I Know What You Did Last Summer:
Julie And Helen Learn The Meaning Of Payback For Last Summer
by NuggettDane ([email protected])

As Julie James and Helen Shivers pulled into the driveway of the house where
David Egan once lived they thought it was going to be quick and easy. They
would just find out the information they needed and they would be on their
way. Little did they realize that before the day was over they would both be
experiencing a day of pain and humiliation that neither would ever forget.

What they were there for was information. They had to find out about David
Egan. For they had been sent mysterious notes, and both had the same warning.
"I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER" was all they said. Both Julie and Helen
took it as a warning that someone had knowledge of their hit and run accident
that had turned into murder the previous year.

Julie stopped her car and the two sat in the car and talked over what they
were going to say once they got in the house. Julie said she would do the
talking. They simply had to figure out who sent them the threatening notes.
They got out and walked up to the house and knocked on the door. A short
time later a very pretty blonde girl about their age opened the door and
began talking to them.

"Hi, can I help you." she said.

"Yes, are car just stopped and we were hoping to use your phone."

"Sure come on in."

Walking in the door Julie felt a little creeped out about being in the home
of the guy she thought she and her friends had possible killed the summer
before. She nervously looked around for pictures of the dead boy.

"The phones right there, by the way my name is Missy." the blonde girl said.

"Thank you" replied Helen as she went to make the phony call.

As Helen talked on the phone Julie began a conversation with the blonde.

"So is that your brother?" Julie asked pointing to the picture on the wall.

"Yes his name was David."

"Didn't he go to Kennedy high?"

"Yes he did, did you know him?"

"He looked real familiar."

About that time Helen had walked back in the room and she told Julie she had
called Triple A and they should be on there way. Those words had no sooner
come out of her mouth when she heard a male voice behind her.

"Oh really, how did you talk to them while holding the receiver down?"

They turned to see a guy with menacing eyes staring at them. The look in
those eyes scared them like nothing in their life ever had. The two knew
there was trouble ahead. Julie cleared her throat and asked what he was
talking about.

"Well I'll tell you sweet cheeks, your friend called about her car, but the
strange thing was she held her finger down on the receiver and I just don't
see how they heard her. And that got me to thinking if these two are trying
to call for help why would she do that, or maybe there really not looking
for help after all, maybe their looking for something else, like maybe
information of some kind.

With that both girls knew they needed to get out of there and quick. They
thanked Missy for the use of her phone and started for the door when they
heard the horrible voice.


The girls froze in their tracks. Ever so slowly they turned and looked at
him. They were at a loss for words.

"What did you say?" asked Julie.

"Oh you heard me bitch!"

"You, you're the one who's been sending the notes."

"Yes, what did you dumb cunts think I was going to let you get away with what
you did to my cousin?"

"Your cousin?" Helen said.

"Yes blondie, my cousin. That was my cousin you and your friends hit that

"But it was an accident" Julie stammered out.

"Oh really then why didn't you even have the decency to report it?"

"Because we didn't want to get into trouble." Helen shot back.

"Wait a minute, am I hearing this right? Missy asked.

"Yes cousin you are, these are two of the fuckers who killed your brother."

"Well hey it was an accident and plus we weren't driving, so really you can't
blame us." Helen said, trying to take some of the heat off of them.

"Well believe me buttercup I'll be taking care of your boyfriends in good
time, but as for now it's your turn."

"What are you going to do?" said Julie barely able to contain the tears.

"Well actually that's your call, see I can call the cops and get them out
here and you can tell what you did, or you maybe you would like to pay in
another way."

The idea of going to jail had rushed through Helen's mind and she saw this as
way out. At least till she heard what the guy wanted.

"What do you have in mind?" Julie naively asked.

"I was thinking me and my cousin over there would have a little fun with

"Huh?" was all Helen could get out.

"Well you see ladies Missy doesn't care much for guys, no she enjoys licking
carpet if you know what I mean."

They looked at Missy who just had a smile on her face. She was loving the
idea of taking advantage of these two girls, but she loved the idea of
getting her face between their legs more. She just knew they would taste

"And as for me I have no doubt in my mind that fucking you two hot little
sluts would be nothing short of incredible."

"No way" shouted Julie.

Knowing he had full control of the situation he just laughed and asked Julie
"If she spoke for both of them. How do you feel about it Helen?"

Looking at her friend Julie was shocked when Helen told her to "Wait, lets
think about this."

"What do you mean lets think about this, do you hear what he wants us to do?"

"Well think of the alternative, if we don't we go to jail."

"And believe me when I tell you sugar in jail you'll be doing all kinds of
nasty things to anybody that wants it." said Missy.

"I can't believe this is happening, how did you know we were coming out

"Well I tell you Julie if you had bothered to look in your review mirror you
would have seen my truck right behind you, in fact I've been keeping tabs on
both of you for awhile."

"Please don't make us do this," Julie asked as the tears began to flow.

"Baby doll calm down, you don't have to do anything. It's your call," he said
as he held back from laughing.

"But if we don't, we go to jail."

"Yep, that's how it goes."

Seeing Julie wanted no part of this Helen asked if it would be all right if
she could talk to her in private. She was told that would be fine, but to
make it snappy.

Taking Julie by the arm Helen led her into the other room and looked her in
the face and began trying to explain how this was the only way they could get
out of this trouble.

"Julie look at it this way, we just do what these sick fucks want and in a
little while were out of here."

"For Christ sakes will you listen to yourself, your agreeing to fuck some guy
you've never seen before and god only knows what with his dyke cousin."

"Well it looks like we don't have much of a choice now do we?"

As the tears began to flow again Julie came to the realization that Helen was
right. "Ok lets get this over with."

Walking back into the room they looked at the two cousins and were asked if
they made their decision. They told them yes, that they would do what ever
they wanted. Missy and the guy were practically licking their lips in
anticipation over what was about to occur.

"By the way girls, I guess I should tell you by name, seeing as how we are
about to be so intimate. It's Ben."

'Intimate,' Julie thought, like they were getting ready to become lovers.
Taking a seat Ben and Missy watched as they began to humiliate the two girls.

"Ok ladies stand next to each other" Ben said, it was clear he was the leader
and was going to be in charge.

"Now Helen, since you seem to be wanting to do this we'll start with you,
take those fuck me pumps off first and toss them to the side."

Helen looked down at her feet and slid them off and threw them over to the
side of the room.

"Allright now your top."

Reaching down to the bottom of the shirt she pulled it up and over her head.
Then she threw that over where her shoes were.

"Now what I want you to do is unbutton your shorts and slid them down your
legs real slow, stripper like."

Doing as she was told Helen unbuttoned her pants and then placing her fingers
inside the tops of them she began pushing them down her legs and off her
supple body. As she did this it came to her that these two were not just
going to fuck her and Julie but do everything in their power to degrade them
as well. Now clad in nothing but bra and panties she felt like a piece of
meat in front of two hungry vultures.

"Ok Helen you can sit down for now, I'll play some more with you later." Now
it was Julie's turn to be toyed with. She was forced to stand in front of the
two cousins and she knew soon her cloths would be removed as Helen's were.

"Okey dokey baby doll, your turn. First the sweater, take it off."

Doing as she was told Julie pulled the blue sweater off herself, and in the
process reveling two gorgeous breasts being held in a tight white lacy bra.
Then she threw it onto the pile of clothes that were Helen's.

"Hum hum talk about tasty" Ben said laughing. Missy meanwhile had her eyes
locked on the beautiful brunette and thinking about all vulgar things she
would do to her.

"Ok honey the shoes."

Julie reached down and slid her sandals off her tiny feet and then threw them
onto the pile. As she kept removing cloths she found it near impossible to
keep from crying.

"Now Julie the skirt, slid it off real slow."

Julie began to do this and as she did she could no longer keep the tears
back. She knew she and Helen were going to be treated like nothing but fuck
toys the entire time they were there and neither had any way to stop it.
They were completely at the mercy of the pair of deranged cousins.

Now Julie was in nothing but her bra and panties as well. Then Ben told Helen
to stand and get behind Julie. Once she was located where he wanted her he
told her to begin rubbing Julie's shoulders and kissing her on the neck. She
started doing as she was told and then Ben told her to start grinding her
crotch against Julie's ass. As she began to do this Julie was crying in
earnest. She began begging for their release. The cousins only laughed at
their request, no they had the two girls right where they wanted them and
they had no intension of showing any gentleness or of letting them go.

"Ok Julie keep your hands at your side, Ben told her, and Helen I want you to
unhook Julie's bra and take it down her arms, and keep kissing and sucking in
her neck as you do, I think she likes it."

Helen unsnapped the clasps of her frilly bra and began to push it down her
arms and soon the cups holding her enormous mounds slid down and what emerged
were the most breathtaking breasts Ben or Missy had ever seen. They were a
perfect set of 36 inch tits with huge pink areoles with pointy nipples that
stood out so erect.

"Now Helen I want you to start twisting and squeezing Julie's nipples and get
them harder."

Helen began and soon found herself enjoying the way they were having her
demean Julie. Even though it was Helen who was always the prom queen and
beauty pageant winner she always felt second best to Julie. It was always
Julie that guys would talk too first. Always Julie that they wanted. And
for once she was happy it was Julie chosen first. In fact Helen didn't
know what she was enjoying more that it was Julie who was picked first to
get striped completely naked or the way she shook in Helen's arms as she
was forced to get nude.

"Ok Helen turn Julie so that the two of you are face to face."

Once they were looking eye to eye he told Helen he wanted her on her knees
in front of Julie. Soon she was in the position he wanted he told her it was
time to finish with her friend.

"Allrighty blondie slowly take Julie's panties off her."

Reaching up she slid her fingers into the waist band of Julie's white panties
and began their descent down her legs. Julie was now crying uncontrollably.
Once she got the panties to her ankles she found she had lift the her feet up
to finish getting them off her completely.

"Now Helen while your down there I want you to kiss her lips, and I don't
mean the ones on her face."

Looking at Ben she couldn't believe he wanted her to do this revolting act.
But she knew she had no choice so she leaned forward to gently kissed Julie
on her pussy lips.

"That's enough for now Helen, but believe me there will be more later."

Then Ben told Helen to get on her feet. Once she was standing upright he told
Julie to take hold of Helen's bra in the front and rip it open. She heisted
for a moment until he told her that if she didn't do as he said things could
get very rough. She knew what she had to do and so Helen's bra was viciously
torn open by her.

"On your knees miss big tits. Julie sunk to her knees. She already knew what
was coming up next. But he told her anyway.

"Now Julie I've seen your pretty pussy and now want to see your friend's

It took more then a few seconds to complete the demand but eventually Helen's
panties were no longer on her body.

"Julie I think you know what me and my cousin want to see you do next."

Leaning forward through a tear stained face she kissed Helen on the lips of
her vagina. After she was through she pulled her head back. Then she was told
to rise. Getting back to her feet she stood next to Helen as Ben and Missy
got up and walked to them with one on each side.

"I tell you Missy these are a couple of honeys, but I think I'm going to have
Julie and her dazzling knockers first. I just have to wrap my mouth around
those jugs."

"Does that mean I can do Helen?" Missy asked.

"Sure thing cousin, do anything you want just don't bruise her to bad."

Taking Julie by the arm Ben took her over to the couch and pushed her down
on her back and told her to lay still till he got undressed. She did and she
watched as he removed his cloths and got ready to be only the second man in
her life to fuck her. Once he was naked he got on his knees between her legs
and placing his fingers on her pussy lips he pulled them open and began
licking her right between her pink folds.

Meanwhile on the other side of the room Helen was going through some rough
treatment of her own. Missy had quickly got out of her clothing so she could
entertain herself with the naked prom queen. Placing her hands on the top of
Helen's head she forced her, none to gently onto her knees. Then she placed
her hand under the girl's chin and raised her head so that she was looking
down into Helen's eyes. Then she informed her what she wanted her to do.

"Ok you snotty bitch I want you to put that pretty face in my cunt and lick
my pussy till I cum all over your face, got it."

All Helen could do was groin and do as she was told. She began running her
tongue up and down the cunt lips on Missy. After a few minutes of this she
felt Missy grab the back of her head and she started forcing more of her
snatch into Helen's face. She ordered the girl on her knees to lick harder
and not to stop. It wasn't much longer after that when Helen felt Missy
cuming all over her face. And if it wasn't bad enough that Missy had cum
all over her face, but then she told her to lick her clean. Helen thought
she would throw up.

Things were getting bad for Julie, for now Ben had stopped licking her cunt
and instead was now fucking it. He had a thick 8 inch cock and he was banging
Julie's tunnel as hard as he could with it. She would let loose with a scream
every time he thrust it into her cunt. He was enjoying the sounds she made as
he fucked her raw. But as much as he was enjoying her cunt he knew she had
another hole he would love to get his cock in more. Her tiny little ass, yes
that's what he was going to do, screw her tight rump.

Pulling out of her pink hot box he raised up and told Julie to get on her
hands and knees. Doing as she was told she assumed he was going to fuck her
doggy style as her old boyfriend Freddie had done when they were together.
But she got the surprise of her life when she felt him shove his index finger
into her poop chute. She started to jump to her feet and when she did she
felt Ben's hands on the small of her back forcing her back down.

"Stay in place sweetie, remember we own you two sluts!"

Having never been talked to like that before shocked Julie and she froze in
the spot. Ben started finger banging her and to say that it hurt would be
putting it mildly. Again and again he thrust his digit in her hinny hole and
each time he would he she would squeal like a stuck pig. After he had done
this for what seemed like to Julie for hours, although was really only for
a handful of minutes, he pulled his finger out and took hold of his cock and
placed it at the opening of her asshole. Julie was now sobbing hard as Ben
prepared himself to take her anal virginity. It didn't take her long to
realize that if his finger hurt then his cock would be beyond torture.

He tried several times to get it in her rear end with no success. He realized
her butt was to small to accommodate his big member, at least not without the
proper lubrication. Getting off the quaking girl he told her not to move a
muscle if she knew what was good for her. He walked over to Missy and Helen
and told his cousin he needed to borrow the blonde bimbo for a few minutes.
Missy was upset at this but she couldn't help but smile when Ben told her
she'd enjoy the show. Grabbing Helen by her hair she was drug over on her
hands and knees to where Julie was propped up on all fours on the couch. She
was forced onto her knees behind her.

Once they were there he told Helen he needed Julie's ass good and wet. When
she asked him what she wanted from her, she was told it was her job to get
her friend's asshole in proper order so he could fuck it. Then she made the
mistake of asking how. With that he took a hold of the back of Helen's head
and shoved her face in Julie's bare ass. Then she was told to start licking.

Helen had never done something so revolting in her life. She tried a couple
of times to pull back but every time she did she felt a sharp smack on her
ass and heard the repeated order of lick it till it's wet enough. Constantly
she was forced to stick her tongue in Julie's shit shoot. At times she
thought she would throw up but she knew her punishment would be worse if she
did that. After about 15 minutes of licking Ben told her that should be
enough and that she could stop. Helen did and pulled her head back and could
taste the foul taste of Julie's butt in her mouth.

Ben then grabbed the back of Helen's head and practically threw her off the
sofa so he could get inside Julie's backdoor. He placed the head of his meat
in her ass and it slid in without to much resistance. Of course he knew the
whole ride wouldn't be that easy, not that he wanted it all to be easy.
Because if it was then he couldn't cause Julie to suffer. And he wanted to
make her feel pain and scream, it was music to his ears. Inch after agonizing
inch went deeper into Julie's butt. He got about half of his cock in her when
he decided he wanted it all in there and it was going in whether she wanted
it in there or not. Gripping her hips he gave his penis an extremely hard
thrust and shoved the full length of his meat rod up her ass.

Julie let out with a scream that would have broke glass. She was going
through pain worse then anything she had ever could have imagined and Ben was
having the most incredible felling on his cock that he had ever had. Time and
again his rampant fuck meat was drilled into her ass. Would this never stop
she thought. Eventually the tightness of her ass proved to much for Ben as he
began blowing wads of sperm into her anal chute. She could feel the burning
sensation as he ejaculated in her. After he was done cuming he waited till
his cock had went soft before he pulled out of her. Once he was completely
done with her kuester he put his hand on her back and shoved her face first
down on to the couch.

Once Ben was done with her and had gotten up of the couch he glanced down at
his cock and noticed he still had some sperm and flecks of what appeared to
be dried shit on his cock, this simple wouldn't do, he would need someone to
clean it off, but which of his two little bitch slaves should he chose?

He walked up to the front of the couch were Julie lay with her head buried in
the cushion crying softly. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it up
so he could look in her face and talk to her.

"Bitch do you see what's on my cock?

She said nothing.

"Well I don't like this being on me and want it off there, I think my meat is
in need of a good tongue bath, don't you?"

Julie could do nothing but look at him and wonder what disgusting act he was
planning to do next. She found herself wondering if going to jail would be
better then this.

"Tell me something Jules, want to give my cock a cleaning with your tongue?"

No, truly he wasn't going to stick that rancid thing in her mouth was he?
Finally she was able to speak. "No please, please don't make me do that."

"Well I need it cleaned off, so if you don't want to do it then the only
other person who can is blondie, do you want her to do it?'

Looking over at Helen she at first felt she couldn't do that to her friend.
Then it dawned on her that they wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for
her. It was her who suggested that night to dump the body. If they had just
called for an ambulance then Missy's brother might well be alive. And if
that were the case they wouldn't be in this jam, getting fucked.

Suddenly Ben jerked her head up harder and asked her again. "So what's it
gonna be sweet tits? You going to clean my meat or you gonna have blondie do

"Helen, let her do it." Julie said quietly.

"You fucking bitch!" Helen screamed.

"Hey you heard the lady, prom queen, she wants you to do the honors. Now
crawl over here and get to work, now!"

Helen looked meekly down at the floor and raised up on her knees and crawled
toward Ben. Once she was next to him she glanced up at him and he told her to
get at it. She took a hold of his cock and gingerly began to run her tongue
up and down the meat licking sperm off if of it. She tried her best not to
take to much of it in her mouth but Ben would have none of it. Grabbing the
back of her hair he pulled her head forward and preceded to shove his whole
slong down her throat. She nearly gagged, both on the meat in her throat as
well as from the taste.

"That's it bitch clean that cock."

As this was going on Missy had made her way over to Julie and had rolled her
over onto her back and had begun eating her pussy. Julie knew the two had
them were they wanted them and could nothing to stop what was happening so
she just laid there. Plus she was to tired to put up a fight. After awhile
Missy's tongue started to feel good, since she apparently knew what she was
doing. Over and over her tongue worked around in her cunt, Julie tried her
best to fight the feelings but could hold back no longer and soon everyone
in the room heard her moaning as Missy had made her cum.

Things were not going as easy for Helen, for what had started out as just
giving a tongue bath had turned into a full fledged throat fucking. Ben was
standing over the petite doll on her knees before him and viciously balling
her throat. He would repeatedly force his whole cock down her throat and as
she would begin to choke on it he would pull it out and wait a few seconds
and then slam it back down her throat. He was loving the way it was hurting
her. After pounding her mouth for a few more minutes he thought it was time
to finish. So he shoved his meat in her mouth and just a handful of seconds
later he exploded with sperm filling her jaws. He quickly ordered her to
swallow if she knew what was good for her. In no time the love juice was
sliding down her throat and entering her belly.

After he was done with Helen he let go of her head and shoved her backwards
onto the carpet. She just laid there gagging and trying to catch her breath.
Having blown two loads almost back to back Ben was tired and needed to take
a break. He plopped down on a chair and rested till it was time for the next

After resting for awhile Ben felt it was time to do some more fucking. Missy
meanwhile was done with Julie's cunt and was gently sucking on her tits. Ben
got up and walked over to the two girls on the couch and told Missy he wanted
Julie for awhile. Missy got off her and went over to abuse Helen. Ben had
straddled Julie's chest and placed his dick on her lips and told her to open
wide. She did and he slid his meat between her lips. She obediently began

Missy had laid Helen on her back and was running her tongue over breasts
while she finger fucked her cunt. Eventually she ran her tongue down Helen's
belly and placed the lips of her mouth over Helen's pussy lips and began
eating her snatch. She wanted to make this snotty little bitch scream and
cum like she did the other one and was giving her cunt a thorough eating. As
she sucked on her pussy lips she would reach up and palm her tits and squeeze
her nipples. It didn't take long before Helen was cuming like a gusher. Missy
knew how to eat pussy.

Ben had Julie give him a first-class cock sucking and when she had him good
and hard he slid hid joint out of her mouth and was ready to give her a
proper cunt fucking. He got between her legs and slammed his meat in her for
the second time that day, this time he was not going to pull out till he
filled her full of sperm. He fucked her missionary style for a few minutes
when he decided it was time to really give her cunt a good hammering. He slid
out of her and grabbing her ankles he pulled her down the couch so he could
place his feet on the arm rest and give himself some excellent leverage. From
there he slid his arms under her knees and bending her in half he slammed her
legs against her chest and started banging her silly. Having already blown
two loads he knew it would take some time before he came again, not that he
minded spending extra time in her juicy cunt.

Ben was in heaven slamming himself in between her pink pussy lips. He wanted
this to last as long as possible but after countless minutes of fucking he
could hold back no longer and exploded sperm in her moist cunt. He continued
pounding in her till every drop was spilled. The was the hottest bitch he had
ever had the chance to bang and he was gong to make it last as long as he
could. After he was done cuming he dropped her legs but remained in her. Then
he laid down on top of her till his cock had went completely soft but he let
it stay in her for awhile, he loved the feeling of his meat in her velvety

Missy had finished eating Helen and had rolled her over and was running her
tongue up and down her legs and then worked her way up to her ass and began
giving her a fierce rim job. Helen would jerk around every time Missy would
slid her wet tongue into her butt. Then she stuck the whole thing in her
behind and then stuck two fingers in her cunt and started finger banging her.
This drove Helen over the edge. She soon was screaming in ecstasy and in no
time Missy had her reaching orgasm. Once she was done with Helen she pulled
her fingers out of her, but before rising she decided to leave her with
something to remember her by. She got over the top of her ass and leaned
forward and sunk her teeth deep into the flesh of her rear. She quickly
started sucking and soon Helen was wearing the souvenir on a hickey on her

After she was done she got up and then sat down on a chair to rest. Ben had
finally got out of Julie and was resting too. Although he would have loved
nothing better then to be able to get up and mount one of the lovely little
beauties laying naked in his living room he knew he had nothing left. But he
also knew he had done the damage. He had fucked the hottest girl he had ever
had in her cunt mouth, cunt and virgin ass and he had taken a total snotty
bitch and gave her a fierce face fucking and had made her swallow his load,
doubly her torment.

But while he couldn't do anything else to them himself he still thought they
could provide some entertainment. He was ready to see a live porno show, and
what two hotter sluts to put it on for him these two. He let them rest for a
few more minutes then it was time for the program to begin. He was going to
enjoy telling the two about this.

"Ok ladies I bet your ready to be let go?"

"Please" was all Julie could get out.

"Well I think me and my cousin have had our fun, but there is just one more
thing I'd like before you go."

"What?" asked Helen.

"Well I want a little HLA."

Helen looked at him confused, "HLA what's that?"

"It stands for hot lesbian action."

"What do you want us to do?" said Julie, envisioning having to fuck Missy
some more.

"I want to watch you two honeys get it on with each other, that what I want."

Julie looked at him as if the waterworks were getting ready to flow again.
Then she spoke up. "Please Ben, you and Missy have both fucked us and we
promise not to tell a soul, but please don't make us do that."

With eyes blazing he grabbed her arm and then said "cunt listen to me and
listen good, I want to see you two whores laying there on the floor and
licking each others cunts and I want it now, got me?"

Julie and Helen just looked at each other and they both knew there was no way
out of this. Julie just nodded her head, she was defeated.

"Both of you get down on the floor on your hands and knees."

A few seconds later they were down, looking like a couple of scolded puppy

"Now crawl towards each other."

Soon they two girls were on their knees and looking each other in the eye.

"Wrap your arms around each other and start kissing, and use your tongues and
start feeling each other up."

Helen knew Julie couldn't do this so she would have to take the lead. She
began kissing her friend and gently sliding her tongue down the girls throat.
Then she started squeezing her tight butt.

"Hey Julie I expect you to do some of the work too" Ben said.

So Julie soon began rubbing Helen's nipples and then slid her finger in the
other girl's snatch.

After watching the two pleasure each other with fingers and hands Ben wanted
to see some real cunt licking. So he told the girls "Ok Helen I want you to
lay down and spread your legs, good and wide."

The girls untangled their bodies and Helen laid down.

"Now Julie I want you to get on top of her and I want to watch you two 69
each other and your to lick each other's boxes till you both cum. And if
either of you don't I'm going to personally fuck that girl up the ass. And
Julie I think you already know how painful that can be and Helen trust me
I won't be gentle on your ass either."

Knowing he would back up his threat in a heartbeat the two girls went to
work. They wasted no time on sticking their tongues as far up the cunt of
the other girl as they could. Although this was Julie's first time with a
girl she was doing a pretty good job. Helen on the other hand was a tad
better at it. And there was a reason for that. When she was in New York a
while back she had a lesbian lover for a short time. So she had some
knowledge in this. Soon they two were moaning and cuming hard.

"Ladies lick each others pussy clean."

Soon they had done as they were told. Now hopefully they had performed every
task these two sick bastards had wanted and they would left them go. But no,
they girl on girl show had actually gotten Ben hard and he was going to go
another round.

Getting up he said "Missy want to go one more time with out quests before we
let them go."

She didn't need to be asked twice. She jumped up and said "What do you want
to do?"

"Well I just realized I have plugged Julie in every one of her holes but I've
only given Helen some throat yogurt, I just don't think that's fair, do you?"

Laughing Missy told him "No you should give her a hard fucking before she

Ben nodded his head and walked over to her. He pushed her onto her back and
slid himself into her. Then he took hold of both her legs and pulled them
open wide and began fucking her with long, deep strokes. He would pull almost
his entire dick out of her and then would slam the whole thing in her as hard
as he could. Every time he would she would moan and cry out. He was taking
his time as he hammered her fuck hole raw. Eventually she felt him stiffen
and blow sperm deep in her.

As this was going on Missy had chosen to have Julie do what Helen had been
forced to do earlier. Eat her cunt. The only difference this time would be
this. Helen was on her knees when she serviced Missy, but Julie would be on
her back. Missy straddled Julie's face and told her to get to licking. She
soon felt Julie's wet tongue getting her off. As the licking got Missy to
a frenzy she began grinding her cunt down on Julie's face. It wasn't long
till Julie felt the wetness of Missy's twat flood her face with her juices.
Of course Missy made her lick her clean.

After fucking Helen, Ben set back and watched Missy ride Julie's face. When
she was finished she got off the girl. Then Ben told them to get dressed and
to do it quick. In no time both girls had their cloths on. It was finally
over. But Ben had one more surprise for them when he spoke.

"I want you to know girls I really enjoyed today and so did Missy. And I'm
looking forward to getting together again with you two real soon."

"Forget it asshole, said Helen, there won't be a next time."

"Now watch your manners little girl, and dare I say but there will be a next
time, unless you want everyone knowing what a couple of sluts you are."

"What are you talking about" asked Julie.

"Well I mean look what you girls did today. You fucked my cock, the both of
you. You ate pussy, both Missy's, as well as each others. No I say anyone who
knows that would look at you girls as nothing but a couple of tramps."

"But who would believe you, it's your word against ours" said Helen.

"True, but you know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words."

Julie looked him not knowing what he meant and then asked what he was talking

Ben said nothing, but instead calmly walked over to the side of the room
where he took out a camcorder her had hidden between two vases. They had
never seen it and never knew their fuck show had been caught on tape.

"You know with some proper editing this will be one hot porn movie. I'm sure
everyone would love a copy, don't you?"

The girls mouths just dropped. They knew he had them. If they ever tried to
cry rape this tape would look different. And he could make them do what ever
he wanted, or else their lives would be ruined. He owned them and they knew

"Well ladies I think you better be leaving before I change my mind and want
to get naked with you again. Quickly they made their way to the door. He
walked behind them and took hold of the door as they made their way outside.

"Now you be careful getting home, wouldn't want you to have an accident or
anything, see you two real soon."

After he said that he shut the door. Julie and Helen slowly made their way
back to their car and got in. They just set there for several minutes and
finally Julie turned and looked at Helen and asked her if she thought Ben
would make good on his threat. Helen didn't say anything, she could only
mange a small shrug of her shoulders.

As they started the car and pulled out onto the road one thing kept going
through the minds of both of them.




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