I Dream Of Jeanie (MFFF,magic,celeb)
by Blonde From A Bottle

Tony was an Astronaut, one of the best. Hed worked toward the moment that
hed actually make it into space. He lived in Coconut Beach just a few miles
from the Air Force base that housed the launch facilities, and nerve-center
of the current NASA programs.

He was walking down the deserted beach at dusk, when his sandeled foot
knocked against something hard. "Ouch, dammit." Looking down, Tony saw a
strange looking bottle half submerged in the sand.

Bending down, he picked up the bottle and examined it for a moment, then
popped the top off to look inside.

@&*!%%((*[email protected]%[email protected]!$&^@&*(!!!!!

It had to be a dream! Even though Tony was sure he was awake, the tall,
blonde genie towering over him couldn't possibly be real. He blinked up at
the illusion. She looked exactly like Barbara Eden in full Jeannie regalia,
except her navel showed above her hip hugging harem pants. It occurred to
Tony that he could bury his whole hand in that interesting cranny, and the
thought was oddly arousing. Her voice, looming and yet with the hint of a
laugh crackling just beneath the surface, forced him to focus higher up,
onto her face.

"You've freed me from the bottle," she told him with a twinkle in her eye.
She looked so mischievous! "For that, you may have three wishes."

Made sense. That's what genies were supposed to say. Since this had to be a
dream, Tony said the first thing that popped into his mind. "I'll take a
mansion on a private island, a harem filled with the world's 100 most
beautiful blondes, and all the money it takes to run that household for my

"Done!" Jeannie told. She gave a throaty chuckle, crossed her arms across her
oh so lushes bosom, and gave a quick nod, blinking her eyes simultaneously.
There was a bright flicker, like a camera flash bulb going off. It was Tony's
turn to blink, and when his vision cleared, the genie was gone. He found
himself in the vast entry hall of the most elaborate mansion he could have
ever imagined. All around him, gorgeous blondes were busying themselves with
the sorts of things bored women find to do.

Most of the women were strangers, but occasionally, he would spot a
celebrated face. Kim was in a group of bathing suit clad women who were
apparently headed to a pool somewhere else in the mansion. Madonna wandered
by, dressed in lacy black underwear, and tossed him a sultry glance. Well,
he hadn't said "natural blonde". Tony chuckled to himself and continued to
explore his new domain.

In the large ballroom, Dolly was perched on the dais at the far end of the
room. She plucked her guitar as she composed a song about her love for Tony.
He smiled, and started to move closer, but Christina wandered through with
short shorts plastered to her buns, and he couldn't resist following her to
enjoy the view a bit.

"Why don't you let me show you the upstairs," came a sensuous voice. Tony
turned to see Marla approaching him. She wore a tight lycra workout suit that
molded her curves deliciously.

"Sure," he told her as she took his arms and led him up the stairs. Bo,
Ursula, and Linda, were on their way down the wide steps looking like three
sisters. They smiled at him, but Marla nudged him when he tried to stop.
After he passed them, one comment followed him up the stairs.

"This Tony is _much_ sexier!"

Cheryl was soaking in a bubble filled tub in one bathroom, another famous
Cheryl was doing her nails in another. The rumpus room, as Marla referred to
it, was filled with women lounging on pillows. Tony spotted Jodie and Meryl
in the crowd before his guide pulled on his arms. "The tour's not over!" she

Cindy stood lounging against one of the doorways up ahead. She wore a loose,
short lounging robe. Tony felt Marla's fingers tightening possessively on his
arm. Cindy smiled a long, inviting smile up at Tony. She licked her lips
suggestively before glaring at Marla. "It's not your turn yet!"

Marla scowled back. "It's not your turn, either," she grumbled.

"No," Cindy said, "but Tony can have us any way he wants." She took his other
arm. "You want me right now, don't you?" she whispered into his ear, her lips
brushing his skin. The tight bulge in his pants made it clear that Tony
wanted someone right now. He swallowed, hard.

"Who's turn is it supposed to be?" he asked, licking his own lips and
wondering if he could keep from coming in his pants at the mere thought of
these beauties competing to pleasure him.

"Farrah's," Cindy answered with a pout. "She's waiting down the hall, in your

"But you can have anyone you want," Marla reminded him.

"What if I want all three of you?"

Cindy's eyes lit up. "Sure!" Marla seemed just as pleased. They dragged him
towards the master bedroom. Just as well, Tony would have had trouble walking
as aroused as he was.

Farrah was waiting, all right. She was lying on her side on the bed, clad in
a sheer nightie. Her tousled hair framed her beautiful face and her blue eyes
sparkled. "Welcome home."

"Tony wants all three of us!" Cindy said. She dropped her silk robe,
revealing a perfect body. She jumped onto the bed because Farrah could
protest, not that she looked like she would. It took Marla a few minutes
to peal off her clothes. Tony watched appreciatively as he stripped out
of his own. Next time he'd order the women to help him out of his clothes.
For now, though, he enjoyed having three pairs of eyes riveted on his
body. He blushed a bit when his erection sprang from his pants as they
fell to the floor.

Marla threw herself into his arms, and their lips met. Together, they moved
together to the bed. Tony's hands touched her breasts and their tongues
danced together. Other hands grabbed his hips and fondled his balls and
Farrah and Cindy's tongues dueled along his cock. In moments, he erupted from
the excitement, but they gobbled down his cum and continued to lick him. When
his penis became too sensitive, they moved to his legs and his belly. Marla's
mouth moved down to his chest, working on his nipples.

Tony started to get hard again and the women shifted positions. Cindy and
Farrah offered him their breasts as Marla worked his cock with the mouth and
hands. Soon he was erect enough for her to mount. He gasped as he felt her
hot cunt lower onto his throbbing prick. Somehow, he managed to pull one each
of Farrah's and Cindy's nipples into his mouth. Sucking them both at once, he
let his hands explore between their legs. He found Cindy's wet slit, then
Farrah's. As he buried his fingers in the moist, inviting tunnels, all three
women moaned.

Marla began moving up and down on his cock with more urgent movements. His
hands matched her rhythm as he finger-fucked the other two. He found himself
rising for another climax...the women all breathing harder as they too
reached the crest of their passion. As one, they began to shudder and
whimper. Pussies tightened around his fingers and his spurting cock. Tony's
moans were smothered by their breasts as Farrah and Cindy seemed to collapse
against him.

Soon Marla had leaned forward to kiss his chin, as near as she could get to
his lips. She stretched out on top of his to relax as Cindy and Farrah each
snuggled up against his sides. He cradled their heads on his arms.

"Nice to be home," he whispered, kissing each blonde head before dozing off.
Tony hoped this would be a very long dream. Jest then, Tony heard a pounding
at the front door, and a distant voice raised in inquiry, "Tony? Where are
you? Tony youve been absent without leave for days, Tony, answer me!"

It was his best friend Major Roger Healiy, boy would Roger appreciate this
dream. Tony jumped up off the bead, disengaging himself from the lovely
female flesh and ran down stairs to let Roger in. "Boy is he going to be
surprised." He thought....

End... sorta


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