care of them."

"What will that do?"

"Teach them the lesson of their lives."

"You know I like that and I have a twist we can add to that..."

Show cuts to commercial and when we return:

"Lucy of all the harebrained schemes this has to be the most harebrained of
them all. What if the police grab us?"

"Come on Ethel. You want that new dress don't you? Wait someone is coming."

"I can't believe they are going to do something so stupid." said Ricky from
the next room.

"From them you cannot believe it?" asked Fred.

"Playing hookers? I know who they are going to get to help them. Well I'd
like to teach them a lesson."

"Why don't we replace the guys they are going to get and surprise them?"

"Of all the nerve. They are going to try to out sneak us." whispered Lucy.

"Well there goes the ballgame. Come on lets return these outfits before the
costume shop closes. Wait! I don't like that look in your eyes."

"What if...we let them go through with what they are going to do? Then they
will know that we are really desperate for those dresses."

"Lucy I don't think that is such a good idea."

"Do you want them or not. You know how cheap that Fred is!"

"Okay I will do it but we better make sure we have bail money."

"Bail money."

"Yeah the way you plans go we might need it."

"Oh Ethel nothing is going to happen."

Fade to commercial.

After the commercial we fade in to Ricky and Fred at the backstage area of
Ricky's club. Ricky is talking to a black blues musician and stage actor. "So
Johnson are you up to it."

"Now let me get this straight you are going to give me $1000, a gig, and let
me fuck your wives playing a pimp. I don't know. Maybe I should ask for more,
I read about them in the trades. Did she really almost get you shot by

Ricky rolled his eyes and asked him if he wanted the gig or not. "Be cool
I'll do it. Any special requests."

"Yeah make them do each other." said Fred. Ricky liked the idea also.

"Yeah and I know just who can help me with that. Remember Rita Red?"

"Boy do I ever. Latin-Irish with the biggest tits you ever seen and Lucy got
her fired."

"Yeah and I hired her 'cause she was black balled in more ways than one. We
can arrange something. But what about those guys your wives were going to
use? Those fake johns?"

"I think we can take care of them." said Ricky as he stroked the revolver in
his pocket.

An hour later both men scared for their lives were at the Port Authority Bus
Terminal with some bruises, a hundred dollars in their pockets and gratitude
in their hearts to get away from those two maniacs.

Fade to hallway of building Lucy and Ethel were supposed to meet their Johns

"Are you sure we are supposed to meet John and Dave here?" said Ethel feeling
self conscious in her short skirt and tight blouse.

"Don't get cold feet. The boys were right behind us. At least a minute ago."
said Lucy feeling antsy herself dressed like a movie whore right up to the
cigarette holder.

"Pssssp! You ladies looking for someone?" came a voice from behind a door.
Lucy and Ethel asked if it was John or Dave. The voice said yes and they
walked into the room. The door closed and locked behind them. They turned
around to see a six foot plus tall flashily dressed black man and a red

"Ummmm! We must have the wrong room sorry!" said Lucy trying to leave.

"Who you ladies working for? Or are John and Dave your pimps?" asked the man.

"We aren't working for anyone. We were dressing this way for our husbands."
said Ethel.

"Funny I don't see them around here and I don't see no costume party either.
So you girls are working for yourselves?"

Lucy thinking it was the right thing to say said they were. Rita shook her
head with a "No-no!" look.

"See it is bad to work on your own. Things could happen. Bad things."

"Like what?" said Lucy used to dealing with milksops and spineless men.

"Like. Oh I don't know. Like this?" he said grabbing her blouse and tearing
it open.

Lucy stood there with her mouth open. Then she hauled off and slapped the
pimp. He smiled, "Hmmm! This one has got spirit I love breaking in girls
with that. Makes the fall that much further." he hauled off and slapped
Lucy across the face hard enough to knock her on the ground. She started
to cry that distinctive wail of hers. "Wah!"

The pimp told her not to get up. He opened his pants and pulled out his
oversized cock and put it in her face. "Start sucking this unless you want
more of the same." Lucy was about to refuse when he raised his hand in the
air again. She opened her mouth and put it in and despite the pain to her
cheek started to suck on it.

"Hey fat girl you want some also? Get down there and help your friend out.
Yeah you both suck on that big bad black dick. You know I don't care if you
are really housewives, I am going to turn you both out. That's it red take
it deeper. Yeah lick them balls fat girl." The pimp came in Lucy's mouth
after being warned not to spill a single drop. As he came be grabbed her
red hair and shoved his cock as far down the throat as she could take it.

"Remember me? Lucy. You got jealous and got me fired. Good thing I met up
with daddy here. What happened to you? Piss off Ricky?"

"Mmmm! That was gooooood for starters. Now I am going to toss the fat girl
here a nice hard fuck." To Ethel's horror he was already hard again.

He had her bend over the couch. Her all too short skirt was lifted and her
panties pulled down. Ethel gasped, Fred had not fucked her in years. She
almost welcomed the fat pole being shoved up her twat. Lucy tried to edge
away. "Not so fast red. You going to lick your friend's fat cunt while I
fuck her." Lucy said she would do no such thing and got a slap from Rita
who dragged her across the room by her hair.

As tears ran down her face Lucy licked Ethel's pussy and the shaft that was
going in and out of her.

"That's it red. Lick it harder." said Rita on her knees behind Lucy
instructing her as she dug her nails into Lucy's nipples. Rita started to
finger Lucy's pussy as she did her oral worship. Rita sneaked one finger in
then two, then a third.

"Yeah Rita get that forth in."

"What are you doing to me. No!" said Lucy as Rita worked her fourth finger
up Lucy's snatch. "Ughh! No not the fist. Please!" Rita's clenched hand
disappeared up her cunt.

"Like that Mrs. Night-Club-Owner?"

When the pimp came up Ethel he pulled out and had Lucy lick her clean.

"Rita teach them."

She had them strip off the remainder of their clothes. "Sometimes the men
want a show kiss each other. Show some tongue. That's it." Lucy to her shock
found Ethel getting into it. They rubbed tits. Then Ethel was taught how to
make a woman come as her tongue and Ethel's invaded Lucy.

"You girls may do good after all."

The phone rang and the pimp answered it. A few minutes later the door opened
and in came two goons with Ricky and Fred.

"What are you doing to my wife. No Lucy! It was not..." he was cut off by a
ball gag being shoved in his and Fred's mouth.

"See your men were going to double cross you with me, but I triple crossed

The husbands were chained to a radiator pipe. "Don't worry about them boys.
They probably are relieved they don't have to fuck these bitches."

One of the goons grabbed Lucy and pulling out his cock sat down on the couch.
He forced her down on it. The other goon got behind her and as she cried
"No!" shoved it up her ass.

Ethel licked Rita while her ass was plowed by the pimp. The husbands watched
their wives get abused by the three men and Rita.

"Now that we got you girls trained somewhat I have to make some money off of
you two." Lucy and Ethel were led to the next room where there was a locked
door that led to an adjoining suite. The door had two holes drilled in it at
waist level.

"Now the way it is going to work is if you hear one knock you will suck off
each cock that is poked through that hole two knocks and you will put your
pussy against the higher whole and take the fucking. After which a twenty
will be shoved under the door half of which you will be able to keep. And
don't try no shit as it may be me out there."

Lucy and Ethel degraded themselves that way all night long for over two dozen

Towards the morning one of the guys looked out the window and said, "Oh crap
the cops. Well I hate to fuck and run but I have to." the pimp said as he
fled the building.

A week later Lucy and Ethel could almost walk normal again. Lucy thought of
calling the cops but realized that she might put herself; on the spot for the
prostitution bit. Ricky and Fred were happy that their wives stopped doing
all those harebrained schemes. Little did Ricky and Fred know that she and
Ethel decided to turn some tricks to buy their new clothes. Not that it
mattered to Ricky and Fred as they were banging these two Brooklyn girls,
Alice and Trixie were their names...I think.


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